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Indian Punjabi Sex In Car
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Author's Note - This is not a stand alone story. Please read Senior Year - Parts 1 & 2 first. Part 3 Betrayal Things seemed to be going well between Laura and Ted and Michelle and David until Monday before prom.

Laura had to go to the girls locker room to get something she left in her gym locker after school. The student council meeting had finished much earlier than normal. When she entered the locker room she thought she heard someone moaning in sexual pleasure, It was no secret that a couple of the girls that were gay or bi-sexual used the locker room for their fun. Laura just proceeded to her locker hoping she didn't have to witness the act.

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When she turned the corner to the row her where her locker was located she stopped dead in her tracks. There was Michelle leaning against the wall being fucked hard from behind by Ted. Neither saw or heard Laura.

"Oh yes. fuck me good cuz. This is our last time and I want to remember it," Michelle moaned. "CUZ!!!" Laura shouted at them.

"You two are cousins? You two have been screwing each other this whole time haven't you? Michelle how could you do this to my brother. He is in love with you. Ted I thought you loved me. You two have just been using us to hide a relationship you couldn't have openly." With that Laura stormed out of the locker room.

As Laura left the locker room she was in tears. Her friend Beth had been waiting outside. "Laura, what's the matter?" she asked. "My EX-boyfriend is in their fucking my brother's girlfriend like it's the last time they will ever fuck each other," Laura said through her tears. "I need to find Davy." With that she went looking for her brother.

She found him in the parking lot waiting for Michelle to drive her home. He could see something was terribly wrong. Laura never cried in public. She climbed in the car and slammed the door shut. "Davy. take me home now!!!" she demanded. David got in the car and started driving without any questions. He started to call Michelle to tell her something was wrong and he'd be back to give her a ride.

Laura saw him dialing Michelle's number and grabbed his phone and tossed it in the back smashing it against the rear window. "Don't worry about that bitch. Ted is already giving her a ride," she screamed.

David was beyond confused. He had never seen his sister this upset. "Laura.what in the hell are you talking about?" David asked. Laura did not answer but sat in silence the rest of the ride. David knew she would talk when she was ready and did not ask anything else. When they got home she started to cry again as they entered the house.

David put his arm around his sister to console her as they walked up the stairs even though he did not know what he was consoling her about.

When they got upstairs, Laura headed straight and to the kitchenette and got out the bottle of Scotch they had hidden. She poured herself a glass and downed it in one sip.

She filled her glass again and one for her brother. She walked over to the couch a little calmer now and offered David his glass. "You're gonna need this too I think," she told him. David took the glass and sat down next to Laura. "So what's going on Sis?" he asked.

What has you so upset that you called Michelle a bitch? "Let me put it to you this way," she started. "The reason your girlfriend and my boyfriend haven't had sex with us since we started dating is because they have been busy fucking each other behind our backs." "Laura if that is the case why wouldn't they just date each other instead of us?" David asked with confusion. "Because apparently they are cousins. I never knew it until I heard Michelle call him 'Cuz' while I watched him fucking her brains out.

So I guess since they couldn't date each other in the open they used us as a cover so nobody would find it odd that neither of them were dating. No wonder they always wanted us to double date." Laura broke down crying again rested her head in Davids lap. The house phone rang and he could see from the caller ID it was Michelle.

He was now pissed as well so he just picked up the phone telling her, "Don't even bother to try to explain!!!" He then slammed the phone down hanging up on her. He didn't give her a chance to say anything but could tell she was crying as well. David softly caressed his sister's face and hair as she rested her head in his lap. He understood her feelings because he felt them too. His major concern was how Ted had hurt her. "Do you remember how I said if Ted ever got out of line I'd find a way to kick his ass." Laura sat up and looked at her brother, "Yes, I remember.

It was the day they first expressed an interest in us. We we were trying to figure out if they had an ulterior motive. I guess we now know what it was." "Well, he has crossed that line. I may not be able to kick his ass, but let's see him get into law school after it gets out he has been fucking his cousin for the last six months or maybe even longer.

I'll ruin his life for him." "Davy, that part can't come out. The only other person I told about it was Beth. I didn't mention the part that they were cousins. Most of the school will be mad enough at them for what they did to us. As far as I know nobody else knows they may be cousins." David sat and thought about why they shouldn't. "We shouldn't do that because we don't know exactly how it started," he thought out loud.

"You and I have come about as close as you can get to having sex with each other because of the unusual way our relationship with them was." "Yes exactly. Davy, I know we never have talked about what has happened between us, but I want you to know that I have no regrets. I will always treasure the memory. We both know that it can't become public" "I don't either Sis. In fact until Michelle started to become more receptive to having sex, I was feeling that I wanted things to go further and make love to you." Laura breathed a sigh of relief.

"I was feeling the same about you. I could think of no other person I would want to be my first." Laura found those feelings returning but did not say it aloud. If it were to happen now it would be rebound sex and she did not want the first time to be that way.

Her brother was having the exact same feelings but also did not mention them to his sister. "So what do we now?" he asked. "I don't really know since nothing ever close to this has ever happened to me or any of my friends," she answered. "I guess tomorrow I'll go to the mall and see if I can return the prom dress. If I get the money back I'll pay you back for the stuff from Victoria's Secret since I've worn it and shouldn't really try to return it." She didn't mention the jewelry since she knew it was David's gift to her.

She played with the necklace she'd worn everyday since he got it for her and smiled for the first time since finding out about Michelle and Ted.

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David turned his sister's head so he could look into her eyes. "You aren't taking anything back because you are still going to prom." Correcting himself saying, "We are both going to prom together. Would you be my date for our prom Sis?

I want everyone to see the most beautiful girl in school dressed to her finest." They both had joked about having to go to prom with each other before they started to date Michelle and Ted.

Neither was worried about being teased by their friends about it then since they were so close and natural friends.

Laura had never really went out of her way to look beautiful, but when she heard her brother's words her heart melted. She wanted to look better than she ever had before for her new prom date. The touch of her lips on his answered the question. The moment was interrupted when their mom called up the stairs and told them dinner was ready. They both went downstairs and joined their parents at the table for dinner.

They both picked at their food and neither said much. "What's wrong with you two?" their dad asked. David looked at his sister before saying anything. She gave a nod of approval. "I have broken up with Michelle and Laura has broken up with Ted," he told them.

Both their parents had been around long enough to realize that for them to all break up on the same day probably meant that Ted and Michelle had somehow developed a relationship with each other. "I am so sorry for both of you," their mom told them. She thought back to her first breakup and how hurt she was. She couldn't imagine how devastated they both must feel if she was right about Ted and Michelle.

"I'm sorry too kids," their dad said. "I guess I need to cancel the surprise we had planned for Saturday." Laura was curious and asked, "What surprise Daddy?" "We were going to hire a limo for the four of you for the night, but now since you won't be going I'll need to cancel," he answered. "Mom and Dad. We are still going," David announced proudly. Their parents looked at them and then each other with a confused look in their face.

Placing his arm around his sister, he continued, "This beautiful young lady has honored me by agreeing to be my date to the prom." Laura would have been all over her brother if their parents had not been in the room. The sincerity in his voice was genuine.

She found herself feeling a new type of love for her brother. Their parents were not surprised that they had decided to go together.

Their children had always been the best of friends. They were both rather proud that they weren't going to sit around and sulk over the breakups. The last minute things to do before the big night would help keep their minds off of the breakup.

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"Then we shouldn't cancel the limo and before either of you say that it isn't necessary, don't bother. We all know there will probably be some drinking that night and don't want you driving if you decide to have one," their mom said. "Back in our day the best you could do was borrow your parent's good car for the big night. There are many sad stories about kids drinking and driving on prom night.

You've both shown you are responsible enough that we have allowed you to drink in the privacy of our home and not drive afterward. We want to be able to extend that privilege to your big night and not have you worry about getting home.

Laura got up and gave her parents a hug and kiss. "Thanks Mom and Dad, we won't disappoint you." Her dad hugged her back telling her, "We know sweetheart. Even though plans have changed somewhat for you both, we want it to be a memorable night for you. We want you to be able to enjoy it as much as possible." Both teens seemed to put aside the events of the day and proceeded to eat their dinner. They almost always helped their parents clean the kitchen after dinner, but tonight they offered to take care of everything and told them to go have a relaxing evening.

Their parents decided to take advantage of the offer and take in a movie. As they left David joked at them, "Remember you two, no drinking and driving." Their mom picked up a small pillow from the couch in the living room and playfully tossed it at them. "Then one or both of you better not have any wine tonight to drown your sorrows in case we need a ride home," she joked back.

David and Laura finished cleaning the kitchen and went upstairs for the evening. They decided to watch their favorite comedy movie. Neither had any homework to do since the teachers knew with it being prom week the seniors had that on their minds once they left school, They snuggled up together on the couch and began to watch the movie. They took a break partway though to make some popcorn and have grab some sodas.

After the movie David said, "I really don't feel much like watching the news tonight do you? "Not really. I kind of feel like going to bed early. Do you?" "Yes, I was thinking the same thing." "Davy?" "What?" "Even though we've done a lot to take away the pain of what happened today, I still feel hurt.

I really thought Ted and I were falling in love." "I know Sis.


I feel the same about Michelle." "Davy, I don't want to be alone tonight. Will you sleep with me?" Despite their previous sexual contact he knew his sister meant that she didn't want to be alone and was not inviting him to have sex with her.

He put his arm around his sister and they went to her room.

They both went into the bathroom and brushed their teeth and stuff before getting ready for bed. Laura started to undress. Since the night with the vibrator she had started sleeping nude. She thought about putting on a sleep shirt or nightgown, but decided she wanted to feel the warmth and love of her brother's body against her.

She stripped naked and climbed into bed. David who usually just slept in his underpants stripped naked as well and climbed into bed with his sister.

They fell asleep in each others arms trying to forget the events of the day. The next day at school word spread quickly about Ted and Michelle's adventures in the locker room.

Beth was on the phone to her friends not long after Laura stormed off and actually hung around to see Ted and Michelle leaving the locker room. Even many of Michelle's cheerleader friends and Ted's teammates thought it very low of them to cheat on David and Laura the way they did. If they were that much attracted to each other they should have had the courtesy to break up with David and Laura first. Everyone that David and Laura encountered at school offered their support to the siblings.

Ted and Michelle had tried to avoid each other, but with no one willing to talk to her, Michelle sat alone with Ted during lunch.

Almost everyone in the cafeteria gave them a dirty look. They felt very bad at their actions. They were truly planning the previous afternoon to be the last time they had sex together and devote everything to advancing their relationships with David and Laura. "We really fucked up didn't we Michelle.

Things were great, but we had to be greedy and have one final fling and screw it up," Ted said. "We sure did," Michelle agreed. "I was so looking forward to going to the prom with David and spending the night with him. He has been so patient as far as having sex. At least it seems nobody except Laura seems to know we are also cousins. As mad as she was, I am surprised that hasn't come out. I wonder if she told David." "I am sure she told David.

They are practically best friends," Ted responded. "I am actually not surprised Laura hasn't told anybody else. I really have gotten to know her quite well. She knows it would probably ruin my chances at getting into law school. She may never talk to either of us again, but she's not the type to seek revenge." "Yea.

you're right. She has become my closest girlfriend over the past few months. She wouldn't do that," Michelle agreed. "Well since neither of us have a date for prom, why don't we go together?" Ted asked. Michelle gave him a look that could kill. "Are you fucking kidding or have you been tackled to many times without your helmet?" she asked in disbelief. "I would rather not even go to school anymore, let alone go to prom with or without a date. I already returned my gown last night." "You're right.

That was a pretty dumb idea." Ted responded. "I guess it was just my way of telling you that you are more to me than just a sex partner or my cousin. You're also a good friend. If we weren't cousins we would have ended up dating." Michelle blushed at his kind words because she knew he was right.

"Yes, but we also would have never got to know Laura and David and fall in love like we did. I don't have any regrets over what happened between us, but I do regret having hurt them like we did and at the same time hurting ourselves." Part 4 The Prom The week went by for Laura and David.

They told nobody of their plans to attend prom together. Most of their friends assumed they wouldn't go at all.

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The preparations for the prom kept them busy because they were both on the planning committee. Michelle and Ted tried to not spend much time together especially at school where they were shunned by most of the students and only seemed to have each other as a friend.

Thankfully word never got out that they happened to be cousins. Despite the breakup they decided not to resume their sexual relationship. Finally it was Saturday, the day of the prom. Despite how close the siblings had always been as both brother and sister and friends in general, they both felt a tension inside they did not understand. They sat together on the couch watching a movie to kill the time before they got ready.

This time it was a romance movie and as they usually did they snuggled together as they watched it. When it came time to start getting ready David headed to the shower first.

Laura laid out her gown for the evening. Beverly who was her mom's friend and a hairstylist was going to be coming over to do her hair for her shortly. While she was laying things out her mom came in the room. "Laura. Beverly called to say something came up and that she'd be about a half hour early," her mom told her. "You'd better hop in the shower as soon as David finishes. Oh and she said to make sure to use a lot of conditioner when you wash your hair." She then went back downstairs. She wanted to make sure the camera had fresh film to take plenty of pictures of the two of them before they left.

As soon as her mom went downstairs, she stripped and joined her brother in the shower. It was really nothing new for either of them, They had become quite used to sharing the bathroom and even the shower together. "Davy, Beverly is coming early," she told him. "Wash my hair for me and use lots of conditioner." David had come to enjoy washing his sister's hair for her and he was nearly done with his shower anyway. "Be happy too, Sis." To save time, Laura washed her her body as David washed her hair.

As David worked the conditioner in he started to massage her scalp. Laura found herself becoming very relaxed and started to become aroused as she washed her breasts. Like that night weeks ago she starts to imagine it is David's hands caressing her body.

David was concentrating so much on working in the conditioner he did not notice his sister fondling her breasts. David was finding himself becoming aroused as well, thinking back to the night his sister explored his body and held his cock in her hand. Subconsciously he moved closer, his hard cock resting in the crack of Laura's ass.

Laura did not seem to notice the physical contact because she was lost in her own thoughts. When David had finished he used the removable spray head to rinse her hair.

Laura turned around and without asking he proceeded to rinse the remaining soap from her body. She looked down and saw David's cock standing erect. As they looked at each other the nervousness they had both felt earlier returned. This time they both knew the reason. It was an unspoken sexual tension that had been evolving within them. They both thought of what was supposed to happen for them each tonight with Michelle and Ted. After he got ready David waited downstairs for Laura.

Much like a bride before her wedding David was not permitted to see her until she was completely ready. David was in awe when Laura finally came downstairs. The dress looked even better than the first time she tried it on due to the alterations. Her normally shoulder length hair had extensions that framed her face and went down resting on each of her breasts. The earrings brought attention to her lovely face. Naturally she was wearing the the necklace with the two entwined hearts on it.

David had gotten Laura a wrist corsage. It was made up of white flowers and also red ones the same as her dress. As he put it on her, their mom started taking the usual barrage of pictures that all couples have to deal with on their prom night. Soon the limo arrived and after another round of picture taking they were finally off to the prom. As the limo arrived at the prom word spread fast and just about everyone came outside to see who it was, because this was a time before it became commonplace for the kids to have a limo on prom night.

When David and Laura emerged from the limo a small cheer went out for them, since nobody expected or knew they were coming. As they started walking into the building Laura put her arm through his and he held her hand in both of his. Their classmates seemed to part and line each side of the walkway as they made their way into the building.

A few girls had to lightly elbow their dates in the side for the way they were checking out Laura The evening went well for the two of them. They took turns dancing with each other and their friends. They both thought their friends were doing it out of sympathy for them. David and Laura both found themselves wanting to return to the arms of their sibling.

They danced a little closer than most would expect a brother and sister to dance together, but it was dark for most of the dances. Nobody probably noticed concentrating on their own date for the evening. When the time came to decide who the prom king and queen most were relieved that they didn't have to choose between Laura and Ted and Michelle and David.

It was a natural choice when Laura and David were chosen by their peers that night. The siblings found themselves somewhat embarrassed by the choice having never imagined or even wanting such a title.

It usually went to the most popular couple. Certainly their friends did not see them as a couple they both thought to themselves. After the prom David and Laura shared the limo with a few of their friends.

They just rode around town some had a few drinks. They really just had fun driving around town. Finally it was time for the siblings to call it a night and have the limo take them home.

The house was dark when they arrived home. Their parents were at some friend's house playing cards which usually lasted into the wee hours of the morning. David took her by the hand as they walked into the house.

When they went upstairs, Laura looked at her brother and said, "I had a wonderful evening Davy. I wish it didn't have to end." David looked into his sister's eyes and told her, "It doesn't have to end yet." He then went to the stereo and turned on some soft music.

"Shall we dance some more?" Laura fell into Davids arm's dancing much closer than they could at the prom. He pulled his sister even closer. As she rested her head against his chest he planted soft kisses on her head. A soft sigh escaped Laura's lips at the touch of her brother's lips on her head. She pulled her head away from his chest and they looked into each other's eyes.

No words were spoken as their lips met. It started out as a tender kiss but slowly became the passionate kiss of two lovers. They continued to kiss and started to undress each other. Laura unbuttoned David's shirt while he undid the back of her gown. When David's shirt was unbuttoned she slipped his jacket and shirt from his shoulders at the same.

She broke the kiss and started to plant soft kisses over her brother's chest while her hands undid his belt and trousers Laura's dress had slipped below her breasts which David gently squeezed causing his sister to moan out loud, He bent over and lightly ran his tongue over each of her nipples. Her gown fell to the floor pooling at her feet. He was surprised that she was not wearing the red thong she chose to wear with the gown. She stepped out of it and kicked her heals off and returned to removing David's trousers.

They fell to his ankles as Laura put her fingers in the waistband of his underpants and began pulling them lower until his hard cock sprang out rubbing against the side of her face, Reaching up and wrapping her hand around the base of her brother's hard cock she very lightly ran her tongue over the length of it.

As she continued to pull his underpants down her tongue moved lower licking a path to his ankles. She untied his shoes and removed them from his feet allowing him to step free of his trousers. Finally she removed his socks and stood up. They embraced each other and started dancing together again.

Laura slowly rubbing her pussy against David's hard cock. David held his sister's ass and softly squeezed it as they swayed to the music. As the music stopped they pulled apart and walked arm and arm to the bedroom.

Instead of going to one of their own bedrooms they went to the guest bedroom and laid down on the bed. They started to kiss again with wild passion. Their tongues explored each others mouth. Laura started stroking his cock while David fingered her wet pussy.

David started to move to lick his sister's pussy, but Laura stopped him. She needed his warm hard cock inside of her. She rolled so that she was on top of him, He stopped fingering her pussy and guided his cock inside of her. "Oooh. Davy that feels better than I imagined," She cooed as she lowered herself taking the full length in one stroke. When he was totally inside of her she stopped and looked at him smiling. "Sis I have to confess that over the past month," he started to say knowing she had been thinking about this as well, "even though we were with other people, I thought it was so right that our first time be with each other." Although he was on the bottom he managed to withdraw a short amount and then lift his hips again causing the full length to be inside her.

Laura lifted herself from him and remembered the night she broke her cherry by taking the full length of her vibrator in one stroke while imagining it was David's cock inside her. Now it really was his cock and she slammed down hard on top of him.

Her body exploded in the most intense orgasm of her life and this time it was without the pain of that night. "Ohhh fuck! DAVEY!" she screamed, repeating the same thing she said then and collapsed on top of him. David could not control himself and came at the same time as his sister. "LAURA!!!!" he screamed as well.

He rolled Laura onto her back. His cock had softened a bit from cumming so intensely, but was still hard enough to slowly work it in and out of her pussy in long and slow strokes. Laura slowly recovered from her orgasm and realized her brother was still inside and slowly making love to her.

She had felt him cum deep inside of her and felt the warmth of his fluid in her pussy. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck. There were tears in her eyes knowing she had given herself to the one person she knew would always be there for her no matter what. He was her best friend, her confidant. her brother. She knew the night was far from over but after she kissed him tenderly, she said, "Davy, thank you for the most wonderful night I could not even dream of having." They continued to make love slowly.

Laura wrapped her legs around him to hold him inside her not ever wanting his cock to leave her pussy. They continued like this for about 15 minutes before they reached their second orgasm.

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Afterward they rested in each others arms. After they rested a bit they resumed their activities, They had oral sex in a 69 position. The even advanced to doing it doggie style which Laura found to be her favorite so far. Finally they both were physically spent and got under the covers falling asleep. Part 5 Reconciliation Having discovered the joys of sex David and Laura engaged in it any chance they had.

They slept together every night. They would sleep together in either of their rooms. They especially liked to use the guest room.

It was although it was theirs be shared together. At school they were almost inseparable except for classes. They would go out together on weekends. None of this seemed suspicious to their friends because they had been like this before they started to date Ted and Michelle.

One day after school they passed by Ted and Michelle as they got ready to leave. No words were exchanged as they past each other. All four felt a sadness in their heart about what had happened and the relationships that could have been. When David and Laura got in the car they both said at the same time, "Talk time." That was their way of telling each other that there was something serious they needed to talk about.

When they got home, they sat on the couch together. They didn't snuggle together as had become a common routine for them. "Have you missed Ted?" David asked his sister. "Yes, I must admit I have. You miss Michelle, don't you?" "Yea. I do," he responded. "You know Davy, the intimacy that we've shared is great, but we both know it can't last forever." "I've been thinking about that as well.

I think how proud I would be to say you are my girlfriend but can't. I think I know now why Ted and Michelle may have done what they did," David said. Laura looked at her brother telling him, "You know what we've shared is great, I really don't want it to end. I can understand why they did it as well. I don't think that they realized they would fall for us, Don't ever tell Michelle this but she told me how great of a team the two of you would make if you got a PhD in history and she got hers in archeology, She was seriously wanting something long term with you." David smiled widely.

"She really told you that?" he said almost in disbelief because he often had thought the same thing. You know Ted said something similar when it came to him being a lawyer and you going into political science." This was the first time since the breakups that they felt happy talking about Ted and Michelle. "Given what has happened between the two of us, I think we owe them the chance to explain," Laura said. "We do and I think we should be open about what has happened with us," David told his sister.

"Mom and Dad are going out tonight. Let's invite them over.

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Instead of them each calling their former boyfriend or girlfriend. Laura called Michelle and David called Ted. They asked each of them to come by around 7 o'clock. Ted pulled up to the house just as Michelle was getting out of her jeep. She waited for her cousin to walk up the driveway. "Do you know what is going on?" she asked. "David just told me he wanted to talk to me, I figured he just wanted to give me an earful for hurting his sister.

I didn't know he asked you to come over too," Ted answered. "He didn't call me. Laura did and said the same thing. Well let's see what they want.


Hopefully we get a chance to apologize." They walked together and rang the doorbell. David and Laura answered the door together. "Hi. thanks for coming over on such short notice," Laura said. "Let's go upstairs," David directed pointing to the stairway. Ted and Michelle started up the stairs with David and Laura coming up behind them.

When they got to the top they noticed the furniture had been rearranged. The couch and loveseat were not facing each other. David and Laura sat together on the loveseat, so Ted and Michelle sat on the couch. Michelle broke the awkward silence. "Well it goes without saying that we owe you both an apology.

We also want to thank you for not letting anyone know that Ted and I are cousins," she said softly with deep remorse in her voice." David responded, "Michelle the last time I talked to you I told you to not bother to try to explain." "Well you don't have to explain anything, although we don't know exactly how things started for the two of you, we think we understand why you did what you did," Laura continued.

"But how could you be so understanding?" Ted asked. Laura took her brother's hands in his turned to him and smiled before looking back at Ted and Michelle. "You see, over the past few months we have started to have a sexual relationship." Michelle and Ted looked at each other in disbelief. They told them how they had been at a family Christmas party and started to hang out together, They snuck away to another room to relax and watch a movie and that led to them having sex.

Knowing they couldn't openly date because they were cousins they chose David and Laura to date as a cover to their own relationship. Eventually they started developing true feelings for the siblings and planned to break off their own sexual relationship to take things to the next level with David and Laura.

Laura and David told them how things started between them starting at the night Laura came to his room and asked if there was anything wrong with her body up to prom night. "So why are you telling us?" Michelle asked. David answered, "Because we want you to know we understand. We both care greatly for the two of you.

If you still feel anything toward me Michelle, I would like us to try again." David said. Laura looked at Ted, "Ted I still feel for you as well and also would like us to try again.

Ted and Michelle smiled. They had never imagined this is what the siblings wanted when they called them and asked them to come over. "There is one condition," Laura said boldly. "Of course, Michelle and I haven't been together since the day you found us. We won't be with each other again," Ted responded. "That's not it Ted," David said. Laura continued, "You see David and I would still like to be together at times.

We shared a special event. We were each others first and from what you told us the two of you share that as well." "So if the two of you have times you want to be together, we are ok with it. All we ask is that none of us hide that it is happening. So what do you say?" David said.

Michelle got up off the couch and went over and sat on David's lap. She placed her arms around his neck and softly kissed him. Laura got up from her seat and moved toward Ted but looked back and said, "I would take that as a yes. How about you Ted?" Ted swept Laura off her feet holding her in his arms as he kissed her. David broke his kiss with Michelle long enough to joke, "Seems like another yes to me." He then returned to kissing Michelle.

Laura looked at Ted, "Let's go to my room Ted, I want to see how much you missed me." She thought back to the day in the locker room where he was giving it to Michelle doggie style so hard and fast.

She had found that to be her favorite position and knew it would soon be her on all fours taking his cock like that. David and Michelle stopped their own kissing and fondling to go to David's room. Part 6 Twenty Years Later Laura and Ted ended up getting married. Ted did become a layer and Laura earned a PhD in political science. Laura ended up teaching at a major university after spending a number of years working in Washington DC for various government think tanks.

David and Michelle married as well. They both earned PhD's. David's was in ancient history and Michelle's in archeology. Their combined talent led them to many great discoveries. David had published many successful books about them as well as some fictional works. The two couples lived close to one another and Laura taught at the same university as her brother and sister-in-law. They often vacationed together. What many did not know was that on some of these vacations it was David and Laura sharing a room while Ted and Michelle shared another.

Michelle's mom was killed in a car accident during a bad winter storm. She never remarried knowing her husband had really not been killed in an accident and may still be alive. certainly his case worker would let them know if something had happened.

After the funeral they went to David and Michelle's house. Michelle said quietly, "Talk time." they now all used that phrase when they wanted to have a very serious discussion. She wanted to bring up the subject of her dad.

It was the secret that she had carried for over 20 years. She missed her dad and was worried about what had happened to him since she'd never heard back. She even still had the Jeep he had arranged for her to have as well. "I need to tell you all something," Michelle began. She knew that she could trust them with the secret she had held for so long when they sat down she took Ted's hand so he would sit with her.

Her father was Ted's uncle and she felt she should be with him as a family member when she told them. She proceeded to tell them about her father's visit leaving out the details she was embarrassed about. She turned to Ted saying, "I am sorry I had too keep this from you." Tears were in her eyes due to both the loss of her mom and not knowing what became of her dad. After Michelle had calmed down, Ted turned to his cousin and said, "Let me make some phone calls." He stood up and excused himself to make some private calls to some friends that worked in the Department of Justice.

Laura and David quickly took a seat on either side of her to offer support and comfort in her time of grief. On a warm spring day a man now known as Tom Garret was tending to his small yard. He did not notice an old jeep which pulled up in front of his small modest house or the two couples that emerged. He jumped slightly when he felt a tap on his shoulders after living so long with the fear someone might find him.

Before turning around, he heard a comforting familiar voice say, "Hi Daddy."