The secret circle of lesbian stepmothers had a meeting

The secret circle of lesbian stepmothers had a meeting
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Johnny loved Saturday, they were the day he had his mom to himself. Dad was always out early to the links, for eighteen holes of golf and his sister was off to the college libarary, she said, it was the perfect time to get caught up or ahead on her school work. Johnny, himself was up early for his morning run and by the time he was fininshed the house was empty, other then his mom, who was the only one to sleep in, was gone.

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it was just her and him usually until after 2 pm. He watched his mom for a moment, then he striped out of his sweaty run clothes, and crawled onto the bed with her.

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Leaning closer, he whispers, "Mom?" He then kissed her gently on the cheek, and she sighs, and wakes up. "Hmm…Johnny?" "Good morning, mom." his mom rolled off her stomach and onto her side. "Good morning, Johnny." She then took note of the fact her son is naked.

"I sense you want something." "I can't hide anything from you, can I, Mom?" "No, you can't." Her son leaned closer, and she started to whisper. "And I think I can guess what you want…" Johnny leaned in all the way, and their lips meet. As they kiss passionately, As the kissed Johnny pulled his mother's night clothes off so he had access to her naked body.


He then grabbed and squeezed her breast, causing her to moan into his mouth. Johnny sometimes wished he remembered the first time he had touched his mother this way. the only thing he remembered is their affair had started about a year ago around his Seventeen birthday but it had started after he had first gotten in to his sister's panties. After the success he had in getting his cock into both his sister and mother, Johnny was sure he could fuck any girl he wanted, given a little time.

Johnny pulls away, as his mom looked up at him, before he moved downward and licked around her nipple, making it hard and pointy, before sucking on it. "Yes…" she sighed. Her son sucked more of her breast in, while squeezing her other tit, causing his mom to moan louder than before. Johnny then kisses down his mother's chest and stomach, as she rolled onto her back, and spread her legs to allow her son to kiss her other lips through her full, hairy bush.

Johnny loved hearing her moan as he gently lick the outside of mom's pussy. she moaned a little louder as Johnny slide his tongue between the lips of her juicy slit. Johnny looked up to watch his mom as she was now pinching and pulling on her hard nipples.

She moaned out loud, writhing under her son, as he tongue probe and caressed her sex. it felt so wickedly exciting to Johnny to spread her pussy-lips, and lick up her sex juices from the pink interior. "Yes.

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Johnny…" she moans, hips jerking subtly as he made her climax. once she had a second and a third climax because of her son's tongue it was Johnny's turn, sitting up against the headboard, she gotten on her hands and knees in front of him.

He liked this because of the mirror on the dresser allowed him to see his mom's finger playing with her wet pussy while her lips slide up and down his rigid member.

It was his turn to moan, "Your mouth feels so good, Mom." She felt excitement at hearing that, so she pulling her son's cock out of her mouth, and jerking on it, as she declared, "Of course, Johnny. You know how much I love sucking your cock." with that statement she felt embarrassment, "What a thing for a mother to say to her son, uh?", felling the mood was shifting, Johnny put thing back on track, "You know what feels even better?" "What?" "The back of your throat." Johnny smirked as he say that, and the embarrassment was replaced by lust and she grinned back at him, then proceeds to deep throat his cock.

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"Ah…Yes…" after several minutes his cock head in the back of his mom's throat johnny was forced to push her off his cock, when he climaxed he wanted it to be some where other then his mom's mouth. there was something wickedly wonderful about filling his mom's pussy with his seed. he got her on her back, and knelt in front of her, holding one leg up to his chest.

Rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her oozing slit, which made both of them moan before he inserting it, and starting to slowly thrust. "Ah…yes…fuck me.son" Johnny loved hear his mother moan that. her tits starting to bounce and jiggle, as he thrust into her harder, "Yes. Johnny… thats it.harder" at her request he lowered her leg, leaned over, placing his hands on either side of her, to start thrusting longer and deeper.

"Yes! Harder!" Johnny thrust his cock hard and deep into his mother's cunt, causing her to moan and cry out with every thrust. After several minutes of this the two lover re-positioned.

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Johnny loved bending over his mom as he took her doggy-style. Her groan through her clenched teeth, added to the sound sexy sound of her son's groin slapped against her ass.

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his thrusting quickly in and out of his mother's pussy made her bite down on her headboard, then she screamed into it, as she cums. As she recovered her breath, her whole body was covered in a layer of sweat, hair matted to her forehead, pussy-hair matted to her skin, as he pulled his cock from the very pussy he had come from to press the tip of his cock against her sweaty asshole, and push it in, causing her to groan as he goes in deeper.

"yes." she moaned, "Fuck my ass. " Spread her cheeks, Johnny watched his cock as it moves in and out, going balls deep in his mother's ass.

If it was wicked to jam his cock into his mom's pussy driving his cock into her ass was total nasty. "Ah.


yessss!" his mom groaned painfully, as her son speeds up. Suddenly, Johnny pulled his cock out of his mom's ass, and jammed it back in her pussy, then grunted and groaned loudly, before pulling it out.


Within seconds, his white, sticky jism was seeping out of her cunt. the two of them collapsed laying together sweating, smiling, his mom again kissed her son, then says, "Come on, we both need a shower." before getting up, and walking her bare ass swing seductively. Watching her leave, Johnny sighs, "Yes, mom." before getting up himself.