Gay homo ass jeans porn and free download young latino sex They are

Gay homo ass jeans porn and free download young latino sex They are
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I park my car a few houses down from her nice two-story townhouse and step out. It is March and still cold in Chicago. In this neighborhood everyone is asleep by Letterman, so the street is empty when I arrive at 11:00. As I walk through the snow-covered backyard I wonder why the hell I still live here when it is 80 in Miami.

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I stand in front of her sliding back door and look in. I can see her bills on the kitchen table and an empty bottle of wine on the counter. She must have had a few more drinks after she stumbled home from the bar. I reach for the back door and quickly remember. I reach into my pocket and pull out a pair of black latex gloves. I pull on the door and it was not left open like I was hoping. I grab a three-inch buck knife from my pocket and begin pulling the weather stripping aside.

I am able to flip the lock and the door slides open easily. I slowly walk to the foot of the stairs and listen. The house is perfectly quiet except for my slow deep breaths. I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Why am I doing this again? I hesitate a second longer, but my cock starts to swell and I start undressing. I remove all my clothes at the bottom of the stairs and put a pair of pantyhose over my face. I walk up the stairs, knife in hand, and ready to take what is mine.

I slowly open the bedroom door and there she is. The television is on, but muted, and I can see her beautiful body. She is sleeping on her stomach with the sheets just coming up over her tight sexy ass. She is wearing a white tank top and her dirty blonde hair is covering most of her face. I walk to the bed and lean down. I can smell her shampoo and the soap on her skin. Just then her eyes slowly open and she jumps awake when she sees me.

She is only 5'4 and maybe 125lbs soaking wet. She is no match for my strong lean frame and I quickly grab her by the back of the neck. I force her face down in the pillow and she lets out a muffled scream.

I turn her head towards me and show her the small but deadly knife in my hand. Her scream turns into a whimper. I throw back the covers and see her sexy pink and purple butterfly tattoo above her smooth 24-year-old ass. I run my hand across it and she shutters. With one hand still on her neck, I pull down her white cotton panties. She groans "No", and I slap her hard on the ass, telling her to "Shut the fuck up". I slide my hand between her legs and feel the pussy I was thinking about all night.


It is shaved smooth and already a little wet. I must have interrupted a good dream. I jump on the bed and straddle her legs.

Push up her tank top to her shoulders and run the knife blade down her spine to the top of her ass. "Are you going to struggle?" I ask.


I look at her beautiful young face as tears start swelling in her blue eyes. She shakes her head no and turns away from me. I put the knife next to me on the bed and start massaging her ass with both hands. I remove my gloves and slide two fingers in her pussy. I am happy to find it tight and getting wetter by the second.


I massage my hard thick cock and rub some pre-cum between my fingers. I pull up her hips a few inches and lower my cock.

She jumps as she feels my cock head pressing against her pussy lips. I rub it slowly up and down her wet slit and I can start to smell her pussy. I grab her hips and shove my cock inside her velvet pussy in one thrust. She cries out in shock and I push her head deeper into the pillow. I hold my cock there for a second enjoying my conquest.

I begin rocking my hips, watching my cock slide between her smooth lips. She has surrendered now and lets me fuck her harder and harder.

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I reach under her and feel her perfect tits. I squeeze her small nipple hard and she jumps from the pain. After a few minutes, I spread her ass cheeks and admire her perfect little asshole.

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I suck on my thumb and start rubbing her tight backdoor. Her body tenses up as she realizes what is going to happen next.

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I grab her by the back of the neck to remind her who is in charge. I pull out of her wet pussy and place my cock head at her asshole. I push the head in and can feel her tightening…trying to stop me from taking her ass too.

I tighten my grip around her neck and her asshole loosens. I push my cock in quickly and am overwhelmed by the warmth and tightness of her ass. I fuck her quickly now, long and deep strokes. I can see the tears running down her face from her closed eyes. She is whimpering with every thrust of my cock.

I can feel my balls tightening and know it won't be much longer. Just then I notice her breathing has changed. She is no longer whimpering in fear…but groaning in enjoyment. The bitch is enjoying getting her asshole fucked and abused. I feel her ass start to tighten and she begins to shake as her orgasm rips through her body. I feel her legs shaking and her tight asshole contracting.

She lets out a muffled scream into her pillow and squeezes so tightly my cock slides out.

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I get off her body and stand next to her head. My cock is hard and wet. It smells like her ass and I slap her across her face. I try to slide it in her mouth and she refuses to open her lips. I pinch her nose for a few seconds until she opens her mouth to take a quick breath.

I shove my dirty cock quickly into her wet mouth. She groans in disgust, as she tastes her ass on my dick. I start fucking her mouth quickly like a pussy and she struggles to hold back the vomit as my cock keeps ramming the back of her throat.

I can't hold back any more and fill her mouth with shot after shot of my hot cum.

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I see her cheeks swell as she struggles with the load. All I have to say is, "Swallow", and the dirty bitch does as she is told. She turns away from me feeling defeated.

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I lift her up and walk her to the small master bathroom. I start the shower and take off her tank top. I grab her arm and put her under the hot water.

She faces the wall and begins to sob harder as the water runs down her body. I turn back to the bedroom and see the wet spot she left on the sheets. I strip the sheets from the bed and throw them down the stairs.

I returned to the bathroom just in time to see her cleaning her swollen asshole and pussy with a bar of soap. I turn off the shower and dry her with a towel from the floor. I walk her back to the bed and lay down beside her.

I slowly start rubbing her small perky tits and kiss the back of her neck. Exhausted she mumbles, "How was work?" "Good. How was your girl's night?" I replied. "It was fun. Julie broke up with that Navy guy finally", she said.

"Ahh…well he was a douche anyway." After a long pause she turns and kisses me deeply. She buries her beautiful face in my chest and runs her fingernails along my softening cock. "Am I fucked up?" she asks embarrassedly.

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"Normal girls don't enjoy that". I lift her face and say, "You're perfect baby." We kiss one last time and drift off to sleep. The End