Bondage teen roughfucked and jizzed in mouth

Bondage teen roughfucked and jizzed in mouth
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Fbailey story number 606 Soccer Mom Gets Caught I work clean up at the local bowling alley. It is fairly easy work but it starts at midnight during the week and two in the morning on Friday and Saturday. Basically I empty trash, restock the bathrooms, and clean and polish the floors. Once a week I have to clean the mechanism that handles the bowing pins.

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Then one Tuesday night after the women's bowling, I was let in as usual and the owner went home. I heard a noise coming from a hallway so armed with just a broom I approached the restrooms. As I came upon the lady's room I cautiously opened the door to find a pile of clothes on the floor. I saw a pair of pants and a T-shirt along with a bra, panties, and shoes. I picked them up to take back to the desk to put in the lost and found bin.

Then I heard a noise coming from the men's room and approached it silently. I opened the door slowly and looked in. There was a woman kneeling on the floor with her back to me.

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She was naked and she had a bowling pin stuck in her pussy. She was fucking herself on it as she licked the urinal in front of her. I looked at her in disbelief but it also excited me to see a naked woman enjoying herself in such a disgusting way.

She was not very old and she had a fantastic body with a great ass, a nice waist, and curly blonde hair that hung to where her bra marks were.

I pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures of her.

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I had taken three pictures and when I pushed the button to take another one she turned around to face me just as it fired. I had a full frontal view of Mrs. Johnson with a bowling pin in her pussy. I took another one as she tried to cover herself. Mrs. Johnson was a neighbor of mine. She was your typical soccer mom.

She ran her three sons all over town to drop them off and pick them up at ball games, Scouting activities, and karate lessons. She was tireless.

She helped out at school, helped with fundraisers, and she was active in her church. Before I could say anything Mrs.

Johnson said, "You can't say anything about this. Please!


I'll be disgraced. I'll be the laughing stock of town. I'll do anything that you want me too as long as you keep quiet about this." I lifted up my cell phone and took more pictures of her. She smiled sweetly for me. She must have thought that was what I wanted her to do. I replied, "I'd like to make love to you." She smiled and said, "All right. Is that all that you want?" I giggled softly and said, "Can I make love to you as often as I want too?" She laughed and said, "That is more like it.

After all you caught me and you deserve to get all that you want…for your silence that is. I love being the cool energetic mom…but I also like to be a dirty woman. I always wanted to lick a urinal and I thought that I could get away with it tonight." I asked, "What about the bowling pin?" She laughed and said, "Oh that.

Well I just wanted something in my pussy and that was as close to a dildo as I could get." I said, "Then get back to cleaning that urinal so that I won't have too." She did and I watched her do it.


I found the act of someone licking a dirty urinal quite disgusting but on the other hand watching a beautiful naked woman enjoying herself was a turn on. I told her to clean the two toilets and the hand bowl before coming and finding me. Then I went out taking her clothes with me. I rushed around and got all of my work done as quickly as I could. Mrs. Johnson walked up to me carrying her bowling pin and asked, "What should I do with this?" I asked, "Did you clean it?" She replied, "Not yet!

I thought you might like it. I saw you staring at it in the same way that I stared at that urinal. Teenage boys are all alike…sex, sex, and more sex." I asked, "Can I keep your bra and panties too?" Mrs. Johnson smiled and said, "Of course you can.

Anything you want. Remember you caught me. I'm kind of obligated to keep you happy so you will keep my little secret. Would you like to have sex with me now?" I replied, "Yes, but I don't know how." Mrs. Johnson smiled and said, "You are not much older than my own boys and I taught them all that they needed to know." I was amazed and said, "You let you own sons make love to you." She smiled and said, "Yes I do.

I like dirty things and letting my own sons fuck me is dirty. You blackmailing me into sex is dirty too. The only thing that could make this any better is if you decide to stick your cock up my ass and then make me suck it clean afterwards." First I wanted to loose my virginity in her pussy. I had her lay on her back right in front of the entrance where the double glass doors were.

It was dark outside but the lights were on inside. We would not know if anyone was watching us. It was over with before anyone had noticed.

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In that three our four minutes I became a man. I had fucked my first woman and I was sure that I was going to fuck her as often as her sons did. She didn't know it yet but I was planning on moving in with her and sleeping in her bed every night…well at least whenever I got home from work that is. Anyway back on the rug at the entrance where I had her naked and on her back. I slipped my cock into her pussy…with her help of course.

I pumped it in fast and deep until I came in her. Then we walked back into the building where we couldn't be seen from the street. I had her squat down on my bowling pin again and fuck herself.

She looked like she was trying to get the whole thing up inside her. She looked down at the bowling pin and said that each of her son's heads had been bigger.

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However, without being pregnant and having her hips spread for childbirth she was pretty sure that she could not get it in. That didn't stop her from fucking her pussy down into it though. Then she asked me if I wanted to do anal with her while the pin was still in her pussy. She said that it would be tighter and very interesting. I decided to take her up on her suggestion. With Mrs. Johnson on her hands and knees on aisle seven with her breasts hanging over the foul line I shoved my hard cock into her asshole and it went in.

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She was holing herself up with one hand and holding the pin in her pussy with the other hand. When I slammed my cock into her ass she flinched and let out a silent cry. I had hurt her but she didn't want me to know. That hole felt pretty good. It was tighter and there was a lot more friction too. In a few minutes I was cumming in her ass. When I pulled it out I had her turn around and suck my cock clean.


After all it had been her suggestion. Wow, did that feel good. In fact it felt so good that I came in her mouth too. I let her get dressed but I kept her bra and panties. I turned out the lights and we left locking the doors behind us. I followed Mrs. Johnson home.

I parked in my driveway and she parked in her driveway. I then followed her into her house and up to her bedroom.

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We made love and then her alarm went off. It was time for her to get her kids up, fed, and off to school. Then she was right back in bed with me again.

We fucked and napped all day long until her sons came home from school and wanted to fuck their mother. Mrs. Johnson just wanted all of us to be happy. We decided that there was enough of her to go around. I moved in and slept with her while the boys were in school. Then we shared her until they went to bed and I went to work. So far things are going smoothly.

The End Soccer Mom Gets Caught 606