Blonde Allie Rae gets her pink pussy fucked POV s

Blonde Allie Rae gets her pink pussy fucked POV s
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Chapter 1 Joel Vincent surveyed the lounge car of the westbound California Zephyr. He smiled ruefully as he realized that fantasy rarely lives up to the realty. While watching an old mystery movie about train travel in his hotel room, He had impulsively decided to take the train home.

This Amtrak train did not live up to the storied opulence of the Orient Express, the fabled Paris to Istanbul train.

There were no mysterious femme fatales prepared to jump into bed with the handsome stranger. There were no liveried servants obsequiously moving silver service carts to private compartments. Neither was the lounge car done in shiny oak and well polished leather. On either side of the car were tan lounge chairs angled toward the large observation window. Between each pair of chairs was a small service table. The dominant theme was 20th century modern.

The "leather" was actually leatherette. The tables were nondescript black plastic. The central aisle was just wide enough for passengers to walk through single file. A semicircular service bar stood at the entrance to the car. A voluptuous African-American woman stood alertly behind the bar. She was approximately his age with dark chocolate skin and frosted blonde hair. In keeping with the duties of her job, she wore a broad smile and nodded to acknowledge him. "Good afternoon sir!

Welcome aboard! How can I serve you?" "Thank you. Do you have Martell?" "Yes we do! How would you like that?" "Give that to me straight up with a Corona chaser." "Yes sir. Coming right up. Sir, why don't you take a seat and I'll bring your drink to you." Joel noticed the full hips of the bartender as she busied herself preparing his drinks. Then he glanced around the lounge car. There was only one other person there.

She was an older white woman. Her half-empty drink sat in front of her as she sat in the lounge chair watching as the train moved through the industrial areas of Chicago. So much, he thought, for mysterious femme fatales. Joel nodded and moved toward the center of the lounge car. He took a seat that angled toward the older white woman but with two chairs and a table between them. When she looked up, he smiled and nodded. Kathy noticed the young black man enter the lounge car.

She watched as he ordered his drink. He was quite handsome with his shaved head, Fu Manchu mustache and goatee. His skintight jeans emphasized the fullness of his butt and suggested a respectable package. He wore gray T-shirt with the tail out. He wore no socks with his well-worn sneakers. Kathy was returning from spending a month in Chicago with her daughter. The birth of her new grand baby had been difficult and Annie appreciated her mother's help.

Kathy enjoyed watching the affectionate interplay between her son-in-law and her daughter. They really cared for each other.

Now she was traveling from the hustle and bustle of caring for new life back to her prosaic life in California. Despite the fact that her John had to take early retirement at 60 because of heart problems, they lived the good life in San Mateo. On the downside, his illness adversely affected their sex life. Restless for a moment, Kathy shifted in her chair and recrossed her legs. It had been difficult for her first. At 50, she felt like she was in the prime of her sexual life.

However, over time, and with a liberal use of toys, she managed. However, she felt an itch for an adventure. As she watched Joel take his seat, a faint tug of memory took her back 32 years to Derek and their baby. She shook herself. Now where did that come from, she thought. She smiled and nodded back at Joel. "Really not much to see here, Kathy said just old factories and old buildings." "And thus it is around most train stations, Joel said waxing poetic, surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of another era." "Oh my, Kathy tittered, you sound like a poet." "Oh my God no, Joel laughed, that one phrase exhausted my entire poetic repertoire." Joel surveyed the 50ish full figured white woman.

She wore her grey streaked brownish hair in a tight bun behind her head. There were faint crow's feet around her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. Her chest was full and hung heavy. She wore a flowered button up the front knee length dress. As she recrossed her legs, he caught a glimpse of her full pink thighs. "Well, since we are the only ones here and we have a similar interest in slum architecture, why don't you join me?" Kathy was a little surprised at herself for being so forward.

However, he seemed harmless enough and the bartender was standing behind the bar not 30 feet away. Besides, she thought, he looks interesting. Kathy was not in the habit of picking up men. However, a month away from her husband and watching the affection between her daughter and her husband left her feeling a little lonely. Joel was a little surprised at the sudden invitation but figured, what the hell, I am not going to do anything today anyway.

For the next several hours, the two strangers chatted about their families, their travel preferences and the state of the industrial slums around Chicago. Kathy admitted to being a white knuckle flyer. After a terrifying flight from San Francisco to Chicago, she had elected to take the train home. A little embarrassed, Joel shared his fantasy of the Orient Express.

Feeling the effects of her third seven and seven, Kathy offered that there was no way she could be confused with a dark haired mysterious foreign beauty. She went on to say her hair used to be bright red and that freckles still covered a good portion of her body. A few hours into their session, they were behaving like old friends. To make a point, they would lean forward and touch the other's hand. When one or the other laughed, the hand would go to the other's shoulder.

Kathy had not had this much fun in years. Despite the difference in years, there was a connection. Kathy even felt comfortable enough to do a little flirting. She turned her chair so that she faced Joel, and crossed her legs at the ankle. She knew that caused her skirt to rise and show off a little thigh. She imagined the stories she could tell her bowling team about flirting with this young black man. Joel found Kathy interesting and personable. Their conversation was eclectic.

He noticed that Kathy was flirting a little. She touched him a little more than was necessary. Her skirt had ridden high on her thighs. Rather than look away, he made a point of complementing her on her legs. His reward was a flirtatious giggle and a perfunctory tug on her skirt. Mentally, he tried to picture her as the redhead she said she was. He imagined her nude with red hair laying on the pillow and her pussy covered by a thick matching thatch.

Night fell as the two chatted. The train had picked up speed. The railcar developed a soft sway as the train moved through the darkened landscape. They could hear the soft moan of the whistle as it made its way pass the numerous rail crossings. The faint clickety-clack of the wheels on the rails provided the backdrop to their conversation.

"Look, I've enjoyed our conversation but this old lady needs to get some rest." "Same here, Joel said, perhaps we can have breakfast together." The last time Kathy was this high was after her bowling team won the championship.

She felt all giggly warm. She looked at the young man speculatively. An image of a sweaty encounter with his dark skin on top of her white skin flashed through her mind. She mentally shook herself.

Watch it girl, she thought, you getting ready to go off the rails. She had not packed her vibrator for this trip so it looked like it was her fingers again tonight. "Breakfast sounds fine. About seven?" "Seven works for me." Kathy stood to go to her chair car. "Whoa! I have had more of those seven and sevens than I usually have." That devilish thought push itself into her mind again.

'It would be interesting to spend some private time with this sexy young guy'. She glanced down at his crotch. That way lies danger, she thought. No sense letting this go too far. Joel stood. The train hit a rough stretch of track, which caused the car to rock more.

Kathy pitched forward into his arms. Joel's hands accidentally encountered her soft breasts. Their lips were inches from each other. Their eyes locked. Joel leaned forward and lightly touched his lips to hers.

At the same time, he squeezed her soft breast. Kathy groaned, flicked her tongue out and traced the outline of his lips. Unbidden her hand snaked between them and squeezed his cock. Joel's tongue played with the tip of Kathy's tongue. Simultaneously, his hand cupped her ample ass. He moaned lustfully as Kathy massaged his package.

Kathy felt air blow across her bottom as Joel raised her skirt and grasped her pantied butt with both eyes. She glanced up at the wide eyed bartender staring at them.

She brought both od of her hands to his chest and gently pushed him away. "I'm going to give you about 15 minutes to stop that, Kathy giggled drunkenly." Joel smiled to himself. The old girl was just high enough to want a little action, he thought. Not this time, old girl, he thought. "Only 15 minutes, he asked.


I need much longer than that." "You are terrible, Kathy slurred." With that, she straightened her dress, turned and moved carefully down the aisle toward her chair car. She exaggerated the movement of the car, letting her hips sway. She could still feel the spot on her breasts with his hands had been. Joel watched the exaggerated sway of Kathy's large hips. Nice ass, he thought.

Then he turned and made his way back to his bedroom. As he passed the smirking bartender, he nodded and smiled. *** Joel was in the dining car at seven. He glanced around the car looking for Kathy. He waited a few moments, and then decided that she was a no-show. He asked the waiter to seat him. As the waiter took his order, he commented that they were just outside of Denver and on time.

As Joel watch the mountainous terrain stream by, he thought about the time he spent with Kathy last night. He realized that there was a connection.

With a little extra effort, he thought, I might have had a chance to see if the carpet matched the drapes. "Here, you go sir! Enjoy your breakfast!" He sipped his black coffee and munched on his crisp bacon, soft scramble eggs hash browns and toast. He thought he might go to the observation car and check out the scenery. There was not a lot to do. He glanced up and saw Kathy enter the dining car.

He was shocked to see her rumpled appearance. She wore the same dress she had on last night. Additionally, the tight neatly pull back bun now was a straggly mass of flyaway hair. She had deep circles under her eyes. Joel rose and waved his arm in the air to attract her attention. Kathy acknowledged his wave with a listless raise of her hand. "My God, Kathy, what happened?" "There are, Kathy said sharply, approximately 30 people in my chair car and two bathrooms.

One of which is not working. That makes for a long wait to do anything!" "That is intolerable." "Yes, Kathy nodded sadly, but what are you going to do?" Joel mulled over Kathy's dilemma as she ordered breakfast. "Look, he said, I have a private bedroom.

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It has its own bathroom. You are welcome to use that." "That's a generous offer, but I could not impose like that." "It would not be an imposition at all. Here, I'll write down my room number. If you decide later that you'd like to use my bathroom, please feel free to come on down." Kathy picked up the piece of paper with Joel's room number on it and stuffed it in her purse.

She had no intention of going to this young black man's room but she wanted to be polite. Last night, in the darkened railcar while the other passengers slept, she had masturbated to several orgasms thinking about this ebony skinned Adonis. In the cold light of day, and sober, she was ashamed of herself. she realized that it would be foolish to get involved with him.

They made idle chatter as they had their breakfast. Finally, Joel stood. "I'm going to my room. But the offer stands." *** It was nearly 11 AM and Kathy was still waiting to use the bathroom. The attendants were apologetic but were unable to help. Frustrated, she went back to her seat.

Disconsolately, she watch the scenery slide by the window. The train appeared to be paralleling a major highway. Lines of large trucks moved up and down the highway.

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She can hear the faint clickety-clack of the wheels as the train move swiftly through the hills, heading toward the Utah border. She felt grungy, her dress was wrinkled and she needed a shower. Her encounter with that young black man last night, left her aroused, and wet. Making out in a public lounge car and then masturbating in public was definitely not part of her repertoire. However, last night, sitting her seat, she had surreptitiously removed her panties.

She laughed to herself as she recalled masturbating in the darkened railcar. The anonymity of the train was causing her to let her guard down. Later, when she awoke, she was embarrassed that she had taken her panties off during the night. However, they had become uncomfortable. Being without panties was a little strange for her.

At the same time, it was exciting. She recalled falling into his arms and the soft squeeze of his hands on her breasts. She shivered a little. No hand but John's have touched these old jugs or felt her ass in years, she thought. It did not feel half-bad. Neither did that significant bulge she felt in his jeans.

That she thought was a nice size cock. Kathy grunted. You old tart, she thought. One quick feel and you are ready to spread your legs. What the hell is going on with you girl?

Less than a day on this train and you acting like a bitch in heat. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Jesus, she thought I am getting wet again! If I don't shower soon, I'll be smelling like a bitch in heat. With a resigned sigh, she stood and walked purposely through the chair car. Joel sat on the coach/bed reading some reports for work. His impulsive decision to ride the train had left him with time on his hands.

He glanced out the window. He guessed they were still in Colorado. He looked over to the unopened bottle of Martell's sitting on the windowsill. Well, he thought, I will worked another hour and then reward myself with a drink. At that point, he heard a tentative knock at his door. "Yes?" "UH… It's… It's Kate Caples." Joel rose and quickly took the few steps to the cabin door.

He pulled it open and saw his new friend. She looked bedraggled and hesitant standing there with her small wheeled suitcase. "I… I thought I might take you up on that offer!" "Certainly! Come right in, Kathy." Diffidently, Kathy stepped into the small cabin. It was not lost on her that for the first time in 30 years she was in the bedroom of a man other than her husband.

"Wow, she said, this room is not much bigger than a large closet." In front of Kathy was a high back green cloth couch/bed. To her right was a large picture window that looked out on the passing landscape. To her left was a minuscule bathroom. A high back forest green cloth chair set next to the picture window facing the couch. Between the two was a fold-down table. Joel laughed. "Yes it is compact. But you have all the essentials." Realizing that Kathy was outside of her comfort zone, he began a businesslike description of the operation of the shower/toilet in a Superliner Bedroom.

"Here, let me show you how this thing works. The button on the left flushes the toilet. The orange button on the right turns on the shower. You actually pull the shower curtain around the toilet to keep it from getting wet." Chapter 2 Kathy was acutely aware that Joel was barefoot wearing nothing but sweat shorts and a T-shirt. As she squeezed in next to him during his description of the bathroom's operation, she glanced down at a noticeable bulge in his shorts.

An image of his fat black cock in her mouth flashed through her mind. She mentally shook herself and turned to step out of the bathroom.

As she did, her breasts brushed across his shoulder. She felt a shock rocket through her body. Jesus, she thought, what the hell is going on with me. "Okay, I think I got it. Kathy took her suitcase into the bathroom. She unbuttoned her dress and let it slide off her shoulders. Looking around, she spied the hook next to the toilet.

She put her dress on the hook. Then she reached behind her and undid her bra. Her breasts tumble out. Idly, she scratched her breasts. God, she thought, my nipples are so sensitive. She looked down and ran her fingers through her luxuriant bush.

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About time for trim, she thought. When her sex life had been more active, she kept it trimmed close. She liked it shaved but John did not. He said it made her look like a prepubescent child. She shrugged as she thought about his comment. She thought it made he look hot, just a little wanton. I don't know why he gets input about me shaving. The lights are usually out and he cannot see anyway.

She opened her carry on suitcase. In it, she had another dress, some jeans, and a blouse. She bought the dress for the trip home at her daughter's insistence. It was a lot shorter and tighter than she was accustomed to. The material was like a cotton sweatshirt. However, Annie, her daughter, had insisted. She also insisted on these ridiculous heels. Annie called them "come fuck me heels." In a moment of mother/daughter bonding, she told Annie that no one comes to fuck her anyway.

So why do I need a special pair shoes? They had laughed uproariously. "Hey, mom, maybe you need a boy toy on the side." "Annie, the only man who was anything to do with your old fat mother is your father." "Oh mom, nowadays you are curvy, not fat." She thought now about her daughter's comment.

As she did, she reflected that there was a man just outside the door. All she had to do was open the door and…! She smiled and shook her head. 'The last thing I need is to complicate my life.' Feeling the call of nature, she sat on the toilet. After she finished, she wiped herself and she reached back and pushed the button. She was startled when the cold water of the shower washed over her. She jumped up screeching. Joel returned to making notes on his files.

He smiled quietly to himself as he thought about her breasts brushing his shoulder. Her breasts felt soft like large firm feather pillows. An image of his cock sliding between them flashed in his mind. He could imagine his black cock surrounded by mounds of pink tits.

He could see her tongue licking out at the head of his dick as he stroked. A scream from wake up from the bathroom caused him to jump up.

He bolted for the bathroom and reached for the door. He stopped short, realizing that Kathy might be in some stage of undress. "Are you okay in there?" A stream of profanity issued from the bathroom. Joel smiled at its intensity and originality. All of this, he thought, from a conservative grandmotherly type.

"Don't come in, Kathy yelled." In a panic, she glanced around the tight confines of the bathroom. She had pushed the wrong button. Now all of her clothes were soaking wet. "I need a towel, she cried, and something to wear. I pressed the wrong button." Joel grabbed a towel from the closet.

"I got the towel he said, but there's nothing here that you can wear. I don't have a robe or anything. The best I can offer is a sheet." Kathy cracked the door and accepted the towel from Joel.

Joel caught a glimpse of one large breast tipped with a coral pink nipple and a full thigh before Kathy quickly close the door. As she dried off, she realized that the sheet would get wet in the bathroom. "Look, she said, I can't put the sheet on in here; it'll just get wet. What you please turn your back when I come out?" For Joel, the situation was amusing.

This matronly old white woman was naked in his bathroom and she was concern about him seeing her body. He thought about her large pink thighs and got a chubby. "Okay, no problem!" Joel turned his back to the bathroom door. In the tight confines of the coach's bedroom, he was less than 2 feet from the door. He heard it open, and the pad of bare feet on the bedroom floor. Then he heard the rustle of the sheet.

It was arousing to have a naked woman standing less than 2 feet behind him, no matter how old she was. "Is it okay to look now?" Kathy took a deep breath and pulled the sheet tighter around her. What the hell have I gotten myself into, she thought. "Yes, you can turn around." Joel turned around.

Kathy was a bedraggled mess. Her hair hung in wet curls around her shoulders and over the tops of her breasts. He was surprised at how long it was.

She had the sheet tightly wrapped around her. However, it ended just above her knees. Her face was puffy and he could see that she was about to start crying. "Everything is a wet, she cried, what do I do now?" The impossibility of the situation overwhelmed her.

Here she was married, and a grandmother and she was standing in this strange black man's room wearing nothing but a sheet. What would John think? "I'll call a porter and have your clothes dried and pressed. Stop crying. It'll be okay." Awkwardly, Joel stepped forward, wrapped his arms around Kathy and comforted her. Kathy moved into him. She was disconsolate and needed comforting.

She released her grip on the sheet and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I'm sorry for being such a baby, she said. But this has just been overwhelming!" Joel felt himself hardening as Kathy's lush body pressed against him. His hands stroked her bare back.

As his hands slid down her back to the full curve of her ass, he felt her stiffen. "Oh my God, she said, I let the sheet fall." In a routine that would have done credit to a vaudeville comedian, Kathy stepped back.

Then, realizing that her front was exposed, she tried to cover her breasts and her pussy with one arm while squatting to pick up the sheet with the other. As she did she over balanced and fell back on the couch, legs akimbo. Frantic, she made an X with her arms over her breasts. Her palms over her pussy, trying to cover everything at once. Unable to contain himself, Joel began to laugh. At first, Kathy was livid. She saw nothing amusing about her circumstances.

Then, realizing the ridiculousness of the state of affairs, joined in his gales of laughter. "Okay, okay I have no modesty left! But would you be so kind as to hand me that sheet and pour me a shot of that Martell." Pretending to be a courtier in the tradition of Sir Walter Raleigh, Joel bowed deeply with one hand sweeping across his chest.

With the other, he picked the sheet up and handed it to Kathy. Joining in the pretense, Kathy nodded her head regally. She placed one hand on her thigh, reach out with the other and accepted the sheet. She draped it across her shoulders and thighs.

Relaxing and beginning to accept this unusual situation, she watched as Joel slopped three fingers of the cognac into a glass, bowed and handed it to her.

"Thank you, kind sir, she laughed!" In a gesture that showed how nervous she really was, she drained it in one gulp. She felt the heat course down her throat and settled in her belly like liquid fire. From there it warmed every part of her body. She felt her nipples harden has the rest of her body responded. He watched in wide-eyed surprise as she turned the cup up and drained it.

Unbidden, he refilled the cup. Kathy took the cup and took a long draught. She sat the half-empty cup down on the table. Smiling, Joel stepped into the hall and rang for the porter.

The porter assured Joel that he could have the clothing dried and pressed within a couple of hours. Joel gathered up his papers and stuffed them back in his briefcase. Well, he thought, so much for getting something done. He sat in the chair facing the couch.

The Martell bottle and an empty glass set on the folding table between them. He grabbed the glass and poured himself a stiff shot.

He raised his glass in a mock salute. Kathy responded in kind and they both took a generous sip from their glasses. Kathy finished hers. As the cognac warmed her, Kathy's face and cleavage developed the pink glow of the natural redhead. She relaxed, accepting her situation. As Joel moved about the small bedroom clutching his files and stuffing them in his briefcase, Kathy watched him. He has a nice ass, she thought, and that bulge in his shorts seems a little bigger.

Relax and enjoy it, girl. It will make a great story for your bowling team. Joel could almost picture her younger with a head of flame red tresses. He could see a light sprinkling of freckles across her face and chest. He had seen her tangled mass of reddish brown pubic hair.

He wondered what her pussy look like when flame red hair covered it. He mentally shook himself. Down that path lies madness, he thought laughing. As Kathy sipped her cognac, she began to calm down.

Well, she thought, I guess you make the best of a bad circumstance. Imagine, Kathy Caples, in a compartment on cross-country train with a young handsome black man. She smiled quietly to herself. Domestication had tamed the wild streak of her teenage years. That and the cold shock of being pregnant and having to give up her firstborn child caused her to reassess her direction in life. She had no other lovers besides her husband once they married.

The fires that once burned in her, the fires that had made her take a black lover, had cooled. Now, cloaked in the anonymity of a private compartment on the train streaking cross-country, she looked at Joel speculatively.

His large thighs filled the legs of the shorts. She could see that he was in reasonably good shape. The bulge in his shorts suggested an interesting size. She blushed at the thought. Unbound from her customary bun, her drying hair fell in soft curls around her face and hung loosely across her shoulders. The once fiery mien was now reddish brown and liberally streaked with gray. Once, a fiery temperament accompanied that fiery hair. Her unexpected pregnancy at 18 outraged her conservative parents.

Their conservative America of the 1980s looked askance at teenage pregnancy. The fact that the father was black was almost sacrilegious.

They bustled her off to an aunt in California where she gave birth to her bastard black child. She never saw her baby again.

Over the years, she had made several unsuccessful attempts to locate him. However, the adoption laws prevented her.

It left a void in her. She returned to Chicago a different, more laid back person. She met John at church when she was 20. They married and, coincidently, moved to California to live. Life with John was comfortable if not exciting. "So, tell me about yourself" Kathy decided to make the best of the situation. "Not much to tell, really. An old married man with two school-age children." Kathy drained her glass and held it up with a questioningly look. Without a word, he freshened both of their glasses.

"I'm also married. Almost 30 years now. I have two… Kathy hesitated." After a pause, she continued. "I have three children and two grandchildren. I was in Chicago for the birth of my second grandchild to my youngest daughter.

My oldest daughter lives in Cupertino." Joel noticed that as they talked, Kathy repositioned the sheet. Her shoulders were now bare and the sheet captured under her arms, emphasizing her substantial breasts. She pulled the sheet up to her knees and tucked it under her hips.

Like most older women, she had great legs. It started with her small dainty feet, continued over her delicate ankles and swelled to her full shapely mature calves and thighs. Her legs, chest and face had a warm pinkish glow. Joel speculated that was because of the warming effect of the cognac. Kathy was aware of the effect she was creating.

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However, it was a little warm in here. She smiled quietly to herself. The cognac was causing another warmth that she had not felt in years. Her sex life with her husband was adequate. Moreover, she had never felt the need for anything more. However, Joel seemed an interesting fellow. There was something about him that she could not quite explain.

Something that caused a riot of conflicting emotions. "I have not seen my son in years." Joel sensed that Kathy had just shared an intimate secret with him. He was not sure why but accepted it and decided not to press. He was aware that she was loosening up with him. Her legs parted slightly. He was aware that only the fullness of her breasts that kept the sheet in place. "I'm sorry to hear that, Joel said. I…uh…I was raised in a series of foster homes" "That must have been very difficult!" "Well, you know what they say.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" Kathy sat her cup on the table. When Joel attempted to refill it, she waved him off.

Three glass of cognac were way past her limit. She did not feel drunk but she did feel warm and relaxed. She looked across the table at Joel.

There was a faint sheen of sweat on his baldhead. His mustache and goatee were trimmed to an almost impossible perfection. Here, she thought, was a man who cared about his appearance. Her eyes flicked quickly over his crotch, noting the bulge there.

It only added to the warmth that she felt between her legs. The two of them sat quietly for a few minutes, lost in their own thoughts. Outside, the scenery crawled by as the train made its way through the high desert.

Joel refreshed their drinks. Kathy turned sideways on the couch and slid back with her legs extended. In the process, she had to rearrange the sheet. She knew that Joel caught a peek at her nakedness. The only thing she did not know was how much. Hell, she thought, he has seen everything anyway. Joel's cock was uncomfortably hard. Surreptitiously, he tried to rearrange it down his pants legs.

He looked up to see Kathy staring wide-eyed at his ministrations with a faint smile on her face. Kathy was aware of the effect she was having on Joel. The cognac had relaxed her just enough to make her playful. "Would you mind bringing me my glass, please?" Joel stood, picked up the glass and stepped around the fold down table. He was aware that in the close confines of his room his rigid cock was a mere foot from her head. As he handed her the glass of cognac, Kate's hand came up and lightly stroked his cock.

"Is that all you want?" Joel stood calmly as Kate's open palm slide up and down his tumescent member. "What I want… is an adventure. What I want… is for the time left on this train is to indulge myself.

And when I step off this train I leave it here." A part of her was shocked at what she just proposed. She could feel the hot pulse in her neck as her heart rate increased. "I saw a movie once, an old movie called "Between Two Worlds." It was about some people who wake up on a ship and have no idea where they have been or where they are going.

That could be us, between two worlds. This train is our world. Once this train arrives at its destination those rules will apply. But on the train it's our rules." Joel took a step closer. As Kathy massaged his cock through his shorts, he pushed the sheet down revealing her large melons. He took one in his hand and was surprised at the heft. He leaned over and let his tongue flick lightly at her nipple. His reward was a sharp intake of breath. "I'm a happily married woman, Kathy said defensively.

A wave of guilt washed over her. 'I should stop this. I'm not this person' Joel took her turgid nipple into his mouth, sending a shock through her body.

'That person doesn't exist here.

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It's just me and this young black man.' She gripped his cock through his shorts. Erotic sensations shot through her body as Joel moved back and forth between her aching breasts, sucking them hungrily and nipping lightly with his teeth. "Mmmmm, and in our world, can I suck your cock?" "In our world, Joel moaned as Kathy stroked his member, you can do whatever you want!" Kathy leaned over, grasp the elastic waistband of the sweat shorts on each side and pull them down.

They hung briefly on the acorn head of Joel's cock. A little extra effort pulled them over that. His cock sprang up hard and brown. Kathy sat and admired it for a few moments. It was the first one other than her husband's that she had seen in 30 years. She wanted to relish the moment. Joel continued to suck hungrily at her nipples. She brought one hand up and caressed the back of his head.

"You know, the price of admission to this bedroom is not sex, Joel said quietly." "I know, said Kathy, but you said this train is caught between two worlds.

In this in between world, we make the rules. In this world, sex is everything." Kathy leaned forward, her tongue flicked out, snake like and licked the pearlescent liquid that covered Joel's slit. Unlike her husband's, his pre-cum had a strong potent taste to it. She smacked her lips. She looked up at Joel and smiled. "There is more with that came from, Joel laughed." "There had better be, Kathy said, in our world there is as much of this as we want!" With that, she took the head of Joel's cock into her mouth.

It was large and filled her mouth. Still, it was a nice fit. It felt like it belonged. She let her tongue slide around the ridges of the acorn, savoring the feel. Kathy pulled back and smiled at Joel, "I love sucking cock," she said as she resumed slowly swiping her tongue over the head.

She kept her eyes locked on Joel's as she slipped the head into her mouth. Her mouth slid up and down over his cock, taking him a bit deeper each time. Her tempo was soft, sensual as though she were making love to his cock with her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down with long smooth gliding motions, smacking her lips and sucking wetly, swirling her tongue about the head of his dick each time she pulled up, and massaging his shaft with it every time she went down.

With each plunge of her sweet, sucking mouth, she took more and more of his cock, eventually opening her throat and letting him slide in. "Aww Fuck…yeesss…suck it, Joel groaned, you are an incredible cocksucker." It was taking all of Joel's control to keep from coming. Kathy pulled his cock from her mouth and smiled wickedly. "That's what my husband says!" She ran her tongue from the swell of his balls to the pre-cum coated slit. Then she inhaled it, forcing it down her throat until she gagged, and then slowly pulled back.

Kathy's throat bulged as she took him to the root, and she worked her mouth back and forth to get every inch of him inside her. Joel gasped and shook, reveling in the intense sensation. The feeling was incredible, heightened by the sight of her jaw pressing against his balls and feeling the tip of her nose pressed against his belly. Her green eyes seemed to glow. "Jesus H. Fucking Christ! Fuuckk! That felt incredible!" Kathy gripped his cock at the root and slowly pulled back.

Joel groaned and gripped her head with both his hands. "I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to treat me like a whore, and drive your cock deep in my throat. Fucking my mouth until I gag. Make me your slut!" Kathy made a moue. She took Joe's cock in her hand and positioned at in her mouth.

Gripping her head tightly, Joe drove his cock deep down her throat. He piston his hips rapidly back and forth. Again, he was fascinated to see her throat bulge as his cock slid down it.

He used long hard deep strokes. Incredibly, she managed to hum which sent tremors throughout his body. As much as he liked the feeling, the heat of her mouth, watching her lips wrapped around his cock, he knew he could not last. "Aw fuck…fuck…I'm cumming!

FUUCCKK!" She felt his cock begin to swell and knew he was coming. She wrapped her arms around his ass and held him tight against her face. She could feel his knees begin to quiver. His thrusts became frantic. Then she felt the first hot slick spurts of seed hit the back of her throat. She pulled him tight to her, forcing his cock as deep in her throat as it would go.

She gagged a little as she felt his seed sliding down her throat. He kept shooting his precious sperm.


She could take no more and began to pull back. Still he came filling her mouth and she fell back trying to catch her breath, the last hot spurts hit her face. Breathing heavily, Joel extended his arms and fell forward against the wall. His still dripping cock was just above Kathy's tits. He looked down and could see her face covered in his cum. Some of it was dribbling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her cheek to her neck.

Her substantial chest heaved and trembled as she tried to recover. 'How I must look, laying here naked with this man's sperm running out of my mouth. What must he think of me.' Kathy used her open palms to wipe the cum from her mouth. She held her hands up, trying not to touch anything. Now that the heat of passion waned, she was embarrassed. Joel retrieved a towel from the closet and sat down on the end of the couch.

"That was fucking amazing, he said." Kathy took the towel. She wiped the remaining cum from her neck and chin. Then she mopped it from her breasts. "We aim to please, she said with a devilish smile." *** She had not come but her fur was wet and matted. She took the towel and rubbed it vigorously trying to dry it.

She shivered as the rough towel touched her swollen distended clit. "If you want, I can trim that for you." Kathy leaned forward and looked at Joel speculatively.

"Now that would be a first. I've never had anyone but me do that." Joel stood and stepped over to the closet. He retrieved his shaving kit. In his kit, he had a small comb, scissors, baby oil, shaving cream and the razor he used for trimming his beard.

"Oh no! Kathy said. I'm not sure if I want you to do that." "Why is that, lover?" "John doesn't like me…!" Kathy paused. Her husband was okay with her trimming her bush. However, he did not like her shaved. As she thought about it, the adventure of the moment overcame her reluctance.

"Okay, she said, I'm game." Kathy slipped the towel under her ass. There was a nervous expression on her face as she watched Joel lay down between her thighs.

This was totally outside of her experience. A man had his face close to her most intimate parts. "Okay, Joel said, I want your feet flat on the bed and your knees spread." "My gynie is the only one who sees me like this, she tittered nervously." Joel took the small comb and pulled it gently through the tangled mass of Kathy's pubic hair.

Then he took the scissors and began trimming the hair. "Be careful, Kathy said anxiously." "Don't worry, Sweet Thing, I am a professional." Kathy raised up on her elbows and watched as Joel trimmed her thatch. The unaccustomed intimacy of the moment caused her pussy to leak copiously.

Embarrassed, she saw her secretions coated his fingers. My god, she thought, I'm leaking like a teenager. What must he think? Joel was having some difficulty trimming the hair around her lips. They were wet and slippery. They kept slipping from between his thumb and forefinger.

Jezuz, he thought, I have never seen a woman get this wet. Joe took the shaving cream and thoroughly creamed Kathy's remaining hair. She shivered a little at the coolness of the cream and at the intimacy of Joel's fingers rubbing her pussy.

She began to relax as the razor pulled easily through her pubic hair. Her pussy continued creaming copiously as Joe held each pussy lip in his fingers and shaved around it.

She hissed as she felt the razor pull around her anus. No one had ever touched her there. Joel took another towel, wet it, and wiped the excess shaving cream from Kathy's nether regions.

He leaned down and kissed her bright red pussy lips. A tremor ran through Kathy's body as she felt his mouth on her pussy, his tongue sliding between the swollen creases of her labia. "Another first, Kathy groaned." "You mean getting your pussy shaved?" "No,…fuck…oh shit… having someone kiss it." Joel set up on his elbows. He looked at Kathy over the slight pooch of her belly. He slipped a finger in her sopping wet pussy He rotated his fingers and found the soft ridge of her G spot.

He stroked it slowly. "Remember what we said about our rules! However, I'll make this concession, I'll start and if you don't like it, I'll stop. Deal?" Kathy's back was against the wall behind the couch, her hands were at her side palm down, spasmodically clutching the couch. Outside the window, traffic streamed by on the highway. Her hips thrust slowly against Joel's probing fingers.

Incredible sensations shot through her body. She knew what he was doing. She had read about the G spot. Once, she had even suggested to John that he try to find it.

He tried. However, he was nervous and did not have the patience that Joel did. The shiver of a mini orgasm shook her. "You promise, she hissed, her eyes at half-mast?" 'Who is this wanton slut who is letting a stranger lick her pussy?' she thought. Joel let his tongue slide across the folds of her vulva. He could feel the heat of her need against his tongue. Her pussy was almost continuously oozing a thick cream.

He felt her stiffened. "Just relax, Kathy, just relax." "Aw fuck…FUUUCCKK…YEESSS! That…Oh Jesus! Right there! Right there! That feels so fucking good, Kathy moaned." She began to thrust harder against his probing fingers. Joel could feel her vagina begin rhythmic contractions. She felt his tongue spread the folds of her vagina. He slowly let his tongue slide up that velvet crease. His fingers and chin were soaked in her secretions.

"How does it feel so far, Kate?" 'Good lord, she's hot! I have never been with a woman of any age who was this into it!' Joel thought. Her response was a low animal growl.

It seemed to issue from deep within her body. The aroma of her pussy grew stronger, her contractions harder. "Arghhh, oh shit… Oh God… aww fuck… I got to pee." Joel took her quivering pulsating clit into his mouth. He sucked on it as though it were small cock. His fingers increased the pressure on her G spot rubbing it vigorously. He felt massive contractions in her pussy that almost crushed his fingers.

"No you don't, lover, just go with it." Then Kathy came. She became a mass of quivering flesh. The room seemed to move. Her vision burred and she thought she passed out. "OH FUUUUCKKK! FUUUCKK!" A massive stream hit his face with all the force of fire hose. It pushed his head back.

It blinded him with its volume. It seemed to go on forever. "Oh you bastard…oh fuuuucccckkkk. You black fucking bastard!

What are you doing to me?" The room began to swim in front of Kathy's eyes. She lost control of her body. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her arms flopped uselessly, her legs clampdown, trapping Joel's head between her thighs. She bucked up and down on the bed.

Still she came, drenching the couch. "Dear fucking God! What's happening? What's happening?" 'I'm dying…I'm dying!' Fearing suffocation, Joel forced her thighs apart and pulled back. He could not open his eyes. Her ejaculate covered them. He could feel it running down his chin and neck and across his chest. He coughed violently, trying to expel the liquid that was choking him. For a few moments, the lovers were trying to recover. Joel rolled to the floor.

After searching blindly, he found the sheet and use that to wipe his face. His coughing fit began to slow. Kathy lay with her back against the wall, heaving fitfully. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her vision began to clear. Slowly she regained control of her legs and arms.

The last thing to return was her voice. "What the fuck did you do to me, she gasped?" "What did I do to you, Joel laughed, you almost drown me!" "I squirted, didn't I?" "Well, darling, I don't know if you recall that a squirt or a dam bursting and a flood!" Kathy turned her head sideways and looked down at Joel sitting on the floor. She could see a white creamy liquid that coated his shoulders and parts of his face.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry! I heard about this. But it never happened to me." Joel finished cleaning his face neck and shoulders with the sheet then tossed it aside. He stood and sat on the edge of the couch next to Kathy. "Well, he said chuckling; I have had women squirt from me licking their pussy. But I never had one squirt and put my life in danger." Kathy began to laugh almost uncontrollably.

She sat up on the couch, leaned over and wrapped her arms around Joel's chest. She laid her head on his shoulder. Joel wrapped his arms around her. Finally, her laughter subsided. "That was incredible!" "Now, my dear, we need to take a shower." At that point, there was a light tap on the door. "Porter, Sir!

I have the ladies clothes!" "Just a minute, Joel called." He stood nude and walked to the table. He retrieved his wallet, extracted a few bills from it and padded barefoot to the door.

"Wait, Kate said frantically, I'm naked and I don't have anything to cover myself with." Joel glanced casually around the room.

He could find nothing available to cover Kate's nakedness. He smiled devilishly. "Well, we said our world, our rules. Here we go!" Joel stepped behind the door and pulled it wide, letting it cover his nakedness. He reached around the door and retrieved the garment bags from the Porter. Then he stuck the bills into the wide-eyed guy's hands. The porter saw a voluptuous pink skin white woman sitting nervously on the couch.

Between her legs, her cleanly shaved pussy gleam wetly. Her arms made a feeble attempt to cover her substantial breasts. Well, he thought, I will definitely have a story for the guys this evening. Joel closed the door and hung the garment bag in the closet. He smiled at a wide-eyed blushing Kate. "I have never been so scared… or so aroused. I mean, I was sitting here buck-naked and a strange man was staring at my body.

And it looked like he liked what he saw." "Come on, you nasty woman, we need to get a shower and get some dinner." Kate looked at that Joel still rigid penis. "But you are hard again, she said." "I know! That is your dessert. " Kate sighed heavily.

"Oh well, she said, a woman's work is never done!" Chapter 3 Joel and Kathy moved carefully down the narrow corridor of the coach. The rhythmic swaying of the car made their footing a little unsure. Joel had on some jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. Kathy wore that dress her daughter made her buy.

It was a very comfortable blue striped Terry cotton dress. It cinched at the waist with a drawstring. It fit her a little tighter than she expected, moving subtly as she walked. The blue CFM heels exposed her toes and heels. The straps ended at her calves. It did not help, she thought, not having on any underwear. She felt a trifle uncomfortable.

She was aware the clingy dress accentuated her ass. Joel had convinced her to go "commando" as he called it. Show them what you are working with, he said. Kathy ruefully shook her head. Not only was he young enough to be her son, but he came from a culture that adored big ass women and wanted them to flaunt it. Good thing, she thought, I have enough ass to flaunt for days! She yelped as he smacked her ass smartly. "Ouch! Cut that out! What will people think?" "They will think there goes a sexy, well fucked woman, with her man." Kathy giggled.

So much had happened in 9 hours. She felt like a new woman. "Well, they would be wrong. I have not been fucked…yet!" The two lovers shared a laugh at their private joke as they entered the dining car. The waiter, alerted by the porter, surveyed the sexy mature woman accompanied by this young black person.

Nice work if you can get it, he thought. He stole a quick glance at her full round rump as he ushered them to their table. He seated them at a seated them at table away from the hustle and bustle at either end of the car "We have a brief stop in Grand Junction, he announced as he took their dinner order.

We are roughly half way to San Francisco." Kathy and Joel were totally into each other as they ate dinner.

Mädchen liegt mit gespreizten Beinen  wichst ihrem Freund

They were unaware of the stares from the other passengers. There were passengers who thought the two lovers were cute with their May/December romance. There were others who questioned the propriety of a woman of her age being with a man so young. Then there were the misanthropes who dislike the idea of an interracial couple, no matter what age.

They shared a bottle of wine that Joel laughingly dubbed "vintage Walgreens" and took turns feeding each other. After dinner, they walked through the dining room with their arms around each other's waist.

They only separated into single file when they reach the narrow corridor leading to Joel's room. Kate offered only feeble, half hearted resistance when Joel had her pull her dress up around her waist. 'What will someone think if they see me?' Kate answered her own unspoken question. 'They'll be outraged that this old fat woman is walking bare assed with a hot young Black man rubbing it.

Fuck them! This is my world.' Kate exaggerated the roll of her hips as she walked bare assed down the corridor. She was disappointed when they arrived at Joel's cabin and no one saw her nakedness. 'Their lost, she chuckled.' *** There was very little room to move around in the stateroom. The porter had let the bed out for the night.

Kathy and Joel plopped down on the bed, fully dressed. As they lay shoulder to shoulder, Kathy kicked off her high heels. "This has been an amazing day, she said." "And we still have 20 hours before we arrive at our destination." Kathy hiked her skirt up around her waist.

She threw one leg over his waist and straddled Joel. The roughness of his jeans against her fresh shaved pussy was oddly sensual. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. 'This feels so comfortable, so right!' Joel wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. He let his tongue play lightly on her lips. He was not surprised when her lips open to allow him in. Their tongues played back and forth in each other's mouth, savoring the taste.

Joel's hands slid slowly down, cupped Kathy's ass and squeezed it lightly. He let his index finger lightly stroked across her rosebud. Kathy stop kissing Joel. "Is having something in my ass part of the rules of our world?" "Only if you want, lover, even in our special world some things might be off-limits." Kathy set up still straddling Joel and stripped her dress off over her head.

Her nipples were hard, erect and deeply coral in color. She grabbed Joel's T-shirt by the tail and pulled it over his head. Then she unbuckled his pants, unzipped them and slipped them down to his feet. She rose up and turned, straddling Joel with her ass toward him, removed his shoes and pulled his jeans off. Joel lightly smacked her full ass. Then caressed it gently with his open hands. "Do you think my ass is too big?" "Men have been trying to avoid that question for ages, laughed Joel, but let me say that we black men love full firm butts." "So where are you going to fuck me, in my very needy pussy or in my tight virgin ass?" Kathy turned around, and straddled Joel facing him.

"Let's start with the needy pussy. It taste so good that I just have to see how it feels." Kathy rose on her knees, took Joe's cock in her hand and slowly guided it into her pussy. She shivered visibly as she felt Joel's cock enter her. It was larger than her husband's but fitted comfortable. She began to rise and fall slowly relishing the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

She held his eyes, waiting to see how he reacted. "Well, she said, is it okay?" Joel grabbed her hips and began to thrust up into her as he pulled her hips down on him.

"You sexy, Bitch. Your pussy is amazing!" Kathy leaned forward, wrapping her arms around Joel's neck. The penetration felt incredible she could feel him sliding comfortably inside her sodden hole. On some strokes, she felt him bump against her cervix. 'That feels amazing!' She thought. "So I'm up bitch now." She groaned as Joel maintained a slow steady thrust into her.

Like a contented cat, she purred. "I was a black bastard when you try to drown me earlier today. I thought I'd return the favor." 'Her pussy fits me like a custom made glove, snug but comfortable.' "Mmmmm… Fuck… Oh my God! That feels so good!" "Your pussy is made for my dick, Joel moaned into Kathy's ear." The squishy sounds of Kathy's pussy filled the air as the lovers made a slow languorous love.

They kissed, their tongues dueling in each other's mouth, each taking turns sucking the other's tongue. The slap of flesh on flesh as they fucked maintained a slow staccato rhythm. "Do it, Joel! Do it to me, do me hard, Fuck me! oh God! yes baby, fuck me!" "You good pussy, motherfucker!

Fuck me like you mean it; give me all of this good pussy!" He slapped her ass hard. Kathy had never had someone talk to her like this during sex. It was filthy. It was dirty. It aroused her, as she had never been aroused in her life.

"Fuck me harder goddamnit! You call me a bitch. Make me your bitch! Fuck me, you black motherfucker, fuck me!" Their rhythm increased. It was like a jackhammer now. The slap of flesh on flesh echoed in the small room. Outside the world streamed by. The occasional moan of the train whistle as it clattered across a crossing was a backdrop for the animalistic fucking. Joel slapped Kathy's ass hard. First with one hand, then with the other. He repeated this several times.

Kathy reacted to the new pain/pleasure sensation by moaning loudly and closing her eyes. The feeling of his cock pounding her pussy and his hands slapping her ass were sensations she had never felt before. Kathy was having an almost out of body experience as waves of intense pleasure washed over her body.

"Open your eyes! Open your eyes! I want to see your eyes when we come together. I want to see your expression as you feel my seed fill you up." "Fill me up baby; fill my pussy with your sperm. Pump me full!" The two lovers began the short hard strokes that presage their orgasm. Kathy pounded down as hard as she could, her large tits bouncing freely.

She was heedless of causing any discomfort to Joel. Joel thrust up hard into her, bruising her pelvis. Their simultaneous orgasms were an explosion of moans and groans and animalistic growls. "Give it to me, goddamnit, give me your juice! Cream your bitch!" "ARRRRRGGGGHHH… fuck… baby… I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming!" Kathy collapsed on top of Joel.

She could feel his cock firing his semen deep in her womb. She felt sated, complete. She and her man had fucked and they were both satisfied. She knew this was as it was supposed to be. *** Kathy rolled her sweating body off Joel and lay flat of her back next to him. She could feel his seed oozing out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

She had an irrational impulse to raise her legs to prevent it from leaving her. She turned on her side to face Joel, supporting her head with one hand. He was breathing heavily with his eyes closed. She looked down and saw his cock was still semi hard. It glistened with her juices. On impulse, she leaned over and licked her juices from his cock.

"Woman, you haven't had enough yet!" "Yes, Kathy laughed, for now." Joel laughed and extended one arm over and stroked her sweating belly. She was an amazing fuck and he counted himself lucky to have met a woman who so thoroughly enjoyed sex. "You know, we really don't know each other too well." "Uh oh, laughed Joel, is this the part where you tell me that you are having second thoughts." Kathy slapped Joel on the shoulder with her free hand.

"No, silly! But before our world arrives at its destination and we go back to being ourselves, I'd like to know more about you." Realizing that things were moving fast for woman of Kathy's age, Joel acquiesced. "Okay fire away!" "Okay! You told me you were a foster child. Did you know your parents?" "No, I never did. I was given up for adoption at birth." A faint tremor roiled Kathy's world.

"Do…do you know where you were born?" "Yes, a private detective I hired once. He found out where I was born." "Well, tell me!" Kathy threw one bare thigh over Joel's thigh. This was part of sex that she enjoyed and John was uncomfortable with. The pillow talk. She leaned over and licked Joe's cock again.

"It's going to be very difficult to talk if you keep licking her juices of my cock" "You're not going to get another blow job or anything else, Kathy said saucily, unless you start talking." Kathy leaned down again and licked their combined juices from Joel's cock.

She saw his pubic hair was soaked with it. She kissed his pubic hair, sucking some of the juices from there. The taste was intoxicating. "Okay, okay you tease! I was born in a little town in California called Bonnie Doone.

Kathy's heart stopped. The room spun around her. If she had been standing, she would have passed out. Both hands came to her mouth and she stared at Joel in horror. 'There is no way, just no way!' Joel reacted quickly. He rolled over and embraced Kathy. "Are you okay baby?" Kathy shrank from Joel's touch. "Do you…do you know your birthdate?" "Yes!" Joel was becoming concerned.

He did not really know this woman. "I was born March 15, 1984 in Bonnie Doone General Hospital." "Oh my God! Oh my God!" The room swam around her as Kathy's world caved in on her. Joel grabbed Kathy shoulders and shook her. "What's the matter, Kathy?" In absolute horror, Kathy pushed Joel's hands off her shoulders and scooted back across the bed.

She came up short against the window. She could hear the clickety-clack of the train as the real world pushed back in. In a halting voice, Kathy related her story to Joel. "I told you I have a son I haven't seen in years." Joel nodded. "Yes, we talked about that earlier." "I got pregnant by my Black boyfriend, Derek." "My parents were outraged. They sent me to California to live with my aunt until I had the baby.

My aunt lived in Bonnie Doone and I had the baby at Bonnie Doone General Hospital." As Kathy collapsed on the bed crying uncontrollably, the awfulness of the situation washed over Joel. The private detective could not get the birth certificate but he did tell Joel there was only one live birth that day, his. Kathy was his mother. "Oh no! There must've been some mistake!" Joel knew he was grabbing at straws.

He watched as Kathy stood unsteadily and reached for her dress. As he watched her fumble with it, he could see his seed running down her thigh. A part of his mind expanded on the thought. His seed was running out of his mother's pussy and down her thighs. "And for the past 12 hours, Kathy wailed, I've been having sex with my son.

Surely there is a special place in hell for people like me." Joel grabbed Kathy's arm and pulled her back to the bed. The dress fell in a heap on the floor. She clawed at the blanket trying to cover herself, to hide her shame. Hot tears streamed down her face. Joel was dismayed also. His solace was he knew that they had achieved what they both had tried to do for 30 years. They found each other. He could not let her leave now.

After all this time, he found his mother. "Kathy, just listen for a moment. Just listen." Kathy wailed into the pillow. All the societal prohibitions about familial sex marched through her mind. She was not a religious person but she did believe in God. A part of her wondered why God would let this happen to her. Why would he let her find her long-lost son and then make it a man she been having sex with.

Was she being punished? She heard Joel… She heard her son, Joel talking to her. She began to listen. "First, despite the dreadfulness of our situation, we have found each other. I have found my mother and you have found your son. So no matter what may have happened, that good has come of the situation. Secondly, we agreed that this train was another world.

It was a world separate from the outside world. We agreed that the things that happen in this world did not count in that other world. When we get off this train, I go back to my wife and family and you go back to your husband. We agreed to that, didn't we?" While Joel talked, Kathy raised her head and listened. She studied Joel's face.

Now she could see the similarities to Derek.

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"But Joel, we committed incest." "But Kathy, it's not like we set out to do it. It's not like we said let's go fuck knowing we were mother and son." All the energy had drained out of Kathy. She sat up in the bed. She was no longer concerned about her nakedness. There was some truth in what Joel said. "But what do we do, Joel? We have found each other.

But how do we get past how we found each other?" "Does it really matter? We have found each other. All we need to do is decide where we go from here." 'There was some truth in what he said.' Kathy slid over, turned her back, and rested it against Joel's chest. Joel wrapped his arms around her waist just below her breasts. "No, it doesn't matter. Joel, I looked for you for years. There was always a hole in my life that you were meant to fill." Tenderly, Joel kiss the top of Kathy's head.

He felt her head turned to the side and she kissed his shoulder. Then she turned in his arms, throwing her leg over his. At first, she kissed him lightly on the lips. Then she raised her hands to his head and took his head in both of her hands. This time she kissed him, she forced her tongue into his mouth.

For several moments, their tongues dueled in each other's mouth. Breathless, the two broke. "Yes, my darling son, we have found each other.

This train is our world between worlds. Make love to me again. Please." Joel gently rolled Kathy to her belly. "Kathy, we…!" Kathy rolled to her back and pressed her hand into Joel's chest, stopping him from speaking. "Could we add one more rule?" "This is our world. We can have any rules we want!" "Call me mommy. And…fuck my ass! I want to experience all of you!" Smiling, Joel retrieved his shaving kit. He opened and pulled out the small bottle of baby oil. "On your knees…mommy!" Kathy rolled to her hands and knees.

She looked back over her shoulder as she slowly backed up to her son. She watched as he squirted baby oil first on his cock. Then she felt a slight chill as he squirted on her anus. Joel walked forward on his knees. He took one finger and eased it into his mother's ass. He felt her sphincter muscles involuntarily tightened. "You have to relax, mom. Trust me. Trust your son." Kathy looked back over her shoulder at Joel and smiled. She made a conscious effort to relax.

He was her son. She trusted him.She saw his cock hard and bobbing gently. "I do, baby. I do." Joel position the head of his cock at Kate's anus. He pushed forward slowly, letting just the head slide into the first ring. Then he stopped. Kate felt the pressure of Joe's cock pressing into her anus. There was a moment of pain. As he patiently waited for her to become accustomed to him in her ass, the pain subsided.

Kate pushed back slowly. There was another moment of pain. Then the head of her son's cock slipped past the second ring. Joel paused. He squirted more the baby oil on the exposed portion of his cock and on his mother's anus. He knew he was past the second ring and that the head of his cock was now in her bowels. He pulled back slowly, just letting the head slide back out to the first ring. Then he pushed back again through the second ring of her anus. An odd full sensation replaced the initial pain.

When Joel began to move back and forth just sliding the head of his cock in and out of her anus, she felt a thrill ran through her body. "Are you okay, mommy?" "Yyyeeesss…fuck yesss, son, Kate hissed. An incredible sensation rocketed through her body.

It was still a little painful. That was lessening. She howled as Joel viciously smacked her ass with his open palm. "Naughty, mommy! Using all those nasty words. I'll have to spank you if you keep that up!" "You black some of a bitch! You can't tell me what the fuck to say!" Joel rocked back on his knees and brought each hand down in quick succession on either side of his mother's luscious rump.

He could see the red hand marks stand out. "Oh my God… Oh fuck… Do it again!" "Do what, mommy bitch? What do you want your son to do to your ass?" "Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hard, you black sonofabitch. Make me feel it!" Joel began to move harder and faster into Kathy's ass.

The harder he thrust forward the more she thrust back. They were a symphony of anal sex. Mother and son, son and mother sharing the one thing that no one else had touched, her ass. Kathy let her head drop to the bed. She passed one hand under her body and forced her finger into her flooded pussy.

She used her thumb to rub her swollen clit as she finger fucked herself to orgasm. She began to buck back against Joel harder and harder, reacting to his thrusts and the continual slaps on her ass. "Now she said. Now!. Come now!. Come with me!. Please, come with me!" Joel gripped his mother's hips with both hands.

He began to pull her back onto his cock as he thrust forward. The air filled with the grunts, growls, and snarls as mother and son fought to their peak. As Joel fired his seed deep in the bowels of his mother, he felt a wetness on his thighs as she came with him. For long moments, they shared their mutual orgasm.

Then Joel collapsed on top of his mother. They lay stacked in a sweating, mass of human flesh. Joel kissed his mother behind her ear. "Mom, you the best piece of ass any his son could ever have, Joel whispered into Kate's ear." "Mmmmm, thank you son.

You have fucked your mother better than she is ever been fucked." Joel rolled off Kathy and onto his back. She cuddled, placing her head on his shoulder and arm across his waist. They dropped off to sleep. *** The porter knocked gently on the door. "San Francisco! San Francisco! Next stop San Francisco, end the line!" Kathy and Joel lay spoon fashion in the bed. Joel's hands cupped her breasts, gently massaging them. Their lovemaking had been intense and frantic. They both feared that when the real world intruded, they would be forced apart.

Like the passengers in the movie "Between Two Worlds," they weren't sure whether their ultimate destination was heaven or hell. "We need to shower!" "I'm afraid that if you let me go, I'll lose you!" Joel sat up and kissed Kathy's neck. They had agreed only to tell their families that they found each other on the train.

The other issues they would deal with themselves. "Mom, you'll never lose me again!" Kathy smiled and gently rotated her butt against her son's semi rigid cock. She knew the easy part was telling their families that after 30 years, mother and son were reunited. The hard part was that they could not give up their newfound intimacy. 'This way is almost better, Kathy though. If I had not been forced to give him up, we would have never shared this intimacy.

But now we have all the love a mother and son can have and we share this heightened intimacy, this physical love that strengthens and deepens our bond.' The train slowly made its way through the rail yard. In the distance, they could see the old industrial center of the city. They were back to the real world and they would face it together.