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Your porn hot men gay arab hairy Earn That Bonus
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Jake was leaning against a wall, still looking out the door his new friends had recently exited. Rachel came up behind the boy and wrapped her arms around him. Rachel was short for her age, and Jake was tall for his, yet Rachel still stood a head above him.

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Rachel pressed up her tits against Jake's back and brought her hands to his stomach. "You know…" She began. "We still have some time left…" Rachel purred. Jake chuckled. Rachel moved her right hand down to his crotch and held it there. Rachel felt the boy's face twist into a grin. Rachel grinned as well and began grasping at the kid's growing erection.

Jake's cock slowly grew, thickening and lengthening. It pointed upwards and reached passed the kid's belly button under his shirt and pants. Rachel grabbed the meat through the fabric and started lightly stroking it causing Jake to groan. Rachel had put on her slutty outfit that Ashley had obtained from her house on her first night here.

Her tits struggled against the thin cotton of her tight-fitting shirt, begging to be released. She also wore the miniskirt that dropped slightly below her ass cheeks. This time, Rachel was wearing panties, however. Jake turned around towards Rachel and found his eyes only slightly above her tits.

Jake took his time to ogle them while Rachel continued to stroke his cock through his shirt. Jake took hold of Rachel's hips got a pretty firm grip on them. Jake had big hands so this was no problem. Jake stood on his tippy toes and leaned in and kissed Rachel. Rachel was taken aback from this but only momentarily. She recovered from the initial surprise and was about to say something when Jake kissed her again and held it.

The two kissed passionately, both leaning into each other and fighting with their tongues for control.

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Rachel reached under Jake's shirt and into his pants and began jerking the boy's whole length. Jake took one of his hands and reached it under Rachel's shirt and began fondling her breasts.

This made Rachel moan while they kissed. Jake played with her nipple and pinched it between his fingers, causing the girl to squeal.

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The couple continued this for a couple minutes when Rachel started removing Jake's shirt. Jake stood back and raised his arms allowing her to do so. After taking off his shirt Jake stood in front of Rachel with his blemish-less skin. The boy's thick erection was almost as thick as Rachel's entire hand and it was long enough to reach passed his belly button.

Jake approached Rachel and slipped his hands under her shirt and tried lifting it off. Rachel was too tall for Jake to do this so she removed it where Jake was not tall enough to reach. Rachel was not wearing a bra and her breasts were exposed to the air. They glistened with sweat and stood up, pointing forwards firmly. Her nipples were erect and as hard as pebbles to the touch. Rachel motioned Jake to sit on the couch in the living room and he gladly went.

Jake was wearing pyjama pants and he sat on the couch and spread his legs.

Rachel knelt down in-between the boy's legs and grabbed the rim of his pants. She hooked her fingers underneath the soft fabric of his pyjamas and his underwhere and slowly pulled them off; running her fingers along his groin, thighs, and legs as she went. After his pants were completely off, his member stood up straight. "This is gonna be fun!" Jake exclaimed. Rachel smiled at this and took hold of the kid's dick and began pumping it.

She could not wrap her hand around it, and at first she had trouble jerking quickly, but Jake started producing a lot of precum that lubricated his manhood. Rachel held a light grip on the boy's cock and was pumping as fast as she could. "Ohhhhh! Wow!" Jake moaned. He leaned back on the couch and put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the pleasure. Rachel started at the base of his shaft and went up the length to the tip.

The tip of Jake's cock was the thickest bit so Rachel slackened her grip so her hand could more easily mold to its size. She stroked up to the tip of Jake's penis and then back down, maintaining eye-contact with the boy as she did this.

Every now and then, Rachel paid special attention to the boy's head. She gripped it with her hand rubbed all over the head of the young boy's cock. Jake really enjoyed this and moaned every time she did this. After only a couple minutes, Rachel's arm got tried so she started giving the boy a blowjob. Rachel raised her mouth to the tip of Jake's penis but she still faced the boy.

She gripped the base with her left hand and began licking the tip like an ice-cream cone. Rachel made sure to lick the entire tip before swallowing it whole. Rachel's lips closed around the base of the head of Jake's cock and began swivelling her tongue around it and moaning into it.


Jake took his hands out from behind his head and put them on the back of Rachel's head. "Fuck yea…" Jake said through a pleasured sigh. "Just like that." Jake continued. Rachel started paying attention to the entire eight inches of Jake's manhood. She slowly descended onto the kid's cock and engulfed nearly all of it. Jake's cock was partway down the girl's throat and Rachel still had to use her hand to cover the remainder. Rachel began bobbing up and down on the boy's member, using her left hand for what her mouth could not reach, and her right to massage the kid's balls.

Rachel swirled her tongue around the entire shaft as she blew Jake and moaned into his cock as well. Every time she got down as far as she could go, she choked on his dick a little bit. Jake had his hands on the back of Rachel's head as she did this, partially directing her movements. Rachel did this for as long as she could, but eventually it became too tasking for her. Rachel freed Jake's cock form her mouth and Jake removed his hands from her head.

Rachel kept slowly jerking the kid's dick with her left hand and massaging his balls with her right. Rachel gasped for air then offered to give the boy a boobjob.

"Of course! I'd love that!" Jake said.


Rachel stopped stroking Jake's cock and massaging his balls to wrap her large tits around Jake's manhood. A combination of sweat from Rachel being incredibly horny and Jake's precum helped lubricate her breasts.

Rachel's tits encompassed Jake's entire dick, touching all of it at once. Rachel rubbed her tits up and down, stroking the kid's entire length as well as the head of his member. Rachel used her right hand to caress Jake's balls and her left hand to feel his stomach. Rachel looked at Jake while she did this and began licking the tip of Jake's cock.

Jake had his hands behind his head and he was moaning and sighing from all of this pleasure. Rachel giggled at his moans. "Heehee! You like that?" Rachel cooed.

"You like my titties around your thick cock?" "Ohh yea!" Jake exhaled. Rachel kept pleasing the boy for the next fifteen minutes causing the boy to moan and groan a lot. Jake played with Rachel's nipples and breasts as she did this which made the girl moan as well as make her horny. "Hey, why don't we switch places?" Jake offered.

"I bet I could make you scream!" He boasted. Rachel smiled seductively at this and stopped stroking Jake's cock with her tits. Jake got off the couch and stood up. His erection dribbled out a drop of precum that Rachel whisked away with her index and put in her mouth. Rachel slapped Jake's firm, little butt then sat on the couch with her bare feet crossing below her.

Jake, still standing, set his hands on the outside of Rachel's closed-legs. Jake bent forwards and began kissing Rachel again. He kept kissing her for a long time then finally moved to her neck. Jake started kissing the soft spots beneath Rachel's jawline, running his tongue along her neck in-between each place he kissed her.

Rachel was letting out soft sighs at this then Jake started moving his lips towards her collarbone. As he kissed her collarbone, the boy moved his hands from Rachel's sides and up to her breasts and started fondling them.

He rubbed his fingers across the girl's tits and glided them very gently over her nipples. This elicited moans from Rachel as the boy did well to please her. Jake moved his mouth down to Rachel's nipples and began sucking on her left nipple while pinching the other with his hand.

This made Rachel squeal and squirm in pleasure. Jake's tongue switched to Rachel's right nipple and he switched hands to squeeze Rachel's other nipple. As Jake sucked on Rachel's breasts, he used his tongue to tickle and pleasure them as well. Jake remembered Rachel moaning into his cock and tried it with her tits. This immense, sexual stimulus on her tits caused Rachel to moan loudly.

"Oh my God! Oh fuck—ungh—you're tongue feels so—aah—fucking good!" Rachel said through moans. Jake's free hand went down to Rachel's soaking panties and started slowly rubbing her vagina through the thin fabric. This caused Rachel to squirm and moan a lot more frequently and loudly. "Ahhhh… You're sooo good at this!" Rachel moaned. Jake continued doing this for five minutes when he decided to get down to business.

Jake halted his talented mouth and hands and looked up at Rachel with a smirk. "Baby, I'm gonna make you cum so hard." He whispered. This made Rachel unbelievably horny.

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Jake sank to his knees and reached out his hands. He reached in-between Rachel's legs, which she gladly spread open for the boy, and under her miniskirt and fondled with her groins and pussy for a little bit before pulling off the girl's panties.

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Rachel's pussy was dripping wet and her clitoral hood was pushed aside by Rachel's erect clitoris. Jake grabbed Rachel by her waist and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch. He took the top of Rachel's miniskirt and pulled it down the girl's long, silky legs. Jake put his hands on Rachel's pelvis and wedged his face in-between her thighs to get access to her juices. Jake began to explore Rachel's pussy with his tongue. It licked along her lips slowly and gently, top to bottom, bottom to top.

Rachel was breathing heavily and supressing moans as well as she could. Jake's tongue finished teasing Rachel's labia and moved to her opening.

His tongue expertly slid into Rachel's entrance and started wiggling and swirling around inside of her. Jake moved his tongue in and out of her pussy in a fucking motion and he brought his talented fingers to her clit and started rubbing it in slow, consistent circles. The contact with Rachel's clit caused her to scream loudly and grab the back of Jake's head.

She ran her fingers through his short, brown hair as he pleasured her cunt like a porn-star. Jake did this for about fifteen minutes when Rachel's screams became more sporadic and her squirms became violent convulsions. Jake could tell she was cumming. "Mmmphhh!

Mmph! Ohhhhhhhh yea!" Rachel moaned. "Make me cum Jake! I want you to make me cum!" Jake continued tonguing Rachel's pussy and rubbing her clit in at a moderate speed and eventually Rachel came.

"Aaaaghhh! Oh!—fuck!—yes! Oh fuuuuuuckk!! Rachel screamed as her body began shaking violently. Rachel violently grasped Jake's head and pulled it inwards, towards her pussy.

Her orgasm lasted about a minute. Jake patiently waited for Rachel's orgasm to subside as he continued tongue-fucking her. Eventually, Rachel stopped convulsing and her grip on Jake's head slackened. Jake removed his head from Rachel's crevice and spoke, "You want me to make you cum again?" The boy said, confidently. Rachel exhaled. "Jake I'm extremely horny. I don't think I can handle anymore foreplay! I want your thick cock inside me so badly!" Jake smirked at this and nodded his head.

"Ok then!" He said. Jake got up onto the couch, beside Rachel and spread his legs, wide. Jake's manhood stood up straight and precum drooled out of the head. "Hop on." He commanded. Rachel eagerly stood up and walked in front of Jake. She gave him a little twirl then knelt on the couch with her knees of either side of Jake. Rachel's tits were just above the boy's head. Rachel, with Jake's help, guided her pussy onto Jake's dick and slowly eased her pussy around his thick member.

Jake and Rachel moaned simultaneously upon entry and when Jake's cock was fully submerged in Rachel's pussy, her breasts were directly in front of the boy's face. Jake took Rachel by her waist and the horny, 14-year-old girl slowly started bouncing on top of Jake's hard, 8-inch cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Rachel screamed as Jake started thrusting into the girl's bounces. Rachel started to increase her speed and she began bouncing on top of Jake's cock quickly.

Jake was moaning and Rachel was screaming. The young couple continued fucking for a while then Jake removed his hands from Rachel's waist and went to her large tits. He started fondling her nipples as she rode his cock.

This made Rachel scream even louder. Her bouncing became wild and her tits which would have been flung up and down were somewhat stabilized by Jake's talented, little fingers.

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After a while of fucking, Jake asked if Rachel wanted to switch positions. "Mmmm… Ok, little boy. Let's go to the guest room where you can fuck me to your heart's content on the bed." Rachel moaned as she removed herself from Jake's large manhood. "Sounds good to me!" Jake grinned and he and Rachel stood up and began walking towards the guest room.

Jake walked beside Rachel, and gave her perky, little ass a slap. Rachel giggled and the couple had made it to the guest room. "I wanna fuck you doggy-style!" Jake declared. "Oooh, I love it when you fuck me from behind…" Rachel purred as she made her way towards the bed. Jake came up behind her with his cock pressing up against her cute butt. Rachel climbed onto the bed and went on all fours. Her ass was sticking up in the air for Jake to pleasure. Jake stood on his knees and positioned his long cock at her entrance and slowly pushed himself in.

Jake decided to go all out and started off at a fast pace. His 8-inch boy-cock slid in and out of Rachel's pussy again and again. Rachel started moaning and bouncing against Jake's thrusts. Her tits bobbed up and down quickly and violently as Jake ploughed Rachel's tight pussy with considerable strength.

"Ohh yea…" Jake moaned. Rachel loved Jake's boyish moans. They sounded so cute and made her really horny. "Wow—fuck—Jake your cock feels so good inside my pussy!" Rachel gasped. "You and Scotty are both so—ungh!—good at fucking!" Jake smiled. "Baby, you think you're gonna cum?" Jake said as he continued thrusting in and out of Rachel's pussy.

"Yea, probably pretty soon!" Rachel moaned. "I can't wait to feel you cum! I bet you'll have a super hard orgasm this time!" Jake boasted and increased the speed of his thrusts. This made Rachel screech and made her a lot more ecstatic. Jake began pounding Rachel's pussy and her moans turned into screams as she began to orgasm.

"AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHH!!!" Rachel squealed as Jake fucked her well. Rachel's whole body tensed up and she came. Rachel squirted her cum all over Jake's cock, pelvis, stomach and legs as her entire body shook and convulsed.

Jake kept his thick manhood inside of the squirming girl while she came and waited for her to be finished. Eventually, Rachel's orgasm subsided and she sat on all fours, gasping for breath. "Oh my God… that… was so good…" Rachel said through ragged breaths.

"I'm almost ready to cum. Can I fuck you missionary?" Jake asked. Rachel nodded. Jake pulled his throbbing cock out of Rachel's tight pussy and Rachel rolled onto her back.

Jake put his hands on her sides and lined his cock up with Rachel's cunt. Once his dick was in front of Rachel's opening, he inserted the thick tip of his cock into her. Jake was really horny and about to cum, so he didn't waste any time. He slammed his little butt against Rachel's pelvic region and kept doing this over and over again.

His 8-inch cock bolted into Rachel's pussy like a piston and Jake started moaning really loudly. "Ohhhh yea! Your pussy feels so good—unh!" Jake groaned as he continued fucking his babysitter. Rachel started moaning as well. She thought that she might be able to cum again if Jake lasted long enough. "Jake, baby, if you—aah! —last a little longer I think I can—ungh! —cum!" Rachel wrapped her legs around Jake's abdomen as he thrusted his cock inside of her.

Jake's body was rested on Rachel's tits as the boy's pelvis thrusted in and out. "Unh! No problem, Rachel!" Jake moaned. The couple kept fucking for a little bit, groaning and moaning all the while when Rachel asked a question. "Jake, do you know any other boys who are as good as you, or is it just Scotty?" Jake, while continuing to fuck Rachel, thought for a moment then decided.

"I have a friend named Alex," he said. "Is he—ohh fuck! —good at fucking like you guys?" Rachel moaned. "Yea he is…" Jake said before letting out another moan. Ten minutes past and Jake's moans were getting louder and more frequent and Rachel had begun squealing loudly.

Jake was on the brink of an orgasm, but he held it in and hoped Rachel would cum before he did. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK… AAAAAAAH!! FUCK, FUCK, Mmmmmm…" Rachel screamed as she neared her orgasm. Jake's thick cock rapidly thrusting in and out of her little pussy was turning her on so much and the little boy's incredible size was making her cum.

Rachel finally could not hold back and she bellowed and violent screech as she came. She bucked her hips wildly and her cum squeezed around Jake's cock and onto his pelvis.

Her pussy was contracting around Jake's dick as he continued fucking the girl's pussy. Meanwhile, Jake had edged on to an orgasm as well and he let out a long final moan as he came inside Rachel. "Ahhhhhhhh…" Jake moaned as his cock shot wave after wave your boy-cum down Rachel's pussy. Rachel was still convulsing under him as he came. The couple came together, and into each other. Jake's cock twitched and pulsated inside of Rachel's contracting pussy.

Jake filled Rachel to the brim, and his cum started to leak out of her. "Oh my God, Jake you are amazing!" Rachel complimented. Jake smiled down at her, his softening cock still jammed inside the girl. "Heh… you too." He moaned.