Sexy kittens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray jizm everywhere monstercock and squirting

Sexy kittens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray jizm everywhere monstercock and squirting
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As always like and comment for more and as always this is just a story nothing more. (Pm me request) It was 9am the morning after I fucked my sister's sleeping ass and pussy. But I was so tired because I was up all night thinking about what was my sister gonna kill me with when she woke up. But I filled my sister with my seed and she was still passed out because I gave her two sleeping pills instead of 1, because I didn't want her to wake up while I was fucking her sweet sleeping body.

I was sitting at the kitchen table just waiting for my sister to come out screaming and ready to kill me. I heard the bathroom door shut and I knew she was up. I was sweating and breathing heavy, I just waited and waited for her to come out of the bathroom to kill me but it never happened.

I heard the bathroom door open and she came in the kitchen. "Hey bro, can you make me some bacon please." I looked at her and thought to myself did she not notice that her underwear were off and she was covered in my cum when she woke up? "Sure sis go wait in the living room, I'll have it ready in a few minutes." (I was playing it cool, maybe she just didn't wanna talk about it) "Thanks bro and next time don't cum in my ass!

It's a bitch to clean." My eyes probably looked like they were gonna pop out of my head when I heard her say that, She knew what I did and she was cool with it. As she was walking towards the living room I noticed she was wearing that same white T shirt and yoga pants that made her ass look amazing.

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As I was making her bacon all I could think about was that she knew I fucked her and she was cool about it. Once the bacon was done I brought it to her on a plate in the living room. She was laying on her back texting on her phone. "Here you go sis, so you're not mad about what I did? "She took the plate from me and said. "Why would I be mad?

As you already know dad does it too, he told me he does it because he loves me more than anything and that's why I think you did it too because you love me." "How did you know that I knew dad was doing it too?" "Dad never puts it in my ass he thinks it's gross, now say you love me." "Hold on, why when you asked me to crush the pills for you why did you say you probably don't know this but I'm on sleeping pills if you already knew I was fucking you?" "Because I wanted to make sure you loved me a whole lot and you fucked me last night so that means you love me a lot.

Now say I love you" "I love you." (I said in a shaking voice) "Again, again, say you love me," "I love you a whole lot." (She smiled big time when I said that) "How long has dad been doing it to you?" "Ever since I was around 14, he told me he did it because he loved me more than anything!!" I was shocked my dad has been fucking my sister his own daughter for the past four years and I didn't even know. I left the living room just shocked at what I heard.

I was about to go rub one out when my sister said " Crush some more pills up before you go back to your room. I don't wanna have to bother you later about it." I did as she asked and walked in the kitchen and crushed some pills and put them on a plate for her. I went back to my room and right when my door shut I pulled down my boxers and whipped out my 6inch cock and started stroking it brutally, I was moving my hand up and down my shaft as fast as I could and finally I cummed all over my floor, load after load shot out of my cock.

I was breathing really heavy and I was sweating like a pig. I waited a few minutes to catch my breath and then I cleaned up the mess I made. I passed out on my bed and when I woke up I checked my phone for the time and it was 1am and I knew my sister had to be asleep just waiting to be fucked. I got up out of bed with my 6incher at full attention and I started walking towards her room. Once I got to her room I turned the knob and pushed the door open. My sister was no longer wearing those sweet sexy sweat pants now she was wearing tight purple hello kiddy panties with the same white T-shirt on.

I was completely calm because I knew she wouldn't care if I fucked her, the moonlight wasn't gonna work for me tonight I walked over to her and picked her up.

I carried her to my room and dropped her on my bed.


I turned my light on and I shut my door just in case my mom and dad got back early. She was laying on her side so I pushed her all the way on her belly and pulled the huge white T-shirt over her ass and then I squeezed her ass cheeks one hand for each cheek. I've never seen my sister's bare ass with the lights on but there's a first time for everything.

I hooked my thumbs in her panties and pulled them down her legs and off they went. I was in heaven my sister's huge bare ass looked beautiful in the light I thought to myself. I parted her ass cheeks and saw her light brown asshole.

It was small and perfect I got my nose closer to it and smelt it and it smelt great. Something about the scent of a girls asshole just gets me red hot.

I stood up and yanked my boxers off, I started stroking my cock and I got back on the bed with her. While stroking my cock I parted her ass cheeks again with my hand but this time I was focused on her pink little pussy. I rammed my tongue in her pink love tunnel it tasted so good it also had a strong musky but perfect scent that would make any man 10 times harder.

I was still stroking my cock while doing all this but I wanted to explore every part of her body and I mean evey part of her body before I cummed. I stopped licking her pink now wet pussy and flipped her over on her back and noticed her pussy was now shaved.

I was so happy, but I wanted to feel those tits before I did anything else and I pulled off our dad's big white T shirt over her head and off and she wasn't wearing a bra either so it was easy pickings. My sister was finally fully nude in front of meher tits looked to me like a B34 or something along those lines.

I stopped stroking my cock and then in one swift move and lowered my mouth on her right tit and the taste of her soft skin tasted amazing words couldn't explain it.

With one of my hands I started to grope her other tit and it was soft and fluffy like a new pillow or a Teddy bear I stopped sucking her tit and then I leaned my head up and started to kiss her soft pink lips. While I was kissing her my tongue penetrated her mouth. My tongue explored her mouth and man there was just something about her mouth I loved. I thought for a few seconds and I've fucked her ass and pussy and now it's her mouths turn.

I sat up and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs were hanging off the bed. I mounted her upper chest right above her tits and placed my tip at the entrance of her mouth and slowly pushed it in.


Her soft wet lips felt so good on my tip, I pushed a little more and now about 2inches were in her mouth. Man oh man this is the best I thought to myself. The more I pushed in the better it felt, I eased my hips back a little and then pressed forward every time I did that my cock went in just a little more. I finally had my tip all the way in with about 4inches of shaft, I didn't wanna put the last few inches in because I didn't wanna choke her with it. So I started moving my hips back and forth back and forth over and over again and my speed picked up after about a minute and I was now pulling all 4inches out just leaving the tip in and then I'd slam it all in at once and the first time I did I lost it.

I had to pull out because I didn't want her to choke to death on my cum. Not even a half second after pulling out I shot 5 loads of cum all over my sister's face. It landed all over her face and lips and in her hair. I was sweating and breathing like I just ran a mile but I was in heaven and I was far from being done. I grabbed a towel off my floor and cleaned her face the best I could.

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I flipped her back on her belly and put a pillow under her belly allowing me better access to her sweet ass. Once she was prompted up on the pillow just right. I parted her legs, I pushed her legs as far apart as I could.

(She was pretty much spread eagle on her belly) She did tell me not to come in her ass but that's just something that she's just gonna have to deal with. I got up as close as I could to her and placed my tip at her asshole entrance and slammed all 6inches in at once. "AHHHHH!!!" I nearly had a fucking heart attack my sister was screaming in pain, I pulled out of her ass.

(She rolled over on her back looking at my face) "You're awake?" "No shit I'm awake and that fucking hurt, why did you do that?" "I'm sorry I thought you were out cold, wait you were up this whole time? If I knew you were awake I wouldn't have done that." "Just forget about it, I was about to take my sleeping pills and then I heard you walking towards my room so I just acted like I was sleeping and I wanted to know how you made love to me while I was sleeping." Her eyes looks so beautiful and I crawled on top of her while I kicked the pillow off the bed.

I was looking right into her eyes and she started to blush I planted a kiss on her forehead and I got a sweet smell of her hair shampoo flooding my nose. I then kissed her cheek and her lips working my way down. I started to kiss her neck and she started to moan. I started moving my head down more and my mouth was now back on her right tit. I sucked it and with one of my free hands I started to pinch her other nip and with my other free hand I was rubbing her right thigh. She was now moaning pretty loudly.

I moved my head down a little more to her navel and I kissed it all over and I moved my head down more and I was now face to face with her shaven 18 year old wet hairless pink pussy. The sent alone made me 30 times more harder. I started to kiss her mound and I licked her slit, it tasted better than anything.

I also moved my hand that was on her thigh up to her right tit and started to squeeze it while my other hand was pinching her other nip. I found her clit it was really small but it was still beautiful. I put my mouth over it and sucked on it like it was a lollipop.


She was now screaming moaning aka her moans were so loud it sounded like she was screaming. I kept sucking it and she said "OH fuck, I'm not gonna last much longer!" Hearing those words from my sister just drove me crazy.

I sat up and lined my tip up with her pussy entrance and slammed all 6inches in at once. Right when I did that she reached up and put her arms around me while I was still thrusting deep inside her wet pussyshe drove her fingernails deep into my back just to control her body. She started moaning and breathing even harder.

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I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and I knew she was about to cum, I pulled out and I slammed into her one more time. We cummed at the same time. I shot load after load of hot jizz deep inside my sister.

She was moaning like an animal. I was breathing heavy and sweating so much.

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I don't know what she felt when she cummed but I'm sure it felt real good. Me and my sister both heard the front door open and we knew our mom and dad were back.

I looked in my sister's eyes and saw fear. I jumped up and off the bed and grabbed some air freshener and sprayed down my room trying to get the smell of sex out of the air. I grabbed mine and my sister's clothes off the ground and threw them into the corner hoping no one would see them and I turned off the light.

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"Okay sis, when they walk in just act like we're sleeping." My sister nodded yes, right when I jumped on the bed I threw covers over us my door flew open.

It was my mom (I could tell by her breathing my dad breathed hard all the time) I was so scared I was shaking in fear and I could feel my sister shaking in fear too. My mom said "Hey hon come look at your son protecting his little sister.

" I heard my dad say "That's cool and I forgot something in the car babe go get it for me hon." I heard my mom walk off. My dad said "I know what you're doing and tomorrow it's 3some time." My and my sister just laid there in silence and we heard the door shut.Should I make a part 3?