Doctor boy gay porn movie and emo cum injection David resumes to slip

Doctor boy gay porn movie and emo cum injection David resumes to slip
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&hellip.The night descends and both are soundly sleeping.

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Suddenly, there is a noise. She awakens with a start. She looks around and sees nothing. She listens intently. Was there really something out there? Or was it just her imagination. She notices the sounds of the forest. Crickets chirp, frogs croak, owls hoot.

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There is also the faint sound of insects and other vermin rustling around the leaves of the forest floor. She turns to lie back down. She is still exhausted and weary from the day's previous events.

She sees her man; muscular and sleek. She smiles coyly. She is reflecting on the events which transpired only hours ago. She feels the familiar sensations of arousal churning in her loins. She lies down and places her head on his muscular, hairy chest. She gently strokes his chest hair with her fingers and hears the relaxing sounds of his manly breathing and the fit rhythm of his heart. She looks up at his face.


He is sleeping soundly. Her loins are heating up. She MUST have him. She MUST feel his manhood inside her again. She slowly starts to kiss his masculine chest……slowly at first and then more passionately. She kisses her way downward. He moans a little but makes no real indication of waking. She continues. She kisses his hips and he arches backward…recoiling from the sensual touch of her delicate lips on his now exposed flesh.

She removes the comforter lying on top of them both. He is there; exposed to nature and all those present. Her breasts are exposed to the cool nip of the night air.

Her nipples harden. She realizes her nipples are not hard from the night air, but rather from the feelings beginning to intensify inside her. She gently spreads his thighs and positions herself between them. She caresses his thighs as she kisses her way up from his ankles to his groin.

As she approaches his groin, he flinches.

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She stops immediately, letting him calm back down and fall back into a deeper sleep. She does not want to wake him. He falls back to sleep, grinning from the pleasure but totally oblivious to what is happening to him. She continues. She is now holding his growing shaft in her right hand and cupping his sack in her left.

She kisses around the now swollen shaft, paying particular attention to the head and the small pool of pre-cum forming at the tip. Her loins are on fire. She starts to slide his manhood into her mouth. She moans at the girth of his rod. He twitches. She slides his cock inside her mouth and holds it there.

She starts to apply a moderate suction. He moans and squirms. She sucks harder. His hands are moving but he is still fast asleep. She senses the immanent release of his manly seed so she sucks with all her mouth has to offer. He arches his back as he releases his seed in wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions. As his release of ecstasy subsides, she slowly slides his still hard manhood out of her mouth and licks the remaining traces of man-seed off the glistening shaft.

She sits forward and feels the wetness and heat emanating from within her own loins. She has to have release. Her mind is made up She slides his legs closer, allowing for her body on top of his. She moves forward, cautiously approaching his waist with her own.

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She is on all fours. She raises herself up and creeps across his body, careful not to wake him. She is now straddling his manhood with her honey hole only inches above the treasure she seeks.

She reaches down between her legs and grasps his steel-hard shaft; feeling the heat and moistness her own treasure box is producing. She can wait no longer. As she grasps the base of his cock with her left hand, she spreads her bare, smooth, moist lips with her right hand.

She sees the head of his cock at the entrance to her hole.

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She slides down so that the tip of his cock is parting her pussy lips. She hesitates.


The feel of his cock twitching inside the entrance to her pussy has her shaking with anticipation. She slides down further only allowing his cock to enter the very edge of her pussy.

His manhood, twitching inside the outer folds of her pussy, is bouncing right against the very tip of her clit. Her emotions are turning savage. She has to have this massive tool inside her now! She slams herself down on his cock to the base. Her moistness has turned to drenching wetness.

She raises herself and feels the simply wonderful feelings of this Adonis inside her. She slides back down; this time faster and harder. She starts to create a rhythm now.

Her speed increases with every stroke. He is moaning and squirming. She senses he will either wake up soon or reach orgasm before her. That is unacceptable. She turns up the rhythm to a feverish pace. The sound of her bare ass bouncing off his pelvic region is symphonic. She places her hands on his chest and strokes his cock in and out of her pussy with wanton abandon; watching his cock disappear into her pussy with every stroke.

She is coming. Her body is twitching; almost convulsing. Her eyes are clinched shut and she is biting her lower lip. She comes with an earth-shattering, orgasmic seizure and collapses on top of her unconscious lover. She rolls over to relax and bask in the after glow of this wonderful moment and sees she has left claw marks across his chest. She is slightly embarrassed but mostly aroused at the animal passion she demonstrated.

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She places her head on his chest, strokes his chest hairs and falls asleep; content in the knowledge she gave them both the orgasm of a lifetime and he never woke up. He opens his eyes, looks down and gently brushes the bangs from her face. He leans his head back, closes his eyes once again and smiles……