Baby auf einem Hahn Reiten bekommt abspritzen im Mund

Baby auf einem Hahn Reiten bekommt abspritzen im Mund
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Chapter 3 I'm sitting down at the table when Sarah wearing a light pink see through nightie that is a little tight for her in the cheast area but I don't think she minds. Katie follows weaing a midnight black nightie that is lace all over except for over the breasts area because there was no martiale over her breasts.

And as I looked lower to her pussy area I noticed the strap on sticking out from under the bottom of the nightie. "Okay both of you can eat and act normal noticing nothing out of the ordinary about your outfits." They both got a plate and started talking about girl things so I blocked the out while I thought about the power of his coin. How many people can I control? Where dose its power com from and when will it end?

These and many other questions where running through my mind as I ate my third peice of pizza. As I was thinking I was tapped on the shoulder and I looked at Sarah. "Do you want another coke baby?" she asked me.

I nodded as she got up and I playfully reached over and slapped her ass noticing that she wasn't wearing panties. She gasped in suprise and looked back at me smiling then i looked over at my sister and said "Butterfly.

when Sarah comes and after she puts the drinks on the table grab her and hold on tight." Just as I finished saying all that Sarah comes back holding three cokes for us. She puts them on the table and then Katie grabs her holding on tight.

"Katie what are you doing?" she asks before she sees me stand.

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I kiss her noticing that shes kissing me back then I pull away and play with her tits as I say "Butterfly." She moans as I pinch the nipples then I tell Katie "Go get the lube and rub it all over your cock and bring it down here," she quickly gose to her bedroom as I look to Sarah and say "your going to have some fun my sexy slave." Just then the doorbell rings and I'm think to myself who it is.

So I go to the window and there is Jenna standing at the door looking a little nervous. I smile to myself as I think foursome play.

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I open the door and before Jenna can say anything I say "Butterfly, Go into the kictchen and take off your shirt but leave the skirt on." She walks pass me taking off her top as I close the door and I follow her. I enter the kictchen with all three of my sexy slaves standing there. "Katie I want you to lude up Sarah's ass, Sarah as she is doing that make out with Jenna as she will finger your pussy." As I finish I pick the lube up and take my boxers off and rub some lube all over my cock thinking this is the life.

"Now Katie fuck Sarah's ass." at that Katie rams her 8 inch dildo into Sarahs ass. Sarah gasps loud but I know she loves it in her ass she as taken me up her ass lots of times when she comes overand its her time of month. I slide my hand up Jennas leg loving the soft smooth skin.

I slide it under her skirt and feel a thong. "Sarah pull down Jenna's panties." she dose as I say show a red thong. "Now Jenna do you want a nice big cock?" I ask playfully rubbng her pussy lips. "Yes please." "Okay," I say ramming my nice hard cock deep into her ass. "Oh fuck mmmmm yes fuck my ass with that hard cock," Jenna screams loud as I start fucking her.

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"Toys should not talk. Jenna suck on Sarah's tits. And Katie rub Sarah's pussy." I see the look on Sarah's face as she get max pleasure from all over.

I know that withthe pace I have fucked this tight ass at I will be really close to cumming soon so I say, "Toys I'm going to sit on the couch.

Sarah your going to ride my cock cowgirl style with Katie fucking your ass and Jenna you going to sit on my face so I can eat your pussy." with that I pull out of Jenna's ass and walk to the couch. Before I am sitting fully Sarah is putting my hard cock deep into her pussy just as Katie rams the dido back in Sarah's ass. Just then Jenna's hand is lifting up her skirt as I angle my head to lick her moist hole. All we can hear is our moans as everyone is enjoying the fucking thats happening.

Jut when I know I can't hold it in I moan "I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!" I shot load after load deep into Sarah's womb as her pussy claimps onto my cock as I feel her massive orgasim hit her.

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And then I'm drinking the sweet pussy juice from Jenna as she cums from my magic tounge. I collapsive from that massive sex play and say to my toys, "You are all sexy and vary good toys now before you all go back to normal you must kiss my cock and tell m that you are my sexy toys." One by one my toys kiss my cock and tell me that they are my sexy toys.

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Then we all get cleaned up and dressed and then I say, "Monkey, monkey, ballon." Jenna looks at me and says that she wants to hang out tommorow so I say sure and then she gose home and I see that she was socking her panties as she left. I enter the living oom as Sarah and Katie are both getting wet as well and I say I'm going to bed.

Sarah walks over to me and gives me a kiss on the lips and whispers to me as she grabs my cock through my pajamas, "I'll sneak into your bed when Katie is asleep and then that cock is mine." I look at her and smile as she, wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of blue booty shorts, walks away shaking her ass for me.

I head to my room and close the door. Then I take the necklace with the coin on it off and look at it.

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okay next chapter i want your imput she he have a one on one with Sarah or should there be another threesome but with some kinks and if that what kinks. comments and such are again welcome hope you all like my story, next chapter up in hopefully two weeks or so

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