She cant get sufficiently of it

She cant get sufficiently of it
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For people that don't know too well, when I'm at home alone, I usually wear as little as possible. It was Tuesday, and I was on my treadmill, doing my morning exercise routine. I had been on it since 830am and it is almost 10am, so I was breaking out in a real sweat. As its spring/summer it's always seems to be warm in the mornings, and so after almost 2hours, I was soaked in sweat.

Then I heard my doorbell ring, so I stopped for an instance. Gee I thought to myself, it can't be the neighbors complaining about my music as it wasn't that loud.

So I walked over to the door, pretty much out of breath from exercising and opened it. There was a delivery guy, delivering something to the people next door. "They're not home." I said to him. "Oh bugger! Damn. Ok, I'll leave them a card." He said. I noticed something strange about him, he kept staring at me or was he checking me out?

I smirked to myself, as I closed the door behind him.I then went into the kitchen and grab myself a cold drink too. Then as I walk by a mirror, I was shocked. With my body sweating under my leotards, it made it look like I was wearing stockings not a leotard, as my tits especially were transparent. Now I know what the delivery man was staring at, lol.

A cold chill hit me, thinking about it, suddenly. Then with that thought, I laughed to myself and showered.So here I was, enjoying my shower. Oh god, it felt good to wash. Then I heard the doorbell again. "Awwh" I said to myself. So I hurriedly put on a bath robe, and went to answer the door. It was the delivery guy, he laughed and I followed. "Sorry, I forgot my clip board." He said. I looked around and saw it by the door, he must have left it when he filled out his card to leave the neighbours.

I bent down to retrieve it, and as I turn around my robe untied its self. "Oops, sorry." I quickly embarrassingly said, while he stared at my reveled woman hood. "It's no drama, anytime, you have a nice body." He said, smirking. "Thanks." I said still a bit embarrassed as I closed my robe to cover myself. I then walked up to him, but tripped as I attempted to hand him his clip board, and as I did so I released the grip on my bath robe and fell into him and on the ground, outside my apartment.

There we were on the ground, me on top of him, just ioutside my open doorway. "Oops." I said.

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i looked around and had to wave to another neighbor. ******** I could feel him having a feel of my breasts, nonchalantly staring into my eyes. Then without warning, he kissed me.

"Sorry." He then said.

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I wasn't sure how to react, to slap him or return the favor. I just froze. All this happening, while inside my apartment's open door way and with me lying on top of him, and my bath robe open. Then I impulsively reacted, I kissed him back. Now we were kissing each other. I could feel his cock inside his trousers, growing. He looked at me, and I at him. "Shall we?" he said.

I smiled. He picked me up and kicked my door shut and put me on my couch. I landed spread eagled on top of my couch. My legs were wide apart with my robe flung opened, and my whole womanhood there on display. My common sense had left me at this stage, as I watched him quickly take his pants off. I wasted no time reaching for and then playing with his cock, before putting it in my mouth. He was big, and I could tell he was very horny. I started tasting his cock, and it felt at least 8 inches long.

He was lifting up and down, virtually fucking my mouth with each lift.


Each thrust his cock went deep and deep inside my throat. He pushing my head up and down, as I mumbled something like this. "Umm umm mmm mmm umm, umm." I mumbled, sucking his cock. I had face fucked before and this was no different, but why was I even doing it. And all the while he said or did nothing, but guided my head up and down his cock.

I started getting light headed, as I strived to get air in my lungs as he sometimes made swallow well deep. It felt like I was sucking his cock for ages but it was only about 15 minutes.

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By now, I was hot and horny and extremely wet. I was hoping to get some of his cock inside my pussy. Then finally his cock twitched and then he forced my head down his shaft, until his pubes were itching my nose. It was then, his cock coated my throat with his cum.

Then he pulled me off his cock, I just stared on my knees with my open robe, and naked body. I watched him getting dressed, I was confused. "Did you like it?" I asked. "I got to get back to work!" Is all he said, then smiled and walked out and left the door opened.

So I sat on the floor, and helped myself reach orgasm. I rested against the seat of the couch, just think what the fuck had happened. I didn't move for a while, thinking I need to be fucked. I hope he comes by after work, and does fuck me. An hour passed before I got up and closed my door. Maybe he will return after his shift, and before I leave to go to my work. Or maybe I'm dreaming, and really I think I was stupid for being so easy for him to manipulate. That was Tuesday, its Wednesday afternoon now and well, he is a ghost now, meaning no sign of him.

More will come if he returns.

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Ok, so he never came back to my apartment that day. So next day, I went about my workout in the morning. No ring of the door bell, or the remainder of the week.

By Friday, I knew I had been used, but I liked it. After 3 weeks still nothing, and I need a cock and I'm starting to go crazy. On Sunday after a short workout, decided to go for a walk.

It was then I decided to do something daring after work on Monday. It's now over a month since my last sexually encounter, and I was horny as, and B.O.B. is ok but I needed real contact.

After work Monday I took a change of clothes with me to work, and once the shift ended I quickly left. I found a public toilet block and got changed. It was dark 11pm and I was a little nervous but not scared as I once was a street hooker. So I stripped off once the coast was clear, and put on a black stockings and a fishnet top. I put on a vest and then a black mini, then my stiletto shoe.

Topping it all off, with my hand bag. Now I wasn't fully going through with this, but want to see what reaction I got. I was in a cheeky flirty mood, and wore no bra or knickers. After walking around the park for an hour, I got a few looks, which in time made me wet but no bites. I decided to try another block, before I would go home. As I walked by a dark section of closed shops, a black sports car drove past pumping out rap music that could be heard blocks away. He slowed as he got closer to me, and turned his music down.

"Hey babe, do you wanna party tonite?" he said.

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I smiled at him, but shook my head no. Not long after he drove off, another car as similar questions but he was a businessman or something.


I blew him off too. Even though I was blowing them off, I was thinking about. A bunch of P-platers drove by and tooted their horns and yelling obscene gestures at me, as they drove on by. All this was fine, as I was feeling real horny now, and decided to walk the next street and say yes. That street was empty, and I headed back to my car and went home.


I decided on Xmas or boxing day, I will not be such a prude and let them have fun with me, as I wanted some fun. So i drove home and went into my box of goodies i keep, for occasian when i haven't any company and need some.