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The next day their mom had off of work. Bailey invited her boyfriend over, her mom had told her she didn't care what they did, but the new rule was no clothes in the house for the three of them, unless it's lingerie (not sure if spelled right sorry) they all decided against it for the day, nude felt better. Drake arrived, but Bailey and her sister were busy grinding on each other in her room. He smiled and let her do her thing.

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He saw Emily for the first time naked, and his eyes widened. She laughed. "Like what you see hun?" He nodded. "My daughter is busy, but I'm not.

Have you ever been with another woman before?" He shook his head. She winked. "Come with me." he followed her bouncing ass down the hall to her room. She laid down, legs open, and he joined her.


She gave him a slow passionate kiss. She had had much experience, and it was nice to be with an eager young man. Her husband wasn't as energetic these days. His shaking hand moved to her breast, unsure of whether to continue.

"I'm all yours baby" she whispered and nibbled his ear. He squeezed her breast and licked her neck, enjoying himself. When they had finished with foreplay, she got out her fuzzy handcuffs, and he locked her to the bed, with her ass in the air.

"Fuck me like I'm my daughter if it helps" she suggested with a grin. It made her wet just thinking of her daughter being taken by this handsome young thing. He didn't need this suggestion, and grabbed ahold of her ass as he plunged his cock into her.

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She gasped and let it out in a moan and he pumped into his girlfriend's MILF of a mother. He slammed into her hard for a solid 5 minutes. He took a break to unlock, flip and relock her, and placed his cock on her tits.

As he pumped she licked the tip of his dick as it slid toward her. He went over the edge and his head tipped back as he shot hot cum all over her hard nipples and breasts. He left the cum there and proceed to use one hand to rub her clit and the other to finger her.

The beautiful female arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as she cummed on him. he unlocked her and they didn't bother to clean up as they walked back into the living room.

The sisters having finished, giggled as they saw their cum soaked mother walk out with Drake. They knew what had happened and began making plans for later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later that night ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnathan was tired from his business trip and arrived home.

Emily greeted her husband in a red bra, and panties to match with hearts on them.

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He was surprised. Emily took him into the kitchen and relayed what was going on to him (she left out Drake and herself) she explained that his daughters were interested in anything he wanted, and he was the man of the house.

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He secretly was hot for both his daughters which made the whole situation easier. He wanted to see just how far he could push it. He opened the door to Jade's room to find her and her sister fingering each other. Instant hard on. He decided to follow the no clothes rule, and was already nude.

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He picked up his eldest daughter by the hips, sat down on the bed and slammed her down on his cock. "FUCK daddy hello to you too! She said jokingly. She decided to have a little fun, and moved her ass in a circle, giving him a lap dance with his member inside of her. He sat back and let her pleasure him. When she was finished she stood up and brought Jade over.

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"Your turn sis" she moaned, and sat her down in the same position. As we all know Jade is a horny little fuck, and began bouncing on her father's cock. "Fuck me daddy. Ohhh god please" this sent him into heaven, and he cummed into his daughter.

The feeling of her father's cum filling her sent her over the edge as well, and she squirted all over him. Bailey assigned herself clean up duty, and kissed Jade hard afterwards, with a mix of male and female cum between them. Johnathan smiled as he watched the two lovebirds, and silently left the room, leaving them be.

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Emily was smiling as he walked up to her. "Holy shit" was all he could manage, as he collapsed onto the couch. Meanwhile in the the bedroom, Jade and Bailey were far from tired. Their father's cock had made them more awake if anything. Jade was laying on the bed, and her older sister crawled toward her like a cat, even puring sexually.

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Her sister's tease made Jade horny once more. Bailey bent down and smelled her sister's kitty. It was an overpowering aroma of "FUCK ME PLEASE" mixed with the sweet scent of what remained of their father's cum. She lapped at her pussy, and it tasted like it smelled. Jade groaned and humped Bailey's face. She took her sensitive little nub in between her teeth and sucked hard, at the same time using two fingers and jackhammer in them into her hot sex.

They were both hot and dripping wet, and Bailey quickly flipped herself around. Jade took the initiative and sat on her older sister's pussy, rubbing her fat bubble butt on it, basically rubbing her off with her ass cheeks. When she could see Bailey was close, she flipped around again, and entwined her legs with her sister, and they scissored, two beautiful young females in heat.

They cummed together, and both let out screams of pleasure. Their fuck juices mixed together, and both their mother and father came running to see what was the matter.


They grinned when they saw the hot sight of their daughters making love, and cleaned it up together orally. The sisters, too exhausted to do anything, let them as they kissed softly and sensually. Johnathan and Emily left the room, and made love to each other, using their daughters juicea to lubricate themselves. Holy hell had it been a good day for everyone.