Katja Kassin on Double Penetration

Katja Kassin on Double Penetration
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Senior Moments By Jax_Teller I was 18 years old and in less than a month I would start my senior year in high school. I was going to be on my own most of the time from now on. My mother had died after a long battle with cancer in July. Dad moved us to his home town where we had family.

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My father met Nikki Harrison when we were moving in and being neighborly she helped us move in; they talked about all the folks they knew in common. I met David Nikki's son and we hit it off immediately, talking about the newest video games and movie releases. Nikki offered to keep an eye on me and my dad said that I wouldn't need it. In the short time before school started Nikki's son became like a brother to me, and we quickly grew to be best friends.

He was a just over a year younger than me, an only child to a single parent, some-what like me, now. David's father had left his mother before David had been born and David never met him. My father got home for a week end once before school started and he took David and me fishing. David was happy to have adult male companionship outside of school. I was happy he stocked up on food in our house before going back out on the road.

He also had "The Talk" with me, and basically he told me I was 18 and on my own, that if I decided to have girls over he wouldn't get upset with me, and he went into very specific real details of "personal protection." He told me that if I was going to have sex to be safe, no babies, no diseases. He said other than that that I should always make sure the girl is my age or older, no jail bait as he called it, and said "there's a reason it's called JAIL BAIT Son." I told him that I was confused and teased him by asking if the same rules applied if I wanted to have sex with boys.

His reaction was priceless, he started to get upset and then realized I was fucking with him, but thinking quickly he threw well if you swing that way. We laughed and I told him that I got it. Then I got serious on him and said that I understood that as a man he would have needs too, and that he should take care of them. I told him that my mom, his diseased wife wouldn't want him to be celibate. He said that he'd do his best but that he wasn't looking or even ready yet.

I told him I knew that, but while we were having the talk I figured I should let him know upfront. We both agreed to be brutally honest with each other, no lies, no protecting each other with white lies and no leaving any details out or not saying something to keep from telling the truth.

We hugged as we had done many times since my mother died; it felt like we were closer than we'd ever been before. Once my father went back out on the road, I was alone for the first time in my life. I established a routine; I got up, showered, dressed and on school days went to the Harrison's for breakfast.

One school morning, two months into the school schedule, I was up earlier than usual as my father had called from a truck stop to let me know he was out west and caught in a snow storm. As a result he wouldn't be home for a few more days than expected.

This was not all that unusual being an over the road truck driver. I went over to the Harrison's and shoveled their driveway and side walk.

I looked at the time on my cell phone and it was about the time I usually went over for breakfast before school so I went up to their door and it was unlocked which was their way of letting me know it was ok to come in. I went in and sat down at the kitchen table. Nikki came down to the kitchen in her bathrobe which was strange. Most days Nikki was in the kitchen making breakfast by the time I came over, but this morning she was just coming downstairs.

I figured the earlier waking time because of school must have been throwing her off. I watched as she went about getting the coffee maker set up and started making breakfast.

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David was still upstairs in the shower and the radio was playing some hair band music that Nikki was swaying to as she moved about the kitchen. I had been going to their house in the morning for breakfast before school, while waiting for the bus to come, since school started two weeks ago. I watched Nikki as she set about cooking eggs and bacon, and I noticed the robe she had on, a near to floor length house coat type robe, was loosely tied at the waist.

As she worked I would get quick glimpses of the front of her naked body under the robe. Nikki Harrison was 35 yrs. old, had blond hair down her back almost to her butt. Her body was average in proportion, and she was what most would consider attractive. I usually got to see her after she was dressed and ready for the day, wearing light make up, her hair tied up in some fashion, and frankly she had never caught my eye as a sexual being with needs.

To me she was a friend and my new best friend's mother. This morning though I was seeing her more as a real person and one who was sexually attractive to me especially without being all made up.

I made no attempt to capitalize on her clothing oversight but I did think of her throughout the day often comparing her to females in school. On the way home from school on the bus I asked David about his mom and if she'd had any boyfriends.

He told me that she rarely went out on a date and never had brought any one home or stayed over, his tone made me think he wasn't happy about her being so alone.


I did the math and David and I were 20 months apart, and I thought about how it would be for him if I were to date his mom. I thought about it the rest of the day and decided that I was making something out of nothing. Over the next few weeks I noticed Nikki seemed to relax more and more when I was around and a couple times I thought she might have been flirting with me.

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I chalked it up to her sense of humor and decided I would not try to pursue her unless I was positive she was initiating it. I liked Nikki and David both as individuals and didn't want to lose this relationship, or hurt either of them. One Friday morning in early December I was over at their house as usual, and Nikki once again had a robe on but this robe was made of silk material and sexier than the one she wore occasionally in the morning.

Nikki bent over to take biscuits out of the oven and I saw her bare ass as she reached in the oven for the tray of biscuits. The weather was particularly bad that morning and we waiting around the table listening to the radio for a school closing message but then we saw the first of the buses roll through the main road of our caldisack.

As David walked to the door, Nikki gave him a hug and a kiss as he walked out, but as I passed by her, she hugged me too. This was different; I had never had any physical contact with her before.

As she hugged me she looked up into my eyes and said goodbye. I thought for a brief milli-second that she was going to kiss me too. She pulled back quickly and turned as if she had realized this wasn't her son she was hugging. I went on to school and once again talked myself out of thinking it was anything sexual on her part, even though I kept thinking about her breasts pushing into my coat and chest as she hugged me. I was glad my brain had resisted putting my arms around her and hugging her in return as I would most likely have ended up with a hand full of her butt.

School was let out early because of the blizzard that was effectively locking the city down. The bus dropped us off, and I started to head to my house which was on the other side of where the Harrisons' house was, and as I passed by Nikki stepped out and waved me over.

I went over with David and while he went inside Nikki told me that my dad had called and he was stuck again. Nikki said I could stay with them for the weekend if I wanted to. I looked to David for input and he was excited to have me over so I agreed.

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Nikki seemed just as happy as David, and I found that slightly odd. I went home and called my father and told him the plan. He said it was probably a good idea because of the blizzard. So I gathered a few things and I went back to the Harrisons house with back pack of personal stuff and some video games they didn't have. As I went inside I noticed the smell of beef roast and complimented Nikki on the dinner smelling so good. We ate dinner at a table in the dining room, which seemed very formal to me.

I noticed Nikki was dressed in a knee length skirt with stripped leggings on under it and a warm looking Irish knit sweater, having a homey yet very attractive look or maybe it was just her bubbly attitude that was so attractive. Nikki sat across from me at the table and as David finished his meal, he picked up his plate and left the room leaving us to finish our meal. We talked about some of the movies that were just coming out and I enjoyed the maturity at which she was treating me.

After we were done eating we joined David playing video games. As it approached 8 pm Nikki told David it was bed time, and he went off to his room with no problem.

I thought that was odd because it was Friday night, meaning no school in the morning and there was a blizzard dumping snow everywhere so no one would be going anywhere tomorrow.

Nikki asked if I went to bed at a certain time and I said not really. She and I played a few more games and then she said she was going to take a shower. I kept playing until she came back in the living room wearing that thin red satin robe from that morning.

I watched at her as she sat down next to me on the couch and she caught me looking at her and said "what?" I said "nothing," but she kept on me, and finely I said "you have very nice legs." She said thanks and ran her hand down her leg from her knee telling me she just got done shaving. I tried to change the subject because all that was going through my mind was just how high she shaved but I managed to ask her if she'd like to watch a movie.

She said sure, but in her room where it was more comfortable. I watched as she went up the stairs to the master bedroom, and once again I could see her bare ass. I was getting a hard on, and thinking of reaching out for her right on the carpeted stairs. Once in her room she picked up the remote and pulled up a list of movies on the DVR.

I stood there and watched as she went through the list, and when she got to one called "The Secretary" she clicked on it. We sat on the bed, on top of the comforter on her and watched the movie begin; she snuggled over to me, until we were side by side and I put my arm around her and hugged her to me. It wasn't a clumsy, teen yawn stretch move, I just did it naturally. It was getting colder out and the wind was blowing quiet hard, lashing at the house.

About half way through the movie Nikki rest her hand on my leg. I tried to remain calm and will my cock not to get any harder. I could clearly see down the opening at the top of her robe and could see the rounded side of her breast in the light of the TV.

I couldn't help my cock was getting harder and Nikki just moved her hand to the bulge in my pants and began to trace it. I was absolutely sure now that I wasn't imagining this. She really did have hold of my cock through my jeans no second thoughts this time. As the movie ended Nikki removed her hand and picked up the remote turning the TV to the weather channel.

After a few minutes of seeing the radar, she turned to me and asked if I'd like to sleep with her? Before I could yell, Hell yes she said that there wasn't another bed in the house. I said that'd be fine and Nikki got off the bed as did I and she pulled the covers back and said you have a side preference? I said nope, but I did need a shower before bed. I went to the bath room inside her bedroom and as I closed the door she let her robe go loose and fall to the floor.

She stood for a second completely naked as if checking to make sure I saw her and then sat back down onto the bed and snuggled under the toasty warm comforter. I jerked off quickly in the shower so I might be able to lay next to her and get to sleep without getting aroused immediately.

As I returned to the bedroom I half hoped she would be asleep, but she wasn't. The light next to the bed was dimmed and as I got close to the bed I let the towel I was wearing slip to the floor before I slipped under the comforter.

Nikki turned on her side to face me and started to speak and then stopped herself short. I waited and she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. She focused intently looking deeply in my eyes, as I thought what to say.

On one hand I so much wanted to fuck her silly, and on the other she was David's mom. I said Yeah but what about David? She smiled and said it's great you're such a good friend to David, and that she really respected that. Then she told me that she'd had a talk with him about me, and that he was ok with it. I said you did? When? And she told me a few weeks before, that she was becoming attracted to me and that she didn't want to stir me up before she talked with David.

I said he's really ok with it then, and she said yeah, that he kind of expected it after I had asked him about her dating history. Nikki turned over and opened the drawer and pulled out a box of condoms and said for when the time is right, and dimmed the light to almost off. I watched as she turned back to face me and we kissed. It was as if a dam had broken and we had permission to be happy.

I fondled her breasts and although I had just jerked off in the shower not ten minutes ago, my cock was hard as a rock, and Nikki was stroking it. We were trying to take our time, at least I was, but there was urgency, a deep desire in her touch. I was happy to be exploring a woman, a woman who wanted me. She took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

Stroking with her hand matching the motions of her mouth. I reached around her and felt her butt and she parted her legs enough that I could feel her pussy. The hair coving her mound was short and trimmed, she had obviously planned this. I commented that the hair was so soft and neat.

She just kept on sucking and stroking and I began to rub her clit, tracing around it and the applying pressure directly to it in small circular motions. Nikki squirmed and wiggled and I thought for a second that I was bothering her, but then she stopped sucking for a second to let out a moan and said oh god that feels so good. I took my thumb and kept the motion on her clit going as I inserted a finger and then two into her very wet pussy. I had thought about lubrication and wondered about the condoms, if they had lubricant that was until I felt just how very wet she was and how easily my fingers went inside her.

She was very tight, but as wet as she was she felt like a velvet glove inside. She stopped sucking and looked up at me and asked if she could put a condom on me. I said sure, and she let go of my cock briefly to retrieve a condom from the box on the night stand. Frankly I enjoyed watching her butt as she turned and reached and then I felt her slip the cool condom on my cock. She wasted no time climbing on top of me still keeping my condom covered cock in her hand and then guided it inside her as she lowered herself onto my cock.

I took her breasts in my hands and played at her nipples as she ground her hips into mine and the lifted off and back down the first few times.

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It was true heaven, no worries, no one to offend, just safe fun sex. She began to bounce up and down on my cock and her tits swayed back and forth as she moved. I could feel her insides getting wetter and looser and it felt absolutely magnificent.

I felt her pace slow slightly and I pulled on her elbow causing her to lean to that side and I rolled over never letting my cock out of her and began to fuck her.

I sank my cock all the way in her until my balls slapped her, and the pulled almost all the way out and repeated. Nikki got real vocal, screaming fuck yes and oh my god, and a variety of other things, which I had never expected to hear come out of my friends' mom, Nikki. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was about to come and Nikki looked at me and said come with me, and she said Jesus Christ, I'm fucking coming.

I thought the end of my cock was about to split open as I came like I had never before. It actually hurt slightly at the force of the come leaving my cock. I kept pumping until my cock started to soften slightly, and Nikki was obviously spent. I moved from between her legs and pulled the condom off my cock and threw it at the trash container next to the bed.

Then I laid on the bed next to her and put my arm over her as I pulled the cozy comforter over us. In the morning I heard David playing a video game down stairs and realized that Nikki wasn't next to me in bed.

I must have slept in, but then again it was Saturday. I lay there thinking of the wonderful events of last night, looking at the box of condoms still on the night stand as if there for evidence that it wasn't a dream. Also the fact that I was still naked in bed and my clean clothes were in my back pack downstairs.

I drifted off, not fully asleep but just basking in my good fortune. Nikki opened the door and the smell of breakfast filled the room as she brought a tray to the bed and as I sat up, she put it in front of me.

She said good morning and I said why yes it is indeed a very good morning now that your back. She sat next to me on the bed and turned on the television, and said by the way, David overheard me last night, and he told me that he was happy for us. I thought about what she said, us. I knew we'd been intimate, but wasn't sure if that meant there would be a relationship or if it was just about sex.

I looked at her and as if she was thinking the same thing, she asked me where we were going from here, looking around at the bed. I looked her in the eye and said I think they call it dating but I just think we're happy, so whatever title or definition that requires is ok.

She said what about your father? I said you're kidding right? He'll be happy for me, and I hope happy for you too. Nikki leaned in and kissed me and I took that as her acceptance of our relationship status. I went down stairs and David stopped playing the video game for a minute putting it on pause.

He looked at me and said good job man, Mom hasn't looked this happy in forever. I said you're really ok with us, using my finger to make quotation marks in the air Dating? And unquoting. He said hell yeah, my mom deserves to be happy, and your cool enough, plus I get to use your video games while you're here.


We both laughed at that as he took the game off pause and blasted the crap out of a bunch of zombies. Later in the morning my dad called to check in with me and I told him that I had slept with Nikki last night. He asked what I meant by slept with, and I said "dad I fucked her ok?" And there was a pause and then he said way to go boy, chip off the old block, and laughed.

I could tell he was concerned, but I told him life is just too damn short not to be happy when you can. He said yeah I hear you. He told me to make sure to get her flowers and that he'd be home in a few days and we'd talk some more. I hung up with my father and looked over at my friend and was happy that they were happy for me, and then I focused on where was Nikki.

I didn't waste a second finding her tidying up her room and said so do you want to mess up the bed? She giggled and said how about the laundry room? I said oh yeah spin cycle baby, and we laughed and as we left the bedroom I grabbed a condom out of the box and she grabbed the laundry basket. I thought to myself this is way better than video games. nThe End