Lesbischen Hörigkeit Teil 2

Lesbischen Hörigkeit Teil 2
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"It's so warm." She whimpered as my last squirt came out. "And it's all for you." I said smiling as I kissed her. "It better be." She laughed We lie in each other's embrace for a while then pack our things and checked out of the hotel. We got into my car and back to my moms. "Why did we come back I thought we were going to go up to the cabin?" She asked "I need to get more clothes, and I want to see if my sisters want to come up." I said "Oh okay but hurry I'm getting hot." She said I walked into the house and into the living room.

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"Where have you been all weekend?" Mom asked as my sister watched. "I went to NYC, we went to a hotel, and I bought our condo that we are moving into after graduation." I said "Are you serious?" she said "Yeah, it was the best weekend of my life." I said "Can I have his room?" Sara said "Of course you can." I said "But before you go running upstairs I want to ask you something." I said "What is it?" The girls said "Shelby and I are going up to the cabin and I want you two to come up with us." I said "I will." Kelly said "Can I mom?" Sara said "Yeah hun." Mom said They ran upstairs to pack.

"Look I am not worried about Kelly but make sure, Sara does not have sex up there." Mom said "Yeah mom there is only going to be a party on the weekend so it's just going to be Shelby, me and the girls during the week." I said "Mom do not worry I am not letting her leave my sight okay." I added "You better not." she said as she gave me a hug and I went up to pack. I got all my clothes and put them in a bug duffle bag.

I was done packing well before the girls and was waiting for them in the car.


"So are they coming?" I Asked "Yeah. They are packing now." I said "Where are they going to sleep?" She said "I will tell Clarke to bring his tent." I said "That's fine." She said "Call Brittany and tell her to tell everyone we are having the party, this weekend." I said "Yeah I will, now let's have some fun before they come." She said I moved my seat all the way back.

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She then got on my lap. We started making out then all of a sudden Sara go into the car. Shelby worked her way off me.

Then Kelly got in behind me. "So you guys ready?" I asked "Yeah." They said but I could see Sara staring at me. "Any Requests?" I said as I held my iPod. "No anything's good." They all said in agreement.


I put it on shuffle. I pulled out of the driveway, and towards the turnpike. All the girls were singing as we drove I didn't mind.

Every time we would come to a toll Shelby would kiss me. Every time I could see Sara watching us, it was kind of weird. We finally arrived as we got out and the girls walked in leaving the bags for me.

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As I brought in the last bag I could hear them talking. "I am going for a run anyone if wants to join me?" I asked I went to my room and changed. As I came out Sara was sitting on the steps waiting for me.

"I will join you." She said "You think you can keep up?" I said "Hell yeah." She said jokingly "Okay then." I said as I ran off.

She was keeping up. We kept running.


Then I heard a scream from behind me. I suddenly stopped and sprinted back to Sara. "Are you okay?" I asked "Yeah but I can't walk, I think I sprained my ankle. Or maybe even broke it." She said but I could tell she was holding back tears. "We need to get you back to the cabin." I said "How?" she asked "I guess I have to carry you." I said "You would do that for me." She said "Yeah you're my little sis and I told mom I would take care of you." I said I lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder.

I walked us back to the cabin which took about an hour and a half because we were running for about a half hour.

When we finally got to the cabin I put Sara into my car. Then I walked into the cabin. "Im taking Sara to the hospital. I will be back soon." I said "What happened?" They said "She may have broken her ankle." I said "Don't worry, it is not bad." I added I went back to the car.

I drove to the nearest hospital which was about tem minutes down the road. I we got there and I ran in to get a wheel chair, and came back to put Sara into it.

I pushed her into the hospital and filled out all the forms. They took her back and gave her an X-ray. Then they told me it was a broken ankle. They put a cast on her leg and sent her home with a prescription for the pain. They also gave her a pair of crutches. We walk back to the car, and off to the cabin.

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We pulled up and got out, we were only gone for about two hours, but we could see the girls were worried. "Do not worry she is fine." I said "Just a broken foot." I said "Yeah I am fine." She said "How did you guys get back here in the first place?" They said "We were running for about a half hour, then she broke her ankle, then I carried her all the way back, which was about an hour's walk." I replied "Yeah I was surprised Dave did that for me." Sara said "She's my sister I would do anything for you guys." I said "Would you do that for me?" Shelby said as I snuggled up next to her on the couch.

"Of Course I would," I said "I would do anything for you." I whispered into her ear. She looked up at me and gave me a kiss.

It was a little more than usual. "Come on you two get a room." Kelly joked "Ok be right back." I said as I got up and carried Shelby into our bedroom.

I laid her down onto our bed. I started kissing her all over, squeezing her breasts, licking and flicking them. She was moaning ever since she hit the bed. "Oh Dave I love you so much." She said biting her lip. "I Love you to." I said whispering into her ear. We continued to make love for about ten more minutes until I came inside her.

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As I relaxed I heard a little moan coming from behind me. I turned around to see Sara peeking through the door. "Sara?" I asked The door closed a little. "Sara come in here." I said The door opened ever so slowly. "Yes?" she questioned "Sara what were you doing?" I asked "Ummm nothing." She said looking at her feet.

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"Were you watching us?" I asked "Ummm No." she replied "Sara don't lie to me were you watching us?" I asked "Take it easy on her." Shelby said "Sis did you watch us have sex?" I asked calmly.

"Um yeah." She said, Shelby was not shocked but I was. "Why?" I asked "I don't know, it's just for some reason I am attracted to you." She said "Your what?" I yelled "David calm down." Shelby said Sara was a little taken back and started to tear up a little like she was about to burst out crying. "Come here." Shelby said tapping next to us. "What are you doing?" I whispered into Shelby's ear. "Look she obviously really likes you, so just toss her a bone." She whispered back "Are you telling me to fuck my sister?" I whispered back as Sara sat down.

She nodded. "Look Dave, I know you are thinking this is weird." She said "Damn right it's weird you're my little sis." I said "And I am getting married." I added "Yeah it's not like I am asking you to love me or anything." She said "I will always love you, but I don't know if I can have se with you." I said "I am fine with it." Shelby said "Yeah we talked about this when you were in the bathroom." Sara said I reluctantly agreed.

"Fine but you cannot tell mom, or Kelly." I said "Kelly knows she doesn't care." They said "Whatever." I said Sara hobbled up and pulled down her running shorts over her cast, as well as her panties.

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