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Free hot straight cowboy gay porn and young teens boys masturbating
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This is the true story of when I was 13 or 14 years old. It was a warm summers evening and my friend and I were about to head out, that was until we discovered what was in the TV cabinet!

There was a film on TV that night that I wanted to watch, but my friend Jake (not his real name) was round, and with it being a warm dry evening, we wanted to go hang out. I decided I'd record the movie and watch it later in bed.

My parents were in the living room watching TV, so I started rooting through the TV cabinet in the dining room, looking for a blank tape but I was struggling to find one. Every one that I picked out had something written on it. Something that had already been recorded by me or one of my parents.

"come on, hurry up" said Jake, impatiently. "I'm just trying to find a blank tape" I said. I eventually got to the very last tape in the drawer. I pulled it out and there was nothing written on it but it wasn't a new tape either. I decided I better check what was on it before I set the VCR timer to record. I stuck it in the VCR and pressed play and yes, you guessed it. Porn! Now, Jake and I were both virgins.

Obviously we both knew about sex and we both had 13/14 year old male hormones running through our bodies but neither of us had ever really discussed it and neither of us had ever watched people having sex!

There was no Internet back then, or there was, but not like it is now. The closest we ever got to porn was the videos they showed us in sex Ed, and that was just awkward. Of course I'd seen the odd pair of boobs on TV, and maybe a little bit more, I can't quite remember. But neither of us had ever seen porn before, and this was full on hard-core porn! Anyways, back to that afternoon. When I pressed play on the VCR and hardcore porn came on TV, Jake and I were totally shocked!

There was a woman sat on a sofa completely naked with her legs wide open, moaning loudly with pleasure as a guy was fingering her hole. I instantly panicked and hit the stop button. We both sat in silence for a moment, taking in what we had just seen. I was also praying my parents didn't here. I mean, it was totally innocent, but still.

After a moment, we looked at each other and just giggled. "Fucking hell!" whispered Jake "I know! What the fuck?! " I replied, quietly "That's ace!" said Jake, with a big grin on his face. I just grinned back in agreement "Who's is it?" he asked "I don't know" I replied "Maybe it's your mums" he joked "Fuck off!" i replied, laughing back at him Jake and I sat there grinning at each other for a moment longer.

"Should I put it back on?" I said Jake nodded with excitement I muted the TV and pressed play again. We watched about 5 seconds and then I quickly hit the stop button again. "Fucking hell! " Jake repeated "That's fucking well good" I said "Put it back on" demanded Jake I was feeling really nervous at this point. I was watching people have sex for real, I'm with my friend and my parents were in the next room. It felt exciting and wrong at the same time and also I was scared one of my parents was going to walk in the room.

"Fuck it" I thought, and once again I hit the play button. We watched again for another few seconds, during which, I felt my cock begin to grow.

My nerves got the better of me and again I hit the stop button. "Fucking hell" I said, grinning at Jake as I attempted to disguise my hardened cock.

I felt so exposed. I doubt it was even noticeable but it felt almost like I'd just whipped out. Too scared to watch any more, I hit the eject button and put the tape back exactly where I'd found it. The next day I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd seen on that tape. I rushed home from school, knowing I'd have about a twenty minute window before my parents were home. I stuck the tape in the VCR and hit play.

"wow" I thought to myself.

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I only watched a few seconds before panicking someone was arriving home. When I realised I was just being paranoid, I pressed play again. I watched a few more seconds and then stopped it, feeling paranoid once again.

This went on for a few mins, watching just a few seconds at a time. Then I thought to myself. If this tape does belong to my parents, are they going to notice that it's not on the same scene it was when they last watched it?

I know I'd probably only watched about a minute of it all together but I was feeling really paranoid. I decided to rewind the tape back to where it was up to when Jake and I first watched some the day before, and return it to the cabinet. I didn't dare touch it again after that. Damn! There's a video in my house, of naked people having sex and I can't watch it!

Some time later, I'm not quite sure why, but I ended up telling my brother about it. He is much older than me and he had already left home and got his own place. It turned out the tape was his. He said he wondered whatever happened to it. He said he was glad it was me that found it and not one of our parents. I asked if he wanted it back and he just said "nah. you keep it. Just move it out the TV cabinet.

Stash it in your room somewhere". He didn't have to tell me twice! The first opportunity I got, I took the tape from the dining room Tv cabinet and put it right to the back of my own video collection in my bedroom. It was so exciting just knowing that tape was in my bedroom. It made me horny just thinking about it. I couldn't wait to go to bed! As soon as I did get to bed, I put the video on and layed there in amazement with a rock hard cock.


It wasn't long before I had to take my dick out and it wasn't long after taking it out that I accidentally filled my hand with cum. I hadn't had time to get any tissue. I wasn't expecting to go off so quick. I'd wanked myself off countless amounts of time before but it had always been over nothing. Every other time I'd pleasured myself, I'd started with a soft cock.

This time was different, I was rock hard before I'd even touched it. I was actually experiencing what it was like to be turned on, aroused, horny! The next day, I saw Jake at school. I told him about how the tape turned out to be my brothers and that it's now in my room. "Well good! When you lending it me? " he joked. " Haha! Never!

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" I replied "You'll have to come watch some of it at mine" "okay. After school then yeah? " he said, in excitement.

"Yeah sure" I said. After school, Jake and I went straight to my room and put the tape on. Jake expressed how amazing it was and how it was great to finally get to watch it properly. Sitting there, I could feel my cock begin to grow. It got harder and harder until I could barely stand the pressure of it against my pants. I knew I couldn't do anything to relieve myself whilst Jake was still there, but I was so wishing my erection wasn't being restricted like this.

It was crying out for more room to fully stand to attention. We sat and watched for about half an hour before Jake stood up and said he was going to have to go home for his tea. He seemed a bit shifty. He just stood up all of a sudden and quickly left with his body language saying "don't look at me".

I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I was just kind of glad I was going to get to release my dick from my pants. As soon as he'd gone I pulled my pants off and let the pain in my cock subside. I resumed watching the tape and within a few minutes I was wanking off over it.

Later that night I got in bed and couldn't help but watch more. It wasn't long before I was naked in bed, wanking off again. I woke the next morning, went down stairs and got some breakfast.

My parents worked together and Saturday was just another work day for them, so I always had the house to myself until tea time. After I'd had some breakfast I went and hung out in my room for a bit. I couldn't stop thinking about the night before, how much I'd got off, lying naked in bed wanking my rock hard cock over the amazing scenes of people fucking each other's brains out. I couldn't stop thinking about doing it some more. It wasn't long before I did.

I went ahead and put the porn back on and got myself off again. After that I could take my mind off it and get back to normality. I stuck on some music and played a few video games etc. Before long, Jake knocked at the door.

He came up to my room, I turned off the video games and we just talked shit whilst listening to music. After a bit he mentioned the tape. "You still got that video up here?" he asked, casually. "Yeah it's in the VCR" I replied. That was that. He didn't mention it again for about ten mins or so until all of a sudden he picked up the remote and hit play. "oh yeah" he said as he sat back and relaxed. It felt a little awkward, it wasn't long since I was sat right there wanking off over it.

"This isn't where it was up to yesterday. You been watching more of it?" asked Jake. "errm. Yeah" I admitted, nervously.

"it's hard not to" Jake sensed my embarrassment. "Yeah. I don't blame you! I'd be watching this shit all day if I had this tape in my room. You probably wouldn't see me for ages" he laughed. I laughed back at him.

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It was funniest because I knew he was serious. We sat watching, I could feel myself starting to get hard again. I was kind of fighting it. I couldn't really relax. Every now and again Jake would come out with something like "fucking wow!" or "Aww look at that!" etc, until eventually he stopped and seemed to just slip into a trance, staring at the TV. I was getting pretty turned on again now. I could see Jake was too. He kept pushing down on his crotch like he was trying to hide his erection.

It made me feel more comfortable knowing that I wasn't the only one who was hard. I was still nervous though. I decided to break the silence. Watching a guy plunging his cock into a woman's soaking wet pussy, I said. "Just imagine getting to do that" "I am imagining it! " replied jake The silence continued. Over the top of his jeans, Jake began giving himself a quick and firm stroke here and there.

After a short while I would begin doing the same. I saw him put his hand into his pants for a second and then quickly remove it, as though he'd remembered where he was. It occurred to me that when Jake leaves, I would get to watch more of the porn and relieve myself, where as Jake, he could only go home to his pornless room. I felt bad for him, he was my best friend. We found this tape together, I kind of wanted to share it with him. I once again saw him put his hand in his pants and then quickly remove it again.

I'd started to relax a bit at this point. I decided I wanted Jake to know that I was OK with him putting his hand in his pants. It didn't bother me because I kind of wanted to the same, my cock was once again pushing against my pants and causing pain. I sat there a few more minutes before I slid my hand into my boxers and held them away from myself, giving my cock some room.

I saw Jake look a little shocked. "I need to give my cock some room" I said. "it's kinda getting crushed" "fair enough" laughed Jake After a few seconds I felt awkward and removed my hand again.

Before long, Jake slipped his hand in to his pants again, removing it again after a few seconds. We both repeated it over and over, more and more often, until we were both just sitting with our hands in our pants. "I'm gonna have to go" said Jake, without taking eyes off the TV. Jake had gone off home early the day before when we'd been watching the tape and today he was going even earlier. It was becoming obvious to me why he kept having to leave. "Do you need to go relieve yourself?" I asked.

I shocked myself. The question just came out.

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Jake laughed in embarrassment. "No" he laughed, unconvincingly. "it's alright, I kind of need to relieve myself too" I nervously admitted. Jake laughed. "I relieved myself some yesterday" laughed Jake. "I relieved myself like crazy" We both burst out laughing. "So did I" I laughed. "and last night, and this morning!" We continued laughing. "I probably of would of done too if I had this tape" said Jake I laughed at him. "it's alright for you" he said. "When I've gone, you can carry on watching this and do stuff.

I've just got to go off memory" We both laughed some more. "Just have one here" I suggested, half jokingly. "I can't do that" laughed Jake. I'd shocked myself again.

The words just came out. I made out like I was just joking, which I kind of was, but I could tell he knew I was half serious. "I'm not bothered if you wanna" I laughed.

He just laughed awkwardly. We remained in silence for a while, just sitting on my bed watching the porn. Eventually Jake slipped his hand back into his pants, and shortly afterwards, I did the same. The both of us sat there just casually fidgeting with ourselves.

Eventually I noticed Jake was slowly moving is hand back and forth slightly. I envied him. I wanted to do the same. So I did. But it was difficult to hold my pants out of the way at the same time. Eventually I slipped my left hand into my pants and held them away from myself so I could use my right hand to stroke my cock.

It soon became hard work and all I wanted to do was whip it out but obviously Jake was sat there. I removed my hands from my pants and sighed. "Really need some relief " I said "Me too" Said Jake, still fiddling with himself After a few minutes decided I really needed to release my dick, whether Jake was staying or not.

"I need to give my cock some room" I chuckled, nervously. "its super crushed" Jake just chuckled a little, without taking his eyes off the TV. I sat there a little longer, not knowing what to do next. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my quilt and threw it over my lap, leaving enough excess for Jake to use if he chose to.

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Jake looked confused by this. "I need to undo my jeans before things snap in half" I explained, laughing. I undid my belt, button and zip. "ahh. That's better" I said in relief. Jake just slightly chuckled again and stayed engrossed in the TV. I sat stroking myself gently from outside my boxers. Jake suddenly took his hand out of his pants. "oh. I really need to relieve myself now" He said, frustrated. "me too" I said "I need to go home. I can't be doing with wear jeans anymore " he stressed.

"I've undone my jeans" I said "Have you?! " asked jake " Yeah, that's why I got under the quilt" I told him. I turned my attention back to the porn, keeping my hand rested on my crotch. Jake went back down his jeans and continued fiddling. After a few minutes, he pulled the excess quilt over his lap. A few more minutes went by and I could tell he was undoing his jeans. I all of a sudden stopped and wondered what was going on.

I was under my quilt with my friend, watching porn with our jeans undone and our hands on cocks. I dismissed these thoughts, I was enjoying it, I didn't care. I started to feel braver and shuffled my jeans a bit further down to just above my knees, then I put my hand inside my boxers.

A little more time and I shuffled my jeans down to my ankles.


Jake looked at me grinning "Have you just took your jeans off?" he asked I held my feet up for him to see.

"They're round my ankles" I said, grinning back at him. As I lowered my feet, I kicked off my shoes. He continued watching the TV with a grin on his face.

"oh well" said jake and he pulled his jeans down to his ankles too. I was getting really turned on now. I don't know why. I was never attracted to Jake and I've never been attracted to any guy before or since but there was something hot about this.

It felt naughty and wrong and I think that's what made it good. That and sharing an experience with my best friend I guess. It was great watching porn together and commenting on it. "I really need some relief now!" I said "I really, really need some! " said Jake " If I was at home I would of relieved myself about ten times by now! " he added.

I laughed "We should just do it" I joked "Would that not be a bit gay?" laughed Jake "No, doing each other would be gay" I replied, still Joking around. We sat in silence for a few minutes.

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My cock was so hard and pushing against my boxers. Eventually I thought "fuck it, there's no need for Jake to know" and I pulled the flap of my boxers to one side and pulled out my rock hard dick, allowing it to be free under the quilt. My cock stood straight up to attention, causing the quilt to poke up.

I wrapped my hand around it tight and attempted to keep it pointing at my toes. It seemed to get even harder after being released from my boxers. I held it there still for a few moments and then very slowly and discreetly began pulling back and forth on it and trying to hide the fact from Jake. After a while I began to notice more movement going on from Jakes lap. "He must have it out too" I thought. It seemed like he was wanking in a similar fashion to me. After a little while, Jake suddenly let out a little grunt.

I knew now he was definitely getting himself off. He froze and looked at me in embarrassment. I decided to just break the ice. "Have you got it out?" I asked "No" he said, with a guilty and embarrassed grin I knew he was lying "it's alright, if you have. I've got mine out" I told him "Have you?!" he asked, shocked and grinning" "Yeah" I said, grinning back at him.

"is it not weird?" he asked "It's not really any weirder than what we've done so far" I replied. "Yeah, I guess we kinda went past weird a while ago didn't we" he laughed. At that moment I pulled up my jeans, jumped up out of the bed and left the room. Then I returned with tissues. "Just incase" I said, grinning. Jake grinned back at me. I got back under the quilt next to Jake and removed my jeans completely. Seeing this, Jake kicked his jeans off from around his ankles.

We both went back to watching the porn and casually fiddling with ourselves. I eventually gripped a hold of it and started wanking slowly. I started thinking about removing my boxers but I was too scared. I gradually wanked more and more firmly.

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I was so turned on! I couldn't stop thinking about taking my boxers off. I eventually just suggested it. "Should we take our boxers off?" I asked "I dunno" Jake grinned He was silent for a minute and then said "if you go first" I hesitated for a moment and then I just whipped them down and kicked them up off my feet to prove they were off.

I instantly became more horny. I didn't even think that was possible. "I can't believe you did it" laughed Jake "You're turn" I grinned Grinning, Jake pulled his boxers down and kicked em up and off just like I had done. We both laughed and returned to wanking ourselves off.

I was so fucking horny now! Although I wasn't the slightest bit attracted to Jake, there was just something so fucking hot about this. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time. Every time I didn't think it could get any hotter, I was proven wrong. Here we were, 2 and 3 people having sex on the TV, and Jake and I sat side by side under my quilt in nothing but t-shirts, tugging away on our erections.

I'd never felt more naked! I discreetly took a couple of tissues and lay them under the quilt next to me. I started to feel my orgasm approaching. Jake began wanking harder and I followed suit. I let out a grunt and then I heard Jake do the same. Jake was now furiously tugging on his cock. I could hear his breathing getting heavier as he whipped some tissues from the box between us.

I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer. I angled myself to aim at the tissue I had next to me as I sped up, wanking as fast and as hard as I could. I could feel the bed shaking from Jake wanking his cock hard and fast as he breathed loud and heavy. I knew I wasn't the only one about to experience an orgasm.

I felt my stomach go hot and tingles shoot throughout my whole body. This is fucking amazing I thought as my whole body began to jack knife and I shot huge warm puddle after puddle of cum on the tissue next to me, exhaling loudly as I did so.

The second the first load of cum left my cock, I heard Jake grunting loudly as he too began Jack knifing. At the time, it was the best orgasm I had ever experienced! It wouldn't be the last time me and Jake would do this kind of thing.

It became regular after that and it was always good fun and for some reason so much better than doing it alone.

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(Read below) I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please let me know and I may write about some of the other experiences we had. Thanks for reading