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Reife Göttin zeigt Monster natürliche Titten
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Michael's Dream Story: #41 Copyright ©2008 Written: July 25 2008 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** Note: I don't have any knowledge of Gender Reassignment Surgery(Sex Change) if some things in this story do not make sense it is due to that lack of knowledge.

******************************************** "BEEEP, BEEEP, BEEEEP" The sound of the alarm woke Michael from a deep sleep and a wonderful dream the same dream he had been having all of his life, others would have called his dream a nightmare, had he ever told anyone, he would wish every morning that the dream would never end, only to wake again each morning to what he saw as the real nightmare, his life.

For most of his life Michael has been dreaming of a fantasy world where he is a young and beautiful girl being held by a man as a sexual slave, he would dream of a torture dungeon with menacing devices meant to cause pain to the female body and it would always be his body chained to the wall or the floor or tied up in a number of different ways. Michael would be the last person to consider himself gay, he is a very handsome young eighteen year old man who has had many girl friends and sexual partners all female but with his fantasies he has never gotten the sexual release he has been dreaming of all his life, he had thought many times about confiding his fantasy to Steve his life long best friend, if anyone could understand and possibly help it would be him, but fear of what Steve would say shied him off telling his best friend every time.

"Dude, you sick bastered!" he would imagine Steve saying while taking his next shoot from the other side of the pool table, Steve is Michael's best friend since they were kids also eighteen are in Steve's house playing a private game of pool and talking about the things Steve would love to do to some hot chick he just met all the while Michael imagining himself as the chick Steve was referring too.

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"Just think about it dude, wouldn't you just love to take some girl off the street and do things to her?" Steve said as Michael took his shoot and missed imagining Steve doing things to his female body, thoughts like this have been invading Michael's mind for a long time it has even started to blind side him at times like this, missing a shot, at work, while driving, it came to a point where Michael just decided he HAD to tell Steve, he HAD to tell someone, ANYONE!.

"Steve man I got to tell you something, I don't know how you will react but were friends, right?" Michael asked, "Sure man, you can tell me anything" Steve replied raising an eyebrow, "Well you see, the thing is, for along time now I have been having these dreams" Michael said looking into Steve's eye's, "What kind of dreams pal?" Steve asked starting to get a little wierded out.

Michael laid out the whole story to his best friend who was now starting to look at him the way he always feared he would, "Dude, that's fucking sick!" Steve said with his eye's on Michael, "You're a man, not a girl, your supposed to bag them not want to be bagged" Steve added as he lowered his eye's from his friend, "See this is why I didn't want to tell you, I knew you wouldn't understand" Michael said and he threw the pool stick he had in his hand onto the table, "I know, but I can't help it I've been dreaming this my whole life" Michael added in defense.

"Well its not the strangest thing I've ever seen or heard of, but it's pretty fucked up man" Steve said as he got out of the chair he had been sitting in listening to Michael's story, "Come over here" Steve added as he walked over to his computer, Michael following behind, "Take a look at this" Steve said bringing up a website, "HOLY HELL" Michael replied as he looked at the screen and saw pictures showing girls in various stages of being slaughtered like pigs, some with long cooking spits shoved right through them and on an open fire being cooked.

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Steve then brought up a video clip of a very pretty young blonde girl being forcefully held down by several men holding her on her hands and knees with her head to the ground while another man came up behind her and shoved a steel pole into her pussy forcing it though her body while she screamed in pain for several minutes until the bloody point came out of her mouth, "SHIT, man that girl's still alive there killing her!" Michael said not able to take his eye's from the screen as he watched the men then tie her hands behind her back and her feet to the end of the spit and carry her to an empty fire pit, in the background other young girls could be seen in different stages of cooking.

"This is my secret fantasy, I have never told anyone much less shown anyone I know these pictures or video" Steve said, "Is this real?, are these pictures and video's of these girls being killed real?" Michael asked, "Sure does look like it doesn't it?, to tell you the truth man I don't know, I've been told this stuff was fake but the more I see the more I think its real and the more I want to do it to a young girl myself" Steve said trying to cover his huge erection from Michael, "Too late, I've already seen your boner no point hiding it" Michael said with a laugh, "So what do you think of my little secret fantasy?" Steve asked getting up from his desk to the kitchen to grab a beer and tossing one to Michael, "You got me beat man, that's way more sick then mine" Mike replied popping open his beer to take a sip.

Michael didn't want to tell his friend his new dirty secret, that the whole time he was watching the video of the young girl getting a spit shoved though her, real or not, all he could think about was that he was the young girl being held down taking the spit in his own wide open pussy for all to see, this he would keep to himself for awhile, after finishing his beer he said goodbye to his friend and went home to think about all he had seen and talked about today, once home he could not get the video out of his head and fired up his computer going to every search website he could find looking for it, or more of the same, "What was that word he typed in to bring up that video?" mike kept saying to him self over and over again, "Dolcetto?" no that's a wine, isn't it?, it was something like that" he thought to himself.

Sitting at his computer he typed in search after search, spit-roast, spit-girl, spit, spitting, all he got were website's of people either spitting from their mouths or roasting an actual pig, Michael was starting to think that Steve had made the whole thing up, faked the video on his computer using a video manipulation program, until he finally hit onto a website showing everything Steve had shown him on his computer, this was Mike's gold mine. After seeing what Steve had shown him and the stuff he found on his own, Mike could never look at Steve the same way again, every time he did all he could see was himself being held down while Steve shoved a spit through him, "What's wrong Mike?, you seem distant lately" Steve asked while they were sitting enjoying a beer a few days later, "It's just that I can't get that girl out of my mind" Mike said taking his next sip, "What girl?, the one from Vegas?" Steve asked referring to a prostitute they once shared on a Las Vegas trip, "No the one in that video getting the spit shoved into her pussy" Mike replied, "Ohh that girl, I thought you might be talking about her" Steve said walking over to his computer and bringing the video up again for them to watch her scream.

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"Steve honestly when you watch this who do you see yourself as?" Mike asked, "The doer of course, don't you?" Mike asked, "Once or twice yes, but mainly I see myself as the girl taking that steel pole all the way thought her, Me" Mike replied, "It's a lot like my dream, a forced situation where the girl has to submit to her killer, only until recently my dreams have never involved my death" Mike said, "And now?" Steve asked, "Well now they do, my dreams are all revolved around getting a spit shoved though me" Mike replied, "But you don't have a pussy Michael" Steve said, "In my dreams I do, Im a girl, but once or twice I did dream it was male me getting it up my ass" Michael said looking to the floor embarrassed.

Conversations like this went on between the two for a few days always while they were watching the video's of girls being killed in more ways then one, not just the spitting, also hanging's and drowning's until one day, "You know I been thinking, I want to do this to spit a girl so badly and you want to have it done to you, why don't we just do it?" Steve said looking up from the computer screen a new video the guys had found of another young girl taking a spit though her pussy also forced screaming her head off, "You mean grab a girl and spit roast her?" Mike asked not really paying attention, lost in one of his day dreams, "No I mean you" Steve replied, "But like you have said many time's im not a girl, I don't have a pussy, I really don't want to take it up my ass, im not gay" Mike replayed to his question.

"That's what I mean, we turn you into a girl" Steve said with a smile, "What?" Mike asked, "You heard me, we turn you into a girl, Look there is this guy I know from school, way back when, well he is a gender reassignment surgeon" Steve said looking into Mike's eye's, "You mean he could, snip, snip?" Mike said making a scissor gesture with his fingers, "Yes he can turn you into a girl, maybe, not a very pretty one, but all we need for this is for you to have tits and a pussy" Steve said looking down at Mike's crotch seeing the tent being made in his pants from the erection he was getting thinking about having this done to him, "Lets do it, call your friend" Mike said as he went into the bathroom for a private moment.

When Mike came out of the bathroom Steve was just putting down the phone, "I just finished talking to my friend he said he will do it, obviously we cant tell him what the end result of this will be but he will do the surgery" Steve said with a smile, "Great, when do we see him?" Mike asked with a bit of excitement in his voice, "Tomorrow at noon" Steve replied and went back to the computer screen to watch the video's again.

The next day Mike met up with Steve at his house at 11:00am to make their way to Steve's doctor friend to start the first round of surgery, upon entering the doctors private office at three minutes to noon they were greeted by a man that Steve introduced as Dave, "Well Mike this is my friend Dave" Steve said, "And Dave this is your patient Michael" Steve added as Dave and Mike shook hands, "Steve here tells me that your interested in gender reassignment but do not want any public record of it, that's a bit strange but I would do anything for this guy, so I will make a girl out of you" Dave said as the three men entered the operating room.


Once inside the room, "Ok Michael, remove your clothes and get up on the bed" Dave said once Mike was nude and on the bed Dave began a series of injections, "Ouch what is in those needles?" Mike asked, "Female hormones, they are required to make you look more female they will help in the final process, you will see" Dave replied, "So what would you like done today?" Dave asked, "What do you mean?" replied Mike, "Well we can't do the whole process in one day we do half today then the other half in a few weeks, you want breasts or pussy done today?" Dave asked, "Pussy" Steve replied causing Mike and Dave to both look up at him, "Ok Pussy it is I guess" Mike replied with a slight smile to Steve.

Several hours later Mike wakes up in a strange room, Dave sitting at a desk in the corner, "Where am I" Mike said, "Your in my private office, remember?" Dave said getting up and moving closer to Mike so he can see him more clearly, "Ohh right, where's Steve?" Mike asked starting to remember why he had come here, he went home for awhile until your ready to leave here, witch should be soon" Dave replied, "So did you, you know?" Mike asked, "Yes, it's gone, your now half the man you use to be" Dave said with a laugh, "Well you should get some more sleep, so you can get out of here" Dave said as he went back to his desk to get back to work, "hey Doc, How long before I can use this um, you know?" Mike called from across the room, "A few days at least" Dave replied and continued his paperwork.

A few days at least later, "So the Doc said I can start to use my new pussy in a few days, it's been a few days" Mike said looking across to Steve from the bed in Steve's house, Steve looking back at him, "You mean you and me, here, now?" Steve asked, "Sure why not?, isn't that why you told the Doc to do the pussy first?" Mike replied as he dropped his pants to show his friend his new pussy, "So you want to try me out?" Mike asked while starting to rub it, "Sure, Ill give you a test run, Ill probably wind up giving you a last fuck before the spit anyway" Steve replied as he removed his clothes and joined mike on the bed, "It's a little weird for me to keep thinking of you as a guy, we should give you a girls name since you are technically not a guy anymore" Steve said as he got between Mike's legs and started to enter his pussy, "I been thinking about that too" Mike said as he felt Steve thrust into him and bury his cock into his pussy, "OHHH, it hurts but feels really good at the same time" Mike added, They continued this for several hours, both organizing many times.

"So about that name?" Steve asked when they were done, "Well I been researching that fist video you showed me of the young blonde being forcibly spitted and found that it was real and her name was Jessica, that's the name I want" Mike or rather Jessica now replied, "OK then Jessica it is from now on until I spit you, you will be called and referred to only as Jessica" Steve said, "Sounds good to me" Jessica replied with a sigh and fell asleep on Steve's bed. About a week and a few thousand orgasms later Steve and the newly named Jessica found them selves back at Doctor Dave's private office for the second half of the procedure, "So Jessica how is the first half of the procedure working for you?" Dave asked using the new name that Mike had chosen for herself, "It's been wonderful, Doctor Dave" Jessica replied, "Well I see that the female hormones are starting to work as well your male features are starting to look more feminine, this is good it means that when were done you will look more like a woman" Dave said as he pulled out a book of pictures, "Now comes the part where you can pick out the kind of breasts you want" Dave said passing the book of pictures to Jessica, "You mean I have a choice?" Jessica asked, "Yes you can pick from this book the size and shape you want your breasts to look like when they are done" Dave said as Jessica started to flip though the book.

"Here, These are what I want" Jessica said pointing to a set of breasts in the book a nice firm set of 36B cup breasts, "Not to big and not too small" Jessica added, "They will look nice on your chest, lets get you in to surgery and get them on you" Dave said as they went into the operating room, "Ok Jessica, remove your clothes and get on the bed" Dave said once Jessica was nude and on the bed Dave began another series of injections, "Ouch, that hurts" Jessica said, "these are just more female hormones to help your body accept the new breasts im about to give you" Dave said, "and this one puts you to sleep" Dave added as Jessica passed out.

Several hours later Jessica was wheeled out of the operating room with her chest bandaged up, "The surgery went fine, she is on pain medication and will be a little tipsy for awhile but you can take her home now and let her sleep for a few hours, leave the bandages on for about a week then you can take them off" Dave said as Steve walked over to him, "So is that it?" Steve asked, "Yep, let her hair grow out for a few weeks and continue the hormone injection and in about a month you should not be able to tell she was ever a man to begin with" Dave replied, "what about the lower half?" Steve asked looking up at Dave, "Yes I thought you might ask about that, her lower half is fine, you can continue using it, just don't touch her breasts for a few weeks" Dave replied as Steve thanked him again and wheeled Jessica out to the car and took her to his house.

It has now been four months since Micheal told Steve about his dreams and two months since the compilation of the gender surgery Steve and Jessica have just finished having a good tumble around in bed, now that Mike is fully female named Jessica she no longer feels any shame in having sex with her best friend, "So now that your body is ready, when do you want to move onto the next step in our plan?" Steve asked the naked girl laying on his bed sperm dripping from her pussy, "What next part?" Jessica asked looking at Steve, "You know what we planed all along" Steve said bringing up the video of the young blonde being forcefully spitted on his computer, Jessica looked at the screen and started to shake, "Umm I forgot about that" Jessica said looking into Steve's eye's, "Were you serious?" Jessica added with a slight bit of fear in her voice, "You said it was what you wanted?" Dave said looking a bit mad, "I know but I have had time to use this new body and I really enjoy being fucked by you, I don't want that to end" Jessica replied placing her hand on her pussy and starting to rub Steve's sperm all around it.

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"I had a feeling you would back out once you had time to enjoy the new you" Steve said as he made his way back over to the bed and laid down next to Jessica one hand starting to caress her breast while the other hand was moving out of sight behind her as if looking for something, Jessica caught up in her own pleasure did not notice untill, "What the hell is this?" Jessica said as she felt Steve wrap a collar arround her neck, "Well I think its time to play out the other part of your dream to be kept as a sex slave by a man, remember?" Steve said as he snapped the lock closed on the collar, "Yes I remember, Steve" Jessica replyed as she started to feel aroused by the collar around her neck, "Steve?, you will not refer to me by my name, you will call me master" Steve said as he pulled out a small box and pressed a button cuaseing the collar to give Jessica an electric shock, "Whats my name slave?" Steve added.



MASTER!!" Jessica yelled as Steve delivered another shock though the collar, "Don't forget it slave, we made certain plans and I promise that we will see them to the end" Steve said looking into Jessica's eye's now starting to tear up slightly from the shocks, "Yes master" was all Jessica could say as she turned over in the bed and berried her face in the pillow. The next morning Steve woke Jessica with a short shock from her new shock collar, "Damn it Steve, stop that!" Jessica said as she looked up at the angry face of Steve, "Is that the way you talk to your master?" Steve asked as he turned up the voltage and pressed the button again giving her a more powerful jolt, "Master, please forgive me master!" Jessica said as she jerked from the shock, "I will forgive you this once, don't let it happen again" Steve said as he clipped a leash to Jessica's collar forced her to stand and place her hands behind her back and then placed handcuffs on her wrists to bind her hands, "Follow me" Steve said as he tugged on the leash pulling her with him, "Sit" Steve said indicating a spot at the base of the kitchen table next to the only chair there, "Yes master" was all Jessica could say fearing another shock, Steve sat in the chair next to her and opened his robe revealing his hard cock and indicating that Jessica should start sucking it.

"Ohh yes, very good slave" Steve said as Jessica worked her tongue up and down his cock, "Ohh you suck like a good little slave" he added, "Thanks you master" Jessica replied taking her attention off his cock and was rewarded by another shock, "I didn't ask you to speak" Steve said as Jessica went back to sucking, "Here's what's going to happen, We made plans to roast you when your surgery was complete and we are going to do just that" Steve said as Jessica started to tremble, "I know that's what I said I wanted, but please Steve I don't think I can do it" Jessica said looking up into his eye's, "WHAT DID I SAY?" Steve yelled as he turned up the voltage on the shock controller and pressed the button again giving Jessica the strongest shock she has gotten so far, "IM SORRY, FORGIVE ME MASTER!!!!" She screamed though the pain, "Good slave" Steve said as the shock ended, "You have no choice in this, by the end of the week you will be on my spit" Steve said indicating to the long steel pole in the corner of the kitchen.

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When the end of the week came Jessica was looking worn out Steve had kept her awake almost all hours using her for sex and torturing her body in many ways, "today is the day slave" Steve said as he woke her up from one of her few, hour long naps with a shock from her collar, "Time to get up and get things ready for your final moments" Steve added as Jessica got up from the floor where she had collapsed earlier, "Im ready master" Jessica said as she followed him to the backyard where she found that the fire pit had already been lit and was ready to roast her body, "Turn and Kneel, slave" Steve said when they reached the pit, Jessica did as she was told being the perfect slave as Steve took her hands behind her back and secured them with the handcuffs, "You don't need this anymore, slave" Steve said as he removed the shock collar and leash.

Jessica watched as Steve went to the kitchen and returned with the sharp steel spit and kelt down next to her, "Mike, you were my best friend for years as Jessica you were my best girl, my best slave well first slave and now your gonna be my first spit roaster" Steve said as he leaned in and kissed the back of Jessica's neck, "What do you want me to say?, Master" Jessica replied turning her neck slightly to look at Steve, "What ever you want to say, These will be your last words" Steve said planting a kiss on her lips, "I don't want to die but I did make promises to you so as your slave I will take the spit to make you happy" Jessica said with tears in her eye's, "Since you are being so cooperative I will give you that last fuck I promised you when we started your change" Steve said and removed his clothes stepped behind Jessica and entered her in one thrust, "OHH YES, MASTER, FUCK ME" She screamed as Steve shoot his last load into her pussy.

Just as Steve was finishing up his last fuck with Jessica a woman walked out from the house and stood next to Steve, "Ohh Jessica im sure you remember Angela" Steve said putting his arms around the woman and kissing her, "What the hell is she doing here?" Jessica said, "She is here to share in our moment" Steve replied, Angela was once one of Mike's many girlfriends, "So this is Mike?" Angela said as she moved in close to Jessica and started playing with her breasts with one hand and using the other to play with her clit, placing a few fingers into her pussy, "Wow they did a good job you can hardly tell she was a man" Angela said, "Yep Dave said the hormones he gave her would do that" Steve replied as Angela leaned in to taste Jessica's pussy, "Yep taste like a pussy alright" Angela added as she moved back over to Steve who picked up the spit in to his hands again, "It's time to get you on the spit Jessica" Steve said as he came up being her forcing her knees apart, "Angela, can you hold her down?" Steve asked as he pushed Jessica's head to the ground forcing her ass and pussy in to the air while Angela put all her wight on to Jessica's back and head holding her as steady and still as she could.

Steve placed the tip of the sharp spit in to Jessica's pussy, "Ok Jessica, im going to fuck you with the tip of the spit for a few minutes to give you a final orgasm before I push it through you, as soon as you come ill thrust and it should be out of your mouth by the time your come down from your orgasm, hopefully there will just be the right amount of pain and it won't be too painful for you" Steve said as he started to fuck Jessica with the spit. "Angela, why are you helping him do this to me?" Jessica asked as she felt Steve start to fuck her with the tip of the spit trying to get her to cum, "Because it gets me off to see girls in pain like your about to be" Angela replied, "But you're a real girl, when im gone your next" Jessica replied, "OHH IM IM GONNA CUM!" Jessica yelled as Steve gave the spit the first thrust forcing it into Jessica's stomach since she is not a natural female there is no cervical hole or uterus to help align the spit properly also causing much more pain to Jessica then they had planed for, "OHH STEVE PLEASE STOP!" Jessica yelled though the pain,""Its too late for that now Jessica, If I stop now you will still die so just take it like a man" Steve replied, "Im not a man anymore" Jessica said though the tears forming in her eye's also starting to have difficulty breathing, "Well this is what you were made for, there's no backing out now" Steve replied as he gave the final thrust.

"I already knew about all that, It's been a fantasy of mine for along time, I volunteered to be his next pig" Angela whispered into Jessica's ear after the blood covered spit came out of her mouth and she started to settle down from the pain, "In a few weeks that spit will be in me" she added as she kelt down and took the tip of the spit into her mouth and started to suck off the blood.