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Sexy girl massaging boobs hard
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The Joke's On Batgirl (The Sequel to The Joker's On Batgirl) By rutger5 Copyright 2016 Barbara Gordon peppered the heavy bag with one final flurry of punches but like all previous efforts it left her feeling somehow unsatisfied. Grabbing a towel she wiped her brow then tossed it into the dirty bin before heading for the gym exit. If anything the humid, summer air felt even stickier against her alabaster skin than the steamy gym interior had but it didn't cause Barbara to change her plans.

After a quick stretch of her toned quadriceps she took off along the downtown Gotham street as fast as she could run. Five miles and thirty five minutes later she slowed as she approached the entrance to her apartment building. A short while later after showering Barbara ate her solitary dinner then settled onto the couch with a book.

Despite her best efforts to read she soon found her mind drifting to other weightier subjects. Two separate thoughts occupied her intelligent mind to the exclusion of all else. The first was whether she could ever assume the mantle of Batgirl again. For ever since that fateful night when the Joker and his gang had captured, drugged and sexually assaulted her while filming it, Barbara was unsure what to do.

The fact that she had faced almost universal condemnation from the city she had risked life and limb for numerous times fed into her uncertainty but she also questioned whether after what had happened she was mentally strong enough to continue being a masked crime fighter.

Just as troubling to her was that since Harley Quinn had administered a mysterious aphrodisiac to Barbara while she was captive her libido had rocketed up to the stratosphere and remained there. She was horny and aroused constantly and nothing seemed to help. Cumming only made it worse and she'd been forced to carry extra pairs of sensible, white cotton panties with her at all times so she could change when they became soaked from her copious and tasty juices.

She'd even gone to a singles bar (while disguised in a blond wig and sunglasses) with the intention of picking up a stranger for anonymous sex.

The only thing that had prevented this from happening was despite her needs she still had some minimum standards and for some reason that night only the dregs of humanity were present. So she had settled for visiting a sleazy sex shop in Gotham's red-light district instead, purchasing a large, realistic dildo that resembled a cock with balls.

It had received numerous workouts in the short time she'd owned it and while it helped to fill a void it wasn't the same as a warm, human body. What was worse was that each orgasm it delivered left her only wanting more. Barbara was afraid she'd become an uncontrollable nymphomaniac and she didn't know what could be done about it, or if she even wanted to turn back the clock. She would drift off into an uneasy slumber after hours of masturbation, her dildo slick with her own juices lying beside her, only to wake the next morning as horny as ever.

She had begun to get dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and it was only her skill with makeup that prevented others from noticing. Making matters worse was that areas in her life that would have comforted her in the past or been a place of refuge no longer were. Due to the circumstances of what had happened Barbara had avoided her father, at least in the flesh, though they had talked on the phone.

She had stated how busy and tiring work had been lately as an excuse and he hadn't pressed the issue. Part of that was because he'd been wracked by guilt and feeling distraught over what had happened to Batgirl at the hands (and assorted other body parts) of the Joker and his gang. Since he'd been the one to tell her of the Joker's escape and had given her his (reluctant) blessing to hunt for him he felt responsible for what had transpired.

Unlike many he had given a public statement in support of Batgirl in the aftermath, knowing that she had been only attempting to do the right thing and clearly recognizing that she was restrained and therefor in no way responsible.

All his remaining energy had been directed at trying to track down the Joker though it was like the supervillain had disappeared from the face of the earth and there wasn't even a rumor of his location in Gotham's underworld grapevine.

Meanwhile Barbara found no solace at work for like most places in Gotham City the Batgirl video was the main topic of conversation with most librarians weighing in (in hushed tones, of course) on the controversial and salacious subject. The most hateful comments came from Miss Peychaud, a prune faced, bitter spinster of the old school whose greatest pleasures in life consisted of scolding children who spoke too loudly and maligning any woman more attractive than she was, which was roughly ninety nine percent of the female population.

"Why she's nothing but a common tart and libertine," she hissed to Mrs. Jones, an owlish and genial fellow librarian, as the women took their break inside the staff lounge one fine summer afternoon.

"Now I don't know about that Miss Peychaud," the larger woman replied before her angular co-worker interrupted. "Oh please, spare me. Even before her sordid conduct was exposed for all to see it was plain to me that she had the morals of an alley cat in heat. I mean have you seen the getup that she prances around in? It's so skintight that it's a wonder she can breathe at all and I have no doubt that if one were to look closely one could see every detail of her mons venus despite it being technically covered." "Well I admit her costume isn't loose fitting but she also has the figure to pull it off.

Most of us would look foolish or worse if we were to try to dress that way. Still no matter what she wears she's done a lot of good things.

Countless times I've read in the newspapers about her capturing some criminal or rescuing a citizen in peril." "Bah! It's my contention that her so called heroics are at best exaggerations to sell papers and more likely outright lies.

If you dig deep you'd probably find that she traded sexual favors with these reporters in order for them to write such tripe so she could become famous. No, mark my words, what has been revealed in this filthy, pornographic moving picture is the real Batgirl a degenerate tramp." Barbara, who had been silently sitting nearby during this, balled her hands into fists as her anger grew.

Even before this she hadn't liked the old woman for after Barbara had been appointed head librarian Miss Peychaud had told anyone that would listen that Miss Gordon was far too young and inexperienced for such a responsibility but it must be nice to have friends in high places. Barbara tried to remain calm but as all the bile streamed out of Miss Peychaud's mouth she finally reached her breaking point. Just as she began to stand with the intention of giving the malicious viper a piece of her mind another librarian burst into the room gasping for breath.

"Miss Gordon! Come quickly, we have a problem!" "Yes Enid, what's the matter?" Barbara asked, forgetting about everything else when she saw the worry etched on the junior librarian's face.

"There's a man using the computer… and oh my. I don't know how to say this…" "Calm down Enid," Barbara told her in a soothing tone as she headed for the door, "and tell me as we walk.

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Okay?" "Oh yes Miss Gordon, I'm sorry I get so excited. But when I became a librarian I didn't realize I'd be dealing with situations like this. I thought overdue library books would be the worst thing I'd have to deal with." The other librarians wanting to know what was happening had stopped their conversation and begun to follow Barbara and Enid while listening intently.

"So like I was saying Miss Gordon there's a man using a computer, but I think he's homeless because his clothes are filthy and he smells really bad." "While that isn't pleasant Enid I don't think…" "No, that's not the real problem although another patron complained about that. So I went over there to investigate, and Miss Gordon he's watching pornography on the library computer with the volume turned up all the way." "All right Enid, I'll handle this. You wait here." "Are you sure Miss Gordon, if you want I'll come with you," she replied though it was clear by the look on her face she didn't want to.

"Yes I'm sure." With a determined look in her eye Barbara walked into the computer room while Enid joined by Miss Peychaud and Mrs. Jones watched from the doorway. Barbara could hear the tinny sounds of a woman moaning before she saw the man and truth be told her sensitive nose smelled him first as well. However she knew that due to a recent lawsuit filed by the GCCLU (Gotham City Criminal Liberties Union) and settled by the city that simply smelling or watching smut in the library weren't grounds enough for removal.

Still she had to at least try to get him to modify his behavior for the good of the other library users. "Excuse me sir," she said as she approached him from behind, "might I have a word with you about making the library experience better for all?" At the sound of her voice the man swiveled in his chair and faced her and it was clear from his appearance that he and bathing were strangers.

He was probably middle aged but he was so dirty and unkempt that it was hard to tell for sure. The man was on the stocky side with longish, greasy hair and an unshaven face while his fingernails looked as if they'd been digging for gold.

On seeing the vision of feminine loveliness before him he grabbed his crotch while leering up at her. "Hey baby, you want some of what she's getting on screen? Is that why you're here? Cause I have just what you need," he told her as he fondled himself obscenely through his filthy trousers. Her retort died on her lips as her eyes took in the woman on screen who was the recipient of a gangbang.

Barbara felt a shudder run through her yearning body as she imagined that it was her surrounded by multiple hard cocks filling every hole. For a moment she remained frozen until she regained her composure and cleared her throat. "Umm, no thank you sir. What I was hoping," she said while avoiding looking at both the computer screen and the man's bulging groin, "was that you could show some consideration for your fellow library patrons.

Could you perhaps turn the volume down or use the provided headphones so as not to disturb others?" "Why? No one else is here but you and me sweetie. Besides I know my rights," he said before belching loudly. "Yes, your rights," Barbara replied, her nose wrinkling in disgust from the smell of decaying teeth intermingled with cheap gin. "So you won't reconsider then?" "No but my offer still goes for you. If you're nice or rather nasty I'll give you a good fuck.

What do you say Miss Prim and Proper?" he asked while chuckling. Without saying another word Barbara turned on her heel and retreated and as she did she could feel his eyes staring at her toned legs and butt the whole time. She didn't pause but strode past the other librarians and continued to the front desk with them falling in behind her.

Picking up the phone she dialed as the other librarians clucked like a flock of hens. "Yes, Gotham City Police Department. I'm calling from the main branch of the Gotham City Library where we're having a bit of a problem with someone. Could you please send a patrol car here as soon as possible? Thank you so much," she said before hanging up. "I have to say Miss Gordon that though I don't normally believe in using one's connections in this case its justified," Miss Peychaud sniffed.

"Well Miss Peychaud while I'm so pleased to receive your approval I've used no connections. I didn't mention my name or my father nor do I plan to.

The fact is though this person may view whatever material he wants on the computer there are other factors which I'll point out to the police when they arrive which should take care of this problem, at least for today." True to her word Barbara spoke to the responding officers and accompanied them to the computer room. When the man saw them he immediately began to protest loudly about his rights when the older of the two officers cut him off.

"Listen here you degenerate. You might be able to convince some bleeding heart judge but I don't care. At the least I can charge you with drunk and disorderly and throw you in the tank until you're sober.

And if you give me a hard time then I'll charge you with lewd and lascivious conduct and who is the judge going to believe a piece of human garbage like you or a sweet young woman like this? So this is what you're going to do. You are going to get up and leave not only this library but anywhere I might see you while patrolling or I might just forget you have rights.

Now move!" Grumbling to himself the bum stood and shuffled off with the officers accompanying him. The older one tipped his cap to Barbara and said "Ma'am," as he departed. Sighing in relief she thought they'd need to have the janitor disinfect the chair before it could be used again. She next turned her attention to the computer with the intention of closing the window but when she saw what was happening she found herself unable to.

Barbara did manage to mute the volume but for the next five minutes she watched breathlessly while a revolving group of 'actors' double penetrated the young woman.

It was only when she felt her own secretions start trickling past her panties and down her thigh that she moved.

Turning off the monitor she headed to her office where she took the precaution of locking the door before pulling up her skirt and sitting with legs spread wide. Since her dildo was back at home Barbara had to improvise with what was available.

Scanning her desk she found something that she hoped would do the trick. It was a souvenir from when she had attended a librarian convention in the nation's capital and was shaped like the Washington Monument. Barbara's agile pink tongue first licked the glass paperweight until it was wet, then she pulled her panties to the side exposing her juicy pussy.

Carefully she inserted it between her pink lower lips and as it slid inside it made a squishy sound. Barbara was so aroused already that this was enough to trigger an orgasm though she was far from satiated. She waited until her pussy spasms lessened before pushing it deeper into her tight, hungry hole.

Putting one foot up on her desk she began working it in and out of herself while her mind flashbacked to the images she'd watched earlier.

Though this helped her achieve another orgasm within a few minutes it wasn't enough. Using her free hand she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down so she could tweak her erect nipple while continuing to fuck herself with the obelisk shaped paperweight.

Closing her eyes she allowed her vivid imagination to take over and if her fellow librarians had known what perverted thoughts she was imagining they would have been dumbfounded.

For in her mind she replayed what had just transpired in the computer room with a far different outcome. At the point where she had turned to leave Barbara instead imagined the bum grabbing her around the waist and pushing her down face first onto the table. His filthy hand pulled up her skirt and yanked down her panties and seconds later he rammed his hard cock into her. In her fantasy he was relentless, pounding her tight pinkness hard and fast while yanking back on her hair until her neck muscles were taut.

His other hand pinched and slapped her firm backside as he continued thrusting balls deep making her cry out with pleasure. "Yes, give it to me! Please don't stop!" Barbara gasped as her own hands drove her closer and closer until she let out a low, guttural moan as she came like gangbusters.

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It took a few minutes for her to recover her equilibrium after her massive orgasm at which point her hand released her tender breast and she slid the glass paperweight from her molten sex. Laughing naughtily Barbara licked up every drop of her nectar before returning the paperweight to its place on her desk with a newfound affection for the souvenir.

Standing on shaky legs Barbara fixed her clothing before opening a window to air out her office for the heady aroma of female lust was overpowering. After that she returned to work and was able to make it through the rest of the day without losing control again.

Though still undecided on whether she would ever become Batgirl again, Barbara had retrieved her mutilated costume from her rented garage and set about mending it. Perhaps inspired by her now increased libido she did make some alterations to it however. Where previously it had been a one piece skintight jumpsuit, with a zipper in the back, she turned it into two pieces. The top section she simply hemmed at the waist leaving the zipper intact while also hemming the top of the bottom section and of course mending what sections Harley and the Joker had cut.

That allowed the bottoms to be removed by rolling them off while leaving the top on. In fact after completing the alterations she had lain in her bed sans bottoms with the rest of the costume on and frigged herself with her dildo to an earthshaking climax while watching it all unfold in the mirror.

As for the triumphant return of Batgirl it was fate that decided things for Barbara or at least hastened them along. It occurred the Saturday three weeks after the Joker incident when Barbara was approaching her apartment building after a long run.

She had been exercising more and more in the hope that tiring herself out might lessen or at least blunt her sex drive with little results to show for it. Despite her running a longer distance than normal she felt hornier than ever with her pussy wetter than the rest of her perspiration soaked body.

Her pace had slowed to a jog for she decided to circle the block as a cool down. Now much as Barbara's apartment building had an alley on one side as well as behind it so did many of the other apartment buildings in the neighborhood. It was while passing such an alley around the corner from her home that she was startled to see the bum who had caused the scene in the library loitering about while drinking from a bottle of hooch.

Despite using him for a masturbatory fantasy, in real life she had no desire to get within ten feet of him so she continued jogging. Still even after returning to her apartment it troubled her that he was about her neighborhood.

At the least he was a drunken nuisance and she suspected if given half a chance he might do some real mischief. Because of that Barbara decided to forgo putting on the air conditioning despite the summer heat and instead opened her windows before preparing a protein shake. Whether she was prescient or it was just coincidence Barbara soon heard a commotion as she drank down the thick beverage.

Peering out her kitchen window she saw the familiar bum gesticulating wildly while making crude and obscene comments. Though she was unable to see who he was speaking to, the odds were it was to a woman by what he was saying. Under normal circumstances she probably would have phoned the police while keeping an eye on the situation to make sure it didn't escalate but something snapped in her.

Maybe it was because of how he had acted in the library or all her pent up frustrations from the past few week's events but Barbara had reached her breaking point. Sprinting to her bedroom she stripped off her clothes before donning her Batgirl costume in record time. No sooner had she slipped the wig and mask on her head then she was slithering out her bedroom window, fastening the cape once she reached the alley.

While her bedroom window faced behind her building, the kitchen looked out on the side and it was there that she'd seen and heard the bum. Gliding silently forward she turned the corner of the building where she saw that he had managed to corner a young woman pushing a stroller. Barbara recognized her as an au pair from Sweden who was working the summer for a couple who also lived in her building.

The girl must have been cutting through the alley on her return when she ran across the man and he'd trapped her between himself and a dumpster. Much as in the library he was fondling his crotch while she appeared frozen with fear and unable to move. There is no telling what would have happened if Batgirl wasn't there for at that moment he seized the wrist of the young woman while brandishing a boxcutter in the other hand.

He dragged her away from the stroller and toward the dumpster. "Now keep quiet girlie and do as you're told or I'll hurt you," he ordered as he let go of her so he could lower his zipper though he never got the chance. "Hey lowlife, why not let her go and take your chances with me instead," Batgirl called out in a loud voice.

He whirled around and saw her standing five feet away with her gloved hands on her hips, her full, red lips curled in a half smile. "Batgirl! Didn't the Joker put you in your place from what I saw? Maybe you want some more of that, huh? So what's it gonna be. This," he said brandishing the razor knife, "or maybe you want some of this?" he told her holding his crotch.

"After seeing your video I'm guessing it's gonna be my hard cock." "Well why don't you come closer and I'll tell you," she replied hoping to draw him away from the au pair and her charge. As he stepped forward she moved back until she felt the wall against her back. He inched closer holding the blade before him when without warning she struck. Her kick was so fast that the weapon was knocked from his now numb hand before he realized it while the next one connected solidly with his midsection forcing his breath out with a gasp.

The coup de grace she uncharacteristically delivered with her fist, striking the reeling man on his jaw so hard he was sent sprawling onto the alley pavement.

The next thing Batgirl knew the flaxen haired au pair was hugging her tightly while whispering "Thank you," over and over again. For a minute Batgirl couldn't move as the closeness of the Scandinavian overwhelmed her senses. The young woman smelled like summer strawberries and wild flowers and her soft, voluptuous body felt like heaven to Batgirl but finally she broke the spell she was under enough to speak.

"You're welcome Miss but perhaps you could let me go so I can make sure that he's no longer a threat." "Inga, I am Inga," the young woman answered as she reluctantly released her savior though she remained so close that Batgirl could still feel her warm breath on her face. "Umm, Inga, if you have a phone with you could you call the police?" Batgirl asked though she was unable to look into the young woman's ice blue eyes as she did so, afraid the au pair would be able to see the lustful thoughts she was thinking about her.

"Yes, I have mobile phone. I call 911, no?" "That's right Inga," Batgirl replied as she checked on the condition of the would-be rapist. He was still conscious though very groggy and it took but a minute for Batgirl to roll him onto his stomach and secure his hands with a ziptie she removed from a pouch on her utility belt.

As Batgirl stood Inga hung up her phone and smiled at her before making sure her young charge was okay. The toddler had managed to sleep through all the excitement and had a peaceful smile on his cherubic face. After satisfying herself that he was fine Inga sidled up to Batgirl.

"Police on way Batgirl, you are my heroine! I was so scared when that man grab me and then you were there to save me. But my heart still beating so fast! Here, you see," she said taking Batgirl's hand and placing it on her ample chest.

Batgirl swallowed hard for though she could feel Inga's heart pounding like a jackhammer she also felt the heat from her full, shapely breast even through her glove. Once Batgirl's hand was pressed to her bountiful bosom Inga sighed and closed her eyes while holding it in place until Batgirl felt her own heart rate quicken. "You must let me thank you properly Batgirl. If not for you then who knows what happen to me. So what you say?" she said opening her eyes and staring into Batgirl's.

"There's no need for that Inga. Helping you was all the reward I need," Batgirl replied, her mouth suddenly dry. "You so sweet as well as brave but I really want to do…something… to show my appreciation.

I do anything for you," she said before licking her lower lip sensuously. Batgirl was spared having to answer for right at that moment a police car screeched to a halt at the mouth of the alley.

Reluctantly Inga released Batgirl's hand as the patrolmen climbed from the car and approached them. "So what happened here?" one of the policemen asked as he surveyed the scene.

"This bad man," Inga said gesturing toward the bum on the ground, "he grab me and going to try to do bad things to me when she come from nowhere and save me." After saying this she looked adoringly at her rescuer. "Yes Officer Muldoon, I happened to be in the vicinity when I heard him making threatening comments so I investigated.

I found him holding her at knifepoint and he definitely had bad intentions so I intervened. The knife is right over there," Batgirl said while pointing out the location of the boxcutter. "Riley," the first policeman barked out, "get that in an evidence bag and make sure not to contaminate it. By the way Batgirl I'm glad to see you're still in the fight after everything that's happened." "Thank you, that means a lot to me knowing there are still people in my corner," she replied in a quiet voice.

"Now Miss," he said addressing Inga, "I'm going to need some information from you for my report." As Officer Muldoon took down Inga's statement his partner was dragging the assailant up to his feet and moving him to the police car. By the time he had none too gently placed him into the backseat Batgirl noticed a small crowd of onlookers had gathered and even worse was that there were many people watching from windows in the surrounding buildings. How on earth would she be able to get back to her own apartment undetected with all these observers she wondered.

"All right Miss Oleson I believe we have enough to go on for now. We'll be in touch with you as the case proceeds. Better get the little feller back home." "Okay, thank you. I will Officer." She had started to move toward the stroller when she stopped and turned around before rushing up to Batgirl and hugging her once again. Then with no warning she kissed the crime fighter on the mouth while slipping something into her hand. "That card has my mobile number and email address on it so contact me.

Tomorrow is my off day," she whispered before going. The crowd had burst into cheers at the little show but Inga ignored them as she pushed the stroller toward the entrance of the building. Batgirl on the other hand stood there with her face as red as a beet and she didn't know what her next move should be when she realized an officer was speaking to her. "It's turning into a circus out here so I was wondering if you would like to go to the stationhouse and give your statement there?" Seeing an out to escape the situation about returning home Batgirl nodded in agreement to the suggestion.

As she followed him to the car he spoke to her again. "Since that dirtbag is in the back seat why don't you ride in the front with us. It might be a little crowded but better than being with the trash." "Yes thank you Officer, I will." She slid onto the seat with Officer Muldoon following and while it was a snug fit it was certainly better than the alternative. Officer Riley was using the police radio to report they were on their way back with a suspect and once acknowledged he started the car and pulled away.

Riding in the front of the patrol car gave Batgirl a feeling of nostalgia from when she was a girl and rode on occasion with her father and she smiled remembering those times.

Because of her reminiscing she really wasn't paying close attention so when Officer Riley had to stop short due to a traffic light changing she was caught off guard. Officer Muldoon seemed to be also for when this happened his left hand shot out to steady himself and wound up on top of Batgirl's leg right above her knee. "Sorry," he mumbled. "That's alright," she replied but even after the car resumed moving his hand remained on her thigh. Well to be more accurate his hand did move but it began creeping higher up her leg while stroking it softly.

Initially Batgirl felt unsure of what to say or do about this. On one hand he really shouldn't have been touching her in such an intimate fashion and to make matters worse he had a gold wedding band on his finger so he must be married. But on the other hand she was very horny and his hand felt so good as it climbed higher.

Making her decision she spread her thighs wider allowing his hand access to her covered mound. When the car stopped at the next red light Officer Riley's hand began to fondle her other leg as Officer Muldoon was now rubbing the nexus between her thighs.

During all this no one spoke and Batgirl focused her eyes straight ahead as if nothing out of the ordinary was taking place. Unfortunately for her just as she was nearing orgasm they reached their destination first and both men took their hands away leaving her high though not dry. After first removing the prisoner they proceeded into the stationhouse with her trailing behind.

"I'll bring him to a holding cell," Officer Riley said taking the man by the elbow and guiding him down a corridor to the left. "All right, you do that and I'll get Batgirl's statement," Officer Muldoon replied as he motioned for her to accompany him. He escorted her to an unoccupied interview room and once they were inside he closed the door behind them. The room contained four metal chairs and a table and after the summer heat outside the chilled air felt particularly cold against Batgirl's skin.

The cop produced a pen and a piece of paper before sitting down and she followed suit. "Just write down what happened today if you don't mind and I'll attach it to our official report later." "Of course Officer Muldoon," she replied as she squirmed on the seat trying to get comfortable but whether due to the hard, cold metal or her burning pussy she was unsuccessful.

Despite that it took only a few minutes for her to write everything down in her distinctive cursive script. "Finished," she said putting down the pen and looking up. He nodded in reply before standing then moving next to her where he leaned down so he could read it. As he did he rested a hand on her shoulder and when she said nothing he slid it down until he was palming her firm breast.

Batgirl gasped when he squeezed it and before she knew it his other hand was squeezing the other one. Even before he'd touched her breasts her nipples were hard from the air conditioning and his warm touch only stimulated them further. In response her left hand reached across her body until it came into contact with Officer Muldoon's leg which it explored until Batgirl found what she was seeking.

It was his turn to gasp when she started massaging his bulge through the material of his uniform pants as his erection swelled larger. She swiveled around in the chair so that she had better access to what she wanted and though this caused him to release her breasts with what she was doing it was more than a fair trade off he thought. For as soon as Batgirl was facing him one hand continued rubbing his cock while the other hand began unfastening his trousers.

Only then did she move her hand off his bulge but just so she could use both hands to yank down his pants and boxers. She giggled with delight when his hard cock sprang up after being released but it had only a few seconds of freedom before she took it into her warm, inviting mouth. She took him to the back of her mouth in one smooth motion before pulling back until only his swollen head remained inside.

Batgirl's tongue swirled around it, licking the head as the cop groaned appreciatively. After torturing him like that for a minute Batgirl began taking him deep while continuing to use her nimble tongue on his throbbing cock. Her gloved hand reached up and played with his balls, adding to his pleasure and if things had continued like this for much longer he may have cum sooner than he wished. But just then the door opened and Officer Riley slipped inside the interview room.

"What took you so long? I've been waiting," Batgirl told him after first pulling her mouth off his partner's erection. "Get over here and let me see if your cock is as tasty as his is." Riley wasted no time but rushed to stand next to his partner as he fumbled with his uniform pants.

Batgirl smiled at him as she now stroked Muldoon's rigid cock and as soon as Riley's pants were undone her head swooped in.


He was only partially erect but her hot mouth soon remedied that. She sucked and slurped until Riley was at full mast, coating his member with her saliva before switching her attention back to Muldoon. For the next few minutes Batgirl went back and forth between the two cops, sucking one while stroking and fondling the other until both were going out of their minds with lust.

It was Officer Muldoon that switched things up, for right after she'd released his cock and took his partner's he moved to the side of her. His hand first moved her cape to one side allowing him to unzip the top half of her costume and with her acquiescence he was able to remove it freeing her pert, perky breasts. While this took place Batgirl managed to keep Riley's stiff cock in her mouth, though she had to momentarily take her hand off his balls.

Officer Muldoon's lips then took her sensitive nipple into his mouth and sucked on it while his tongue ran back and forth over the erect nubbin. This caused Batgirl to let out a muffled moan as she continued sucking on Riley's erection for all she was worth. After a minute of breast play Muldoon took his mouth away from her firm breast though his hand continued to tweak her nipple. "Batgirl, do you think you can stand? I really want to taste your pussy if I can." "Mmm hmm," was all she managed to say while keeping Riley's cock in her mouth but she was able to shift her body by raising her ass a few inches off the chair allowing Muldoon to pull it away.

As soon as it was out of the way she further adjusted her body so that she was standing in a bent over position which permitted Muldoon to begin working on her bottoms. It wasn't easy as the material was skin tight and he had to slowly roll it past her hips and derriere but with perseverance he successfully lowered it to mid-thigh.

Unwilling to wait any longer he crouched behind her and buried his face in her succulent peach and due to her arousal it was instantly coated with her sweet juices. Batgirl gasped as his tongue worked its way into her tunnel as far as it could reach after which she began to rock her hips back and forth so that his tongue was literally fucking her. His hands grabbed her hips as he tried pushing his tongue deeper into her while her left hand reached back to pull on his hair.

During this she continued to slide her lips the length of Riley's erection prompting him to take her breast and squeeze it hard. "Enough tongue," she cried out after stopping her cock sucking temporarily so she could speak, "I want your cock in me now!" Not needing to be told twice Muldoon slid his tongue from her honey pot before standing. It took but a few seconds for him to guide his erection to her waiting hole and she was so wet he sank balls deep with one thrust. After letting out a little gasp Batgirl resumed sucking on Riley as Muldoon pumped her from behind.

Now whether it was because they were partners or just coincidence the two cops managed to synchronize their movements to an uncanny degree. As Muldoon's cock bottomed out in her wet Batcave, Riley's swollen head probed her throat as he drove forward repeatedly.

Getting it from both ends caused her to hold onto Riley's legs for dear life as she felt an orgasm building. A few thrusts later she was cumming on Muldoon's member, her juices seeping onto and past his driving cock. He was sweating profusely by this time despite the air conditioning and he knew if things continued at this rate he'd be filling her with his sperm in no time.

It wasn't that he didn't want to cum but he also wished to prolong the pleasure so after one more thrust he pulled out of her tight, clenching pussy. "Hey partner, you want a turn?

I'm telling you I've never felt a tighter pussy in my life and it's so hot and wet." "Sign me up for that buddy," Riley replied as his cock slipped from her mouth with a string of saliva hanging down from it. "If you're going to fuck me too then help me onto the table first," Batgirl told him as she straightened her lithe, athletic body up.

The two cops wasted no time but lifted and placed her on the tabletop in a sitting position. "Mmmm, why don't you help me get my boots and pants off so we can have some more fun." Riley went right to work, first removing her high heeled boots before working her skintight bottoms down and off. As soon as he finished Batgirl rolled onto her side at the edge of the table and raised her upper leg into the air.

Riley pulled her body to right where he wanted it before lining his cock up with her pussy. He rubbed it against her puffy lips and clit for a bit, doing his best to tease her but Batgirl was having none of that. Her gloved hand reached down and wrapped around the shaft just below the head and brought it to her opening before guiding it inside her lips. Once he felt the Batgirlpower of her pussy he surrendered to it and slid deep inside her wet folds.

Now that Riley was where she wanted she turned her attention back to Muldoon who was standing nearby slowly stroking his erection. "Officer Muldoon my little mouth is so empty. Do you know of anything hard and tasty to fill it with? I think you do." Groaning with desire he stepped up to her face and slid his cock between her parted lips and he didn't stop until his wiry pubic hair was brushing against the soft skin of her cheek. She made a gurgling sound as her throat was pierced by his invading member though that didn't stop her from grabbing him by the ass and attempting to pull him deeper.

While this was going on Riley was filling her with his wide cock, using short, powerful thrusts. His hand brought her bare foot to his mouth allowing him to suck on her pretty and perfectly shaped toes at the same time.

This double teaming continued until Muldoon felt himself getting close again which caused him to pull his rigid cock from her mouth. "Hey lets switch places again pal.

I don't think I can last much longer and I'd really like to feel her sweet pussy again before I lose it." Riley made a face for he was enjoying himself where he was but being a good partner he consented to the request after a couple more rapid pumps of his hips. As soon as he was out of her Riley spun Batgirl's body around so that she was flat on her back and lying widthwise across the table. Because of that her head now hung upside down beyond the table allowing her to easily deep throat his erection which she was soon doing.

Showing her flexibility Batgirl also lifted both her legs high in the air with knees bent bringing them near Riley's face. He took the bait and began to kiss and lick them enthusiastically while continuing to tickle her tonsils.

Meanwhile Muldoon wanting to last as long as possible didn't penetrate her pussy at first but instead slid his shaft along her wet furrow.

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While this felt good to them both, especially to Batgirl each time his helmet head collided with her clit, it also allowed him some time to settle down a bit. Even when he did enter inside her gates of paradise he went slower than he desired in order to prolong his pleasure. However despite his best efforts her tight pussy muscles soon had him on the edge of orgasm again, forcing him to pull out of her before it was too late.

Breathing deeply he slapped his hard meat against her soft pussy a few times before again jamming it back inside her. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks as he started to pound her as hard and fast as he could. During this Batgirl held onto Riley's legs to steady herself as they speared her from both ends. Riley was holding her feet and kissing them while fucking her face and with each thrust his balls collided with her nose.

Sensing he was close Batgirl moved one hand from his leg and managed to caress his balls. That move was all it took to send him over the edge. Letting out an inarticulate cry Riley's body tensed as his ball sac tightened and a few seconds later Batgirl's throat was flooded with his thick ejaculate.

All she could do was swallow down the creamy fluid as it discharged from his throbbing cock until no more came. Gasping for breath he pulled his member from her mouth but she didn't let it escape her so easily. Her hand grabbed the shaft and held it by her red lips allowing her tongue to lick his sensitive head making him moan loudly.

Muldoon was already on the verge of exploding even before witnessing this erotic scene unfold only a couple of feet away and watching it was like throwing gasoline on his raging fire.

He buried his shaft in her wet folds one final time as he felt himself swell in anticipation of imminent orgasm. "May the saints preserve us! Now what in Heaven's name is going on in here?" the loud voice of Chief O'Hara called out catching the three of them by surprise.

Riley whose body had been facing in the direction of the door had been totally focused on Batgirl cleaning his spent cock and was unaware that the door had even opened. On hearing the Chief he'd first looked up then stumbled backwards while attempting to pull his uniform trousers up to cover his exposed member.

For his part Muldoon had partially turned his body in the direction of the voice which resulted in his cock slipping from Batgirl's cave just as it began to shoot drops of white liquid love. All he could do under the circumstances was stand there while his sperm splattered against the back of her thigh as Chief O'Hara glowered at him.

Not wanting others in the vicinity to see what was taking place Chief O'Hara quickly stepped inside the interview room closing the door behind him before addressing his officers. "Riley, Muldoon I'm very disappointed in you boys. Especially you Muldoon for you have a fine lass waiting at home for you.

What would she think of what you've been doing? I'm sure she'd be heartbroken if she knew. On top of that you're both still on duty so you're cheating the taxpayers while you carry on." Neither man could reply to his comments for both were too embarrassed to even look his way but instead they cast their guilty eyes on the tile floor.


"Now have you even interviewed the suspect yet?" the Chief asked with a stern expression on his broad face. When they shook their heads no he sighed before speaking again. "Well perhaps you can see to that now that you've taken care of more important matters first. And don't even think about putting in for overtime today no matter how late you work.

Have I made myself clear? Good, now get out." Without saying another word both cops finished fastening their pants before exiting the room leaving the Chief alone with Batgirl. During the time the Chief had chastened his officers Batgirl had rolled off the table and landed catlike on her bare feet. As she silently stood there she could feel Muldoon's cum sliding down her leg yet even under the unusual circumstances she still wasn't satisfied and craved more.

Her hope of an additional round with the two cops had been thwarted but she wasn't ready to give up yet. Not when there was still another man in the room so she next turned her attention to Chief O'Hara. "I want to apologize to you Chief for putting you in such a difficult position. I don't know what I was thinking in going along with their suggestion," she said batting her eyelashes at him while moving closer to the big Irish cop.

"Umm, oh well Batgirl," he stammered, "there be no need to apologize. Though you've helped out the department many times including today you're a private citizen not a public servant. So it's a different matter for you. They on the other hand should know better than to be carrying on while on duty." While speaking to her his eyes darted around wildly in an attempt to not look at her nearly nude body but being a man he fell well short of this goal. The fact that she'd moved right in front of him as he spoke and actually put her gloved hand against his uniform jacket only made things more difficult for the Chief despite his best intentions.

"Still I have to bear some of the blame Chief. It can't be easy for a man to stay focused on business with me around.

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I've been told I'm quite distracting. What do you think Chief O'Hara, do you find it hard to concentrate with me so close?" She smiled at him after asking this but the usually garrulous lawman found he was speechless. Now while he was unable to verbally express himself another part of his body was making its opinion known. For as they stood there a prominent bulge was growing ever larger in his uniform trousers until the Chief worried the seams might burst.

"Oh I see I have my answer," Batgirl said with a giggle when she noticed the expanding tent in his pants. "Would you like some help with that Chief?" As she asked her gloved hand touched the swelling lump causing the Chief to shudder with desire. Even though his lust was making thinking difficult he attempted one more time to do the honorable thing.

"That's not necessary Batgirl," he told her in a hoarse voice. He then tried to adjust her yellow cape so it would cover her firm breasts in the hope that the out of sight, out of mind principle might help but as he moved the fabric his hand brushed across her erect nipple. Batgirl let out a moan when he did and her hand fondled his groin with more urgency and just like that he was lost.

His hand groped her breast while his other arm circled her waist pulling her sexy body even closer to his. Bending down his mouth found hers and they exchanged a passionate kiss, their tongues engaging in a spirited wrestling match. Batgirl was the one who broke it as she took command of the situation. Her hands pushed his burly body backwards until he collided with a chair before collapsing onto it. She wasted no time but straddled his seated body before sitting on his lap making him groan with pent up desire.

One of her hands took her breast while the other took off the Chief's hat and dropped it onto the table before pushing his head toward her bosom. Needing no further guidance the Chief began to suck on her breast enthusiastically, trying to fit as much of the tender flesh into his mouth as he could. His arm again circled her waspish waist while his free hand moved upward to take hold of her neglected breast.

His thick thumb and forefinger pinched the erect nipple sending signals to both her brain and pussy. "Oh yes!" she cried out as she gyrated her hips on the Chief's lap stimulating his trapped erection.

For the next few minutes she gave him an enthusiastic lap dance while Chief O'Hara continued sucking on her sensitive nipples until she couldn't take it anymore. Putting her hands on his shoulders she stood up before taking a step back. Looking down she felt a moment's embarrassment on seeing the big wet spot she'd left on his trousers but she also saw the large bulge that was her goal. Her hands feverishly undid his belt and trousers and he helped by lifting his ass off the chair allowing her to pull his pants down to his knees.

She smiled when she first saw his big cock standing up straight and ready for action. The head was large and red with pre-cum already leaking from the slit while the shaft was thick and swollen with veins twisting around it. Her hand circled the base as she bent down until her mouth was but an inch above it. Her tongue extended past her red lips and licked the sticky fluid prompting an appreciative groan in response.

Her eyes met his as she opened her mouth wide and a second later Batgirl engulfed the bulbous head in her hot mouth. "Faith and begorrah! That feels so good! That's it Batgirl, suck me shillelagh!" She did just that, bobbing her masked head up and down, taking as much of his turgid cock as would fit into her hungry mouth. As she sucked it she let her saliva freely flow down the shaft until it was soaked and slippery.

Once it was properly lubricated she wasted no further time but pulled her mouth off him though she kept her hand firmly around the wide base. She again straddled his sitting form and lowered her own body while guiding his cock right where she desired. They moaned in unison as his thick member pierced her juicy Batcave and she didn't stop until he was fully inside her. Only then did she pause for a moment to allow her body to adjust for though Chief O'Hara wasn't longer than his officers he was certainly thicker.

While sitting like that with his cock buried inside her Batgirl couldn't help but reflect on how you could never figure out this crazy, wonderful world or predict what would happen in it.

Back when she was a girl she had innocently bounced on Chief O'Hara's knee and now, well she was on the same lap but there was nothing innocent about it. Placing her hands on his broad shoulders she began to bounce up and down on his fat cock while making sure to lean forward so her breasts were within range of his mouth. The Chief didn't disappoint but clamped his teeth onto her protruding nipple and lightly bit it.

At the same time his strong hands grabbed hold of her toned ass cheeks and squeezed them. "Oh yes!" she whispered into his ear. "That's it. Uhhnn, feels so good with your big cock in me!" He didn't reply for he preferred to use his mouth to continue to suck and nibble on her tasty ta-tas though he agreed with her statement for he'd never felt a tighter pussy. Her internal muscles squeezed his swollen erection like a hot, wet vise until he thought he'd go insane from the pleasurable feeling.

As she moved on him his hands reached up and took hold of her yellow utility belt. Once he had a firm grip on it he used it to pull her down hard onto his cock before she would rise up again and this sequence was repeated over and over again. They were so caught up in what they were doing that neither was aware that another person had quietly entered the room. The figure stood there silently watching as she ground her pelvis on Chief O'Hara's shillelagh with great interest.

Though there was plenty to see his eyes remained fixated on her toned and perfectly shaped buttocks to the exclusion of all else. Visions from the past flooded his mind as he remembered another derriere just as perfect that he had never forgotten or gotten over losing. Before he even realized what he was doing Commissioner James Gordon had unzipped his fly allowing his rapidly growing cock to escape the confines of his dress slacks.

Spitting onto his hand he began to stroke himself in time to her movements until his erection had reached its full dimensions at which time he moved toward her with only one thing on his mind, one consuming desire that needed to be slaked no matter the consequences.

The first Batgirl was aware that someone else was in the room was when she felt something hot and hard touch her ass cheek as it attempted to enter her puckered backdoor. Due to her body's movement it was unable to gain access however. Before she had a chance to react she heard a familiar voice that shook her to the core of her being, freezing her muscles as if they were paralyzed while causing her mind to go numb from the unexpected shock.

"Well Chief, I can see what's delayed you and I can't say I blame you. Would you mind doing your old friend a favor? I'm having a bit of trouble slipping into Batgirl's beautiful posterior. Could you spread her ass so I can demonstrate some old school style sodomy." "Whatever you want Commissioner but would you prefer for me to leave?" the Chief asked as his hands pulled Batgirl's supple ass cheeks as far apart as they would go.

"Certainly not Chief," he replied before spitting a large gob of saliva onto Batgirl's exposed sphincter, "among good friends like us there can be no secrets or embarrassment.

If two old chums can't share a woman what's this world coming to." Once he'd said that Commissioner Gordon pushed his large mushroom head against her puckered hole which slowly yielded to the insistent pressure. He grunted as he forced it past her anal ring and even though her first defense was breached he found her ass so tight he had to pause momentarily.

During the lull Batgirl regained some control of her faculties but all she managed to do under the sordid circumstances was to bury her face against Chief O'Hara's burly shoulder. After marshaling his strength Commissioner Gordon resumed pushing his thick member further into her tight ass and though it resisted the intrusion he persevered as inch after inch slowly disappeared inside her back channel.

Only after he had buried his full length in Batgirl's booty deep did Commissioner Gordon stop and that was so that he could fully savor the sensation. Taking a deep breath he then slid most of his cock out of her before driving it all the way back in forcing a muffled moan from his masked daughter's mouth. After that both the Commissioner and the Chief started thrusting for all they were worth, slamming her tight holes to the brim with hard cock. In less than two minutes Chief O'Hara could feel himself hurtling toward orgasm for beyond the stimulation of Batgirl's incredibly tight pussy on him was the feeling of the Commissioner's driving cock on the other side of her pussy membrane.

His face turned red and his chest heaved as heaven on earth beckoned. "Glory be! It's like the saints be marching in me blarney stones!" he cried out as his shillelagh exploded deep inside Batgirl's wet cave, flooding her with his cream.

Aware that his friend was cumming Commissioner Gordon stopped moving and waited until Chief O'Hara had finished discharging and his ruddy face had regained its normal color. He then wrapped his arm around Batgirl's waist and holding her tightly he straightened his body up while pulling her with him. This caused the Chief's spent cock to slip out of Batgirl's pussy as her body rose.

The Commissioner then half dragged, half carried her limp body to the table where he pushed her torso down on top of it. While this was happening Chief O'Hara had removed his handkerchief which he used to clean up his shrinking member. "I think it be best for me to get going Commissioner," he said as he pulled up his uniform pants. "Right you are Chief.

It probably is better that one of us is in the office in case something happens and I have a feeling it's going to be a while before I get back there.

I'm going to enjoy fucking Batgirl's ass for as long as I can manage." Putting his words into action Commissioner Gordon began to slide his erection in and out of her at a leisurely pace. He went nice and slow, reveling as each inch went into her tight back door until his balls would meet her wet little pussy at which time he would reverse direction until only the tip of his cock remained inside her puckered hole.

While this went on Batgirl remained motionless with her breasts, hands and face resting on top of the table as she was sodomized by her unknowing father. Despite her placid exterior Barbara's mind was in turmoil as conflicting emotions swirled inside her. What was happening was wrong she knew, for fathers and daughters weren't supposed to engage in sexual relations and yet to her shame part of her wanted it to continue.

It felt so good and where was the harm she reasoned. He didn't realize it was his own daughter for he'd never shown an inkling of suspecting that Batgirl was Barbara in any of their interactions.

To have him stop might actually arouse his suspicion that something wasn't right about the situation and since he was only using her ass there was no chance of an incestuous baby resulting from the forbidden act. So though she still had misgivings Barbara decided the best course of action was to let things proceed and enjoy herself to the fullest but to never let it happen again. Having made her decision she concluded that there was only one additional thing that would make the actual act more enjoyable.

"Commissioner," she said in a low, quavering voice, "may I ask you something?" "Certainly Batgirl, ask me anything you like," he replied as he buried his wide cock in her clenching ass. "By any uhhn chance do you oohh have a pair of handcuffs with you?" she gasped out as her father continued tapping her tantalizing tush.

On hearing the question his eyes lit up with a perverted gleam that most who knew the respected commissioner of police had never seen or would have expected to. Reaching into the pocket of his suit jacket his hand emerged with a pair of shiny bracelets. "I have just what you need here Batgirl. Old habits die hard and though I'm now the commissioner I've never forgotten how I started out as a simple patrolman.

Consequently I always carry handcuffs and a detective special with me." Without saying another word Batgirl moved her hands off the table and extended them back and up past her body. He snapped one cuff onto her right wrist but instead of attaching the other his hand grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her body upright. "Though I would never do this with an actual suspect I think it makes more sense to cuff your hands in front of you Batgirl.

I have the feeling they'll do you more good there, you may find a use for them." After saying this he secured her hands in front of her then pulled a chair up next to them. "I want you to kneel on this chair sideways Batgirl. It will probably be easier to move one leg at a time." She did as he requested after which he adjusted the chair's placement so that her head and shoulders could just reach the table with her bent at the waist.

Once he had her positioned where he wanted he began to fuck her again, this time with more force so that each time he bottomed out she let out a little whimper. This caused him to smile as he savored the feeling of her tight ass on his hard, throbbing cock.

"Play with yourself Batgirl," he grunted, "like a good little slut. That's right, finger your little pussy while I use your hot ass." His hands held her hips as he increased his speed, now only pulling halfway out before driving his hard member forward again. By this time Batgirl had inserted three fingers from one hand into her sopping pussy while the index finger from her other hand was rubbing her clit frantically.

Though not actually speaking but only moaning, in her mind Batgirl kept thinking 'Fuck me daddy, fuck my ass' over and over again as she neared orgasm. Seconds later she let out a loud cry as her fluids gushed past her penetrating fingers. For his part Commissioner Gordon's mind was in two places at once.

Part of him was in the here and now, enjoying the sight, smell, sound and most importantly the feeling of Batgirl's perfect ass gripping him. Meanwhile he was also remembering similar experiences from his distant past when he was fucking another ass that was just as tight and shapely, one that looked almost identical to the one he was currently filling. It was that memory of his ex-wife (and Barbara's mother) that was spurring him ever closer to orgasm. It happened right after his daughter was born that the doctor had advised the couple to refrain from vaginal sex while she healed from the difficult birth.

At the time he had been in his sexual prime, always horny and insatiable and it had been difficult for him to abstain and to his proud mind masturbation was not a viable option. So at first they had practiced oral sex but her skills weren't up to the task of satisfying him multiple times each day. She'd been the one to first suggest the alternative and he had readily agreed, no doubt inspired by her incredible derriere.

He had gone slow and easy the first time in order to not hurt her and though she didn't enjoy it, for his sake, she had allowed him to use her in that fashion. He on the other hand had immediately taken to it like a fish to water. The only reason he hadn't initially revealed how much he enjoyed it was due to her tepid reaction.

But each additional time he sodomized her ass the pleasure increased and the more he wanted to until it became an obsession. It was after she recovered and was able to engage in normal intercourse again that things began to unravel. He just didn't enjoy it the way he had before and found achieving orgasm was becoming more difficult. She had opposed his efforts to use her ass and a divide grew between them.

After that it was only a matter of time until other issues reared their head and ultimately they separated. A couple of years later they finalized their divorce with her moving away and him getting custody of their daughter.

Ever since then he had searched in vain for another perfect ass to satisfy him the same way his ex's had for that short time and he'd never found it. The respectable women he had dated after divorcing had been unwilling to fulfill his unnatural desires forcing him to take extreme measures. So on rare occasions when he couldn't take it anymore the respected public servant had traveled to Atlantic City where he had engaged the services of professional escorts to satisfy his anal sex compulsion.

Such actions had always gone against the grain of his sterling character for he hated to break the law, even if not in his own city and a victimless crime, but he could only resist the powerful urges for so long before something had to give. And now for the first time since his divorce he'd seemingly found the perfect substitute in the ass of Batgirl. Grabbing her utility belt he increased the speed of his hips, slamming his full, thick length into her with each thrust.

Batgirl continued rapidly jamming her fingers deep into her pussy as he pounded her ass until she climaxed once again, crying out in her abandon. For Commissioner Gordon's part hearing her cum was the final straw as he buried his cock as deep as it could go. Seconds later he erupted, irrigating her bowels with a torrent of thick, white cum. His body trembled and his heart raced as he experienced the joy he'd been vainly searching for all those lost years. Gasping for breath he slid slowly from her now gaping ass as he debated the best way to convince her to make this a regular occurrence.

After pulling out he realized he still had a drop of cum ready to emerge so he squeezed right below his swollen cockhead to help it on its way. As it fell his hand had continued pulling on her utility belt and the last drop of jism landed right above it with a splat. Looking at it Commissioner Gordon's eyes narrowed for right next to the white, liquid pearl was a distinctive birthmark that had been covered by Batgirl's utility belt before but now lay exposed.

EPILOGUE Batgirl writhed around on the mattress as her lust climbed higher and higher toward the peak of carnal pleasure when one final lick pushed her to the summit. She paused there an instant before soaring even higher as she floated on waves of orgasmic bliss toward sexual nirvana.

Her whole body felt at one with the universe as she let out a number of drawn out moans reflecting the sublime enjoyment she was feeling. Though her eyes were closed tightly it was as if she saw a prismatic curtain of colors and lights and she felt her toes curl inside her boots. Finally after what seemed an eternity in paradise she drifted back down to earth.

Languidly she opened her eyes and focused them on Inga's head nestled between her parted thighs. The au pair was still licking her succulent, juicy peach though now at a slower pace with an occasional light kiss to Batgirl's inner thigh. "Do you like, my sweet, delicious heroine?" she asked with a shy smile before resuming her oral ministrations.

"Yes Inga. Words can't express how much I'm enjoying it, you have a very talented mouth. But you must stop for a minute." "But why? I want to lick you until my tongue is too tired to move. You deserve it and your pussy tastes so good to me." "Because I said so," Batgirl said as with an effort she managed to raise her upper body to an upright position, "and also because I want to kiss you and I can't while you're licking my pussy." "Okay for that I stop," Inga replied moving from her prone position to where she was on her hands and knees.

She crawled forward until Batgirl could take her head with both hands at which time she kissed the Swedish beauty. Their lips moved against each other's and Batgirl could taste herself on Inga. Their tongues next slipped inside the other's mouth where they writhed and explored until both were breathless and weak with desire. When the kiss ended Inga attempted to move back down but Batgirl had other plans.

Using a judo move she flipped the larger girl onto her back after which she maneuvered her thighs so they were astride Inga's head then lowered her own body so they were in a sixty-nine position.

Inga wasted no time in raising her head off the bed to resume feasting on Batgirl's sopping pussy and was rewarded by her own being licked in return. Batgirl marveled at how tiny and pink it appeared as her tongue sampled Inga for the first time. Finding the taste to her liking Batgirl's tongue burrowed deep inside Inga's pink cave as far as it could reach. She swirled it around for a time causing Inga to lift her pelvis off the bed in an attempt to allow Batgirl's tongue to penetrate even deeper.

After a little while Batgirl slid her tongue out but only so she could lick Inga's erect little clit instead. When it first touched her there Inga let out a muffled moan for it felt as if live electricity was coursing from there across her whole nervous system. Seconds later Batgirl slid a gloved finger inside Inga's tight pussy and started to frig her which triggered a series of orgasms with each more intense than the last until the Swedish au pair was left trembling and gasping from an excess of pleasure.

During this Batgirl had not let up but continued licking and fingering Inga until finally the buxom blonde had been forced to cry out for relief. "Oh please you must stop or I will die from too much cumming! I beg you beautiful Batgirl to show me mercy. Please!" While not believing that anything she was doing could prove fatal Batgirl sympathized with the girl after what she had herself suffered at the hands of the Joker so she ceased her licking.

Due to the pussy muscle spasms Inga was having Batgirl was unable to remove her finger though she stopped moving it as well. After a couple of minutes Inga had recovered enough that she was able to squirm out from underneath Batgirl's body. "I be okay in a little while, I think. Then we can have more fun. It was just too much you doing those things to me. Ever since you save me I wanted to thank you but I never dream you do those things to me as well.

I just want to bring you pleasure, that would be enough for me. I didn't expect you to return favor and it was too much for my poor nerves. I rest a little." After saying this Inga stretched her voluptuous body on the mattress with a contented smile on her face.

The smile got larger when Batgirl snuggled up against her, resting her masked head on Inga's ample bosom and placing her gloved hand on top of her wispy, golden ringlets.

The two remained like that for a short time and it was Batgirl that stirred first. Her fingers crept down a few inches and began to circle Inga's still erect clitoris while her mouth took the Swede's nipple inside and sucked on it.

"No!" Inga shrieked as she tried to pull away unsuccessfully. "Please, no more. Well maybe more but not like this. I want to do something for both of us, pretty please, so you stop my beautiful Batgirl." "All right Inga but you better do it now because I can't help myself.

You are too sexy for me to keep my hands and lips off for long." "Thank you for saying so, I feel same for you. Never have I felt so, what word you Americans use, so horny for any other girl, not even my friend Helga back home who teach me about girl love. You lie on back and I show you good time." No sooner had Batgirl cast herself on her back then Inga moved into position.

Kneeling beside her, Inga pulled Batgirl's thighs until they were spread wide after which she spun her own body around so their heads were pointed in opposite directions. With a wicked smile she rolled onto her side and entwined her legs with Batgirl's.

She then inched forward until their pelvises were brushing against each other's. Taking a deep breath Inga grabbed Batgirl's bare thigh then asked "Are you ready?" The second Batgirl nodded Inga began to grind her wet pussy against Batgirl's, sending waves of pleasure throughout both their bodies.

It didn't take Batgirl long to catch on, for almost immediately she followed suit as the two bumped pussies until they were moaning and gasping. Inga was the first to cum though Batgirl was close behind and Inga was still in the throes of climax when Batgirl joined her. This didn't slow them any but only whetted their appetites for more orgasms so they continued their scissoring movements, their smooth legs and wet pussies writhing against the other.

Finally after multiple orgasms Inga shifted her position so she was no longer lying down but upright though her legs were still entwined with Batgirl's. She continued bumping muffs while also grinding on Batgirl's leg until with a loud cry her torso fell forward onto Batgirl.

"I die," she whispered after she'd recovered sufficiently enough to speak, "but only little death like French say." A short time later Inga appeared sad as she watched Batgirl dressing but it wasn't until the crime fighter was pulling on her pants that the Swede acted. Rolling off the bed she knelt before the sitting masked vigilante while looking up at her with a pleading expression.

"Please wait Batgirl, one more favor I beg of you though after all you've done for me already I have no right to ask…" "What is it my darling?" Batgirl asked as she stood so she could pull her pants all the way up.

"One last kiss to remember me by, please." Stifling a smile Batgirl stroked the au pair's cheek before responding.

"Oh, so you don't wish to see me again after this? And here I was hoping this was the start of a beautiful friendship." Batgirl had to maintain all her self-control to not laugh as she said this but the look of immediate, undisguised joy on Inga's face warmed her heart (and loins)greatly.

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"Oh I want to but I didn't dare to dream we see each other again. So then this be kiss good night, okay?" Once she'd said this Inga wrapped her arms around Batgirl's legs just in case she changed her mind and tried to leave.

She then kissed her right on her wet, puffy pussy lips. Batgirl shuddered as it turned to a French kiss of a sort, with Inga's nimble tongue sliding between her pussy lips. At the same time the au pair's nose connected with Batgirl's clit stimulating her further. "Oh yes! Oh Inga, that feels so good. Don't stop! Oh, oh," Batgirl cried out as her hands grabbed Inga's blond hair as paradise beckoned yet again. Five minutes later the two stood by the window in an embrace, neither of them wanting to be the one to end it.

Finally Batgirl kissed Inga on her soft mouth tenderly while staring into her eyes before releasing her. "I'm sorry beautiful, I have to go but I promise to get in touch soon. Okay?" "You make sure you do my heroine," the Scandinavian stunner replied as she reluctantly took her hands off her new lover's perfect ass. Without saying another word Batgirl sprang out the window onto the fire escape. As Inga watched she descended rapidly until dropping catlike to the ground.

Looking up she gave a wave before disappearing into the alley. Coming to her own window a minute later she slid it open without a sound before pulling herself up and in. After closing and locking the window she was about to remove her mask when she noticed there was light streaming into her dark bedroom from around the edges of the door though she knew no light had been on when she'd left. Creeping to the door she listened and after a moment she heard what sounded like quiet breathing.

Not knowing what to expect she inched the door open and slipped through to the hallway beyond. In the living room she could see the seated figure of a man with his back to her. Just as she reached the threshold of the living room a wooden floorboard creaked beneath her boot and the figure started. She stood motionless for a moment as the man stood then turned in her direction.

His eyes widened and he dropped a copy of the police report to the floor below before taking a step forward. "Barbara?!?" Commissioner Gordon said. THE END