Beautyful teens play in the jacuzzi

Beautyful teens play in the jacuzzi
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My trip to Hawaii was more than most people would believe. First of all we were there for my brother Marks wedding. The lucky SOB was marrying Lexy a curvy red head with big bouncy tits, full lips, green eyes and a love for wearing tight clothing. See me and my brother have similar taste in girls we like them chubby, stacked and full of energy. Mark was twenty one and he and Lexy were high school sweethearts that had waited till she turned eighteen to get married.

I was the same age as she was. So it was me, Mark, Lexy, her sister and brother in law, her parents and my Mom. Lexy's family were staying in a different hotel than we were. My Mother raised Mark and I alone, she remarried but divorced again a few years ago. I had no girlfriend at the time so I came alone and that meant Ma and I shared a room. It was two days before the wedding and Mark, Lexy's Brother in law and her father went off to play golf at some posh club.

While Lexy's Mom and sister decided to go to the spa for the day and left Lexy and my Mom who said they were going shopping. Leaving me to relax on the beach. I thought they were on their way out too so I walked down to the beach checking out the girls looking for a place to set up my stuff. When I got to the beach behind the hotel and about to set up I realized I had forgotten my book, so I turned went back upstairs to get it.

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Annoyed that |I could be so stupid. But it did me a chance to ogle more string bikini clad babes along the way. I got off the elevator and walked to our door thinking I would just grab my book and go. But luck had other plans for me this day. When I walked into the room I dropped my jaw at what I saw. Lexy and my mother (from here on I will call by her name Gwen) together on the love seat in our room and they were kissing!

Passionately! My mom to be honest was still an attractive woman. We have been lovers in the past, but not recently. She was fifty one but looked younger. She has light sandy blonde hair that is not too long but not too short either. She has a slender build with modest breasts not huge about a b cup I know now what you are thinking.

What a perv fucking his Mother. But hey she was pretty and very fun in the sack. She wears a pair of purple framed glasses that are fairly small but suit her oblong narrow face. Her long leg was draped over Lexy's lap as the two were in a half naked embrace. Lex was down to a purple satin bra and white briefs. Gwen was in a matching set of mint green bra and panties with chocolate trim around them.

Both of their clothes lay in a pile by their feet. "what the hell is this?" I said in shock. The two of them looked at each other and giggled as they kissed one more time. "we thought this might happen Gwen. I am glad it wasn't Mark." Lexy said. "I know, I guess we need to go to plan b already" "I hoped it would have taken longer but, no need to waste time" Lexy said.

" I bet he wants to join in" Gwen stood up and came over to me and took the beach equipment out of my hands and threw it down and led me to the couch were Lex had stretched her arms out along the back and spread her legs wide showing off the wet spot in her panties that Gwen had started. "you know Lex" Gwen began.

"I think there is room here for this young man to join in don't ya think" "mmm maybe Gwen, maybe" Lex stood and began rubbing my dick. "How should we do this, hmm" "oh I don't know" Gwen said playfully. "lets get him undressed and we can go from there." I was in a trance at first. My brothers cute, sexy girlfriend and MY MOM. They weren't embarrassed I caught them making out. They embraced it, rolled with it. Now I was about to become part of their play time.

I did't care Gwen was my Mother, or that Lexy was engaged to my brother. I was going to have my first threesome.

Who would say no to that? Lexy stripped me of my clothes and then the two of us got Gwen out of her underwear quickly followed by Lex who stripped off and sat me down and began sucking my cock.

"Fuck you're even thicker than your brother and he is pretty thick" she spit on the tip and took it all in her mouth as Gwen laid down between Lexy's legs and began eating her hairy pussy. Not stopping her wonderful blow job but was able to reach back and rub Gwen's pussy. "god Gwen this cock is awesome. Two boys, both gifted, now both will have had me. WOW!" she moved to the side and let Gwen in to take over sucking me off while I fingered Lexy.

"Its not the first lady they've shared" Gwen bragged. They have both showed their Mama a great time too" It did not even shock Lex, like maybe she knew already. "Gwen you should ride him, get on and ride him" Lexy said with a smile. We all looked at each other and smiled. I kissed Gwen and rubbed her clit as she fingered Lexy hard.

She was ready, she was wet and needed a cock inside her. I laid down on the floor and Gwen eased herself onto my huge hard on. "you and your brother are hung like your father, the only reason I kept him around so long was that giant tool of his" she bit her lip as she rode me slowly keeping her hands on my rib cage.

In the meantime Lexy crouched over top of my face using the couch to hold herself steady and lowered herself down to just above me so I could tongue her pussy. I love the way both were hairy between the legs it feels more real with a hairy vag. I had a girlfriend who shaved and I did not like it. It was like fucking a child or something it was totally not good. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven as these to hungry girls shared me.

I sloshed and slurped Lexy as she used the hand her ring was on to part her pussy lips as she directed me to shove my tongue deep inside her vag. Soon Gwen wanted to change and laid down on her back.

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I instructed Lex to get down on all fours and eat pussy. She smiled and did as told and knelt with her hot round ass way in the air as I knelt behind her and rammed my dick into her pussy. Grabbing hands full of chubby white ass I pushed all in then almost all out before going deep again. Then just the tip moving in and out nice and fast.

She loved every minute as her lapping of Gwen's pussy increased to fever speed with her growing orgasm. But Gwen too was close as she arched her back and slung her legs over Lexy's shoulders and humped her face. Watching Gwen face fuck Lexy was the hottest thing I think I will ever see.

"too bad you are marrying a guy Lex, You suck pussy soooooo gawd dam good" Gwen grunted as she pulled Lex's hair.

Gwen went first coming all over Lexy's face and not a little, she squirted and it was dripping from her chin as I rolled her over and licked my mothers come off her face.

I got Lexy on her back finally and rammed home my cock again. I went into a good hard steady thrust as she grabbed my wrists tight pulling on them as I pumped her. Like thunder Mom came again fingering herself as I sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit.

I was fucking the hell out of one girl and holding her legs in the air and apart, as I sucked another ones tits. Before long there was screaming with raw pleasure from both girls, but I pulled out just as she came. I kissed and then pushed Gwen back down and told her to suck the pussy until she got a mouth full if Lex come, and then let me taste all that girl cum too. As Gwen got on all fours between her young lovers legs and began sucking her hairy twat, sucking Lex clean of come I drove my dick deep into Gwen's tight little ass.

"Okay Ma now we get serious" I panted as I fucked her in the ass hard and fast. "oh I wanted it in the ass" Lex pouted. "Your brother won't fuck me in the ass, but I love it so" I just smiled and pulled out of a petite ass. "my brother can be selfish." I complained. "but if you want anal, a babe like you should have anal" I kissed Gwen again to taste Lex's come and leaving that chubby sex crazed woman on her back drove my cock into her willing butt hole as Gwen called encouragement to me as I destroyed her tight little asshole gripping her ample ass cheeks as I did so.

"Fuck it feels so good" she cried as I pumped her and Gwen knelt over her and the girls sixty nined. "Gwen I am coming again, bigger and harder than before" She came screaming louder than before and causing a wet spot on the carpet of our room.


My job done I pulled out and threw Gwen on her back and re-entered her asshole again. I held her down at the shoulders as I went to town screwing her beyond tight asshole. Not long after I began pumping she came again as well. "Gwen I think your son is a bit of an ass man." "I'd say he was more than a little ass man.

His cock is fuckin' huge in there." Gwen cried. "You are such a good lover boy, you gunna coat mommys ass with come?" "hell no" I panted.

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"I wanted to watch as you get a snowball from Sexy Lexy" Pulling out I stood up and both of them got to their knees and took turns sucking my cock. Even trying to lock lips around my thick cock to no luck.

I knew it was close so I grabbed Lexy by the hair and face fucked her as she choked and gagged on me. "I pulled out of her pretty chubby mouth and held my dick as I filled her mouth with come. The two ladies shared a long open mouth kiss spreading my spend between them.

"yeah enjoy it ladies" They took turns sucking the rest off my cock before kissing again. "not the first time you two have been naked together is it?" "fuck no" Lexy laughed. "but it is the first time we shared a man though" "well that was awesome but what if Mark finds out." Lex shrugged.

"He should have been here taking notes" she said sadly. "I love your brother but he is not very adventuresome" She looked at me as she picked up her clothes and smiled. Walked over to me and planted a very wet kiss on me "Maybe as a wedding present you can teach your brother to fuck?" "seriously?" "hell yes, what do you think Gwen" Mom just smiled and kissed Lex and patted her ass.

"I say that my youngest and dearest should help out his brother and bride to be. Both of you should put on a clinic for him, so he knows how to fuck you on your wedding night" She walked away and took her clothes into the bathroom. "besides, its not the first time you boys have shared a girl is it?" "no ma'am" "when did you fuck Mark Gwen?" I looked at Lex and told her how it was Gwen who had taken boh Mine and Mark's viginity.

Also as an eighteenth birthday present we had taken turns in her bed. She seemed not even concerned about it. "Gwen I hope I am as good a mother as you are someday" She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "that was amazing, so lets get Marky Mark on side with this technique." "If nothing else I taught my boy how to satisfy a woman" Mom called from the bathroom.

"Indeed Gwen, Indeed" She laid down naked on the bed. "Well little bro, when do you wanna help me help Mark, say tomorrow Gwen can keep the rest of the family busy while you show off in our room?" "Why not" So my soon to be sister in law and I had come up with a plan to help my brother Mark become a better lover.

He was according to Lex a good man but an average lover only twice has he given her an orgasm. So she asked me as a wedding present the night before to help her teach my brother how to not make love to her but fuck her stupid. I had my doubts it would work but I was willing to try to "help", personally I felt he would punch my lights out and call off the wedding but she really wanted him to get good at carnal pleasures, and I think that if he could not pleasure her the way she wanted there would be no wedding, so here it goes.

I was willing to risk it so my brother and his new wife could start married life as well as they could. We told the rest of the party after the rehearsal dinner that they were going back to their room to relax after final preparations. Everyone bought it and they went back to their rooms as well. As requested I gave them about twenty minutes to get cleaned up and showered. When I got to the room and knocked Mark let me in dressed only in a hotel robe and I sat on a chair opposite him on the bed and we shot the breeze for a couple of minutes listening to Lex humming away in the bathroom.

I knew what she was doing, she was putting on something smutty to make my brother hot, wild and crazy. As she stepped out into the room she had on a hotel robe too and had tied her long red hair into pig tails.

With Lex being a chubby woman with huge tits and full lips on a very pretty round face and she loves to show off those titties, she was smoking hot for sure. I could see the fishnet stockings on her legs as she sat down on a chair by a mirror and began braiding the pig tails.

She finished each one with a blue bow and then put on some lipstick to add to those lovely full lips. She turned on the stool and looked at me with a smile that said are you ready? Then she went and sat beside Mark on the bed. I sat quietly as she snuggled in beside him and kissed his cheek leaving a lipstick imprint on his face. "baby" she began slowly and with quiet understanding. "he is hear to help me give you an early wedding present." "oh wow cool" he said happily. Clearly he had no idea what was going to happen.

He may not be so enthusiastic in a minute or two. She seemed not to know where to begin at first as she tripped over her words. She explained about how she felt about him and how she wanted to spend the rest of her life yadda yadda yadda. It was very sweet and very loving and had I not spent the previous afternoon fucking her brains out I would not doubt that she loved him.

Then she hit him with the one thing she wanted him to change and get better at. She took his hand and told him about how she loved how gentle and respectful he was with her.

He made love wonderfully and with a deep respect and care that she loved him for. Every woman wanted love and respect, but she needed him to step up the passion if they were going to get through. She needed to be taken like a whore once in a while. She then explained how she had not gotten many orgasms lately and was feeling less than fulfilled and also how she felt he was being timid and shy or maybe holding back. Because he was afraid of hurting her.

Thats when she hit him with the story of how she and I and my mom had spent the afternoon yesterday in a sweaty screw session that left her so drained from coming that she needed a nap before supper.

You could see he thought she was joking at first. He looked at me and then back at her starting to giggle as if it were a silly joke.

But he looked deep into Lex's eyes and then to me again as I hung my head in embarrassment. Then I could see my brothers face drop as she spelled out all the details of our threesome and how it made her feel sexy, desirable and nasty all at once and how she wished he could make her feel that way.

Not always but sometimes. Making love was so nice, but she needed to be fucked silly once in a while.

"so Mark, baby, your brother is going to show you how to fuck.K?" "What? why? him? this is stupid!" he got up and was going to leave and she rushed in front of him and blocked his way. She put her hands on his chest and talked slow and got him to calm down, even getting him to accept how she had taken his mother and brother on in a dirty three way.

"I asked him to help because of the way he did it, well, I guess how he did me. and your Mom. But I mean me. mostly.yesterday, he did not see me as a lady he saw a naked dirty whore and treated me as such." "but your not a whore Lex you are a beautiful kind sensationally innocent woman" I grinned thinking of my dick in her ass.

Then quickly pulled it together. "not always Marky K. It's just sometimes I want to be a filthy cock sucking whore, and I want you to be able to go there with me, cause if you can't I will have to find it elsewhere" She touched his cheek and kissed him. "do you understand sweetie?" He looked confused and upset.

"in fact I already did yesterday in a hotel room with your family" She pressed on. "Mark it was the most I have come in months like that. Even when I masturbate." "Lex honey, you masturbate" He said hurt and confused.

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I just rolled my eyes in disbelief hat my older brother had no idea girls masturbate. She just bit her lip and kissed his cheek again.

"sometimes after we make love and you go to sleep I finish myself off before I can go to sleep. She took his hand and kissed it. " Marky I am not saying we have to fuck like crazy people all the time there is times for tender love making too but you have to deliver and give me satisfaction" She smiled sweetly at him.

"all the time. You can not be the only one coming all the time." He looked at me with anger but was controlling it and asked me what I did was so great. I explained that when I am with a woman I can't get off until she does.

I treat them like the passionate sex animals they are not the preconceived idea that women are angelic and sweet and need to be respected and treated as delicate flowers all the time.

I want them to be nasty, filthy come swallowing tarts.

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" I want whores and bimbos Mark. What can I say. I like dirty sex, thats when the fun really begins." I smiled and remembered how Mom had shown me that. I had Lex come over to me and I undid her robe and pulled it off her shoulders exposing her in a red corset with black satin trim and black booty panties, then had her stand facing him.

The garter straps on the corset held up the fishnet stockings. Her newly tanned skin looked exotic and dark and lush as she ran her fingertips across her cleavage showing off her blue nail polish.

She was sex in the most desirable form. A woman in pure want. Her passion ignited and ready to burn hot. I asked him what he thought when he first saw her like that.

His throat was dry and he muttered something about the most beautiful woman ever. That he would enjoy making love to her. Thats when I corrected him. "nuh unh Mark she stands here looking like that she is not after respect.


She wants cock, she wants it deep and animalistic, she wants you to tear that fancy corset and stuff off her heaving chest and grab her hard throw her down, eat her pussy and fuck her till she squirts all over the god damn place. Right Lex" She just nodded as she bit her lower lip and made her red lips look even shinier, in agreement as I ran my fingers up and down her shoulders.

I asked her how often he ate her and she said he never had. I looked at him and shamed him. "real men" I said "love to eat pussy as much as pound it" I began undoing the ribbons on the back of the corset letting it fall to the ground after the knot came free.

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She stood there her giant tits and huge pink nipples highlighted with a tan line. I reached around and grabbed them with my hands before ripping off her panties. I motioned him over and had him start kneading her tits. He was starting to get it as I told him to pop a nipple in his mouth.

She reacted by putting a hand on the back of his head and close her eyes and coo with pleasure. "hows that Lex?" I asked her.

"that is nice. I love your tongue on my nipples Mark" "Lexy do you want him to eat your pussy?" "oh fuck yes" she nodded her head in excitement and begged. I led her to the bed and sat her on the edge instructing her to spread her legs and fully expose that hairy pussy.

I pulled the tie on his robe and told him to take it off so he was naked too. I knelt in front of her and began rubbing her pussy with a flat hand causing instant pleasure. She leaned back on her hands but kept her eyes on my hand as I rubbed her. He looked down at how I moved my hand. I could see sweat on his lip.

"Don't Panic Mark, just get in there and make motions.


If they like it they tell you, if not they tell you what they want. Right Lex?" She nodded in agreement. I grabbed him and brought him to his knees in front of her and had him take over the rubbing encouraging him to put a finger on her engorged clit and rub while putting fingers from his other hand inside her already soaked pussy. I could see by her face she was already on the verge of climax when I told him to part her hairy lips and lick her clit.

He did as she instructed on where to lick and even when to put his tongue inside her. She had a look of oncoming pleasure as she winked at me as Mark's learning curve straightened out. I was now kneeling beside her and playing with her massive melons as my brother mouth fucked her.

"hows that Lex, is he showing improvement?" she just nodded unable to speak as she braced for an orgasm. "is he about to taste your come sexy Lexy" she just nodded again and let out a deep gutteral groan.

"hell ya bro you got her there, now on to the next phase." I whispered in her ear what we should do next. She slid back and pulled him onto the bed on his back and threw her leg over, sliding down on his rock hard dick fucking him slowly. All I said was "prepare for the ride of the year bro" and she began bucking and picking up speed quickly and wildly on him.

"now Marky this is what I have wanted from you!" she was bouncing so hard the bed was moving. She leaned over and grabbed the head board and rose to a crouching position and just rode him like he was a race horse coming twice more before brother yelled out he was about to come. She slowed down and he rose up and licked the sweat off her tits as she slowly did a hip grind. He let out a gasp and she smiled from ear to ear as he came.

"see baby" she bent down to kiss him. "this is what happens when you push the naughty button." She stayed on top for some time as they kissed long and sloppy. "now darling we work on yur stamina.

You should last longer than ninety seconds. But we'll get there." She turned her head and looked at me and winked, as he whispered something in her ear. She turned back and kissed him again before getting up and coming over to me. "I think little brother, Lex wants to thank you in a special way" Mark said as he turned on his side to watch what came next.

Lex undid my jeans and pushed me down on the chair and bent over and started sucking my dick, it was not even close to hard despite the hot fuck scene that had just played out, she kept sucking and when it was hard she turned her back to me and faced Mark as she sat on my lap and let my dick enter her wet come filled pussy. She grabbed the arms of the chair for balance as she ground her hips on me while I reached around her chubby frame and twisted her big nipples. "Never thought you would be getting my sloppy seconds bro" Mark commented, forgetting that we had shared Mom more than once.

He being the oldest always went first. I smiled thinking my brothers sloppy seconds were too hot to complain so as I brought his fiance to orgasm again, I knew they would be fine as he was now masturbating as he watched me fucking his fiancee and at this point she was in almost continuous climax as I grabbed her braids and pulled back to get a couple of fingers on her clit. I began ramming hard up in her as I rubbed her clit frantically.

"Watch this Mark" I motioned him to get on his knees so he slid off the bed and knelt between her legs as she came with feral intensity and did not squirt so much as blow her come all over his face and in great volume too.

He looked like he had come in from a downpour.

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I pushed her down onto all fours and crouched behind her, after the sex yesterday I knew she liked anal so I drove my dick into her ass. "see that Mark don't forget to use her hot little starfish too, a lot of women love absolutely love ass fucking" I slapped her ass hard. "right you twisted ass freak" She just moaned and nodded. I was running hot and the feeling of my dick in her ass was all I needed and I filled her back door with my thick streams of come.

I pulled out and she slid forward rolling onto her back laying next to another huge wet spot on the carpet. My brother was drenched she and I were covered in sweat and spent. I put my pants back on and left the two of them alone.

Mom was waiting for me next door. I knew she would not mind tasting Lexy again. The next day at the wedding Mark said that he was so spent he almost over slept and missed the wedding. They had fucked four more times that night. At the reception Lexy gave me a big hug and thanked me for everything. She told me she was wearing the corset again, for later in the evening. I expect the wedding night was fulfilling as well.