Protect me from what I want

Protect me from what I want
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THE PROFESSOR'S DAUGHTER--Part III My old professors daughter Stephanie is a 17-year-old knockout who will turn 18 in one more day. She has cutest face you have ever seen and a slim Korean-Caucasian-mix body with a tight, petite Asian frame. She's slim, quite tall and athletic (toned by ballet and gymnastics) with a nicely rounded firm ass and small but very firm tits.

In my opinion Stephanie's body is flawless. While her breasts are on the smallish side larger ones might look unnatural on her very slender and toned, petite Asian frame.

Stephanie has been staying in my guesthouse for the summer to work an intern job and to prepare for university. Unknown to me she made a plan to seduce me and lose her virginity.

To this end Stephanie has teased and flirted with me for over six-weeks. Finally, my resistance crumbled and she bedded me. The sexual energy that had built up these past weeks watching Stephanie prance around in her bikini by the pool, in her tight yoga pants and tight t-shirts at home, in her painted on Rock & Republic jeans, her tight clothes wrapped around a perfect little body, had driven me wild.

She had managed to convince me to take her to an office party (where she danced slow dances with me), to take her shopping (to buy sexy outfits that she modeled for me) and to take her out for her birthday dinner, all giving her chances to dress up and flirt with me audaciously. All that sexual energy had been released last night as we ravished each other's bodies. I had brought her to three orgasms and had taken her virginity. We had fallen asleep together in my bed totally sated and exhausted.

I started to awaken slowly from my very deep and restful slumber. I was disoriented, but I knew it was Sunday and I had no reason to get up early. In the back of my mind I could feel a tingling in my cock. I must be dreaming. It's so early. I feel like I have a hard on, but I must be dreaming after all that sex last night. The tingling, however, becomes more apparent and my cock certainly feels rock hard and wet. Why the hell does it feel wet?

My eyes wander down the bed. I see a head of dark hair poised over my cock moving just slightly up and down. Stephanie's back is arched so that her tight little butt is sticking up in the air.

Stephanie is holding my rod with her tiny soft hands and is running her tongue up and down the length of my cock.

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I pretended to still sleep to see how far this would develop all the time thinking this girl is a fast learner. Then she began to tentatively wrap her lips around my swollen head and to suck lightly on the engorged knob.

My cock hardened further in response and the tingling in my groin increased. One of her hands gently stroked and tickled under my balls causing the sack to constrict and pull up, tightening, getting ready to blow a load of come.

It was incredible; here I was with the soft, inexperienced lips of a 17-year old girl wrapped around my cockhead learning how to give a blowjob. I let her try her best to suck on me before I pretended to softly wake up.


With some quiet moans and small movements I let her know I was awake. Stephanie looked up with a grin on her face. "My girlfriends all say guy's like this the most. Am I doing it right?" I assured her that her velvet lips and soft mouth felt fantastic. I gave her several hints on how to relax and let more of my cock down her throat.

She was trying her best, but only getting about 2 inches in. I used my arms to shift her around so that her body was positioned over my chest and her pussy and ass were poised directly above my mouth.

I moved an extra pillow under my head to get more support and then started to gently lick her pussy. First I spread saliva around her outer lips and then I stroked inside and let my tongue find her clit. This had the effect of getting her to lick and suck with greater intensity as her own pussy sensations started to build. My cock began to throb in reply to her now more intense sucking and licking efforts. Stephanie's long, lush hair was dangling all around my cock and balls' causing even more arousal and her hair was gently tickling my pelvis area.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I could up her pussy while gripping her ass with both hands, holding her hips steady. I told her to slow down as I was building too quickly. Stephanie did slow down this time and lightened the pressure of her tongue allowing me to maintain control. She was learning how to build a man's orgasm up. I applied more gentle strokes on her clit and told her to relax her throat as much as she could to see if she could get 3 inches down.

I think her own arousal from my tongue, flicking her swollen clit gently back and forth, distracted her from the gag reflex and my cock slipped further down her throat and she got almost 3 inches in. I could feel my come building in my balls. I knew that with this tight 17 year-old poised above me there was little I could do to control the ever rising stimulation so I told her to take her mouth away as I was going to come and she might not like the taste.

She moved her mouth back slightly leading me to think she was pulling it off my cock. To my surprise rather than take her silken lips off my now rock hard cock, she simply pulled back and wrapped her lips more tightly around the huge purple cockhead and sucked much harder while swirling her tongue around and around, increasing the pressure and speed of the tongue swirls.

This little vixen had taken me completely by surprise with her unexpected sex move. My head went wild, brain fireworks, as my orgasm exploded and millions of electric signals shot from my cock to my brain at light speed. I cried out and my come shot out uncontrollably into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out and my come burst out the sides of her lips around the rim of my cock. Oh my god what a huge orgasm!

I pulled Stephanie's ass hard down on my mouth and moved my tongue from her pussy to her tight little light brown puckered ass and swirled my tongue around its entrance, probing to get past the tightly constricted sphincter muscles. This sent shocks through Stephanie and she tried to pull her ass away from my mouth.

I held on tightly to her hips, not allowing her to move. My tongue penetrated in her virgin ass about half an inch. In shock her mouth abruptly pulled off my pulsing cock and the last little bit of come shot onto her tits and across my stomach. Stephanie swallowed the come and gasped, sucking in a deep breath.

She was in shock at my tongue penetration in her most private of places. I moved a finger to her pulsing pussy, flicking as fast as I could around her clit and from side to side. I didn't want to give Stephanie time to think about what I was doing to her ass, I just wanted her to come as fast as I could make her come.

She had pulled a suave little sex move on me and I wanted to make sure I reciprocated with one of my own. The combination of my tongue probing up her ass and the finger action on her clit sent Stephanie flying and she cried out.

Stephanie's legs trembled as she went into violent orgasmic convulsions. Tsunami waves of the orgasm swept through her body and Stephanie's ass pushed back hard against my mouth in need of more stimulation.

She arched her back above me, throwing her head back and her hair dangling backwards above me. Simultaneously she lost control causing her sphincter muscles to relax. This allowed my tongue to get about 1 inch penetration inside her bum and I probed repeatedly and rapidly, rolling my tongue tightly to make it firmer to penetrate deeper. I held Stephanie's waist with one arm and reached up to her firm rounded right breast and grabbed it, pulling lightly on her erect nipple.

Her body bucked in response as I rolled the nipple lightly. Stephanie was in the throes of total release and it was all I could do to hold onto her. Her sphincter pulsed and constricted several times around my tongue almost pushing my tongue out.

Then she suddenly collapsed forward, her ass and body falling away from my mouth, the convulsions gone and the orgasm ended. She lay prostrate on the bed totally spent and turned her head to look back at me with a wide smile across her face.


We slumbered in bed for a while and she told me how much she had enjoyed giving me a blowjob and how she wanted to learn how to "be really, really good at it." It was like Stephanie had discovered a new toy and she wanted to learn all about sex and try everything. Finally it was time to get going so we got up to shower. Stephanie went back to the guesthouse and we agreed to meet by the pool later for lunch. I got up and did my best to do a little work cleaning up around the house, but my mind would constantly drift back to Stephanie's tight body and how responsive and orgasmic she was, which would make me semi-hard just thinking about the possibilities.

She said she wanted to learn "everything" about sex and I had to tell her "if she wasn't doing it right". I was Stephanie's new computer game and she wanted to reach the highest level. I assured her she was fantastic so far and that her little trick move during her blow job had given my the biggest orgasm of my life.

She giggled and smiled proudly, obviously quite happy that she had been able to pull such a sexy move on an older guy. I realized, however, she was a bit nervous and shy about anal penetration, so I would need to take this development slow. I thought there were still a few things this old dog could introduce her to. By noon I couldn't pretend to clean up the house any longer and put on my swim shorts and headed for the pool deck.

I had made some sandwiches and brought out a cold chest of cokes and sprite. About fifteen minutes later Stephanie appeared in a very sexy black bikini. We ate our sandwiches and did some sunbathing and once again she got me to put on her suntan lotion.

My house is on a high elevation and the pool deck has a high fence and trees all around so it is completely private. This allowed me to convince her to remove her bikini top completely so I could rub the lotion all over her exposed breasts and she could get an all over tan. I also rubbed her ass and tried my best to slip my fingers under her bikini bottom to touch her pussy, but she repeatedly pushed my hand away and giggled, "Later" she said.

We spent a couple of hours by the pool and I recovered from the morning such that my cock got hard again. Stephanie patted and rubbed the bulge and said, "Well, I must be doing something right." I tried to convince her to let me eat her pussy by the pool and bring her to orgasm again, but she told me I would need to wait.

She wanted to go shopping and get a "special" outfit for her birthday tomorrow. We headed off to Stanford Mall. While we were shopping Stephanie tried on several sexy dresses before selecting a tight white sleeveless sequin party dress with spaghetti strap shoulders and a cutout back.

It was quite short, cutting off above mid-thigh and she bought some white satin strap sandal high heels to go with it. Later we walked by a lingerie shop and she got giddy looking at the expensive lingerie. She made me leave so that her choice would be a "surprise". That night I was expecting another wild session of sex. It started out as I had expected when we sat on the sofa watching some TV with a glass of wine and getting into some heavy petting.

She was wearing my large oversize 49er's t-shirt as her nightdress and simply her pink panties. Her long, slim legs and her incredible ass, hardly covered by the t-shirt, made her quite irresistible. Her kisses were intoxicating and her perfume and hair drove me wild. My cock got rock hard fast. I played with her firm little breasts under the t-shirt and gently rubbed on her hardening nipples.

I could tell Stephanie was getting horny as she squirmed and shifted her hips constantly. She reached down several times to rub my cock on the outside of my sweat pants.

We both were getting very horny and agreed to retire to the bedroom. I headed in directly, but Stephanie wanted to change first. She came into the bedroom a few minutes later, but now she was dressed in a very sheer light pink baby doll nightie. My cock pulsed and jumped at the sight.

She slipped into bed beside me and we embraced, our lips meeting in more passionate kisses. I wet my fingers and started to touch and roll her nipples again as our kisses got deeper and deeper. My body hungered to enter her again and find release in an orgasm, to pump into her with huge thrusts. Unexpectedly Stephanie broke off our kiss and moved her head down my stomach towards my cock.

She immediately took my cockhead in her mouth again. Shit, this young vixen really knew how to take control of my body and drive me wild with her surprising moves. Her mouth felt like heaven, soft and silky, warm and wet as it enveloped my needy cock.

She sucked gently and seemed to want to demonstrate that she had even more control over me than earlier. She swirled with her tongue and flicked across my cockhead. As I became more and more aroused she would suddenly slow down and let me regain control.

She seemed to be able to sense exactly the moment when I was about to blow and let off just enough pressure for me to prevent the orgasm. She built me up again and again with her mouth. She would move her mouth up and down with constantly changing pace, sometimes very slowly and then sometimes very rapidly, driving me wild with the unexpected sensations. I was calling out her name again and again with deep moans being coming from my throat. Just as I thought I the final release had arrived and I was heading for a huge orgasm Stephanie completely pulled her mouth away and moved her body up to snuggle up against me.

What the fuck? I was confused. My cock was in intense need and bouncing up and down. Where was her mouth? What was she doing?

Why was she stopping? "Rob, that's enough for tonight. I just wanted to give you a little pre-view of tomorrow night. I want you to be good and ready for tomorrow since it's my birthday.

I don't want to tire you out if you know what I mean." And then she giggled again, wrapping her left hand lightly around my pulsing rod and holding it gently. "Now it's time for bed sleepy head. We both need our rest for tomorrow. A girl's 18th is a big day you know." I tried my best to convince Stephanie that I could fuck her tonight and still perform tomorrow, but she kept pushing my hands away and telling me to "behave myself".

She told me her mom had told her to always keep a man guessing and to tease him and tempt him so that he will always desire you.

Well, she was certainly doing a good job at that. I had a very difficult time getting to sleep with this goddess curled up beside me with her left hand lightly gripping my rock hard cock. On Monday Stephanie went to work, but agreed to come home early to get ready to go out. I had made reservations at Citrus a very nice restaurant at the Valencia Hotel on Santana Row.

I had also bought a bottle of 1990 Dom that was chilling in the fridge for when we got home. Stephanie got home and brought her clothes over from the guesthouse to change in the spare bedroom next to mine. She did a little pirouette as she closed the door and winked at me with a coy smile.

"No peeking!" A couple of hours later she emerged. Holy shit, she was a vision in white. The tight white and silvery club dress was molded to her body, emphasizing her hips, rounded firm ass and her nice handful sized tits. You needed to have a near perfect body to wear a dress like this as even a few misplaced pounds would destroy the effect, but Stephanie more than pulled it off with her lithe Asian body. Her long legs were stunning in white stay-up stockings. The stockings exaggerated her height with a long linear pin-stripe pattern running the length of the stockings.

The stockings stopped mid-thigh just where the mini-dress ended giving me a glimpse now and then of her bare leg as she walked. She had curled her hair in large tumbling curls and had a headpiece worked into the hair with fine small pearls across the top of hear head. In her ears she was wearing the small diamond stud earrings I had given her as her birthday gift that looked very elegant and sparkled along with the dress.

Stephanie had on very little make-up, just some pink lip gloss and some white color around her eye lids that matched with the dress. I'm sure my jaw dropped and a very quiet whistle escaped my lips. Stephanie smiled and giggled in response, grasping my arm.

"So Rob, you approve?" I more than approved. She looked incredible. She had a small silvery clutch bag and she assured me she had her university fake ID that one of her friends had got her at her private school back east just in case we got checked. I didn't think they would since we looked like a stunning couple and she certainly didn't look like it was her 18th birthday.

I had told her not to wear any perfume and pulled out my little box wrapped in gold paper. Inside was a bottle of 24 Faubourg perfume from Hermes. She hopped up and down, "Rob, you didn't need to.

You already got me these incredible earrings. Oh my God, Thanks!" Stephanie opened the wrapping and I helped her dap the perfume behind her ears and on her neck. She reached up wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me into the beautiful scent and giving me a passionate kiss. As Stephanie pulled away she whispered in my ear, "I'll really thank you later on tonight, OK." I nodded weakly, my knees weak from the intoxicating effect of this young lady, my head spinning from the perfume, the kiss, her dress.

She took my hand and we headed out to the car. Before she got in Stephanie turned and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues slipped against each other and the blood pumped into my cock causing it to engorge. Her left hand reached down and rubbed my trousers to touch the bulge. "Just checking that you are happy to go on this date.

You don't have to take this little teenybopper out if you don't want to you know. If you still think I'm too young we can just stay home and watch TV." Stephanie giggled, did a little pirouette on her heel and slipped into the passenger seat laughing at me. We arrived at Citrus and pulled the DBS into the Hotel Valencia valet car park with the top down. I came around to open the door for Stephanie. Every guy's head turned as I took Stephanie's hand and she emerged from the car with her head of curls bouncing.

Stephanie was radiant in her shimmering silvery white dress wrapped tightly around her young body. She stood next to me calmly and with poise showing off her incredible waist, her feminine hips, her firm upright breasts, her lustrous curls of long thick hair and her beaming youthful face.

She was simply stunning and people couldn't help staring. As we went up the lift I whispered in her ear, "Happy birthday gorgeous." She looked up at me with huge sparkling eyes and whispered back, "Oh Rob, I felt like a movie star when I got out of the car out there. Did you see all those guys staring at me? Oh my God, I felt like I was famous or something. This place is so Chic. I feel so grown-up. Thank you for such a wonderful birthday." I pulled Stephanie into the Vbar to have a pre-dinner drink without any ID check or drama.

We walked through the metal beaded curtains into a bar very dramatically lit with red mood lighting. The long bar is jet black and very dramatic with the red lighting. Vbar has a very cool, elegant and romantic atmosphere, clearly a place to be "seen". My wife Ann used to love coming here for drinks and dinner and I hadn't been back for three years now, not since she got sick.

It felt so nice to return with Stephanie on my arm. I felt alive again. Stephanie wanted to sit at the bar since she had never been in a "real bar" before. I ordered her a signature Vbar blue Lychee martini.

We sat at the bar for a while and she thought the drink was "super yummeee". I then took her out to the balcony to sit on a plush oversize seat and look down on Santana Row. It was a really nice evening, not too hot and not too cold and Stephanie loved looking down as all the cool cars pulled into the valet car park along Santana Row.

When a Bugatti arrived she giggled and asked me what kind of car it was and said, "Isn't that the kind of car where Tom Cruise couldn't open the door for Katie? Oh Rob, that youtube is soooooo funny. You have to watch it." We laughed together at the image of Tom Cruise pulling at the door handle. Stephanie leaned in and whispered in my ear, "See Rob, Katie likes Tom and he's loads older than her. He seems to keep her happy in bed, if you know what I mean.

They even have a kid. So it's not unusual that I find you sexy and hot as an older guy. It's normal. Lots of girls think you're hot, especially some of the girls at my company. They couldn't stop talking about you after the office party and I think one of them has a crush on you." Stephanie laughed he little giggly laugh that I found so attractive and feminine and I joined in feeling happy and lucky to be out with such a vivacious and sexy young lady.

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After finishing our drinks and enjoying the scene below, we moved over to Citrus to have our dinner. The restaurant has a modern look with sheer curtains, warm walls and terracotta ceilings, giving a very luxurious, but warm, feeling. I had arranged for a very private corner table set apart by sheer curtains. I had also requested two red candles that set off a warm ambiance. Stephanie and I both had a warm squash soup starter and then she had a special dish of cilantro prawns and I had a Napa Valley organic rack of lamb for our main course.

I ordered two glasses of Champagne and we reached across the table to clink glasses and I toasted her, "Stephanie, to the most vivacious, beautiful and sexy young lady I have ever met. You have certainly brightened my life. Happy Birthday!" Her eyes sparkled in reply and she stood halfway, reached her hand across the table and grabbed my jacket lapel pulling me up and forward while she leaned across towards me. Stephanie closed her eyes and pulled me irresistibly forward until our lips met in a wonderful kiss.

We chatted and had a wonderful dinner. Time seemed to fly and before I realized it was time to go. We went down to the street and Blowfish had the music going. I knew Dave at the door so I motioned to Stephanie and we slipped into Blowfish for one more drink and to catch a dance. Stephanie wanted to try vodka and Redbull so that is what she had and she thought it was pretty good.

I just ordered some soda water since I need to both drive home and "perform" in bed later as she had so clearly impressed upon me yesterday. We set down our drinks and headed to the small dance floor at the front. Her little butt wiggled so seductively in her white dress as she walked in front of me, her hips and ass incredible moving from side to side.

I reached forward and took her hand in mine as we arrived at the dance floor. Stephanie turned into me and our bodies met and fit together so smoothly and perfectly it was as if we had been dating for years.

It was a slow song and Stephanie rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her waist, pulling her body into mine. Her body was warm and her waist was tiny. Stephanie's body felt small, but firm and strong. Her feminine hips pressed against me and her firm breasts were against my chest as we swayed to the music.

My cock responded by rising. Stephanie moved her lips against my ear and whispered, "I want to go now Rob.


Let's go home." I need no further encouragement and we went to get the car. As we stood in front of the Valencia waiting for the valet to arrive, Stephanie again stood sexy and poised next to me. I felt so lucky and proud. Once again heads turned and boyfriends were being elbowed and hit by their girl friends as they couldn't stop staring as they walked by.

As we pulled away heads continued to turn and Stephanie giggled and laughed. We arrived home and I wanted to open the 1990 Dom Perignon Champagne, but Stephanie said she had had enough to drink. It was almost mid-night and Stephanie said she wanted to "get ready for bed" and to be in bed with me when she turned 18.

She looked at me with warm feminine eyes and asked me to wait for her in the master bedroom while she changed. I didn't know what to expect, but moved to the master bedroom and put on a pair of black Tommy Hilfiger underwear and a mid-length black night robe and patted on some cologne. I lit one candle and put it on the far dresser to offer only the gentlest warm lighting. I was waiting and waiting and getting more and more nervous, feeling like a lost and confused teenager about to do it for the first time.

Why did I feel so nervous? What would she wear I wondered? Pink? Red? Black? She knew I loved black. I heard some movement outside the door. My anticipation rose.

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I wanted her in my arms. My cock was already semi-hard just from the excitement of waiting. The door handle moved and Stephanie entered the bedroom moving slowly.

She stood before me like an angel in translucent shimmering white. Her hair was tied up, highlighting her smooth long neck and tapered shoulders, making her look even taller and older, more sophisticated. She had on a very delicate white bustier bra supporting her perky breasts.

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Her tapered narrow waist was bare and golden in the flickering light showing off her cute belly button. Over top she had a very, very sheer completely see-through mini baby doll cropped short at her waist with a bow tie opening in front. At her hips she had on a white very sheer and very short see-through mini-dress barely covering the most tiny sheer and delicate white lace panties.

The panties were tied at each hip with a spaghetti string tie. Also framing her hips was a white lace garter belt holding up white stockings. These stockings were of very sheer white fabric with tiny heart patterns festooned all across them.

Stephanie looked at me questioningly with her big brown eyes as if to ask in her shy and innocent way if I thought she looked sexy. Was she desirable she needed to know? Did I want her and need her as a man, as an older man needs a younger woman. I nodded slightly and smiled in reply. Words could not express her beauty or my need, so I would let my body tell her. I moved forward and reached out my nervous hands to grasp the front tie of her baby doll and pulled the string so that the little jacket fell open.

I looked at her breasts, the tops showing above the demi-cup lace bustier, looking golden and plump. My hands moved to her firm tiny waist and lightly traced its strong curve down to her widening hips, the tips of my fingers lightly touching the mini-skirt chiffon. She shivered a little. My hands moved up again and traced the sides of her breasts and reached behind her back and lingered slowly down her back until I reached the slope of her rounded ass.

She was so sexy I was almost hesitant to start. Finally I pulled her body into mine and I moved my head down. Stephanie tilted her head back and closed her eyes as our lips met. I kissed her and let my needs and passion course through my body as I pulled her tighter into me. Now she knew I needed her and wanted her.

She responded with her hands grabbing the back of my head, her fingernails digging into me. She wanted me as well. I lifted her light body onto the bed and lay her down.

She looked at me with her big eyes wide and needy her lips glistening with light pink gloss. My lips found their way down her neck to the top of her breasts. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, and the tops of her breasts. Her breathing increased as my kisses touched her sensitive spots and she let out little sighs. I reached around and unhooked the bustier and pull it away from her breasts. Now her little nipples were accessible and I moved my lips to suck, to flick and to roll them as these little nubs of flesh hardened immediately in response.

I gave them light bites, little nibbles, and she responded with an arch of her back. I moved up to the headboard and got Stephanie to straddle my face with her knees, placing her pussy right above my mouth. I had her put her hands on the headboard and to hold on. I told her not to move her hands from the top of the headboard no matter what. She giggled, but agreed. I was introducing her to mild restraint thinking of later. She held the headboard. I began to massage her pussy lips under her panties with my hands gripping her ass.

Then my tongue pushed the panties to the side and I began to lick the outside of her pussy lips. She moved her hips in response. Being straddled above me she had total control and could regulate the contact of her pussy with my mouth.

I instructed her to control her hip movements and to learn how to build herself up by controlling the pace and amount of contact with my tongue. We practiced and she started to moan and really enjoy this position. I took my hands and pulled on the little string ties on the sides of her hips and pulled the delicate white panties completely off. Now I had unrestricted access to her young pussy. It smelled fresh and beautiful, a rich but not too strong feminine smell that only young girls have.

I found her clit and it was becoming engorged with blood. My hands moved up her body and I gripped both breasts, massaging them softly and held each nipple between my thumbs and forefinger. I tweaked them both lightly at the same time. Her hips thrust in reply and moved with more urgency now.

I covered her clit completely with my mouth and sucked hard. Wow, she really liked that and pushed her pubic bone hard against my face and chin. I flicked across the clit quickly with rapid tongue strokes. I brought one hand down and let a finger flick around her pussy lips and entrance. After a few seconds I slipped a finger in her pussy and moved it around rapidly. Stephanie was moaning loudly now and her hands were gripping the headboard hard as she tried to control the growing intensity of the feelings.

I lightened the pressure of my lips and tongue and slowed my flicks. I took my finger out of her pussy, covered it liberally with saliva and then moved it to her ass. I lightly massaged around her puckered ass and she lifted her left hand to push me away. I warned her she could not move her hands and she put it back on the headboard. I moved my finger around her sphincter and just pushed on it lightly, but did not try to penetrate.

It was her birthday so I would leave this for later. I moved my finger back to her pussy. I let her enjoy her growing control over her own arousal and femininity. Stephanie was in complete control of her own stimulation as she slowly moved her hips and positioned her pussy to get just the amount of pressure and contact that she wanted. This went on and on and Stephanie was enjoying herself. Stephanie was learning not only to please a man, but how to please herself, to learn her own body, she was discovering her womanhood.

She would lighten her hips and then push them harder against my mouth, alternating the pressure. She was moaning and sighing and arching her body above me the pleasure slowly building. Looking up, my view of her firm stomach and pert breasts was incredibly arousing. I let my hands roam across her ass, her waist, slide up to her breasts, stroke the inside of her thighs as I touched and aroused every sense in her body.

My body spread below her and past her on the bed had a large cock pointing erect, pumping up and down helplessly in the air. My turn would come, but now it was Stephanie who was the center of my attention.

All of a sudden Stephanie's stomach muscles tensed, her legs quivered, she threw her head back and a deep, deep moan came from far down in her throat.

She pushed her hips frantically against my face. I immediately rolled her right nipple as hard as I thought I could and began flicking my finger very rapidly inside her pussy. She exploded in orgasm and thrashed around above me. I did the best I could to maintain contact with my lips against her clit, but sometimes it was impossible as her hips were gyrating every which way.

Wave after wave consumed her and she pushed her pussy hard against me and my tongue pushed as far up her pussy as I could stretch. Her tension subsided after what seemed like minutes. "Oh my God Rob. I didn't know they could get bigger, but that was incredible. That was even better. You're so good in bed." I told her to still keep her hands on the headboard. I slipped from below her and got up on my knees behind her. Her perfect firm ass was right in front of me sticking straight up in the air.

Her slick wet pussy was inches away. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I would enter her from behind which would give her a very deep penetration. I told her to tell me if it felt too big or hurt at all. She told me her clit was too sensitive and to wait a minute, but I told her I would enter, but not move until she told me to.

I placed my swollen purple cockhead at the entrance of her tight pussy. Stephanie tensed as I placed my hands on each hip and I eased my cock slowly in her vagina. She was so wet and aroused that even though she was super tight it was not difficult and I could move in slowly inch-by-inch.

Finally my seven inches was all the way in. My pelvis was tucked up against her firm warm rounded ass. I held still and let her get used to the feeling.

"Oh Rob, you feel huge this way. You feel so big. You're way inside me. Oh god, it feels wonderful." I waited until she started to rock her hips wanting some friction.

Then I held her hips firmly and started to move in short back and forth penetrations. As her moans and sighs indicated she was enjoying herself I increased the length of my movement and increased the speed.

Finally as she started to moan loudly and to arch her back, pushing her ass back into my thrusts, I used my hands to pull her hips into me in combination with my thrusts. This increased the force of each thrust and resulted in maximum penetration. Stephanie cried out in pleasure at the depth and force of each thrust.

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Up until now our lovemaking had been reasonably tame. I wanted her to experience the powerful thrusts of a man controlling her and giving her total release. As her pleasure rose I increased the rate of my thrusts. I forced my cock to pound into her as my pelvis drove hard against her ass. Stephanie cried out in pleasure.

I sensed the moment was arriving and drove as fast and hard as I could. I pulled her hips hard into me with each thrust.

Luckily my own cock was still under control notwithstanding the pulsing tight pussy it was driving into. "Oh God! Oh God! ROB&hellip.I'm COMING!!! Oh God, I'm really coming this time! Harder! Oh shit, don't stop& feels so good!" I thrust faster and faster and reached around with my left hand to flick her clit. She kept her hands fastened to the headboard as I rammed into her. As her orgasm subsided I slowed and finally withdrew to allow her to recover.

Stephanie rolled onto her back on the bed panting and smiling up at me. She looked sideways at the bedside clock.

It was almost midnight. Her arms reached towards me and pulled me towards her. We held each other and without asking she took the initiative and rubbed her pussy along my long ignored cock. She took her hand and positioned the head at her pussy entrance and then rolled on top of me and slid my cock inside. She lay on top of me and smiled down. She started to slowly gyrate her hips in small moves. This went on for about five minutes and I was really enjoying the calm intimate feeling of a slow gentle fuck.

Then she looked sideways at the clock again. It was now a little past midnight. Stephanie smiled and put her lips to my ear and whispered, "Rob, now you can say you fucked a seventeen year old and an eighteen year old on the same night." Stephanie giggled with her mischievous feminine giggle and began moving her hips much faster. She rose up to straddle me with her legs and placed her hands on my chest.

Her hips were in control now and she was moving towards her third orgasm. She arched her back, her pert breasts pointed and firm above me. My hands instinctively went to her small nipples and those beautiful small rounded breasts. Just the image she painted in my brain was bringing me to the brink along with her hip action. I cried out that I would soon be coming. Stephanie dug her nails into my chest as if this had set off an a burst in her own pussy.

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Her hips moved faster. Oh shit, I was loosing control&hellip.nothing I could do now. I cried out again. Stephanie let out a deep moan at the same time. She moved her hips even faster. Oh fuck& balls constricted and the come shot out. At the same time Stephanie's pussy pulsed around my cock milking it and she cried out in orgasm.

She collapsed on top of me, her hips driving into me again and again. My cock was on fire. We came together in complete release.

To be continued…&hellip.