Breasty amazing cutie submits hardcore and bondage

Breasty amazing cutie submits hardcore and bondage
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I come home tired and exhausted. You are waiting in the doorway for me. You notice my tiredness and offer me a massage. I follow you to our room, and lay down on the bed. You say to me "Come and sit on my lap, it will more comfortable". I get up from the bed and sit on your lap. You kiss me with passion, and begin to massage me. I say "Let me get these pesky clothes off first".

I take off my shirt and bra.


I then take off my pants and underwear, and sit back on your lap. I can feel you growing hard underneath me. I say "I'm not the only needing a massage". Let me take care of you first" you say. You slowly rub my shoulders, and down my neck. All tension in my body is released. You hand me a glass of water, and I gladly drink it. During your lovely massage I start to fall asleep in your arms, the world fading to black. I wake up to the sound of a motor.

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I am in a car. I blink twice, yawn and stretch. I look up and see you driving. You're in skinny jeans, and a T-shirt.


I look at myself. I am in a vinyl PVC corset, fishnets, and leather stilettos. I look at you and say "Thanks for the outfit, love". "No problem", u say, and pet my head. I ask you "Where are we going?" You reply, "To a little place called Lower Links, in Manhattan". "Why didn't you just ask me to go, instead of sedating me and throwing my unconscious body in the car.

Why go through all the trouble?" I reach up to rub my eye, and I feel stickiness. "Cum?" I ask you. "Ya, I kinda got carried away when I saw your body in the outfit I put on you. By the way, you're very easy to maneuver". I grin and say "Bukkake, eh?" "Yea" you say. "Save some for later" i playfully remind you. "I always have enough for you", you reply.

"It was so cool, cumming all over your unconscious body, it was very erotic" you say. "Well ,when I'm dead, I'll have you stuff my body, and you can use it as a sex doll, and also so you don't get lonely" i reply. "Damn love, you really know how to turn me on.


My cock is calling your name". I put my head close to your crotch, and listen. "I don't hear anything, but I definitely feel something". We both crack up laughing, and then after a few more minutes, we finally arrive at the club. We got out of the car, and I reach into my bra and pull out a collar. "Holy shit! Magic!" I yell and read the note on it. "This is for you, my love" it reads.

I smile at you, and offer my neck out, so you can put on the collar.

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It snaps shut with a satisfying click. It has a name tag engraved with the words "For my one true love". I hug you, and lick your face, like the cute kitty that I am. We walk into Lower Links, and we see an elevator. We go inside and look at the numbers. Instead of a number, they all have a certain type of fetish or porn on them. I see your eyes linger on the "furry" label. I press it, and your eyes light up.

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We step out of the elevator and into a room. It is covered with fake fur. There are various animal costumes and accessories, lining the walls. I select black cat ears and a matching tail and I put them on. I am satisfied because the room is made out of fake fur because I am an animal activist, and i am against wearing real fur.

When I turn around, I look at your outfit, and grin. You have a wolf tail and wolf ears on. You howl playfully and pounce on top of me kissing me with furious lust. I purr, and press my body against your hard cock. You moan and lick my neck, biting and sucking. I moan, and start stroking your erect cock.

You start fingering me and I purr, my body loving your warm touch.

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We flip into a 69 position, and we start licking each other. I take your cock in my mouth and jam it down my throat, with my other hand, I'm fisting you up the ass. You're licking my pussy, your panting breath exciting my clit. I moan out your name and start fisting you harder.

You scream in pleasure, and shove your tongue in my pussy.

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I pant out "I'm gonna cum so hard". You say "Let me have it". I explode in your face, my juices soaking your face. You cum shortly after, filling my body with warm cum.

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"I love the filling sensation your cock gives my throat, love". "I love the way your mouth feels, moving up and down my cock" you reply. I lay down on the floor next to you, and snuggle into your chest. We warm each other with our body heat. You pull me tightly to your body, and you whisper "I want this to last forever". I reply "So do I, you are the most perfect thing in my life". You say "Thank you. You are too. I will be here for you forever". I rub your hands and hold them close to my body, warming them.

You nuzzle my chin. Your wolf ears tickling my face and cheeks. I pet you hair, running my fingers through it. I stroke your back and caress your skin. You eventually fall asleep, in my arms. I grab both of your hands and hold them when you fall asleep. I kiss you gently on the lips, and rest my head on your chest, I hug you tighter and snuggle closer.

After a few minutes, I fall asleep in your arms, dreaming of you <3