Teen amateur in tights pounded by old man

Teen amateur in tights pounded by old man
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Chapter 7 CONTROLLING ERICA The aphrodisiac pills were torture. Laura's body had barely finished dealing with the ones she had taken that morning; another dose already was insufferable. By the time she had finished her walk to the Mayim Clinic her panties were freshly soaked, and cunt juices were dribbling down the inside of Laura's legs.

Laura didn't care. She was using all her willpower just to avoid pulling up her skirt and masturbating right here in the street. She knew that up ahead, at the Clinic, she would get to sit in that wonderful chair, and let it fuck her twat while she watched porn. She was in for a disappointment.

Amy met Laura in the clinic waiting room. She looked at Laura's flushed face, heard her heavy breathing, and had to stifle a giggle. "Oh honey," she said, "did you take the pills for tonight as well as during the day?

You didn't need to! We're not putting you in the chair tonight!" Laura almost collapsed. No chair? But her pussy needed it. She needed to feel the long plastic dildo inside her. She needed the pressure at her anus. She needed to be strapped down and made to cum, again and again. "What." she started to ask, and then realised that she was still in view of the receptionist.

She hurried out of the waiting room and into the clinic corridor, and then said, "What do you mean? I take the pill every time I come here." "Not tonight," said Amy. She reached out and gently touched Laura's chin, pushing it upwards. Laura found herself looking into Amy's eyes, and she realised she had been staring at Amy's tits.

"Then what are we doing?" asked Laura. "We're just going to download the data from your implant, and then talk to you about the next stage. You don't even need to get undressed." Laura felt like crying. She knew in her heart that she was acting like a slut but she couldn't help herself. The drugs were pushing aside all rational thought and all she could think about was her pussy. "Could I. use the chair anyway?" she asked quietly. Amy was smirking in a way that was mostly sympathetic but more than a little cruel.

"No, that's an expensive chair, Laura. It's not just there to service your pussy." Laura blushed and looked away. But she still wanted it. "I'll tell you what. Honestly, we could probably get our readings from the chip easier if you were undressed, so you can get naked if you want. And then, if you want to play with your pussy while we do our work, I'll pretend that it's not super-disgusting, okay?

But Royce will be there and he'll be watching." Laura understood what Amy was telling her.

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She could get naked and masturbate in public, in front of a boy, even though they didn't need her to and in fact didn't want her to. "Can I go use a bathroom and do it there?" she asked. "No, we need to get started," said Amy. "If you're going to be a whore, you'll need to do it while we're getting work done." Laura nodded, and quietly said, "Okay." Amy took her to a new room, one much like a doctor's office. Royce was waiting here.

The room was small and Royce was closer than Laura had thought he would be, almost looming over her. But she was a slave to the drugs, so, trembling, she started pulling off her clothes.

Royce watched with delight as Laura's large tits popped into her view, and clearly enjoyed seeing Laura expose her sopping wet, pouty cunt. He enjoyed it even more when Laura followed Amy's direction to lie on the surgical bed with her legs spread, and then began to gently stroke her bare twat.

"You know, we don't need you to touch yourself, Laura," said Royce. Laura felt like crying still. "I know," she said, her voice breaking, as she continued to finger her cunt. Dimly Laura wondered where Dr Windred was tonight; ultimately she decided she didn't care. As Laura masturbated, Amy waved a device like a TV remote over Laura's vagina, presumably downloading from the implant. Laura let the pleasure roll over her, and moved from stroking herself to vigorously fucking her fingers in and out of her cunt.

She closed her eyes. "Laura!" said Amy sharply, and Laura opened her eyes again. "Royce has things to tell you about the program. I need you to look at him, please." Laura looked at Royce. He was grinning at her. She realised she was looking at a boy while masturbating. A real boy, close enough to touch her. A boy who was looking at and enjoying her naked tits and twat. It was so wrong. She fingerfucked her cunt harder, making little involuntary slutty moans. "Okay, Laura, we've got your baseline readings from you now," Royce said.

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"Thank you so much for coming in and pleasuring yourself on our machines." "Thank you for letting me play with myself like a whore," Laura said. That was what she was supposed to say, wasn't it? It was so hard to think on the aphrodisiac drugs. "We're now moving into the active program. The goal of the program, as you know, is to sexually reorient you so you enjoy and indeed crave sex with males.

As you know, that's not possible, because you were born a lesbian, so you don't need to be too worried." That sounded good to Laura. She nodded, and pushed her fingers further into her fuckhole. "Now, honestly, some of the components of the program will involve you doing strange things at home, and some of them directly involve your lover.

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Her name's Erica, right?" Laura nodded. "You're simply not going to be able to conceal them all from Erica. So it's really important that you secure her cooperation. There's a lot of ways you can do this - Laura, are you listening?" Laura wasn't listening. She was focusing on her pussy. Roy petulantly reached out and pinched Laura's nipple. She squealed. He pinched it again. "Are you paying attention now?" Laura nodded enthusiastically.

Her boob hurt where he had pinched it. She noticed he hadn't let go of her breast; his hand was still resting on it. It felt good. "Okay, so as I was saying, you need to secure Erica's cooperation. You can do it a lot of ways. You can be honest and truthful with her, and gain her support. That's a good strategy, but you should bear in mind some of the components of the program are pretty strange.

She might not be okay with them. What we recommend instead is that you set up a situation with your lover where she knows to do what you say and not ask questions. You should teach her that sex happens when you want it, not when she does, that you don't ask permission, and that sometimes it involves hurting or degrading her.

You should teach her to ask permission to not do things that she dislikes, rather than just tell you she won't do them. You should make her feel guilty and insecure so that she doesn't want to confront you about things. Do you think you can do that, Laura?" Degrading Erica. Right now, it seemed so naughty.

Yes - Laura wanted that. She wanted to push Erica down and just rape her. Erica was submissive anyway; she liked it when Laura took charge.

Laura just had to tell Erica to be good and behave for a few months while she got this program stuff done. Laura nodded to Royce. Yes, she could dominate her girlfriend. Royce squeezed Laura's tit appreciatively. She gasped with happiness. "Okay, so to show you're ready to go, we'll need you to bring us some pictures of Erica.

You don't need to come in tomorrow, so your next session is Monday night. Bring us the pictures before then. We need a photo of Erica completely naked. We need a close up of her cunt. We need a photo of her masturbating, a photo of her with an object inserted in her pussy, and a photo of her pissing.

Remember to take your pill before coming in on Monday, okay?" Laura nodded. She felt her orgasm approaching. And then Royce squeezed her tit again, and it sent her over the edge.

She bucked up and down on the table, squealing with happiness, looking into Royce'e eyes. "Good kitten," he said, and stroked her hair as she came down from her orgasm. *** Laura was still feeling the effects of the drugs as she got home. Because she hadn't had a session in the chair, she was home earlier than expected, and caught Erica still making dinner. "Oh, honey, you're early. Was there not enough work tonight?" asked the gorgeous strawberry blonde girl.

She was wearing an apron over the top of a short summer dress. Work? Laura remembered she had told Erica that she was working at the clinic. She also remembered what Royce had said about controlling Erica. She looked at her lover, with the kitchen light shining through her hair, and she remembered how much she loved this girl, and how lucky she was to have her. And then her pussy twitched, and she remembered how much she wanted to fuck her, as well.

"I'm going to fuck you," said Laura, in a throaty, sexy voice that wasn't like her at all. She walked towards Erica and grabbed Erica's shoulders, pushing Erica down towards the floor.

"The dinner's on," protested Erica. "I need to watch it." Laura let go of Erica, walked over to the stove, and turned off all the burners. Satisfied that nothing would catch on fire, she walked back to Erica, lifted her skirt, reached into Erica's panties, and cruelly pinched Erica's clitoris. Erica shrieked and fell against Laura, trying to pull her pussy away from Laura's hand.

"When I say I'm going to fuck you, you get on your knees, because you love me, do you understand?" whispered Laura. "What?" squealed Erica. Laura pinched her clitoris again, producing another squeal. "When I say I'm going to fuck you, you get on your knees," repeated Laura.

"What do you do when I say I'm going to fuck you?" She prodded at Erica's clit again for emphasis. "I get on my knees," gasped Erica, clearly on the edge of tears. She was shocked at Laura's sudden violence and didn't know what was going on. "Good girl," said Laura.

She released Erica's clit, and looked at Erica expectantly. Slowly, the girl sank to her knees, her face level with Laura's cunt.

Laura raised her skirt, pulled her panties aside, and guided Erica's mouth to her swollen, moisty twat. She gasped happily as Erica began to obediently lick at her.

"I don't think you're grateful enough to me," said Laura as Erica lapped at her fuckhole. "You were a submissive little whore in school. You didn't even have the guts to come out and confess you were a lesbian. I had to seduce you before you even admitted how much you like cunt." She pulled Erica's face tighter against her cunny.

"If it weren't for me, I bet you have ended up letting some boy fuck you. Instead of having a career and a lovely house and a girlfriend, you'd be some boy's little fuckbitch, down on all fours every night getting cum in your pussy." Laura felt Erica start to shake, and she realised Erica was crying.

The licking hadn't stopped, but Laura started to feel guilty, and she would have pulled away and apologised to Erica if, at that moment, she hadn't felt the most wonderful feeling - Erica's hot, salty tears against Laura's inner thigh.

Erica was literally crying into Laura's cunt, and it was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced. Laura gasped with sudden delight and pushed harder against Erica's face. As Erica cried and licked, her breath occasionally caught in long, shuddering sobs, and each time the sudden change of rhythmn in Erica's breath made Laura feel amazing.

How had she never realised how good it was to be licked out by a crying girl? She knew why Erica was so distressed, of course. There was an element of truth in what Laura was saying.


Erica had been brought up to expect to be married to a decent man and play housewife. She had no interest in boys but she probably really would have just let some man marry her and rape her every night if Laura hadn't intervened. "I love you so much and give you so much," Laura continued as Erica ate her pussy, "and all I ask is that you keep the house financed. But you can't even do that right. I have to go out and work a second job to make up for the fact that you're too much of a prude to fuck whoever you need to to get promoted." That too was true.

Erica often talked about how her boss made come-ons to her; she was fairly certain if she submitted to her boss' advances she would receive a promotion.

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But she was a lesbian, and he was a man, and besides Erica turned red even talking about sex, let alone offering herself up as a prostitute to her boss. "So that's why." Laura began, steeling herself for the bluff she was about to make next, and at the same time feeling a wonderful trembling start in her pussy. "That's why. I'm going to break up with you." And just as she said it, and as Erica gasped in shock and horror, Laura orgasmed, bucking her hips against Erica's face.

Erica pulled away from Laura's pussy. There were tears streaming down her face, mingling with the juices from Laura's pussy. A moment ago Laura would have found it erotic, but now, coming down from her orgasm, it just looked pathetic.

"Why?" cried Erica. "I love you! I love you so much!" "You don't act like it," said Laura. "You're always complaining about what I spend my money on, and implying that I flirt with boys like some kind of slut, and saying no to me when I want you to pretend to be some kind of sexy character I've seen on TV." "I do! I love you!" wept Erica.

She was still down on her knees, and now she crawled forward and tried to hug Laura's leg. Laura jerked her leg out of the way. "Are you asking me to give you another chance?" asked Laura. "Yes, yes," cried Erica. She looked so pathetic down there, snivelling and wet and covered with cunt slime. "What will you do to earn a second chance?" asked Laura. "Anything," pleaded Erica. "Please, anything. I'll be good." "I want three things from you," said Laura. She had thought about what she was going to ask for.

She had to make it clear to Erica that things were different now, and teach Erica that she really would do anything to be with Laura. "What?" asked Erica. "Anything!" "First, I want you to be more sexually available. I want you to grant my every sexual fantasy. It doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter if you enjoy it or even if you hate it.

You do what I say, without asking questions, without making comment." "Yes!" gasped Erica, still crying. "Yes, I'll do it." "Think about it, baby," said Laura. She reached down and stroked Erica's face. "Anything. If I want to slap you while we fuck, I'll slap you. If I want to urinate in your mouth, you'll drink it. Are you really read to do whatever I want?" Erica looked horrified by the thought of drinking Laura's urine, and to be honest Laura was horrified by it too.

She didn't want to do that to Erica. But she needed to know Erica wasn't going to wuss out at the first kinky demand. Leaving aside the Clinic, Laura did have some fairly specific fantasies she wanted Erica's help with, and some of them involved the plastic strap-on cock she'd bought that day. "Erica?" prompted Laura.

"Yes," said a defeated Erica. "I can slap you while we fuck?" asked Laura. "Yes," said Erica quietly. "Good girl," said Laura.

She moved her leg, to let Erica cuddle up to it like a pet. Erica hugged it gratefully. "Secondly," said Laura, "I want a better level of devotion from my girlfriend. I don't want to come home and find you still cooking dinner, or loafing around like a lazy slut." "I won't," mumbled Erica, but Laura wasn't finished.

"You know those play handcuffs in the underwear drawer, honey? I want you to use them. When I come home, I want to find you kneeling naked on the floor, in front of the front door, with the door wide open and your hands cuffed behind your back, ready to lick my pussy." Erica looked worried.

"With the door open? But. people will see me." "Probably not. If you don't turn the lights on in the hallway they'll have to look hard to see you. And even if they do notice you naked and kneeling like a good little slut, so what? They'll just know that I have a great girlfriend, and that's okay." Laura stroked Erica's face. "You have lovely tits, baby. It's a shame the way you always hide them away." Erica self-consciously pressed her breasts against Laura's leg.

"Will you do it?" asked Laura. "Every night, naked and kneeling." Erica looked up at Laura, searching for a way out, a sign that Laura would relent. But there was none. "Yes," she finally said, in a quiet voice. Laura smiled.

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"And finally I want to cum in your pussy." "What?" gasped Erica. "What do you mean?" Laura bent down and picked up the bag from the adult shop. "No questions, no protests, remember?

I'm going to explain what's going to happen, and you're going to keep your pretty mouth shut unless you're using it to lick something.

If you say one word, it is over between us." She got out one of the vials and looked at it. It was disgusting, which meant it was perfect for breaking Erica in right now. "This is pig cum," said Laura, holding up the vial. "I'm pouring it into a special ejaculating strap-on cock." Erica watched as Laura filled the plastic cock from the vial. The pig cum was surprisingly fluid - Laura had expected something sticky and chunky, for some reason.

"I'm going to strap on this dildo, and then I'm going to fuck you in the pussy with it. I'm not going to care about whether you're enjoying it, because this is you showing me you'll do what it takes to stay with me.

Eventually the dildo is going to "cum", and spray the inside of your pretty little womb with pig semen." Erica looked like she might be sick. Laura ignored her. "Then I'm going to refill the dildo with more pig cum, and then I'm going to fuck your mouth with it, until I cum there too.

You're going to swallow every last drop of the pig cum, or it's over between us. Okay?" Erica was crying again, but she nodded. Laura pulled Erica's face towards her cunt in a comforting motion, but it was really intended to let Laura feel that wonderful sensation of Erica crying into her cunt again. She knew that Erica was hers to control. Maybe not totally - there would be some things Erica would rebel at - but if she was going to let Laura ejaculate pig cum into her mouth, then clearly Laura had a strong hold over her.

** Erica kept crying all the way to the bedroom. It was sexy up to a point, but annoying and offputting after that.

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Laura finally took pity on her, and fetched her a glass of water with one of the Clinic's aphrodisiac pills secretly mixed into it. She watched Erica drink it, and then sat on the bed with Erica, stroking her hair and kissing her, until the pill kicked in.

She knew it was working when Erica started to breathe heavily and become flushed. She was aroused, despite the imminent threat of rape and pig semen. With Erica primed, Laura buckled the strap on around her waist. It had a smaller, but still significant, dildo on the interior side of the harness that pushed deliciously into Laura's fuckhole. Any motion on the main dildo would cause a similar motion inside Laura. Plastic cock attached, Laura pushed Erica down on the bed and spread her legs.

Laura moaned with delight as she slid the strap-on into Erica's twat. She had fucked Erica with a dildo before, but not like this. The vibrators in the strap-on buzzed at just the right frequency, and the interior dildo pushed hard against Laura's cunt as the main phallus met resistance in Erica's tight little cunny.

On top of all that, it reminded Laura of the videos she had seen at the clinic, of men fucking women, and that in turn reminded her of the chair, of having repeated public orgasms in front of the beautiful Amy.

Erica moaned too, unable to help herself with the Mayim Clinic drugs in her system. Laura leaned down and kissed her girlfriend on the lips. Erica's mouth was wet and soft and Laura was immediately addicted to sucking on Erica's salty, nimble tongue.

The two girls made muffled noises of happiness as they passionately french kissed, and Laura slowly pumped her hips up and down against her lover's slutbox.

Remembering that she was supposed to be educating Erica, Laura pulled away, contemplated her lover's ecstasy-flushed face, and then slapped Erica sharply across the cheek with her hand. Erica squealed, but before she could complain Laura was leaning down and kissing her again. For the next little while Laura repeated this pattern - fucking Erica's pussy while kissing her, and then pulling away and painfully slapping her, before returning for more kisses.

She wriggled her hand down between their wet, nude bodies, and found Erica's clitoris, which she started to painfully and randomly pinch as they fucked.

A confused Erica tried to protest the pain but was at the same time filled with arousal and lust from the drugs. Laura made a game of it, seeing how much pain and shock she could give Erica without Erica losing her arousal.

She pulled hard on Erica's nipples, pulled her hair, and wiggled an unwelcome finger into Erica's anus. By the time Laura was close to cumming, Erica was crying again, tears running from her eyes even as she enthusiastically bucked back against Laura's plastic strap-on.

Then the strap on started to twitch as its internal sensors decided it was time to cum. Laura disappointingly couldn't feel anything special as it started to spurt its payload into Erica, but she could tell from Erica's horrified face that her lover most definitely COULD feel it, and was intensely aware of the sticky white pig sperm being sprayed into her uterus.

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Laura slapped Erica's surprised, disgusted face again, and then leaned in kiss the girl just as Laura's own orgasm exploded delightfully in her cunt. Erica hadn't cum, but Laura didn't care.

This felt wonderful; fucking a girl violently, just taking what Laura wanted and using her like a toy. She realised that this was something that had been building up inside her - her resentment at Erica for having a better job, for making more money.

She wanted to hurt Erica for being better than Laura. She wanted to hurt Erica for making Laura feel worthless by comparison. She wanted to hurt Erica for being such a submissive, useless cunt. Most of all, Laura felt powerless and scared about what was happening to her with her blackmailer and with the clinic and with her boss, and she felt trapped and degraded, and she really, really wanted to take it out on someone. And here was Erica, being a sexy, obedient little fuckpig.

She slapped Erica again for good measure. Before, she would have been scared that Erica would leave her if Laura acted like this. But that was before she'd discovered just how much Erica would do to stay with her. Now she knew that Erica would let Laura rape and hit her and it was all okay. If anything, Laura realised, she would have to keep going now. If she kept using Erica like this, Erica would learn it was normal. If Laura backed off or apologised, Erica might realise just how fucked up tonight was, and think twice about it.

Once she'd recovered from her orgasm, Laura climbed off Erica. Both girls were dripping with sweat in a very appealing way. Laura reached down and grabbed the plastic cock to remove it from the halter. Her hand ended up sticky with cunt nectar and pig sperm. She hurriedly opened the base of the cock, refilled it with more pig sperm from the bottle, and then reattached it. She looked at her sticky, spermy hand, and then reached down and deliberately wiped it clean in Erica's hair.

Erica recoiled in disgust but said nothing. She looked up at Laura with pleading, hurting eyes, so Laura slapped her again. Next Laura moved around so she was in a 69 position over Erica, the plastic cock lined up with Erica's mouth.

"Open up, honey," she said, and pushed her hips forward. Erica clearly didn't want to open her mouth - the tip of the dildo was still smeared with pig cum from its first use - but as Laura kept pushing down with more pressure, Erica eventually submitted and allowed the strap-on into her mouth.

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Laura pressed a little further, but then realised that the full length of the cock wouldn't fit into Erica's mouth without Erica gagging. She briefly regretted never teaching Erica to suppress her gag reflex previously, but then Laura had never realised she'd want to do this to Erica until this week. Laura could hardly complain - she'd have just as much difficulty swallowing a cock of that size.

She would have to practice, she thought to herself. In any case, she settled for clamping Erica's head hard between her knees, and keeping her crotch raised slightly above Erica's mouth so as not to choke her. It meant she wouldn't be able to feel Erica's breath and her tears on her cunt, but Laura supposed she couldn't have anything. Once she was sure Erica was managing the phallus, Laura began to slowly and gently pump her hips up and down, driving the cock in and out of Erica's lips.

While Erica struggled to suck on the big plastic dick, Laura contemplated her lover's pussy. It was wet and engorged and sopping wet with pussy juices, but it also had a thick slimy rope of pig cum dripping from it.

Laura was initially repulsed, but then she remembered her experience sucking on the strap on today. The cum had tasted good. Would this taste good too? It came from a pig - which was disgusting. A male pig. A real one, too - this wasn't a fake substitute. But it looked so sexy there, in her lover's twat. It seemed so obvious looking at it that this was how a vagina was meant to look - wet, ready for fucking, and with a trace of semen leaking from it. Laura's cunt made her decision for her.

It wanted sex. it wanted slutty, whorish actions. It wanted to cum again and again. Bowing to its commands, Laura leant forward and began licking Erica's beaver. And oh, it was good.


The cunt juices were thick and nectary and flavoured with sweat, while the cum was thick and sticky and salty. Erica squealed and tried to pull her cunt away when Laura started, clearly repulsed by the idea of her lover deliberately licking cum from her pussy, but Laura held her still, and pushed the strap-on a bit further into Erica's mouth than was comfortable by way of warning, and Erica got the message and held still.

With Erica compliant, Laura was free to bury her face in the delicious, wet pussy, to rub her cheeks and nose all around in Erica's soft moist dampness, and to probe her tongue as deep into Erica's snatch as it would go to lick out the cum.

When it became clear her tongue had tasted everything it could reach, Laura started digging her fingers into Erica's fuckhole, pulling out big scoops of semen and then licking them from her fingers. It was amazing. A part of Laura felt uncomfortable with it. Could she be a lesbian and like the taste of cum? Apparently she could. She didn't want a man to put it into her, but when the semen got in her mouth anyway it was an amazing sensation.

It was like rich, melting chocolate, only better. It was like a sweet vodka mix, only better. It was like sugar melting on her tongue, only better. She couldn't get enough of it. At some point during the exploration of Erica's snatch, Erica orgasmed. Laura didn't care. In fact she felt annoyed; Erica shouldn't get to enjoy this. She viciously pinched Erica's clitoris as Erica shuddered and moaned around the fat plastic cock, but the pinches only seemed to make Erica cum harder.

Laura vindictively pushed her plastic cock further into Erica's mouth until she felt Erica start to choke, and smiled. That was more like it. She let Erica choke for a little, and then pulled back. After a while, Laura felt her strap-on twitching again, and smiled happily at the thought that it was even now filling Erica's mouth with the delicious pig sperm. She sighed happily, resting her face against Erica's pussy, until the strap-on had done its work, and then quickly pulled out of Erica's mouth, turned around so as to reverse the 69, sunk the cock back into Erica's twat, and then began to kiss Erica passionately on the mouth.

As she had hoped, Erica's mouth still tasted of sperm. Laura ran her tongue around the inside of Erica's mouth, catching the last drips of semen and delightedly sucking them down her throat. Erica only moaned, overwhelmed and broken. Laura bucked against Erica's pussy until she herself came a second time, and then finally pulled out. As she lay there next to the exhausted Erica, she unbuckled the strap on and passed it to her girlfriend. "This is for you to clean. it was nice to you today, so you kiss it to say thank you before anything else.

Then you clean it.


Cleaning it means you lick it clean as far as possible with your tongue. Then you pour water into the inside of it, tip the water back out, and drink the water.

That pig cum is expensive and I want to make sure we don't waste any. It all goes inside you. Once you've done that you clean it inside and outside with soap and water, okay?" Erica nodded, forlornly. Laura could see she was about to start crying again. She leaned over and kissed Erica. "Good girl," she said. "Good little lesbian slut." And she thought to herself that if sex from now on was going to be like this, the Clinic had done her a favour in suggesting she treat Erica this way.

(To be continued.)