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Que rico gime esta puta madura
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Starting to get into the sex. Lots more to come after this. Please let me know what you think. I appreciate the feedback whether it's positive or negative. Part 3 Once I'd decided that I was going to get revenge on Mindy it felt as if a weight had been taken off my chest. I was going to find a way to release the rage and pain. I started going through my options for how to get back at Mindy.

The first thing that occurred to me was to physically overpower her.

There was a unbelievable appeal to this; I was surprised how appealing the idea of controlling her was to me, but I was more than willing willing to work with it. Despite the initial appeal of the idea, the more I thought about it the more it seemed like it was iffy at best. I had no desire to get into a war with Mindy where I would use my size and strength but she would use handcuffs or whatever else whenever I was sleeping. No, I needed to have something to hold over her head, I needed to find a way to make it so that should couldn't retaliate.

Some sort of blackmail was the obvious solution, but I knew Mindy well enough to know her general actions on a day to day basis and I was fairly sure that she didn't get up to anything worth blackmailing over. Besides, even if she was doing something, she was technically a single widow so how bad would it be? I doubted the repercussions would affect her even if I could dig something up.

I thought about financials too and while it was possible she was stealing money or something else that was wrong, it seemed incredibly unlikely. Mindy had cards with no limit and in her current life could do anything she wanted, she had no reason to steal anything. I also knew that she could just walk away if need be. My dad had made sure that Mindy would get enough money that she wouldn't be strapped for cash for a long time, if ever, even if she left our lives completely.

I needed leverage that was undeniably wrong and associated with her as a person so she couldn't just leave if the shit hit the fan.

I figured the only thing like that would be a criminal record. It occurred to me that molestation was a criminal charge so what she was doing to ME was illegal.

I was fairly sure that the age of consent in my state was 16 but there was no consenting in any of the things that Mindy had done to me. I needed to capture her in the act of abusing me. I didn't know yet how I wanted to go about catching Mindy in the act, but by my math I had some time to figure it out. My aunt and uncle would be home the following afternoon.

I didn't want a repeat of this morning so I'd just stay out overnight. I could crash at a hotel. So long as I was home before my aunt and uncle arrived I doubted that Mindy would make an issue out of it. That meant that if I could dodge tomorrow morning I would have two and a half weeks until my aunt and uncle were out of town again, leaving me alone with Mindy. They were going to Japan or China or something for that trip and would be gone for two and a half weeks so I knew that I needed to have my plan figured by then or those two weeks would be a living hell for me.

I wasn't sure where to begin looking for assistance on how to catch her but I knew someone who might know how to get me what I needed.

I called my dad's lawyer. I didn't know Francis extremely well, but I knew him pretty well all things considered. He'd been at my birthday parties before and I know that my dad had considered him to be nearly family. Going to Francis to ask to put me in touch with someone who knew about covert surveillance would probably be an awkward conversation, but a 16 year old kid is probably a weird enough client that he'd just shrug it off to me being a teen boy.

I was worried that maybe he'd tell my uncle, or, even worse, Mindy, but it was a risk I was willing to take so called him and to hell with the consequences. His assistant answered after only a single ring. I asked her to put me through to him.

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"Jason! This is an unexpected call. Before we get to what you're calling about I want you to know that you don't need to call my office. Let me give you my personal phone number, it'll go right through unless I'm in a meeting or already on a call." He sounded genuinely happy to hear from me which emboldened me to get down to business.

"I'll make sure to do so in the future. Francis, I have a couple of questions for you that are not in and of themselves wrong, but before I ask I need to know if our conversations will be passed on to anyone else." He paused for a few seconds as if to gather his thoughts before replying, "Jason, your relationship with your lawyer is one of the few relationships where you can tell me literally anything and be confident that I won't say a word to another soul.

After your father's passing I've considered myself to be your lawyer. My invoices are paid by your accounts and any of our conversations, no matter the content, will remain between you and I without another soul knowing. Not your uncle. Not your aunt. Not your step mom. I really mean that. I hope that we have years left to work together, and I hope that we can be friends, but know that regardless of that nothing you tell me will ever be passed on to another soul." I didn't quite breathe a sigh of relief, but I wanted to.

"Well I'm very glad to hear that. I don't think that I have any business secrets that can't get out and I have no mistresses to hide from my wife, but I'm glad to know that when my life is at its worst I'll have one place I can surely go. "I have two questions to put to you. The first question is when are you free to grab a lunch. I've been out of touch with what's happening and I'd really appreciate if you could take a few hours to explain to me where my business stands, how my finances are, and anything else you might think is pertinent for me to know.

Second, I'd really appreciate if you could put me in contact with a PI who specializes in covertly, and remotely capturing evidence." "As to the first, I'm sure that we can make that happen as soon as this Friday, but I'll have my assistant give you a call when we finish and she can give you more definite dates. I'll make sure she knows it's a priority to find a time that is convenient for you.

As to the second, a few names are coming to mind but I'll ask around to make sure I find the best. Are you looking to hire their services or just get a consult? If you're looking to hire we can handle that for you," Francis replied. "I think that right now I'm only looking to get a consult but if I need to hire them for anything I'll be sure to let you know," I said. We said our goodbyes then he put me on with his assistant to find a good date to get some lunch and learn about everything that was mine in this world (while I wanted to learn this I had other things on my mind so I pushed it out a few weeks).

Not fifteen minutes after hanging up with his assistant I got a text message from Francis with the contact information for a PI. I got a lot of good advice from the PI on how to monitor a room without anyone in it knowing that they were being watched and/or listened to. I was tempted to hire them to do the install but was afraid that my uncle would find out and ask hard to answer questions.

Instead I just got them to order me what I needed. After just a few hours I already had a plan mostly formulated and all that was left was to prepare it and then put it into action. I knew that everything had to be just perfect. I alternated between shaking with excitement at the prospect of succeeding in what I was planning and shivering with fear of failing or being found out. I'd stayed out the night before my aunt and uncle got home.

Mindy didn't comment when I got home but she did give me a lascivious wink and a little shake of her ass.

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The first two parts of my plan were taking place simultaneously. The first was to begin preparations to catch Mindy. The second was to "allow" myself to be teased, but steadfastly ignore her. I needed her to be dying to push things even farther to get my attention. Two weeks flew by. Summer always passes fast but this summer in particular seemed to skip June entirely and leap straight into July.

After two weeks of close proximity to Mindy but not once slipping up and giving her the satisfaction of seeing me give in my lust I knew that she was again getting to a point of pushing the envelope.

She started taking to wearing nothing but cut off shorts and a bikini top whenever my aunt and uncle weren't around to witness it. Her teasing started to pick up even when other people were present. I was watching a premiere league game with my uncle on afternoon (typical Yankee, I was a ManU fan and would often watch their games during the summer when hockey and football weren't available), lying on the couch with my head on the armrest.

My uncle was in a recliner at the end of the couch, on the end with my feet. Mindy came into the room and made a little joke about boys and their sports (which was ironic because she was a die-hard Bears fan) then put her hands on my shoulders. I forced myself to not tense up at the unwelcome contact. My uncle joked back with her then went back to watching the game. As soon as his eyes left us she leaned down to rest her breasts against the top of my head then whisper into my ear, "Only a few more days then it's just again sugar.

You can't stay out all the nights, eventually you'll be mine." She gave my ear a quick nibble and a kiss before straightening and walking out of the room. I pretended to ignore her but in reality I was thinking to myself that she had quite the surprise in store for her if she thought that *I* was going to be *hers*.

After having two weeks fly by the last few days went at a crawl. I'd made all my preparations. I'd done more research over those two weeks than I'd done in the rest of my life combined. Now all I had to do was wait and examine and re-examine my plan looking for flaws.

The biggest weakness of my plan was that I needed her to *do* something before I had anything on her. There was generic teasing that she always did, but that was only inappropriate, not illegal.

That meant that I'd need to suffer through another episode of her torturing me before I had anything on her. Every time I considered that my stomach would flip flop inside of me and I'd break out in cold sweats. I'd tell myself that it was only once more, but I was afraid that once more would be once more too many. The day finally came when my aunt and uncle were leaving. They left early in the morning. Their driver was waiting to take them to the airport and Mindy and I were at the doors saying our goodbyes.

As soon as the car was driving away Mindy took a step to get next to me, pressing her breasts against my arm and clutching me to her. She had her face pressed against my chest and she said in a voice only slightly louder than a whisper, "I've been waiting for this.

You're all mine for two weeks. I'm so very excited." I was staring down at the top of her head, daggers shooting out of my eyes, but I didn't say a word to her. I knew this last day of waiting would kill me so instead of staying in the house I thought it'd be a good idea to head over to the Park and see if Keith, Larry and Tony were there.


Sure enough, they were along with some other guys, playing pickup football. I passed the day with them, although I don't know that they were grateful for me to be on their team. To say I was distracted would be a huge understatement. I got home in the early evening and went straight to my room.

I doubted I'd sleep anytime soon but sitting in my room would still be better than facing Mindy. I was scared to death of what I was about to put myself through, but excited at the prospect of maybe being only a day away from breaking out of the bondage she had put me in.

I hadn't seen Mindy when I got home and she didn't come into my room that evening. I must have checked to make sure everything was in place and in working order over a dozen times. I don't know how I finally managed to get to sleep but I did.

The last time I checked the clock there was a 4:30am staring right back at me. Part of me had been nervous that she wouldn't do anything to me the next morning (imagine that, nervous that she *wouldn't* do something.) and that I'd have another day of anxiety.

Those fears were unfounded. I jerked awake to feeling a pressure on top of me.


Mindy had me handcuffed again, spread eagle on the bed. My waking conscious' first thought, oddly enough, was to wonder how she'd managed to cuff me two different times without waking me.

Mindy was lying on directly on top of me, snuggling against my chest. She must have felt me wake up because she looked up at me with a cheshire cat grin on her face. She met my eyes and I felt simultaneously nervous and aroused. To my shame I could feel myself harden just meeting her eyes and seeing the passion there.

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I could also feel my heart skip a beat seeing that there was no mercy in those eyes. She sat up so that she was sitting on my stomach reaching up to my head with her right hand and holding my head in place so that I couldn't look away. She then bent down and kissed my left nipple, sucking it into her mouth and giving it a light bite. She kissed her way up my chest, up my the left side of my next until she was at my ear then she gave my ear the lightest of licks, almost as if her breath were somehow the thing actually giving the lick.

"I thought that maybe you would try to hide from me, I thought I'd have to wait a few days until you were brave enough to come back to my waiting arms, but here you are. I had no idea you would be so excited to see me again. We are going to have so much funnnnn," she breathed into my ear. Her voice had grown in passion until the last words were almost a hiss. Then she pressed her mouth against mine.

I know it was technically a kiss but it felt more like a declaration of both passion and desperation. She kept kissing me but reached down with her left hand, grabbing hold of my hardness and squeezing it in her hand. She would pull her head away from kissing me just long enough to say a word or two so that her sentence came out in broken up gasps, "I can.feel.how hard.you are.waiting.for me.to ravish.youuuuu." Her hips had begun to grind against my abs.

Her eyes had closed but mine hadn't. I was mesmerized watching the passion in front of me. This was so different from the other times that it hadn't sunk in yet that I was a still a victim. That thought crossed my mind, and, as if reading my thoughts, she abruptly stopped kissing me. She sat straight up again and I noticed for the first time that she was completely nude. I forced myself not to drink in the sight of her but I would be lying to say that it wasn't difficult to tear my eyes away.

The problem with Mindy had certainly never been her beauty. She saw my attraction and it seemed as if that gave her energy, she drank in my brief appreciation, almost purring her approval of my looks.

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She had never let go of my cock and been squeezing and pulling on it the whole time she'd been kissing me. She stopped now but only to slide herself down my body.

She placed herself between my legs then looked me in the eyes. She no longer needed to hold my head to force me to watch, I couldn't look away from her eyes and she dropped her head and put me into her mouth.

She slowly sucked me into her mouth then I felt the scraping of her teeth against me as she pulled back off. It wasn't very painful but it was a reminder that from here out this was likely not going to be a pleasant experience. I was more worked up than I had realized because in only a few minutes I was already on the edge of an orgasm. She stopped her attentions to me, sitting back up.

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Instead of a painful squeeze to my balls this time she reached down to my feet and pinched the webbing between my big toe and the other toes on my right foot. It was certainly painful but distant enough from my cock that it didn't do as much to reduce the orgasm. That wasn't the only way her "routine" had changed.

She sat up on her knees looking down at me while I took deep breaths trying to calm my beating heart. For once she wasn't looking me in the eyes but instead was looking at me as a whole. It wasn't until later that I realized she was looking at me the same I had looked at her when I noticed her nudity. I watched her hands which were pressed firmly against her rib cage just below her breasts.

She ran her hands down pressing her palms against her sides, pushing them down to her hips then she slowly pushed her right hand to her groin. She moaned loudly when her finger made contact with her clit and as if someone had flipped a switch she immediately began to work on her clit in a frenzy.

I'd never seen something so animalistic, something so sensual, and it turned me on to an almost painful extent watching her. In a way it was just as painful to watch and not be able to do anything as it had been when she was touching me.

She did that for a minute or an hour, I couldn't tell how long it lasted but I also couldn't stop watching. She stopped as suddenly as she had started immediately diving back down to bring me right back to the brink of orgasm. When I was almost there she lifted her knee up, kneeing me somewhat gently in the balls. Taking a knee somewhat gently to the balls still hurts like hell.

She went back to rubbing herself, but this time not with the same frenzy. She repeated this process multiple times but after the fifth or sixth time I could hear her quietly moaning to herself, "can't cum, need to cum, can't do it, need to cum." It certainly looked to me like she was extremely close to cumming but maybe my perception was distorted by my own world enveloping need for release.

After the seventh or eighth time of her working on herself something in her snapped. She stopped rubbing herself and looked down at me.

"You are going to make me CUM," she said to me with something akin to anger in her voice. She worked her way forward on her knees and I realized what she was planning. In a few more moments she was going to drop her hips and I would be buried in her. I was a virgin and maybe it shouldn't have mattered after all the time she had spent blowing me, but the thought of losing my virginity this way was more distressing than anything else she had done to me.

I had, of course, fantasized about losing my virginity. I had even fantasized about losing it to her some of the times she had me more worked up.

Losing it this way was a nightmare, not a fantasy. I hadn't realized how important it was to me until I was faced with the moment.

I started yanking against my restraints while shouting at her, "No! No! Please, PLEASE Mindy not that. Please don't do that. PLEASE. It's my first time Mindy, please!" Tears were forming in my eyes but my body wasn't of the same opinion as my mind.

My cock was as hard as ever and in a few more moments that would be the only happy part of me. She paused when she heard that I was still a virgin.

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She looked at me and for a second I thought she was going to say something, for a moment I even thought that she would stop. Instead she grinned at me, I could see her face saying that she was relishing taking away my virginity. She dropped herself onto me. She was incredibly wet. I slid all the way into her immediately. We both screamed.


My voice was a mix of anguish and pleasure. Her voice was pure pleasure. She lifted her hips once and dropped them again then screamed that she was cumming. She repeated it over and over as if it were a miracle. She lost herself to the orgasm, her hips started fucking against me, alternating between grinding and short thrusts.

While her body shuddered with pleasure my own orgasm, withheld for so long, was on the verge of release. My entire body was tense, the cuffs on my wrists and ankles were cutting into my skin I was pulling so hard on them. When my orgasm hit me I let out a wordless scream. It was one of the best orgasms, if not *the* best orgasm, of my life but there was no joy in it.

I was screaming but not with pleasure.

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I'd just been raped and my own body didn't have the decency to not enjoy it. Mindy had no such qualms. As soon as my cum started spurting into her she started saying with wonder in her voice, "again, I'm cumming again." I can't have been cumming very long but it felt like minutes on end. When my orgasm finally stopped my entire body collapsed, exhausted. Mindy was right behind me, falling flat onto my chest, my deflating cock still held within her pussy.

We lay like that for a few minutes, both of us still breathing heavily until she sat up and gave me a kiss on the lips. "I've needed that for a long, long time Jason. Thank you for being so accommodating. You're just so sweet to me! Enjoy the rest of your day, I'll see you tomorrow morning," she said. With that she set the cuffs to release in a few minutes, gave me a wink, and walked out of the room.

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling until well after the cuffs had unlocked. I'd known what was going to happen this morning, or, at least, I thought I had. I'd willingly put myself into this situation. Was it my fault that it had ended the way it did? I wasn't sure.

Certainly my greed had facilitated things going the way that they had. Eventually I got out of bed. I pulled on a pair of boxers then walked over to my computer. In my room I had four microphones and six fiber-optic cameras set up.

Everything that had happened this morning was recorded. I had full audio and color recordings from all different angles. There would be no doubting on the film that this had not been a consensual act. I still didn't know if the price had been worth the goods, that was yet to be determined, but I'd done it.

I knew had something I could use against Mindy. I already had backups of the files stored on multiple dedicated servers (I'd told myself this was ridiculous and unnecessary, but after what had happened today was glad there was almost no chance of losing this because there was no way I'd be able to do it again) and all that was left was proper editing.

I went about creating a video clip demonstrating just how incriminating the video I had was. I had a full day to work on it so I took my time, reviewing all the angles to make sure I always had the best one, the one that most clearly showed the rape. When I was done I was sure that it was good enough. I had my weapon. All that was left was to spring my trap.

I was giddy with anticipation. I hadn't actually done anything yet but it already felt as if she were mine.