Chick karlie brooks gets destroyed by stalker

Chick karlie brooks gets destroyed by stalker
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This is my first attempt at writing. The names and characters in this story are all fake.

This story is purely fiction. I hope all that read it enjoy. Man of the House Chapter 1 Late August 1986 Jacksonville NC Growing up in the military was hard on all of us.

The constant moving, and missed holidays due to my father either being in the field, or deployed to God knows where, were harder on my brother and I. My mom, Lisa had grown accustomed to the hectic lifestyle.

She met my father while living in California, and they hit it off right from the start. She was 17 at the time and just starting college when she found out she was pregnant with me. After 3 months of dating and the new found knowledge that she was pregnant, she and my father, Jack had gotten married and welcomed me into the family 8 months later.

My name is Scott; I'm 17 and starting my senior year in high school this coming fall. I have a younger brother Mike, who is 15, and is two years behind me. Enough with the introduction let me tell you how my family's life had drastically changed that year. My father was a career Marine. He joined up right out of college, due to the fact that his father and his father before him had been Marines.

This year he celebrated his 16th year in the Corps. He loved his job and was always putting the Corps before everything else. This meant he was always on base or in the field on exercises with his platoon. These past few years my mom and dad fought almost constantly when he was ever home. My mom was becoming more and more miserable. She had always been a stay at home mom, and never had any career aspirations. Our neighbor's wife had talked my mom into pursuing a business degree from the local community college.

This gave my mom something to do with her time during the day when my brother and I were at school. She really seemed happier with her new lease on life, and then my father came home and delivered a bombshell that he had volunteered to go on a deployment to Okinawa and would be leaving in a week. My mom lost it; she had had enough of him always being gone. That night she gave him an ultimatum. She said "You have a choice to make, the kids and I or this deployment, because if you go, we will not be here when you get back!" I had never seen my mom that angry before!

Dad tried to reason with her but she had finally had enough. I had always thought that they had had their problem, but never would have thought that she would have left him over them.

I guess my mom had found some independence in going back to school. My father had chosen to leave and go on the deployment and that pretty much sealed the deal.

My mom filed for divorce and everything was finalized while my father was in Okinawa.


He didn't fight for custody or even fight when my mom went after alimony. I guess to him he was free to live his life how he wanted to, free of the burdens of having a family to hold him back and to stall his career. After the divorce my mom moved us out of base housing and into a small 2 bedroom house out in the surrounding town of Jacksonville. She was happier than I had ever seen her. She liked going back to school, and the freedom of doing what she wanted.

She no longer had to worry about picking up and moving every 2-3 years, or the needs of the Marine Corps over the needs of the family. I had taken the divorce really hard, and so did my brother. I loved my father, and missed him. Before he would always leave to go on deployments he would tell me it was my job to be the man of the house and take care of my mom and younger brother. Now I really was the man of the house. I had gotten a job delivering pizzas to try and supplement our income, plus I really wanted a new car and hated the old Ford Pinto that I was forced to drive.

Being 17 and growing up playing football, I was in pretty good shape. I had dated a few girls but nothing ever serious had happen. Sadly I was still a virgin and driving around in tat damn Pinto wasn't going to change that anytime soon. I saved 50% of every paycheck in order to buy something better.

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What I really wanted was a pickup. Nothing new, but not old either. It was late October and the weather service had announced that we were in for a freak southern blizzard. No one put much stock into it, seeing as it rarely snows in the coastal towns. I had gotten home late from football practice and my mom had told me that it was just going to be us this weekend because my brother was staying the weekend at a friend's house.

My brother had distanced himself from my mom more and more after the divorce. He blamed her for dad leaving and believed that she forced our dad away. "He just needed some time to come to his senses." my mom said.

Later that afternoon the snow began to fall. It was slow at first and then gradually fell to the point where it was near white out conditions. A lot of the trees still had their leaves which due to the heavy snow fall caused them to break branches and fall on power lines. About 7pm we lost power. I had helped my mom dig out the hurricane lamps and light them. "Guess we won't be watching TV tonight." I said as my mom finished making sandwiches for dinner.

"Nope, I guess not" she replied. "Well what do you want to do tonight?" I asked. "I don't know, I was supposed to work on a paper this weekend but with the power out I guess I'll have to write it out by hand." She said. I had retreated to my room I shared with my brother and relaxed at the thought of being by myself without him being there this weekend. About an hour later my mom gently knocked on my door.

"I'm bored and don't really feel like writing that paper right now. Do you want to play cards or something?" "Sure mom I'll get out the old card table and set it up in the living room." "What do you want to play?" I asked. "How about gin rummy" she said. We sat there playing and talking when my mom asked me if I wanted a drink. "Sure" I said as she went into the kitchen. Thinking she was going to bring me a Coke, out she come with two beers.

"Now I know I shouldn't be giving you this, but it's just us and you are in the safety of your own home, so I don't see the harm." She said handing me the cold bottle.

I had never had a beer before and didn't know what to expect. I twisted off the cap and took a small sip. It was bitter and nothing I had experienced ever before.

I then took a longer pull on it and my mom said "Whoa there, take it easy, there's no rush to finish it all in one gulp!" I smiled and wiped my chin. 'This is good mom!" I said.


"Well seeing as you are almost a man, and you got that job to try and help me out with the bill, I'd say you deserve it." She said smiling back at me. Soon after the first and second beers were gone, we had realized that we had drunk almost the entire 12 pack my mom had bought. Now I don't know if it was the beer or what, but my mom looks at me and asks "Hey you want to play poker?" "What kind of poker mom? I reply. "How about strip poker?" she said. I about fell out of my chair when I heard her say that!

Well after I about spit my beer across the room, I said "Are you sure mom? I mean if you really want to." "Sure it will be fun!" she said.

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"Okay here are the rules we each have to wear the exact same amount of clothes on, and watches and jewelry does not count. First one in their birthday suit loses understand?" "Yup, that sounds fair." I couldn't believe this was all happening! First the beer and now this! To tell you the truth I was scared to death. I had never seen a real life naked woman before, much less my mother! She was shorter than me by a foot, 5'2" with dark blonde hair and a small frame weighing around 110 115 lbs.

she had a classic beauty about her. She wasn't a bombshell, but she had that mom next door look to her. Her body looked really good for a woman in her mid-thirties. Her breasts were petite but not too small, later I found out she was a c-cup. She had pale white skin from constantly staying out of the sun, and it was very smooth.

"Okay round one, nothing wild, you deal." She said. My nervous hands dealt out the cards. Great I thought she's gonna win for sure with a hand like this! I had two 5's and nothing else! I exchanged two cards and my mom got one. Things were looking up, I got another 5.

"Okay what do you got?" she said. She laid down her cards and had two pair, I put down my three of a kind and she smiled. "Well what do you want me to take off first?" she said. "How about your sweater" I replied. "Okay" she said taking her sweater off and flinging it across the back of the chair. "My deal!" she said taking the cards. She shuffled and dealt the cards, but all I could do was stare at her chest! "Hey pay attention mister!" she said smiling.

I had nothing! I had a hand full of crap. I asked for three cards. Just my luck, I had nothing. She triumphantly laid down a full house!


"Okay mister, take off the pants!" she said beaming at me. I shucked off my sweat pants and sat back down in my plaid boxer shorts. I dealt the next two hands and lost the next two hands.

I was down to my boxers and one sock! Mom dealt the next hand and finally I got a win. I still can see her sliding her jeans down her thighs! I dealt the cards and was rewards with three aces! I took one card and smiled as I had gotten another ace! She called and I laid down my four aces.

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She laughed and said "your luck is starting to turn around!" "Okay what do you want me to lose?" she said coyly. I really wanted her to lose her panties, but didn't want to sound over eager. So I said "Alright take off your bra." She reached behind her and unhooked it and slid the shoulder straps down and just left it there for a second and then it just hit the floor along with my jaw. Before me were the very first pair of boobs I have ever seen in my life up close.

They were perfect, not to small and no sag to them at all! They had small brownish tan eraser shaped nipples and it took all my self-control not to reach out and touch them.

Mom sat back down and picked up the cards and shuffled. Every movement she made caused her breasts jiggle. She noticed me staring again and said "What? You act as if you never seen a pair of boobs before!" I hadn't! "Sure dad's old playboys in the attic but never real life boobs before!" I said. "You've got to be kidding me! I thought you saw surly would have seen Jennifer's when you two were dating last summer." She said.

"Sadly no, she moved when her dad got stationed in California and we never experimented or got that serious" I told her. That's when my mom stood up and walked in front of me and grabbed my hand and gently placed my hand on her naked breast.

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"See they're no big deal really, I fed you and your brother with them when you were babies." She said. I couldn't believe it! I was holding my mother's boob in my hand and didn't know what to do!

She took my hand and made me squeeze it. "Women and girls like it when you're gentle and softly squeeze their boobs. She removed her hand and I reached out with my other hand and gently caressed her other breast. "Now move your thumb back and forth across the nipples." She said. I did as I was instructed and she let out a small soft moan. "Okay back to the game, there has got to be a winner!" she replied. I sat there and relished the fact that my own mother let me feel her up! I had a raging hard on and it was good that my mom didn't see it!

What would she think if she saw the huge tent in my shorts? I was all light headed from the beer and the fact that I had just gotten to second base with my mother! TO BE CONTINUED…&hellip.

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