Beautiful girl nude live show on cam

Beautiful girl nude live show on cam
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Vanessa is my wife of five years.


She is half Latino and half Irish and she is quite the stunner with a luscious smile sporting perfectly straight white teeth, a well rounded apple bottom bosom, and beautiful perky tits and even thicker luscious nipples. That's my perfect wife. She dresses very classy too. She never dresses like a skank. She wears long skirts and flat shoes and gowns that hide her beautiful hour glass figure.

This was our fifth year of marriage. To be honest, I am well endowed or so I thought. I've never heard Vanessa complain while she was riding me and dripping all over my balls.

That was one thing I loved about Vanessa: she was so innocent yet at the same time she was a wild fiend in the sack. Well this was our fifth year of Marriage and we hadn't been able to have sex in over a month. I was really saving it for her. I really like to hold off on masturbating so that I can drench her in my cum when the moment is ripe. Because I was so busy and because she was so busy we hadn't had one spare moment to get it on like sex-starved rabbits.

So when we went on a skiing trip with some friends, I thought we were going to have an explosive night in between days in the hotel room. It turns I was right about one thing but wrong about the other as you'll soon see. We went up north to ski with several friends. On single guy named Todd who was cousins with Sanders, a guy I've known for some time through Betty, his wife, who was best friends with my own wife, Vanessa.

"Vanessa," Todd screamed from afar and gave her a big tight squeeze as he lifted her off the ground. It seemed that they had known each other for some time.

That was something I wasn't aware of to be honest. Later I would find out they were college friends but never really dated. Todd was the guy that walked Vanessa home from the bars so she wouldn't get raped but I had a feeling they did a lot more in those days.

We had some drinks and soon it was late.

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Sanders and Betty went to their hotel room and it was me Todd and Vanessa all standing by the bar. I had Vanessa in my arms.

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I was very protective of her and I didn't like the feeling that Vanessa and Todd might have hooked up at one point. This notion floated in my stomach but I didn't want to be jealous. I figured I'd just snuggle up on Vanessa at the bar and push my full blown erection into her through my jeans while she flirted with Todd, although to be honest, it didn't seem like flirting because Vanessa is so innocent - or so I thought.

"Come on Todd," Vanessa said as she placed her hand on his wrist, "You remember that one time you drank so much you had to puke off the balcony and I took you home?" Vanessa started laughing, "Oh dear, I was the one taking care of him most of the time," She said as she turned and kissed me on the side of the lips.

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A few drinks more and Vanessa was laughing so loud and talking so much that everyone was looking at us. I felt kind of awkward as I was an introvert and whispered in her ear to go back to the room. But Todd was so drunk that he followed us to the door. Actually, he was staying in the room right next to us which really annoyed me. That night I really wanted to sleep with Vanessa but she passed out drunk.

At around 3 am, I heard a strange sound coming from the bathroom.


I woke up and quietly tiptoed over by the door. I thought I heard Vanessa talking to someone and noticed she wasn't on the bed. I heard Vanessa laughing and then gagging, laughing and then gagging. I heard the low rumble of a man's voice moaning and trying to speak. Then I heard a slap of a thigh and Vanessa say, "quiet, you're going to wake him up." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I didn't do anything though because to be honest, I was somewhat aroused. I looked through the crack from about five or six feet away, hiding behind a corner which lead to the bathroom. I saw Vanessa there in all her splendor.

She was wearing her sweat pants and her sweat shirt was on the floor. She was wearing her bra. It was black and her mildly large tits, somewhat droopy by now for her age, sagged into them like ripe perfect melons.

My mouth watered as I saw her sucking Todd off. I never saw her suck like that my entire life. She would spit on it, kneed it into his thick ripe stick, and then look up at him to see how she was doing. I could see Todd, a muscular man with a sagging chin and a James bond cleft look down at her with a devilish smile.

His pants were down to his knees and Vanessa was gently touching his moscular thighs. "Remember that time in college I took you to your house and you." he stopped talking as he came into her mouth. I couldn't believe how much was blowing out of him into her face.

It was as if someone took a bucket of milk and pored it all over her head and drenched her in thick white consistency. She stood up and began french kissing him as if they were in love. Usually at this point I'd push Vanessa off of me. I was thankful he didn't fuck her. I was liking what I saw but I wasn't ready for that. His cock shriveled from what seemed like nine inches to a few. I wanted them to stop but they didn't.

She kept kissing him and whispering things in his ear.


Soon his cock was big again. He grabbed her by the neck and she smiled. He turned her around and pulled her sweats to reveal a red thong.

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He slid it to the side and put his thick shaft into her pumping like a wild lion fucks a lioness. He growled and shivered after a few minutes.

He put her on the sink and ate her out like she was some sort of snow-cone or yogurt desert. I could see her beautiful legs and red nail polish on her toes as they dangled over his shoulders. He fucked her again, and again.

Finally, he fucked her in the ass. I went back to the bed and when she came and lied down, I waited for her to fall asleep.

Then I fucked her while she was sleeping. That was my only revenge for now.

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