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Miranda woke early at 5:00 a.m, she was panting and sucking in air as fast as she could. Miranda looked over at Stephanie, her twin sister, with lust and longing. This feeling had never happened before, the wet dreams she had been having involving her sister had just started the day they hit puberty, which was about 5 days ago.

She got out of bed and peeled her spoiled panties off her lithe body and pulled her tank top off revealing her glorious swollen breasts. She drew in a ragged deep breath as she made her to the bathroom to take a cold shower and return to bed before school. As Jake saw Miranda make her way to the door he quickly made his way back to his room.

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Spying on his sisters was his favorite hobby, well at least it was now since they had begun to develop. He knew that the lust he felt for his sisters was immoral and wrong, but he just loved the way his cock swelled and his balls tighten when he looked at their amazing 14 year old bodies.

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He closed his eyes and took his thick stiff 16 yr old dick in his hands and slowly began to stroke it slowly at first then faster, imagining it was Stephanie.

Jake let out a deep sigh of pleasure, Stephanie was his favorite to masturbate to she was more innocent than Miranda, As he thought about her soft clean tight pussy sliding up and down his long shaft he couldn't contain himself and spilled his seed all over his chiseled stomach.

Stephanie woke just in time to see a naked Miranda slip under her covers.


She had noticed her sisters strange behavior over the past week, almost as if Miranda was trying to hide from everyone. Oh well, Stephanie stretched and and flung back the cover, suddenly felt a small tingle between her legs as she looked over at Miranda and saw a firm supple breast poking from under the blanket.

Immediately her hand shot to her silk covered pussy, it was wet and had made her panties damp.


Expertly she slid her tiny hand under the top and began to rub her smooth slit with her agile fingers. She found her feminine button at once and began to tease herself until she was cumming violently on her bed sheet.

Miranda was peering from beneath her long black hair that was spread across her face. She watched Stephanie with lust and wanting, her breathing ragged and shallow. Stephanie must be hers, she had to have her sister.

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As soon as her sister came Miranda got up and slowly walked towards the tightened trembling body of her twin. She sat down on the bed and cleared her throat.

Stephanie's eyes snapped open to the sight over Miranda staring at her body. " Uh.um. hey Mir.I was just .um", Miranda raised her finger to her sisters lips and hushed her. "It's ok Steph. I saw you looking at me and playing with yourself, I know I turn you on. You turn me on too." She leaned in and kissed her sister tenderly on the lips, immediately her kiss was returned, their kiss became more passionate as Miranda slipped her tongue in into Stephanie's mouth. Instinctively Miranda slid her leg between Stephanie's thighs and held her around the waist, while her twin ground her hot pantied pussy on her leg.

She lowered her mouth the Stephanie's hard nipple and sucked it between her full beautiful lips. It was too much pleasure for Stephanie to withstand, she screamed her orgasm not caring if anyone heard.

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Startled by the scream Jake jumped up put his cock away and ran for his sisters room. As he approached the door he saw what his sisters were doing, smirking to himself he gently pushed open the door and slid in quietly without notice. He watched their girl show go on for 10 minutes before her walked over" Steph, Mir.y'all gonna let me get in on that?" The girls jerked away from each other and stared at their brother in shock.

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After a short pause Miranda smiled seductively, "sure Jake, but I wanna be with Stephanie first then you can do whatever you want to both of us." Astonished that his plan worked he quickly nodded agreement. "Now just sit back and enjoy big brother." Miranda laid Stephanie back and slowly removed her panties as she kisses down her sis's stomach to her wet little cunt.

She uses the tip of her tongue to lick the juicy pussy lip, teasing her sister, then without warning she dives her tongue into the smooth center of her sister's peach.

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Eating the sweet pussy like it was her last meal Miranda goes crazy with lust driving her sister into and uncontrollable orgasm. Drinking the sweet juice and licking it from her face. " I have an idea", Get off the bed and walking to the closet Mir pulls a strap-on from out of their closet.

"Mom's into some kinky shit, I found it in her closet, don't worry it's clean." She put it on and walked over to Steph who looked at her with lust and longing," You want me to take your virginity?" "Oh God yes please take it." Mir looked at Jake and bent over "See how you can still see my pussy?", he nodded, "You're gonna fuck me and I'm gonna fuck Stephanie, agreed y'all?" With that that Mir flipped Steph on her stomach and hoisted her ass in the air and crouched over her waiting glistening pussy.

Immediately Jake got behind Mir waiting for his sister's to start fucking.Taken over by passion Miranda drove her strap-on deep into her sisters waiting cunt and felt her brother 's huge 9" meat drive into her, furiously she started bucking her hips wildly like a sex driven maniac.

The intense fucking of the threes continued for 2 exhausting, cum filled hours.

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None of them could get enough, Miranda and Stephanie loved the taste of each others young pussies and the taste of their brothers cum and he loved both their flavors. Right then and there they vowed to never be with anyone else. As the hour wore on they heard the front door open and their mother enter, "Kids are y'all here?

The school called my office and said you didn't make it to school today, is everything ok?" Startled by his mother's sudden voice he accidentally released his hot sticky load deep into Stephanie's young tight cunt.

"Oh fuck Steph.I came in you", her body began to convulse in silent sobs as they heard there mother ascend the stairs.


" Kids I." Chapter 2 to come later.