Primera vez a pelo en san justo

Primera vez a pelo en san justo
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i finally had sex with my step mom, my lust for my step mom started the first time i saw her naked when i was 6 or 7, im 25 now. ive seen her naked a couple times through out my life and fell in love with her beautiful body more an more every time.

most would say she's a bbw but i think she's more in the thick to chubby range. she is firm and very well shaped, all proportionate. so anyways, this all started from a drunk text that i didn't mean to send about two years ago. it was very detailed! she just laughed it off and didn't think anything of it. so after that i slowly dropped little hits of interest, some she would catch others she wouldn't and just laugh them off telling me in crazy. when she finally realized i was serious with my hints and truly wanted to have sex with her was the last time i saw her naked when i was 22.

so i was out cruising around on my new motorcycle and decided to stop by and show my dad. i forgot that him and my little brother were out of town for the weekend getting there spots checked out for the upcoming hunt. so i walk in the house to see it quite other than some water running in the bathroom, i instantly knew she was in the shower.


so i snuk upstairs to her bathroom door and see it as cracked open just a little bit, YES!!!!!!!!!!! i thought. i could see the tub perfectly but not her, so i stepped back to the stairs as if i was just coming up, and waited a second.

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then i heard her walk out of her closet to the tub. i slowly made my way back to the door to see her bent over moving stuff over to the other side of the tub, i went instantly hard as i saw her beautiful trimmed pussy. then she stood up and turned around to get her towel, i saw her massive double d tits and her sweet little landing strip above her pussy. i was in Haven, i saw everything all in a matter of seconds. i stood there as she bathed with the hardest hard on of my life.

then my dumb ass not paying attention i knocked over some of he nick knacks on her dresser witched spooked me and her and i jumped a little hitting the door open as she was getting out of the tub. we both stood there in shock, as were looking at each other i see her look down with her eyes to my dick not realizing that when i adjusted myself, my shirt some how went behind the head of my dick so i had three inches of hard as hell dick showing.

she raised her eyebrows and said "wow, very nice" i instantly said " im sorry, im so sorry, ill go" then she said was i was closing the door "hey dont leave, give me ten minutes and i'll be down k" so i just nodded my head and walked down stairs.

thats when i realized my dick was pressed against my stomach with my shirt behind it.

oh boy i thought this isn't gunna good. so i waited down stairs for her to come down, when she came down she acted like nothing even happened. we talked a while, i showed her my new motorcycle, then talked a little more.

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i was starting to wonder if she was gunna say anything or not, or just let this go too. then she looked at me and said "so i take it you liked what you seen? and your hints were more than hints?" i froze. she said "its ok, its me, you know you can tell me anything" i swallowed and just let it come out " yes i loved what i saw, ive dreamed of seeing you that way, and yes my hints were more than just hints" she looked at me and smiled then said 'well i liked what i saw, you've got a pretty good dick on ya" i went red as red could be.

she laughed and said "you had no idea you dick was out did you" i said "hell no" she laughed some more, then walked over to me gave me a kiss and said "well bud i have to get ready so i can go to the store, be careful on that bike going home, love ya" as we were walking away from each other i asked "this is gunna stay between us right?" she just smiled and said "duh hun" so as time went on we both flirted a little bit, then when id give a good hint that we should have sex she'd shut me down, laugh and tell me thats enough hints for today.

so one day im just laying on the couch enjoying the day off, my girl friend is at work. all the sudden the door bell rings, its my step mom. now mind you this is the first time she's even been to my house and i've lived here for just over a year, hell my dad hasn't even been to my house yet. so i open the door say hi and let her in. so i ask "what ya up to today?' she says "just out an about bumming around and thought id stop by sense i haven't seen your place yet" im like right on, so i give her the tour then we sit and talk a while.

then out of the blue she says "ive been thinking about you and your hints allot lately, not to mention that dick of yours" i look at her with a smile, then she says "so be honest, how serious are you?" i tell her "im very serious" she asks "what about your girlfriend?" i say "what about dad?" she says "good point" i look at her and say "your the only one id be ok with having sex with on the side" she looks at me and smiles then says "i feel the same way about you" so as we are sitting on the couch she asks "do you find it weird that in ten minutes you could be having sex with me, after all i am you step mom?

hell i changed your dippers when me and your dad got together" i looked at her an said "no it dont bother me, i look at it like this. i want to, you want to, its something we both want, sex is a beautiful thing an id love to experience that with you" she started to blush, smiling and said "wow hun, very well put. on that note i feel comfortable with it now" then i leaned over and started kissing her, moving my hand from her chin, across her cheek, an through her hair.

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then i started kissing her neck and moved to nibbling on her ear, she gave a slight moan, then i whispered in her ear "ready to go upstairs" "yes, im more than ready" as we get to my bed i start to kiss her, then i let her lay down as i take my shirt off. as i lay on top of her i tell her ill take things slow to build up the moment, as i kiss her i let my hands slowly explore then slowly take her shit off kissing her beautiful body, as i get her shirt and bra off i see she looks a little nervous, so i ask "are you ok?" she says "oh yes, im just shocked how passionate you are" well i just want you to be comfortable with this is all, she says "oh i love it dont get me wrong, i just thought you'd be more wild is all" well i can be if you'd like, she says "no lets get wild later, i dont ever get this kind of attention anymore, its making me so wet i love it" so i just keep moving slowly, i kiss her a little more then move down to her massive tits and nibble on her nipples.

as i nibble i undo her pants and kiss my way down, i slowly take her pants and panties off, kissing around her sweet pussy to tease her even more, then work her pants off kissing her legs as i go down. as i drop her pants on the floor looking at her fully naked i tell her "my god your so beautiful and sexy!" as im taking my pants off.

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she smiles an sits up and grabs my dick and says "oh my, much bigger than your dad, this is gunna be fun" as she starts to suck me off, oh it was the best blow job ever, she took every drop of my cum. i couldn't even stand after, she tells me "mmm you tasted so good, i just had to do that cuz your dad wont let me do that, hell he dont even go down on me" i thought to myself what the hell is wrong with him.

as she's laying back down i tell her "well it your lucky day cuz plan on licking your pussy till you cant take any more then slide my dick inside you to make you cum again" she says "oh god dont tease just do it" so i gave her a kiss move down her body with more kisses then started to kiss around her sweet pussy to tease her more, then when she said "oh come on i cant take it, please stick you tongue in my pussy" i dove in like a fat kid that just found a cake, with in ten seconds i made her cum but didnt stop, then about a minute after that she cumed again.

so i knew it was time, i climbed onto her and slid my dick deep insider her pussy, she cumed again as i pressed as deep as i could almost blowing my load, oh i was in heaven, i finally felt her pussy squeezing my dick.

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so as i was kissing her i kept a mellow pace nothing to fast an hard, just enjoying the moment, then she said as she lifted my face up to look into me eyes "ok, lets get wild now, fuck me" so i started to slam my dick into her pussy sometimes filling myself bottoming her pussy, i made her cum again. and all of the sudden she through me off, got on her knees, pulled me to the middle of the bed, climbed on top of me and said "that was awesome but now its my turn to fuck you" oh hell yeah i was thinking, she rode me good and hard, damn it was awesome, just as i was about to blow my load i told her to stop an lets try reverse cowgirl so i can watch that sweet ass work, she smiled an said "very nice hun, i like that idea" man what a sight it was, i got so caught up in it i lost control and tried to get her to stop but she said "not this time hun, blow it all in me, ill keep you hard so you can fuck me from behind" boy talk about a awesome orgasm, she kept going for a little bit then told me its time to fuck her doggy style, i got behind her an slid my dick in, an it was heaven again.

the view of her i had dreamed of for so long, i was finally seeing it. so i grabbed two hand fulls of ass and started to rail the fuck out her, i fucked her for a good ten minutes before i blew my load. the best part of it was just as she was gunna cum so was i, we cumed at the same time and shared that wonderful moment, it was awesome.


after we finished and got dressed she kissed me and said "that was truly amazing, i loved every bit of it and am planing on a next time, love ya. oh and this will stay between just us" then kissed me again and walked out the door