Dripping pussy will make the deputy turn blind eye

Dripping pussy will make the deputy turn blind eye
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Chapter 19 After my morning's excitement with Alyssa, I wanted a little me time. I pulled on my clothes and set off southwestward along the slope of the volcanic peak on the South end of the island. As far as I knew, no one had explored this part of the island yet. The jungle was fairly dense as I skirted the steep slope, until I ran into another game trail that seemed to head in the general direction I was going. Following the trail made things much easier, and soon I was able to catch glimpses of the smaller beach—the one past the mouth of the stream—below me through the trees.

The vegetation thinned as I got closer to the end of the island, and the terrain was definitely more rocky. I began to hear clucking sounds as I hiked, and wondered if I might see some of the elusive chickens we had heard now and then. I crept quietly along the path, trying desperately not to spook the creatures, and eventually spied a small flock of runty, multicolored hens and a single rooster pecking around a fallen tree.

I studied the situation, wondering if I could somehow use my shirt to net one of the birds. Then I saw an opening in the rocky face of the mountain that seemed about 8 feet across. It looked like a small cave, and I suspected I could drive some of them into it if I were careful.

Lining myself up opposite the cave from the chickens, I hid behind a tree, and made a loud cawing noise. I didn't want to freak them out, just get them moving away from me. A few squawks emanated from the flock, and when I peeked out, they had indeed fled a few feet from the unfamiliar noise. I crawled forward to another tree, and repeated the maneuver, this time driving them all the way up to the rock wall.

The cave was now clearly visible, and fortunately the mountain threw out two fingers of rock that made a natural funnel aimed at the cave. With a little luck, I could panic the dimwitted poultry into the cave and trap them there.

Taking off my shirt, I leapt out from behind the tree with a shriek, and waving the fabric like a flag charged the group of clucking fowl like a madman. They squawked in panic, wings flapping ineffectually, and scattered away from me in a disorganized mob. At least three of them dove right into the cave, and I ignored the rest to concentrate on the ones I had a chance in catching. Reaching the cave mouth, I stopped, surveying the interior. It was fairly short, about 8 by 6 feet at the mouth, tapering to about 3 feet across at the far end, which was 8 feet or so in.

There were two hens and a rooster inside, running around in a panic. I held my shirt next to me to widen the barrier to escape, and looked around frantically for some way to nab them. A small tree grew near the cave mouth, and by reaching to my arm's limit, I was able to snag a branch and pull it toward me.

I broke off as much as I could, and ended up with a 6 -foot section of leafy twigs. It was fairly dense foliage, and I figured I could use it as a net to trap them against the cave wall. I inched forward until I was halfway to the back, the frightened birds now pressed against the back wall, where it was narrowest. I didn't think I'd get a better chance, so made my move. I leapt forward, the branch held sideways in front of me, and plastered all three against the rock with a lucky lunge.

The squawks were deafening as I held them against the wall, reaching through the leaves to grab the legs of the first hen. Thinking quickly, I popped it into my shirt, which immobilized it reasonably well. The second pullet was just as easy to snag, and I crammed it in the shirt with the other one. The rooster looked fairly angry, and I was a little nervous because I thought I remembered them as having spurs they could fight with.

I slowly reached for the thing, and was rewarded for my caution with a painful peck on the hand. I withdrew quickly, and vowed no stupid bird was going to get the better of me. I jabbed the branch at the clucking little bastard, knocking him off balance, and then snatched his legs right out from under him. Once I had him dangling upside down, he seemed to lose all fight, and hung motionless. I dropped the branch and picked up the shirt carefully with the other hand, gathering the waist together and holding it upside down, so that chicken legs were now protruding from the neck and arm holes.

Neither hen appeared to be particularly alarmed, and sat in their makeshift net without complaint. I jogged down the trail toward camp, feeling pretty badass. The mighty hunter returns with his game! I ran as fast as I could without jostling the birds too much, as I didn't want them falling out, or pecking me again. Maybe I wasn't so mighty after all, but I did have my game.

Minutes later I crossed the stream, and soon was at the pool. Logan, Brandon, and Juhee, along with Dakota and Summer, were all taking a dip, and were a little alarmed when I strode up, wild-eyed and dangling poultry from both arms. "Help me, guys! I caught some chickens!" They crowded around in wonder, and I enlisted the younger ones to collect a few suitcases to confine them in temporarily.

They ran off excitedly, and I turned to the hippie chicks. "Did you have chickens on your farm, along with the goats?" "As a matter of fact we did," said Dakota. "Where did you find them?" "At the south end of the island. There are more, but I could only catch these. Do you think you guys could help Horace put together some kind of coop?" "Yeah," Rain replied.

"No problem. They're pretty easy to make. We'll get right to work." We trooped to the beach, where a crowd was now collecting to meet our new pets. The kids ran up with 3 duffel bags, and we were able to slip the birds inside them without losing them. I plopped down onto the sand, dripping sweat, and guzzled a bottle of water.

I let the others work on the new chicken coop while I snagged a little food for myself. Joelle and Janie strode up; it was good to see them becoming friends. "How did you do that?" Joelle asked in amazement, gesturing at the suitcases full of chicken. I recounted my adventure, and the ladies congratulated me, giving me a caveman feeling: me good provider!

We chatted for a while, and I had a sudden thought. "Hey, Janie. I'm already sweaty. You want to do another TKD class?" "Sure," she answered. "I could use a little exercise. How about you, Joelle? You want to learn?" "Maybe another time," she demurred. "I just got back from a long walk. Rain took me across the island to the beach on the other side to see if anything new had washed up.

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I'm pretty beat." I changed into my uniform, as we had decided to continue the tradition of dressing out for practices. It seemed to focus everyone's mind and get them in the mood for serious exercise. Janie gathered up the girls, and I collected the boys.

We again invited anyone who wanted to join us, and this time our offer was accepted by Megan and Emma, of all people. I guess being cheerleaders they were used to regular exercise, too, and we were the only organized game in town at the moment.

In my mind I idly toyed with the idea of suggesting they resume cheer training. I could imagine a line of scantily clad young lovelies doing high kicks and cartwheels on the beach, and it made my cock twitch in interest.

Maybe another time&hellip. One everyone was changed, we ran through a basic warm-up. The two new girls were unfamiliar with many of the exercises we did, but they were pretty simple and they were able to follow along without much difficulty. I set Christopher to teaching some basic tenets of breathing, stances, punches and blocking to the cheerleaders, figuring he would like the attention of the young ladies.

I wasn't sure if they swung both ways or were dedicated muff-divers only, but he could try. Janie led the remainder of the class, and we alternated between forms and sparring practice to keep it fresh. After an hour of hard work we broke off, and I had another brilliant idea: in keeping with our after-class pool-party tradition, we could hike up to the crater lake and have a real pool-party and picnic. I floated the idea to the group and it was well-received.

I suggested everyone wash out their uniforms to keep them from stinking, and then collect some food and clothing and put them in carry-on bags or backpacks. We had plenty of these from the luggage. I collected my own, and grabbed one of our precious flashlights just in case we came home later than expected.

Within 15 minutes we were trooping along the game trail in a long line. Megan taught the kids a marching song she had learned in Girl Scouts, and the whole crew was belting it out lustily as we made our way past the waterfall and began climbing the slope of the mountain, following the stream.

It took about 30 minutes of hard climbing to reach the top, and the kids marveled at the panoramic view from the summit. We filed in through the narrow opening that released the headwaters of the stream, and there were shouts of delight as the children discovered the lake.

Janie had wisely advised everyone to hike in something suitable for bathing, so we all jumped in immediately, the girls shrieking as they hit the cold water. Some of the boys discovered an overhang like the one from which River had jumped yesterday. Soon a steady stream of cannonballs was hitting the water below.

A couple of the girls joined them, while I saw several others trying to dive down and touch bottom. The two cheerleaders were lying on the flat rock catching some rays, and I swam over to talk to them. "What do you girls think of the lake?" I asked, resting my crossed arms on the rock, my chin on my wrists. "It's pretty cool, Mr. Connor," Megan said enthusiastically. "Thanks for inviting us." She leaned back again with her eyes closed, enjoying the sun. I was enjoying her young body, and her friend's.

They were both in tiny bikinis, I guess the only kind of bathing suit a self-respecting cheerleader would own. Erect nipples were plainly visible tenting the wet fabric of their tops, and the bottoms were displaying serious camel toes.

Knowing just what was under those little triangles of fabric, and what they were doing this morning, only aroused me further. I felt an enormous erection growing. With their eyes closed, I was free to study their nubile young bodies at will, and after a moment realized I was free to indulge myself at will as well.

"Call me Dave," I insisted. "Did you like our Tae Kwon Do class?" I asked nonchalantly, while slipping my cock out of my suit and stroking it under the water with one hand, while hanging on to the rock with the other. "Yeah," answered Emma. "We needed some exercise. I'd like to keep doing it if that's OK with you." She leaned on her elbow, squinting at me in the sun. I was careful not to make my pumping hand noticeable to her as I continued pleasuring myself.

It was quite a rush to be jerking off right in front of a lovely teenage girl without her knowledge. "We'd love to have you join us," I said. "Do you think any of the other girls would want to participate? We can go over some self-defense tips so you guys can learn to protect yourselves." I ran my thumb over my swollen glans, imagining her full lips surrounding my meat. "Probably," she said. "We've all been pretty lazy since we got here, but most of us are used to regular exercise.

It would be good to get back into a routine." She rolled over onto her belly, twisting herself to face her friend. This placed her ass pointed at me, and I admired the way her bathing suit was hiked tightly up her crack. "What do you think, Emma?" Emma opened her eyes briefly.

"I guess so," she said, considering. "I know Anne would be all for it. She gets mad if we slack off too much." She placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes again. I eyed her tits for a moment, remembering how they had been sucked just hours ago, then turned back to her friend. Megan's legs had parted a little further, allowing me a sweet view of her crotch. Her suit was pulled so tight I could see half a lip peeking out from under the elastic, and my masturbating became a little more aggressive as I imagined climbing onto the rock and sticking my tongue up there.

What would she do? Did she like guys at all, or was she strictly on the all-girl team? Unfortunately I was running out of conversation, and they seemed to want to lie in silence, so I would have to leave the two of them in peace. Maybe some other time&hellip. I tucked my meat back into my suit, and swam off.

Janie had chosen a t-shirt instead of a bikini top, and I admired her breasts through the thin, wet fabric as I paddled toward her.

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She was in conversation with Christopher in chest-deep water closer to the shore. He had his back to me as I approached, and jumped a little when I said "Hi!" He tried to pull away from Janie, but seemed tethered by something, and a grimace formed on his face which subsided as he relaxed again.

His cheeks were bright red, and he had a guilty look on his face. Janie, on the other hand, had a self-satisfied smile on hers. I caught a flick of her eyes toward the water between them, and looked down to see a wavering image of her holding his dick under the water. I guess he had tried to escape when I swam up, but she wouldn't let him go.

I watched as her fingers caressed his stiff prick, but said nothing. Instead, I sidled up next to her, pretending not to notice what was going on. "Isn't this an awesome place!" I said brightly.

"We should come up here more often." "Absolutely," Janie agreed. "I'm having a lot of fun. What about you, Chris?" "Y-yes," he stuttered, unable to say any more. He looked a little panicked, but showed no signs of trying to bolt. "Of course it's a little hard getting here," she continued, " but that shouldn't stop us. It's very rewarding when you arrive. Don't you think so, honey?" she asked the tortured boy. "Yes," he croaked again, unsure what else to do.

I figured I'd give her a little taste of her own medicine, and reached behind her to slide my hand down the back of her bikini bottom. She started, but kept up her penile stimulation while I caressed her tight little asshole, then slid farther forward to massage her labia.

Her warm flesh was a nice contrast to the cold water, and I imagined the cool sensation she must have felt as I opened her lips wide and let the water fill her vagina. "Maybe you should check on the others," she said with a slight quaver in her voice. "You're probably right," I agreed, flicking her clit once for good measure. "I'll just make sure everyone is having a good time." With that I withdrew my hand from her cunt, and on impulse grabbed Christopher's hand, which was swishing aimlessly through the water as he got his pud pulled, and placed it smack onto Janie's pussy, causing them both to jump in surprise.

"Have fun, kids!" I said, laughing, and swam away. I saw Alison sitting on the shore, hugging her arms around her thin frame. She had worn an actual bathing suit this time, a green bikini that complemented her skin and hair color nicely.

It looked like she had gotten pretty chilled in the cold water, and had climbed out to warm up. "Hey, girl," I said, swimming up to the shore and resting on my knees.

"What's up?' She gave me a lovely smile, and answered, "Just trying to warm up a little. The water's pretty cold." "Yeah, I'm starting to catch a chill myself." I observed Morgan and Madison building a tower of sticks and stones behind her on the small sandy area near the stream's outflow. Suddenly a brilliant idea struck me.

I crawled up closer, and was able to see the goosebumps on her skin, and the fetching way her small nipples poked at the fabric of her top. "I know a good place to warm up, if you want," I said in a quiet voice, trying not to alert the younger girls behind her. "There's a natural hot tub on the other side of the lake. You want to come with me?" She smiled at me shyly, and I saw the hint of a blush color her fair cheeks. I guess she liked the attention I was showing her.

I remembered how she had looked at me when we had had our first pool party, when something had passed between us. She really was strikingly beautiful, long and lean like a sexy greyhound.

Her red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her blue eyes bored into me while she considered my offer. "OK," she said. "Where is it?" I motioned her to hop back in the water, and we swam the hundred yards or so to the place where the smaller outflow broke through the crater rim, holding onto our shoes.

Offering a hand to help her climb out of the water, I glanced back to see Jamie looking our way. I motioned at the two of us and then pointed down the mountain, so she would know where we were. I could see the gleam of her teeth in the distance, and figured she would know what was up.

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I led Alison down the slope, following the small trickle of water, until we reached the rocky shelf holding the hot springs. The smaller one seemed more intimate, so I headed to it. Alison ran her fingers through the water, and said, "Mmmm, that feels good!" "Hot tub rules," I declared. "No suits allowed." Her eyes widened. "Turn around so I can get in." She did so, trembling a little. I slipped off my shorts, my dick popping out fully erect and straining to reach the young honey.

Easing into the water and sitting on a flat shelf of rock, I felt the chest high water begin to relax my muscles. "OK, you can turn around. I'll close my eyes so you can climb in." I did so, covering my face with one hand. There was a pause, and I thought, Go ahead! Do it! A rustling noise and then a disturbance in the water let me know she had. Yes! "I'm in; you can look." She sat across from me, our knees just touching, and I smiled at her reassuringly.

I could see just a hint of those small pink nipples under the wavering surface of the water. Reflections of the sky hid her lower half from me, unfortunately. Her cheeks were bright red at this point, possibly from the heat, but probably because she was shy. "I've never been skinny-dipping before," she said quietly. "It feels kind of funny." "Well, I figured you were grown up enough to appreciate a little adult quiet time. Plus you looked cold and I knew this would warm you up.

Doesn't the heat feel nice?" She seemed to relax a little, sinking lower into the warmth. "Yeah. I like the hot tub at the rec center back home, but it smells like chlorine. This is much better." "I love a good hot soak," I told her. "It's even better when you have good company." She smiled back at me, her even, white teeth peeking out between her naturally red lips.

A sheen of perspiration was forming on her high forehead. Her blue eyes were intense, the type of eyes a man could get lost in. An expression of discomfort appeared on her face. I wondered if she was having second thoughts, and asked, "Are you OK?" "There's a rough spot on the rock," she said, squirming in place. "I can't get comfortable." "There's plenty of room on this side." I scooched over. "Why don't you move over here." She looked a little nervous, but comfort won out over fear, and she shuffled over to my side.

Her nipples broke the surface of the water briefly as she moved, then submerged again as she sat next to me. I wasn't sure if she caught me staring, but she didn't seem embarrassed, so I let it pass without comment. Her firm young thigh rested against mine under the steaming water, and a slight tilt to the rock forced her to lean into me a bit, so our shoulders touched as well.

I wanted to settle her nerves a little, so I struck up a conversation. "So what grade are you in?" I asked. "I'm a Junior this year," she said.

"At Crossland. It's the same school that Juhee goes to. But she's just a Freshman." "What's your favorite class?" "I like Bio 2," she answered, and seemed animated as she continued. "We got to dissect a pig this year. That was pretty cool. I like the teacher, he's really nice, and smart." She looked at me for a moment, a shy smile on her lips "He sort of reminds me of you, a little." "I'll take that as a compliment.

You know, I was a Bio major in college. I love knowing all the complicated ways the human body works. Any interest in medicine as a career? Or are you more interested in animals?" She sat up a little straighter, warming to the subject. This brought her pretty little breasts right to the surface of the pool, and they would intermittently peek out of the water as ripples skated back and forth.

"I'm not sure," she said. "I love animals, but I'm not sure they'd be as fun if they're sick. Plus, I think a career in medicine would be pretty cool. My grades are good, and I'm a hard worker." "I've seen you with the younger students," I said. "You're really great with them. A natural leader.

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And they seem to gravitate to you. I think you inspire confidence in them and make them feel safe." She snorted slightly. "What?" I asked. "I wish I felt confident.

I'm pretty scared about what's going to happen to us. Will we ever get home again?" She seemed to be near tears. "I'm really glad you're here with us. Without my parents and teachers, you're the only person I feel like I can look to if I need help.

Like you said, the younger ones expect me to be strong. Sometimes I feel like no one is there for me." A single tear dripped from her eye and ran down her cheek. I wiped it from her face gently. "I'm here for you, Alison. Any thing you need, you just ask." I wrapped my arm around her lightly, and she leaned into me.

"And we are going to be just fine. We've got all we need to survive on this island, and there are a lot of good people here to make this work. Just pretend you're doing a semester abroad, gaining life experience." She laughed slightly, sniffling a little. "Thanks, Dave. I knew I could count on you." She impulsively kissed me on the cheek, then blushed crimson again. "Oh my God! I can't believe I just did that. I'm so embarrassed!" "Why?" I asked curiously.

"It was nice. I enjoyed it." "I feel like some silly girl. I should be more mature." I looked at her seriously. "You are not silly, and you are not a girl either in my eyes. You are a wonderful young woman, and I am grateful to be here with you." I pulled her to me again. "There is no one I'd rather be spending time with right now." She snuggled in closer, happy again. Her nipple was now resting against my deltoid, the tight little nub tickling the hairs on my arm.

Watching her face out of the corner of my eye, I could see her glancing downward, checking out my erection through the clear water. Time to make a move, I thought.

"So, Alison, do you have a boyfriend back home?" She poked her painted toenails out of the water, inspecting them, and in an overly casual tone said, "Not really anymore. We sort of broke up." "I'm sorry," I lied. "What happened?" "It's kind of embarrassing," she said, looking away. "Go on, spill it. It can't be that bad" She hesitated, then took the plunge.

"Well, we had been dating for about 6 months, and had done some kissing, and like, sort of touched each other some in his bedroom, but he never seemed to make a move on me. I was ready for more, but I don't know if he wasn't interested in me or if he was just nervous." "Obviously the latter.

No one could not be interested in you, sweetheart." She reddened again. Her skin was so pale, she wore her emotions right on the surface. "I don't know what the problem was, but I always seemed to be the one to push for more. It made me feel like a slut. I thought the girl was supposed to say no, and the guy was supposed to try to get farther. "Anyway, he took me to dinner one night, and when we got back to my place my folks were out with friends.

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I invited him up to my bedroom and we made out a little. Then I pulled his shirt off, and I hoped he would take mine off, but he seemed a little freaked out so I had to do it. I told him he could touch my boobs, but I had to put his hand on them 'cause he was too afraid. We finally got naked, and I convinced him to put his penis in me. He got all spastic when he saw it hurt me, and pulled it out real quick, and then squirted his stuff on my leg. I was, like, pissed, because it hurt to let him take my virginity, and then he panicked and didn't even do anything for me.

He got dressed and left. He wouldn't even talk about it. "The next day he avoided me, and after that it just was never the same. He didn't ask me to prom, so I figured we're broken up," she concluded glumly. "You must think I'm a real whore," she muttered. I tipped her chin up so she was looking at me. "I think you are fantastic. You had normal feelings and desires, and your loser boyfriend was too much of an idiot to know what you needed. You deserve a lot better than that." She perked up, her eyes shining.

"Thanks," she said. "It means a lot to here you say that. I haven't told any adults that story, and I've been worried there was something wrong with me." I looked at her angelic face. "Can I bring up something delicate?" I asked.

She bit her lip and nodded. "He may have popped your cherry, but to me you are still a virgin." Her mouth opened in shock. "I'm sorry to be blunt, but that wasn't sex! Sex is a lot more that just penetration. You deserve someone who can show you how wonderful it can be." The ball's in your court, baby, I thought. She stared at me in consternation, her feelings clearly battling on her face. I could sense her desire, but her anxiety was holding her back.

I brushed back a stray tendril of her hair which hung over one eye, so I could see her better. The brief contact seemed to embolden her. "Maybe you could show me?" she asked tentatively. Oh, hell yes! "I would be honored to be your first true lover. I think you are absolutely beautiful, and very sexy. I was hoping you would ask me." She smiled bashfully. "I can tell.

Your, uh, penis is pretty ready, huh?" She was bright red again. "There's no faking that," I told her. "Take it as a compliment." "I do," she said. "I think it's kind of cool you think I'm sexy. And I like seeing you get hard for me. It makes me feel like a real woman." I took her hand, kissed the palm gently, and then placed it on my rock hard prick.

Her eyes widened, but she didn't say anything. Instead, I felt her fingers begin massaging the shaft of my meat, and her gaze was fixed on my lap as she fondled my manhood. I leaned in and kissed her, her eyes closing as I licked her lips lightly. She parted them and thrust her tongue into my mouth hungrily, and her hand began sliding up and down my boner more aggressively. I kissed her neck, working my way down it to her chest, and she obliged by arching her back and leaning onto the rock behind her.

Her champagne-glass titties broke the surface of the water, and I delicately licked the drops from her erect nipples, drawing a sigh of contentment from her. Her other hand joined the first one, caressing my nuts and making me groan involuntarily. I sucked her harder, the small mound squeezing halfway into my mouth with the force of my suction.

"Oh, yes!" she murmured.

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"I want you to suck my boobs, and touch me all over!" I bit her nipple lightly and she exclaimed, "Yes! Do that again!" I did so, enjoying the feel of the stiff nub of flesh compressed between my teeth, my tongue probing the dimple in the center. "Aaaah!" she moaned in exquisite agony as I mauled the sensitive tissue. This little hottie was making me crazy with desire, and I wanted to experience more of her luscious body.

I grasped her narrow hips, lips still around her firm teat, and hoisted her out of the water to the rocky edge of the pool. I knelt between her long legs and eased her back until she was lying down, reluctantly releasing her tit in the process. She looked up at me, eyes shining. "Are you going to fuck me now?" Hearing the profanity rolling off of her angelic lips was so erotic my boner felt like the Eiffel Tower between my legs. "Not yet, baby," I whispered hoarsely.

"I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours." She eagerly spread he legs for me, giving me better access to her fiery bush, and moaning, "Oh yeah! I want that so much!" She shivered in anticipation. "Lick my pussy, Dave! I've never had anybody do that before and I am so ready for it.

God, I am so wet for you!" Man, this chick was one horny little spitfire! She must have been in serious need of a real fucking ever since her lame boyfriend blew his load prematurely. Fortunately, I was the one to give it to her. I watched her caressing her own boobs in an enticing display of teenage lust, and then eased my face up to her sublime snatch. The orange curls of her bush were neatly trimmed, covering her long, narrow lips with a fetching russet strip of hair, already perfumed with her intimate secretions.

With her legs spread wide, her sharp-edged outer labia were nicely parted, and the creamy canyon of her cunt was wide open for my inspection. She really was ready to go, thick white cream oozing out of her bright pink gash and dripping onto her puckered anus.

Her inner labia were thin strips of glistening, rose-colored flesh, running at least 4 inches down her gorgeous cleft from the firm bud at the top to where they joined just in front of her asshole. I started with slow tongue strokes to those slick ribbons framing her cunt, licking the narrow inner labia up one side and down the other, tasting her for the first time.

Her juices were thick and almost yeasty, a tangy, musky white sauce glazing her intimate meat strips. I could barely get my teeth on the narrow lips, they were so thin, but I managed to nibble them enough to get Alison gasping and moaning in pleasure.

I nosed her clit, inhaling the scent of her teenaged pussy. The tender little bud was tiny, and tucked away under her hood like a pearl in an oyster. I teased it out with tongue and fingers, sucking on the bundle of nerves gently and bringing soft cries to my young lover's open mouth. After I had paid a little attention to her love bud, I moved south, tickling her pee hole with the tip of my tongue, then dipping into her honey pot for a dollop of her cream.

I rolled it in my mouth, savoring the rich taste, then swallowed it down. Circling the inner walls of her tight vagina, I caressed her deepest recesses with my tongue, bringing her to the edge of climax and ensuring she was good and wet, and as engorged and loose as her young pussy could get. I stood up, and slid her back from the edge of the pool, intending to plow her furrow right then and there. Apparently she had different ideas, for when she saw my bobbing erection in front of her, she quickly sat up and slurped it into her mouth, causing me to gasp in pleasure.

Her untutored tongue swirled around my helmet with youthful enthusiasm, and her instincts were dead-on as she grabbed my shaft and began pumping it in counterpoint to her gobbling mouth. Finally she spat out my cock and laid back, pulling her knees up as spreading herself wide.

"Fuck me, Dave!" she begged. "I need your dick in me now!" God, was this chick horny! I knelt before her, and aiming my fuckpole at her drooling slit, impaled her with one monumental thrust. She screamed in pleasure and pain as my meat drove into her nearly virgin canal, tearing aside the remnants of her cherry and filling her with cock for the first time in her life.

"Oh FUCK that hurts, but it feels so goddamned good, too!" she hollered, wrapping her long legs around me and holding me to her tightly. I kissed her neck, then whispered in her ear, "You OK, sweetie?

Should I keep going?" "Hell, yes!" she breathed. "Fuck me good, Dave! Make me come!" She grabbed my head in her hands and started kissing me frantically, plunging her tongue in my mouth and biting my lip with passion. I had no idea a 16-year-old could have so much stored up lust. I grinned at her as I began moving in and out of her slowly, feeling her tight cunny gripping my dick, the ridges of her vagina reluctantly giving way as they lubricated.

Gradually her pussy unclenched and accepted the intruder, oozing honey on me to smooth my ride through her love tunnel. I was able to increase my rhythm, thrusting my cock faster and faster into her, and with each heave she barked, "Yes!

Yes! Yes!," the words tearing from her lips almost like a curse.

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Her hands found my ass and grabbed hold, the fingers slipping into my crack and tickling my anus as they pulled me in deeper to her pink paradise. Her cries had degenerated into animal grunts, the primitive sounds striking some chord within me and waking a powerful lust that had me almost out of control of my own body.

My pelvis crashed into her repeatedly, in time with her guttural sounds, and I felt that instinctive male need to suck tit.

I bent down and inhaled one of those taut mounds, chewing on it like dog with a toy. Her grunting progressed to screaming as she came, a maelstrom of sensation roaring through her young body. For a long minute, her body arched tensely, her breath caught in her throat, and I felt her velvet vise clamping down rhythmically on my penis. I managed to hold off shooting my wad, hoping to prolong this luscious encounter as long as I could.

"Oh, GOD!" she yelled deliriously. "That was so fucking GOOD!" She stared at me intensely, a fierce grin on her face.

"That's what I needed!" "It's not over yet, gorgeous," I told her throatily. "I've got a lot more where that came from." She bit my neck as I leaned into her, giving my twitching cock a little time to settle down before round 2. What a little hellcat! "Why don't you take a turn on top," I said. 'That way you can control the action for a while." "Ooh, I like the sound of that," she purred, almost shoving me off her.

My peter popped out of her snatch like a cork, and I rolled over onto my back. Her slender fingers massaged her vulva as she positioned herself above me, and then grabbed my boner as it got close to her heavenly hole. Spreading herself wide with one hand, she guided me into her with the other, sitting down heavily and ramming my wiener deep into her cunny again, where it belonged.

"Uunnh!" she gasped, obviously relishing her beef injection. She began rocking back and forth, her eyes closed in concentration. I studied her sublime form in appreciation. Her long red hair was loose now, cascading over her alabaster shoulders. That thin chest, with its firm pink hillocks jiggling slightly with each movement, was glistening with sweat and dusted with freckles. Her taut belly was below that, the shallow dimple of her navel breaking the smooth sheet of white skin as it led to her bright patch of girl fur.

The contrast of my tanned skin against her creamy complexion, and my thick brown pubes mingling with her fine red ones, was almost inspiring in its artistry. She opened her eyes as her rocking built in intensity, and caught me staring at her. She smiled serenely, and grabbing my hands, which were encircling her narrow waist, she placed them on her small breasts, the stiff nipples poking my palms. I began massaging the divine dumplings, sliding my fingers over the slick, sweaty mounds and pinching and pulling the nipples just hard enough to stimulate her libido.

She closed her eyes again, biting her lip as she focused all her attention on pleasuring her pussy on my cock. I had focused all my attention on her nubile young body. Neither one of us was paying any attention to what was going on around us, and that was about to bite us in the ass. "Are you having sex?" an excited young voice asked, scaring the shit out of Alison and me.

She let out a small scream, her eyes flying open, and I yelled incoherently in surprise. We both looked the source of the interruption, and saw Madison crouched nearby, watching us intently. "Madison, what are you doing here?" Alison asked in shock.

My own mouth was open but nothing was coming out. I did notice that Alison was still rocking back and forth on her divine fulcrum. Apparently her body was quite willing to continue fucking even in the absence of conscious thought.

"I wanted to see where you were going, so I followed you," our peeping pee-wee answered. "You were making a lot of noise, before," she said to Alison. "Was he hurting you?" "No!" my partner answered vehemently, as I simultaneously defended myself. "I would never hurt her, Madison. You need to go. We're having a private, adult moment here.


It's not really right for you to be here." "But I want to watch," she said in a pouty voice. "Ashley and Lily were telling us they know all about sex, and I want to know about it, too." Gee, I wonder where they learned that, I thought wryly. At least the twins hadn't sold me out.

"I can get naked, too, if that's better." Before I could object, she had shucked off her bathing suit, exposing her 10-year-old body to us gleefully. She was still half a little girl, with a hint of baby fat in her cheeks and around her middle, but with the long, coltish legs of an adolescent. I couldn't help noticing her tiny budding breasts, the little disks of tissue poking from her chest like tan checkers, the immature nipples in their centers like pink BBs. Her cleft was plump and pink, with no sign of any pubic hair yet.

"Maddie," Alison said in an exasperated tone, "please leave us alone. You're not old enough to see this." A mutinous expression appeared on the youngster's face. "I'm tired of being told I'm too young.

All the older girls keep shooing me away to talk about sex and they say I'm too much of a baby to hear it." She had worked herself up and was near tears. "I'm going to stay and watch, or I'm going to scream and make everybody else come down here and see what you're doing!" Alison looked at me in despair, not knowing what to do.

I was unsure myself, but that now-familiar inner voice told me to accept, and suddenly it just didn't seem to matter anymore.

I looked at Alison and shrugged. "What the hell," I said. "We're busted. Do you want to stop?" "No!" she said forcefully. She glanced at the younger girl, all the while still riding me like a pony at a party.

"Is it OK if she sees us? I mean it's not going to warp her or something?" "I don't think so. A lot of cultures allow children to see sexual activity. It is a natural part of life. I don't mind if you don't." "I guess not. I mean, my friend and I played with ourselves in front of each other once and that didn't bother me." Now there was an image to bring an erection to a monk!

I turned to Madison once more. "OK, you can watch, just don't bother us." She nodded, her attention fixated on our joined genitals. I resumed stroking Alison's petite breasts again, causing her to sigh and relax. She once more closed her eyes and began grinding against me in earnest. I tried to ignore our spectator, and concentrated on the incredible teen body on top of me.

I ran my hands down her sides and flanks, marveling at how soft and smooth her young skin was. She was getting back in the groove now, her pelvic motion more aggressive, grinding her little clit against me. Her breathing was picking up, heavy pants gusting from her open mouth, and sweat was dripping from her reddened face. She leaned farther over, and I took the opportunity to tickle her nipples with my tongue, making her shudder and moan.

"Suck them, Dave!" she begged. "I love to feel your mouth on my tits!" I sucked on the pert mounds gladly, tasting her salty perspiration, and the slightly bitter taste of the secretions from her nipples.

Biting them gently, I made her whimper in pleasure, her thrusting now almost violent. I felt the light touch of fingers on my scrotum, and enjoyed the massage as I felt my own release rising.

The hand moved its way between our sopping wet privates, probing the place where my swollen member penetrated her tight twat.

Suddenly I realized with an electric thrill that both of Alison's hands were next to my shoulders. Madison was feeling us up in the middle of our fuck session!

I didn't want to say anything to freak Alison out, so I just kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the sensation. The little perv was caressing my balls again, rolling them in her fingers. The hand withdrew, and I peeked past Alison's heaving side to see the little minx smelling the wetness on her hand. She bent over, head on the ground between my legs to get a better view, and I thought: You want a closer look, honey?

How about this! I slid my heels back, bending my knees and allowing my thighs to gape apart. This pushed Alison forward so that she was no longer sitting but lying on top of me, her ass poking straight out at Madison's astounded face.

Now the little horndog was getting a view she never counted on, my dangling balls bouncing up and down as my cream-covered meat plowed into Alison's dripping cunt, stretching the tender tissue to its limit. After a minute or two Alison sat back up again, nearing orgasm, and pressed her privates against me with renewed fervor.

"I think I'm gonna come!" she gasped, her churning ass now impaling her pussy on me with frantic haste. I was dimly aware of Madison scooting around to my side, as I closed my eyes to hold off my orgasm a moment longer to let my sweet young partner reach her peak first.

The next thing I knew, Alison was bucking and keening, climaxing noisily, and at the same time something plopped down on my face. I opened my eyes to see Madison's little dimpled, pink ass right in front of my nose, and I heard her demand, "Lick my privates like you did to Alison!" For Christ's sake, I thought, let me come in peace you little brat! But my body had taken over and I was too far gone to care. Her plump little pussy lips were pressed against my mouth, and as she wriggled on top of me, I smelled the slightly gamy aroma of immature cunt.

Without thinking, I thrust my tongue out instinctively. Her taste was bland, with none of the rich, organic overtones of womanhood I was used to. I guess pussy didn't taste like pussy before puberty. The reality of what was happening finally hit me like a ton of bricks: A 10-year-old was sitting on my face while a 16-year-old was riding my cock!

I shot my load into Alison's clenching cunt with the force of a freight train. She cried aloud as she felt the hot spunk spew into her depths, and I began heaving uncontrollably as I spasmed my way to a perfect storm of neural overload. I slowly subsided into a twitching wreck, Madison's crotch still plastered across my face.

By now, Alison had finished climaxing on me, and must have opened her eyes to see Madison perched on my face in front of her. "Oh my God, Madison, you little brat! Get off him before he suffocates!" She shoved the squealing girl sideways, knocking her off me and leaving her giggling on the ground. "That really tickled!" she chortled with glee. "And I got to see his penis go into your vagina." She sat up and looked at Alison with interest.

"Did that feel good? Did you like having sex?" Alison looked mortified, her cheeks blazing crimson. "Yes, I liked it. Are you happy now?" A fierce expression appeared on her usually cute face. "If you tell anyone what we did, I'll tell that you stuck your privates in Dave's face and you'll get in big trouble!" Madison finally looked abashed, a worried expression replacing the smug one of a minute ago.

"I won't tell. I promise. Don't get me in trouble. I just wanted to watch. I'm sorry I got carried away." "It's OK," I reassured her. I spoke to both of them. "Sex is a natural thing, and curiosity about sex is natural in kids, too. No one is getting in trouble." I addressed Madison. "You are too young to be messing with grown men. If you want to know more about sex, why don't you ask Master Scarlatti?

She can tell you what you need to know. Interrupting adults during private times is not the way to go about it, all right?" "OK, Master Connor," she murmured. "I'm sorry." Her impish grin returned. "It really did feel good when you licked me, though." She jumped up. "I'll go back to the lake now, so you can have your privacy." She grabbed her bathing suit, and after quickly dressing, ran back up the slope.

"Did that really just happen?" asked Alison in amazement.

Chupando y dilatando el orto

"I think so, although you're so beautiful this could all be a dream." She blushed again, pleased at the compliment. "That was real sex!" she crowed. "I'm so happy you were my first. That was so much better than what that loser Donny did, shooting his load on my leg." "Meh, maybe he did you a favor," I said. "By popping your cherry, he made it so the first time you really had sex, it didn't hurt as much. We could enjoy it much more that way, don't you think?" She stared at me openmouthed for a second, then burst out laughing.

A terrible thought suddenly gripped me. "You're not going to get pregnant, are you?" "No, don't worry," she said, still snickering. "I'm on the pill. I've still been taking it here on the island. I only have a couple of weeks left, though." The thought sobered her. "I guess I need to have as much sex before then as possible." "Are you going to force me to be your boy-toy?" I asked in mock indignation.

"Maybe," she said with a smile. "But I guess we should be getting back before it gets dark." "I know," I said glumly. "I just feel like I'm in heaven right now and I hate to leave." She bent over me and kissed me again.


"C'mon, lover. Let's get out of here." And with that she pulled me to my feet and we dressed, then walked hand and hand up the mountain in the waning light. To be continued&hellip.