La sweethearts pussy rides on top of a big cock naturaltits and blowjob

La sweethearts pussy rides on top of a big cock naturaltits and blowjob
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It was just another average day. I walked out of the classroom and said bye to my friends which weren't a lot. I had long flowing brown hair and a good sized chest.

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I wasn't the tallest girl I was more of average sized but I was really flexible and can do a split but enough of me. I was walking down the street when I had the strangest feeling somebody was right behind me but before I could turn around I felt a rag thrown over my mouth and everything faded to black. I woke up in some room it was pretty clean it had a bed with a desk to one side and a closet to the other I looked down and realized I was stripped naked of all my clothes.

I got up off the bed and walked to the door but someone opened it before I could. He was an average guy someone I would be attracted to had he not kidnapped me. "Hello there Kat how are you feeling I was worried I came on to strong with the chemicals." I had a throbbing headache but told him I was fine.

"Oh good heavens I can see the pain in your eyes here." He handed me two small pills I looked at them warily. "No no you don't have to worry about them they won't hurt you." I put them in my mouth but didn't swallow them.


I was in a weird situation I had been kidnapped but they were being so nice to me. Then he started up again "Okay honey here are the rules you can roam about the house but you can't wear any clothes you are on a farm in the middle of nowhere so there is no use in running we will try not to give you a reason to run unless you don't like having your little pussy pounded. We will feed you and if you get hungry tell us. In the closet is another door which leads to a shower and bathroom use that if you need to.

Any questions?" I stopped for a second and thought "Why did you kidnap me? Oh yes you see our last girl got too old for the guys so we needed a new one you see we have guys who can't get to a girls pussy like most guys so they come here and pay us so that they can fuck you in bed. Now do you still have your virginity still?" I thought for a moment but didn't know.


He set down the tray of food and moved me toward the bed then he shoved me down on it and spread my legs. I struggled for a bit but he was really strong. "Please Kat don't make this any harder I just need to see if you're a virgin." I stopped putting up a fight it was useless anyways he said "Thank you." And slowly slid two fingers into my pussy it was a weird sensation but felt good I let out a soft moan then he stopped.

"Nope you're not a virgin have you had sex before?" I shook my head. He nodded then said "Do you ride horses a lot?" I nodded he stopped and said "alright then got it he pulled his fingers out and handed me the tray of food "Eat up today is going to be a long day for you." I looked at the food and it was my favorite so I slowly started eating as the reality of what I was in sank in.

An hour later he walked back in and said "I am terribly sorry I forgot to give you my name I have the worst manners. My name is bill." He stuck out his hand and I shook it. "Um bill I have a question for you. Yes Kat what is it?

Why are you so nice I mean I'm already naked and you're so much stronger than me you could easily rape me but you don't you try to be nice to me." He had a look of sorry in his eye "Well sweetie you need someone there for you because I need the money badly and these men pay really good for one session but they can do whatever they want aside from killing you that's forbidden and I do in force that rule.

You see the men that will fuck you can't even get prostitutes and don't want them they're so dirty but a small girl like you taken against her will and a room full of sex toys and BDSM stuff also helps.

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You can't get that from prostitutes so I get close to a thousand dollars from each time you get fucked by one of those guys. You will feel like there's no hope if I'm mean to you and I want to be as nice as possible these men though probably won't sorry honey your next client is in five minutes." I heard a door bell ring and he got up and said follow me.

I got up and walked towards him to the door he opened it and I saw a not exactly skinny guy he looked like a good two hundred pounds and he was taller than me by a lot I knew right there I was going to have a very bad day.

He looked at me "Is that the sweetie? Bill nodded and held my breast she's brand new never been fucked before. O okay well then I'll have to pay you extra then huh?" bill nodded then the fat guy grabbed my arm and fondled my breasts. Bill spoke up "save that for the room." He stopped and bill lead me and the fat guy towards a hallway I just wanted to go back upstairs and cry for a bit.

Bill opened a door and I saw a dark room full of bondage chairs and equipment and a chest I figured was full of sex toys. Bill looked at the fat guy and said "Alright you have three hours to do what you want with her I do not record the cameras I make sure you're not going to kill her she's very expensive and worth a lot of money so I will be watching." He closed the door and the fat guy looked at me "Get down on your knees and suck me!" I got down and slowly pulled his pants down he had a small dick around four inches not a lot.

I slowly started to stroke my hand up and down then he said "Now start to lick it get all of it in your mouth." I looked up with pleading eyes as if to say "Please don't make me. Oh so you're going to disobey me well then we'll fix that he grabbed my hands and tied a rope around them and hung me on the wall then he tied a rope around my legs and tied the other end to a few hooks in the ceiling so I was suspended with my legs spread apart.

He grabbed a massive strap on and I knew this was going to hurt. He positioned it so the tip was on my pussy and in one swift stroke it went straight up into me.

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I screamed in pain yelling "you're going to rip me apart please stop!!" he didn't I looked down and saw only half of it was inside me and I could feel it pressing against the entrance of my womb.

Then I realized what he was going to do. "Please don't sir please don't" I was with the sweetest eyes I could muster. "Are you going to be a good obedient little slut? Yes sir anything you say." He slowly pulled it out and took the strap on off he then put his dick onto the entrance of my pussy and started going in and out I felt totally disgusted then he started to lick my nipples.

Then I started to moan then I felt something warm and sticky squirting out of his dick into my pussy I realized he just came inside of me. Then he pulled out and said. "Clean of my dick now." He untied me and I slowly started to lick his cock it was better than him thrusting a massive cock into my womb.

After I cleaned it off he laid me down on the table and put it in again except he didn't go in and out he started to pee in my pussy I whimpered. "Then he stopped and said now hold it all in or I go get the strap on. I tried holding it in for as long as I could and I felt the warm piss inside of me it grossed me out to no end but I held in my dislike and put up with it then he pushed it inside me anally I thought quietly to myself does this have no end? He started to pump in and out then when I started to leak piss he pulled out and grabbed some tape and covered my pussy I stopped trying to hold it in he started to pump in and out of me I sat there because I just had to take it.

Then he came inside of my butt hole I was used by then he grabbed my neck and tried to put me on my feet but I collapsed on the floor and laid on my side he looked at me and grabbed a small box with a cord and he plugged on end into the wall then he set the box down next to me and pulled out a small what looked like a vibrator he put it on my pussy and said "Girls release a certain amount of electricity when aroused and being fucked this imitates that and you will have an orgasm here pretty quickly but keep in mind you still have that tape on your pussy so I would try my hardest not to cum." He got up and grabbed some more tape and covered my pussy a few more times.

Then he put the small pad with a wire attached to it on my clit then he turned it on I immediately felt like I was going to pee I tried to stop myself from Cuming but then my hips started jerking up and down and I let out a scream as I came the amount of fluids that were built up inside of me were starting to hurt and you could see the bulge I just kept coming and coming it seemed to last forever finally it died down and I laid there panting then I heard a timer go off.

Bill walked in a minute later "Times up." The fat guy got up and left and bill sat on my tummy and removed the tape it came pouring out and I felt so much better he picked me up and carried me to my room he kept me in and walked into the closet I saw a door at the end on the right. He opened it and stepped inside I was placed on a soft towel on the ground while he warmed up the water then he slowly placed me inside and I felt the water all over me he opened up my pussy so the water could clean my insides that were violated he then started to wash me while holding me head if he removed his arm from holding my head I would definitely have been dunked but he held my head up while slowly washing out my hair.

He didn't talk he just cleaned me up then he turned the water of and moved me back onto the towel where he started to dry me off. Then he picked me back up along with the towel I was laying on and set me down softly on the bed he put a pillow down under my head and pulled a blanket up covering me. He leaned down softly and kissed me on the head then stood up and left. I laid there for a bit before falling asleep I had weird dreams all night the next morning I woke up to a warm bowl of oatmeal I looked at it and ate it hungrily after I finished I walked downstairs where I saw bill sitting at the table he was reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee he looked up at me.

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"April I'm so glad you're awake he paid me generously your whimpering and eyes made it worth his while and I got a lot more than I expected how about you and me go to a restaurant and get something good sound good though no eat in restaurants I trust you but not enough in public yet.

I thought about it and asked for something good that I always loved he nodded and said okay then I'll be right back or better yet you can come with me." He grabbed a long trench coat and handed it to me. I looked at it and put it on but I was totally naked underneath it. We got into a truck and he said okay I'm trying to be nice but please don't call for help okay I don't want to be your enemy I want to be a friend but I can make your life a living hell if need be." I nodded quietly we got inside the car and he slowly reached over and covered my pussy with his hand I felt something stick to it.

"What's that? It's a small tazor if you will I can press this button on the steering wheel and it will hurt trust me I hope I won't have to use it. On a happier note I'm glad you already had your pussy shaved made it easier on me. Um bill thank you but why are you trusting me so much I could yell and you would get arrested then I could go home.

Because I know you won't yell I know about your home life it was even worse than this and I know you would rather here than at your home wouldn't you?" I thought about it and realized yea he was right. This place was way better I looked up at him "Can you rub my pussy some more it felt really good." He looked at me then lowered his hand and removed the tazor pad thingy.

I started to moan it felt so good then he started pushing his fingers in and out I started moaning louder. "Please faster go faster please." I started thrusting my hips towards his hand hoping to get his fingers in deeper then I just grabbed his hand and started to go faster then he took his hand away and held mine so I couldn't finger myself I felt like I was so close I tried to rub my pussy on the seat or something but it wasn't going to happen as my heat died down I looked at him with an angry look "Sorry Kat but I don't want a girls' cum all over this car it will take forever to clean up we'll finish when we get home.

I pouted because it felt so good and I was so close. He looked at me and said "Come on sweetie it would take forever to clean don't worry when we get home I'll give you the best orgasm you have ever had trust me on this. We pulled up to the drive through and he ordered for both of us and handed me my food I ate it quickly and he stopped the car and said wait here. I looked outside and thought I could get away very easily but I didn't I decided I was better off with him.

He came back with a few bags he shuffled through one and pulled out a bottle of chocolate milk along with a lollipop I looked at the pop and asked "What is this for? Well girls like to use it for candy and to play with themselves kind of like a cucumber except it's candy and I know you love chocolate milk." I looked up at him "Kat after you do twenty clients I'll give you the option to leave whenever you want to I'll drop you off wherever it may be does that sound like a deal?" I nodded and we drove in silence and somewhere along the line he turned on some music.

When we got home he lead me up the stairs into my bedroom and said okay here he pulled out a dildo I think is what it's called and had me lick it so it would slide in easier. He slowly slid it into my small pussy and pulled in and out though it wasn't rhythmic it was uneven strokes but it still felt good soon five minutes in I was ready to cum except I couldn't cum I was moaning loudly saying I have to cum why won't I?

Bill leaned in and said "it's because of the uneven strokes I can do this all day and you won't cum. Then he slammed it full speed in and out this time in rhythmic strokes and I had a massive orgasm that left me breathless it lasted for forever. I slowly sat up and wrapped my arms around him and fell asleep holding onto him.

I woke up the next morning to a bowl of cereal I quickly ate it and then got up and carried the tray to the kitchen. As I stepped inside I saw bill sitting with another guy who was counting out money he looked really old and wasn't the skinniest ever.

He emptied his stack of bills onto the table and said there that's all the money now when do I get to have fun with the girl bill stood up and said you get an hour and a half with her as that's all you can afford she's right over there take her to the room but I will be watching you. Just so I know you're not doing something that violates the contract. The guy nodded and looked at me. He gave me this smile I was scared of and worried about what he might do to me. He got up and put his hand on my waist and led me towards the room.

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When we got inside he grabbed me by the neck and slammed me down on the table my legs were spread apart and he looked at my pussy like he wanted to fuck me till I died. He still had his hand on my throat when he started to finger me then he let go of my throat and spread my pussy lips. I laid back accepting the fact that he was going to do whatever he liked to my small body.

I was totally helpless then I heard a zipper I didn't even look up I felt a soft prodding on my poor pussy then he slammed into me and it felt like his cock was the size of a horse's cock I looked up and there was this bulge in my tummy from it.

I was in serious pain. "Please stop you're tearing me apart I'm going to die!!" Despite all my pleading he just went in and out harder my breast's were bouncing up and down from him going in and out then I felt him come I blasted into me and I felt it going inside my womb.

He pulled out and I laid there twitching from the brutal fuck he gave my small pussy. Then he picked me up and put me down on my tummy then he jammed a finger into my tight butt hole and lifted my ass up into the air I felt his cock pushing against my pussy again and he rammed it into me but this time it felt bigger than before I was panting heavily.

I put my hands on my tummy where I felt the bulge left by his cock I held that area trying to keep the pain down. Then he came for a second time I was thinking how could he go twice like that? He pulled out and placed me down on the floor and lifted my pussy up to where his cock was then he just slammed his cock into the nearest hole. His cock kept getting bigger and bigger then I realized his face was turning more hairy and he got taller.

It distracted me from the pain of him reaming my ass for a moment but the pain came back and I realized he looked like a minotaur I study Greek mythology and I was sure he was a minotaur but I couldn't believe my eyes.

Then he came I felt the cum shooting its way towards my throat it was that powerful. He let go of me and I started coughing up his sperm on the ground then I curled up into a ball hoping he would leave but instead I saw his cock rising and I thought to myself how much more can I take before I die of pain?

He started to ram into me again and again over and over by the end of the hour and a half I couldn't walk. I didn't think I'd be able to walk an hour into that I just laid there and took m small pussy getting reamed.

Bill came in and said times up the minotaur looked at him and he changed back into human form I'm guessing bill picked me up and slowly rubbed his hand over my tummy saying "Wow he did some damage." I was too tired to ask why he was a Minotaur and figured I would save it for tomorrow.

He laid me in the bath and slowly cleaned me up like before and then moved me to the bed he laid down next to me and slowly put his arm curving around my small body hugging me I turned over facing him and put my head on his chest and fell asleep like that.

I had nightmares all night and woke up screaming I sat up and immediately felt the pain in my pussy. I bill walked in with a girl next to him she looked at me and said "Okay did he stick his cock into you when he was in his other form?" I nodded she looked at bill and said "I need some time alone to heal her." Bill walked out and she laid down next to me and said "Okay lay down I'll do everything she slowly slid her small finger into my pussy and the pain started to ease away and it turned to pleasure I moaned and moved my pussy towards her finger she put a firm hand on my tummy stopping me form moving.

"I can't have you moving when I'm healing." I tried my hardest not to move then she said alright I'm done then she leaned in and gave me a kiss I felt her slip something into my mouth she pulled back and said read that in the bathroom she said I quietly like there was someone she didn't want to hear it.

Then she got up and quietly exited the room bill walked in and said "Feeling better?" I nodded "Um I have to pee. Okay you know where the bathroom is." I walked into the bathroom and read the note it said, Dear April bill is dangerous you need to leave the house at ten o clock at night someone will be waiting for you outside but you need to do it soon otherwise bad things will start up and result in your death please trust us we know you don't trust anyone anymore that much but have faith.

A trusted friend. I thought it was weird but I figured anywhere is better than here. So I waited till ten and quietly snuck out the window and dropped to the ground below and started running. I heard a loud howl and looked back. Big mistake. Bill was changing into a massive dog not a werewolf but a dog like a Doberman except its steroids were on steroids he stood at least nine feet tall and he started running towards me I saw a massive cock under him and realized exactly how this was going to play out and my pussy would be the end of me I fell to my knees and prayed it would end quickly the it felt like my arms were ripped out of their sockets and I was being lifted into the air I looked up and saw a girl with cat ears and a cat tail with massive white bird wings staring down at me "We told you we would come." I was in shock so I kind of looked down and saw bill still in his dog form breathing fire into the night sky.

"So I bet you have a million questions right now huh? Well then we'll get started first off." She was cut off mid sentence by something. It rammed her and caught me as I fell it carried me off and I saw the girl falling into the tree line.

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I was dropped into what looked like a nest of some sort and I felt something going into my pussy it went so deep that it pried open my womb and started injecting me with I think were eggs then she flew off I curled into a ball because I felt so full. Then I heard cracking inside of me I felt something soft and slimy slide out of my pussy.

It then crawled over to my breast and started sucking on it I felt more slimy things coming out and they started fighting on who would get milk from my breast one then moved in while the others were fighting and I felt milk coming out. I then heard a screech that made me pee right there I saw the girl from before she dropped down and grabbed the small birds I think they were a weird mix of something and she chucked them out of the nest and grabbed me then took off I looked up and asked "What were those things?" she looked down and said "Let me continue what I was saying here first off you are a human in the land of mythical creatures that roamed earth a bunch of witches and warlocks got together and made this alternate dimension except most of the creatures here have an insationable sex drive so I'd advise you be careful to keep that pussy closed.

Some of the cocks in this world will tear you in half. So what types of creatures are here? Well there are any creatures you can think of in the mythological section the minotaur's are the scariest their cocks grow a little bigger each time they cum so I would advise you not have sex with one of those guys. Also avoid pretty much everybody aside from me duh. There is a big city which I don't like going into but we need some food and you need some clothes so I'll go in you I'll put you somewhere and stay there okay?" she looked down at me and I nodded.

She dropped me down in a really tall tree she crouched in front of me "The only animals that go through trees are small but you're at the bottom of the food chain here so stay right here and if you are found hope that they don't decide to kill you and eat you don't make noise stare them down like you're daring them to attack you most won't know what you are and won't take the chance of attacking." She launched herself into the air and took flight and was gone.

I sat there then it started to rain I was miserable.

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"What did I do to deserve this I mean I was a good girl I never did anything to deserve this. Mythical creatures that want to rape me left and right I'm at the bottom of the food chain." Then the tree started to shake I saw these monkey things swinging past me I looked down and saw this massive Cyclops giant looking up at me he swung his club at the tree and bashed it the whole tree shook I nearly fell out.

He did this over and over again till the tree started to tip over then I felt I was nearly crushed. I felt a strong hand grab me by the neck it slammed me down on the tree trunk and I felt something prodding against my pussy I looked down and saw the Cyclops had a huge cock I tried to reason with it hoping it spoke English "Hey why rip my pussy apart when I can suck on your cock and use my tongue to lick you also you can't get that with a pussy he stopped for a second and put me on my knees I hoped maybe if I got lucky he would collapse from sexual exhaustion and won't be able to rip my pussy apart.

I started to take his cock into my mouth it was huge and I was having trouble but I started to get the hang of it he grabbed the back of my head and made me go faster and faster till he came I felt it all start to rush down my throat and my tummy started to fill up. When he finally stopped my tummy was full I laid down on my back then he lifted my legs up and positioned his cock he slammed inside of me except he went into me anally instead of my pussy I screamed in pain he didn't even flinch he just kept pounding.


Then something big hit him in his side he was shoved to the side I was instantly relieved that his cock wasn't inside of me. I saw a guy who had the chest and head of a man (and he was muscular) and the body of a horse he pulled an arrow out of a quiver on his back and shot the Cyclops dead in the eye he trotted (walked I don't know) over to the Cyclops and removed the eye and put it into what looked like a saddle on the back of his horse portion of his body he put the arrow in the quiver the grabbed the club swung it around a few times and looked at me "Can you strap this down for me?" I nodded and he put the club on his back and I slowly got up but it was so painful.

I walked slowly over to him and somehow got it strapped on he tested it and said "What are you doing out here in the dark? I was kidnapped by this guy named bill and a cat bird girl helped me escape." He looked puzzled then said "Oh now I see sorry I don't concern myself with two legged problems oh you poor thing come here he picked me up with a single arm and said have you eaten enough you feel really light here come on I'll take you to my place.

What about the cat bird girl she wanted me to stay right here. Don't worry little one she will see the dead Cyclops with his eye and club missing and know it was me I'm a famous Cyclops hunter the most skilled my signature is the missing eye and club and besides she knows where I live I think if it's the same girl. Now tell me if the bouncing hurts you." He held me in his arms while his bow was attached to his quiver he must have been carrying a ton of weight with the club his bow the saddle and me in his arms "How much does your bow weigh?

I think twelve pounds maybe twenty around there now be a bit quieter little one we are passing through a dangerous area." I went silent the bouncing up and down and the passing of the trees made me realize how tired I was and I soon fell asleep. I woke up some time later to the girl with cat ears talking to the horse guy they both looked over at me.

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"Oh look the little one is awake come here I think he got all the cum out of your system last night there was a lot. Yea it took forever luckily you were asleep made thing easier." The girl stood up and said I don't think he told you his name its nokan you never told me your name." she bowed her head and said I don't have one call me what you like nokan here calls me the strong little one." Now I heard your scream and rushed back but I'll leave you here where you're safe and continue gathering supplies." She quietly exited and I looked around it looked like we were in a small lit up cave and I saw a whole wall of weapons from swords to spears to bows and arrows I looked at nokan "Um thank you for saving me last night I don't think I would've held out till she got there.

It's okay little one I was near and you needed help that's the way we work." I looked up at him "But is there a way to repay you I mean you did save my life.

No little one I am happy there isn't anything that could make me better. Are you sure I mean I could help you out with something you can't do yourself." I sat up and spread my legs apart and started to spread my pussy lips in front of him. I saw his cock start to stiffen. "You're welcome to fuck my naughty pussy." I saw him trying not to get seduced. "Please fuck my pussy I need good sex not continuous rape something to counteract the constant abuse of my pussy.

"No bad little one stops it I can't do. Oh please I need you to." He walked over to me and I got under him and started to lick his cock he moaned after I got it nice and slick I moved myself onto my back and put his cock at the tip of my pussy. "Okay you can go in just start out slow please his cock wasn't thick like the others but it was long he moved forwards inside of me he moved in and out slowly at first while I wrapped my arms and legs around him.

Then I felt his cock press against my womb.