Snapchat Rubbing my cock against the bed

Snapchat Rubbing my cock against the bed
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We both sat naked next to each other, my cock standing stiff and erect, Nathan's laying flaccid and sticky against his thigh.

He slid on his boxers and looked over at my boner.


"Did that turn you on?" he asked. I was suddenly terrified. I didn't want him to think I enjoyed it, I only sucked his dick because I lost a bet.

It wasn't gay, it was just a bet. But I did enjoy it. And my erection was proof of that.


I grabbed my shorts and began to put them on, until he said something else that stopped me dead in my tracks. "Because it turned me on" he said with a smile. I froze for a moment, and began to pull down my shorts again. "Would you finish me off?" I asked.

"I won't tell anyone, it's not gay-" He cut me off with a kiss. I was momentarily stunned as our tongues met in my mouth, and the combination of relief and pleasure flowed from my lips to the rest of my body.

A million sexy thoughts ran through my mind, such as the trace amounts of Nathan's cum still in my mouth now being snowballed back and forth between us, or the possibility of a new fuck buddy.

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I rubbed my ever-hardening dick against his, prompting him to move his lips down my body, planting kisses and licks at my nipples and below my bellybutton. He finally wrapped his lips around my tip, and I nearly lost it there. The sexy thoughts continued to surface, and I marveled at the idea of one of my best friends, someone I'd fantasized about for months, sucking my cock.

I laid my head against the couch and put my hand on the back of Nathan's head as he gave his first blowjob. I was nearly to orgasm when I heard the door slam.

I looked up to see one of our friends, Austin, laughing at us. Nathan, also startled by the sound, got off of his knees and we both scrambled to put our clothes on.

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"I didn't know this was the project you were inviting me over to work on" Austin said with a laugh. "I can explain, just don't tell anyone" Nathan said. I didn't know how he was going to explain that, I was just trying to get out of the situation. They continued to talk as I got dressed and tried to slip out the back door. "Cade! Come back!" Nathan shouted, just as I was about to turn the knob.

"I won't tell anyone if both of you give me a blowjob," Austin said. I couldn't believe my luck. Austin was as good looking as Nathan, and I was going to blow the both of them on the same day. Austin took a seat on the couch and loosened his belt. Me and Nathan both looked at each other nervously. "Don't pretend you guys don't know what you're doing, I bet you guys suck each other off every day" Austin teased.

I decided to take charge and pull his jeans to his ankles. His cock was already half erect and poking through the hole in his briefs. I began to suck it, and he moaned above me. Nathan began to lick his shaft, and I moved up to his stomach.

I worked my tongue into his briefs and ran my tongue through his pubes to the hilt of his dick. I slid his briefs off and we both continued sucking. Me and Nathan worked over his head, we pushed it back and forth between our tongues. Then I began to deepthroat him while Nathan sucked on his balls. We continued like that for several minutes, Austin's moans getting longer each time we switched positions. I could tell Austin was close to cumming, when he stood up.

"I need some ass. Cade, bend over that coffee table." I looked at him with eyes of protest until I remembered his threat to reveal me and Nathan's activities. Begrudgingly, I did as I was told and walked over to the low, flat coffe table and laid down on it. Austin got to his knees behind me and spread my legs apart. I braced myself. His cock was large, comperable to Nathan's. I felt a tight, dull pain around my asshole as he plunged in his tip.

I shuddered and shook the table. He continued to push deeper and I continued to grit my teeth. I felt his balls against my thighs and winced, knowing he was fully inside of me. I took a deep breath and he began to fuck me, starting out slowly. With each thrust, the pain slowly went away and I began to enjoy it.

We started up a rhythm, and Nathan moved to the front of the coffee table and put his dick in my mouth. He began to fuck my mouth like he had earlier, pushing my nose into his pubes while Austin continued to pound my ass. The coffee table rocked back and forth as they both thrust into me. I was convinced this had to be a dream. We all moaned loudly, Austin's cock sliding in and out of me was a sensation I'd never felt before, and I loved it. Austin thrusted hard in to me, his balls slapping against mine.

He leaned his head back and shouted in ecstasy as he pulled his cock out, shooting his load in my ass. I felt his hot cum in me, and tried to finish off Nathan.

I slurped loudly, and he busted his second nut of the day in my mouth. Nathan moaned as loud as Austin as he filled my mouth with his sperm.

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"Don't swallow it" Austin commanded me. He told Nathan to come around to the other side of the table and to get on his knees. I felt Nathan's tongue begin to lap up all of Austin's cum inside my asshole.

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He pulled me off the table and kissed me, mixing Austin's cum in with his own. Austin then got down on his knees and began to suck my dick. I came quickly after all of the build up, and Austin caught every last drop of my enourmous load. He stood up and kissed me, and spit my own cum back into my mouth. "Now swallow it" he said with a devilish smile.

I did as I was told, and as the thick, salty mixture worked its way down my throat, I grinned with him.

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