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Brunette teen babe gets a massage and sucks cock
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Day-2 Evie must have come late at night. I saw her sprawled across her bed, fully clothed. She must have passed out drunk after last night party. I woke up at 6:00 am as my alarm went off. "Ugh! Shut up!" Evie murmured angrily in her sleep at my alarm. I sniggered quietly as I got down on the floor for my morning exercise.

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My shirt was wet with sweat after 20 minutes of exercise. I went to the bathroom for morning shower. I noticed Liam's morning wood in his undies again today as I passed through the living room.

His undies were definitely stained with precum. He must be having some erotic dream. I smiled as I imagined him having an erotic dream. I closed the door to the bathroom and took off my clothes. I turned on the shower as I got in the bathtub and started pouring water all over my sweaty body.

I had my eyes closed as I sat down in the tub, washing my body with the shower when the door suddenly opened. I heard a sudden "Oh!" and the door closed again quickly.

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I instinctively covered my breasts with my arm but it was too late. It was probably dad who had wandered in unannounced. I finished up bathing quickly and turned on the water in the sink. I spent a few minutes brushing my teeth thoroughly.

I took out the old tampon and put in the new one as I got ready for the day. I wore brown underwear and yellow button down shirt with jeans today.


I brushed my hair and put on the make-up in front of the mirror. "Morning Evie," I said noticing Evie sitting up in bed, looking around groggily, "Looks like you had a fun night." "Mm," she replied, straining her eyes looking at me, "Yeah.

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Great night." "Morning dad," I said bending down to kiss him on the cheek as usual, while he watched the morning telly. "Morning luv," he replied. "Hey mum," I said entering the kitchen, "Smells nice. What you cooking today?" "Morning dear," mum answered without looking, "Meatballs with spaghetti." "Nice," I replied, pouring the cereal and milk in the bowl.

"Have fun, Em," mum said as I left the kitchen. I spent the next three hours cleaning train stop platform and washrooms.

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I didn't really like cleaning out washrooms but hey, it pays. As usual, I went to Fred, my supervisor to get my money for today's work.

"Looking pretty today, Emily," Fred said as he handed me the money. "Thanks Fred," I replied smiling, taking the $50 from him. "I need to buy more tampons," I thought to myself and decided to go to the hospital's pharmacy to get them. "Hey Emily," Aunt Anna said from behind the counter as she saw me walk in the pharmacy. Aunt Anna is mum's sister and runs the pharmacy in the hospital along with her boyfriend Jared. "Hey aunt," I replied smiling, "How are you doing?" "Good, good.

You?" she said looking at me, "And Emily please, stop calling me aunt. I'm the same age as you." She winked as she said so.

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I laughed heartily, Anna was a 30-year-old woman who lived with her 36-year-old boyfriend Jared. "So, what can I do for my favourite niece?" Anna said smiling.


"Favourite? Me?" I laughed, "Don't let Evie hear you say that, he he." "Of course, not my dear," she laughed with me. "Well I needed some tampons," I told her. "Tampons coming right up, dear," she said as she turned around to get them, "Jared! Come say hi to Emily." Jared is an intimidating muscular black guy with a nice demeanour. "Hello Emily," Jared greeted me curtly as he came from the back.

"Hey Jared, nice seeing you," I said as I picked up the tampons and paid for them. Jared nodded smiling as he went back. I bid Anna goodbye and came out of the pharmacy. I quickly ate lunch as I went back home and changed into my blue training top and black training capris. Liam, Alex, and Ethan were already at the ground practicing when I reached there.

I jogged around the ground for a few minutes before joining the soccer practice. "Porn again eh, kids?" I chuckled as I saw them talking together again after practice. "Piss off, Em," Liam said dismissively, turning back to his friends. "Tsk tsk," I said reprimanding him, "That's no way to talk with your elders, kid." "Em," Liam turned to me, "You are just 2 years older than us.

Stop talking like you are so much older than us." "Older nonetheless," I said smirking, "Now, are we watching porn or am I spilling the beans on you kids?" "You promised!" Alex said horrified. "And your secret is safe with me," I said, "As long as you guys cooperate." "So," Ethan asked, "You really want to watch porn with us?

Again?" "Well, it's okay with me," I said, crossing my arms, "Do you not like my company?" "No, it's not that we don't like you or your company," Alex replied, "It's just awkward for us watching porn with you." "Aww! Poor boys," I said laughing, ruffling Liam's hair, "Don't worry, I won't say a word. Pinkie promise." "Alright, let's go," Alex said, leading the way to his home. I watched the porn movie quietly, listening to the boys passing remarks about the girl in the video.

The guy in the movie was well hung with a tall muscular body.

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I lost myself imagining holding the guy's erect penis in my hand. He must have been 8 inches easily. I have never had a sexual encounter myself with any boy. The farthest I had gone with any boyfriend was kissing and some touching but no more. The boys' shorts were propped up by their erections. They probably would have masturbated together if I wasn't there. The movie ended and I got up to go to volleyball practice. "Bye guys," I said as I reached for the door, "Nice movie, Alex." "Late again, Davis," Coach Parker said displeased.

"Sorry coach, won't happen again," I said apologetically as I went to the showers. I took the shower quickly and joined the rest of the girls for training. For the next two hours, we practiced different throwing techniques as well as sprints. I caught the coach looking intently at me a few times.

He was less than pleased with the training today and told us to start working harder if we wanted to be any better than last year.

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I went home and freshened up in the bathroom. Sophie, my friend and classmate, texted me to come to the club. I changed into the halter top I had bought yesterday along with off-white pants and black heels. I put on the make-up and brushed my hair quickly, going to the dance club at the town centre. The club was full with students from the school and the university.

Tonight, was the last night before the study term began, so the party mode was on. I met Sophie at the entrance and we went in together.

It is a small club in a small town so there's not really any underage rules and anyone can go inside and have a drink or dance. Most of my friends were here; Jack, Chloe, Matt, Zoey, Mason. Pretty soon we were all dancing and having a drink. A group of university students was having a wild time, chugging pints of beer and dancing drunkenly. I was feeling dizzy after two beers, since I wasn't used to this much alcohol. A few guys came over and invited me and Sophie for a drink.

They were pretty handsome and we reluctantly agreed. Turns out, they were sophomore at the university and played college football. The guy talking to me was named Dominic, but he liked to be called Dom.

We talked about random stuff while we drank our beer.


My dizziness was growing as I finished my third beer of the night. Dom asked me for a dance and I happily agreed. Dom was a pretty good dancer and I really liked dancing with him. He led me on to dance for quite some time. It was getting late now and I had school in the morning.

Midway into a song, I felt Dom's hands come down from my waist on to my buttocks and cope a feel. I was startled by his actions but decided to ignore it. As he bent down to kiss me on the lips, he squeezed my ass tightly with both hands.

"Hey!" I shouted angrily, brushing his hands away from me, "What are you doing?" "What, babe?" he replied surprised, "Didn't you like it?" He tried to do it again, so I pushed him away from me. "No!" I said loudly, "Get away from me, perv." I decided to get away from there quickly and went to my friends at the bar. By 11:00 pm, I was feeling very sleepy so I headed off to home and get enough sleep before school starts tomorrow. Liam was already sleeping on the couch as I got home, and Evie was sitting up in her bed, reading a magazine.

"Night Evie," I said to her as I changed into blue snuggle shorts and white t-shirt. "Night Em," she replied waving her hand, without looking at me.