Babe pleasures fellow with her magical face hole and spoonng

Babe pleasures fellow with her magical face hole and spoonng
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True Story When I was 16, I was a senior at Whittier High School in California (graduating a year early) and on the swimming team. In May, we were finishing our season and I had done very well setting several school records in a school with horrendously fast swimmers.

My girlfriend, Lynn, was quite pretty, fantastic legs, big, perky tits and a great, outgoing personality. She was blonde with blonde pussyhair. She was proud of her body and showed it off a lot.

She wore tight clothes, which showed her cameltoe, painted her toenails and fixed her hair very attractively. The problem? She was bad at sex. Not that I was an expert but she definitely didn't do the job. She cried when I tried to fuck her. I always used a condom but that didn't matter. She didn't like the idea of sucking my dick although she had put it in her mouth a couple of times. She would never let me cum in her mouth but she did suckle some pre-cum out. I couldn't blame her.

I had jacked off a lot and looked at the cum when I was finished. It was disgusting, sticky goo. It has swirls of white stuff going through it and the thought of someone eating it was hard to imagine. A couple of my friends claimed that their girlfriends blew them and swallowed the sticky stuff. That really pissed me off every time they said it and actually, I didn't really believe it.

Lynn would jack me off with no problem and actually enjoyed me fucking her big tits. I would shoot a gallon of jism on her neck with each orgasm so I could see the nasty stuff on her neck, tits and sometimes her face. It would run down on her pillow.

She would get up and wash off immediately. She left me unsatisfied most of the time but when I saw her sexy body I forgot the old problems and went for it again. She was quite a babe but I frequently had blue balls and just didn't get enough sex! Lynn would come to the swimming meets sometimes when she could but towards the end of the school year she had been out for two weeks visiting her sick mother in Nevada. I wore tight speedos when swimming, which left nothing to the imagination. When I got out of the water my dick bulged out prominently; you could see the circumcision groove.

You could tell exactly which direction it was pointing. In other words, you could see my cock right through the fabric. The girls came to the meets to see us nearly naked guys. They would sit and watch the races with little enthusiasm just waiting for us to get out of the water so they could see our wet speedos bursting with cock and balls.

I loved showing off. Sometimes, Lynn would get pissed off but that didn't make her any more cooperative. Before getting out of the pool after a race, I would adjust my dick so it would stick out even more. I pointed it at an angle upwards so it would tent out my speedos to the max. I would go up in the stands without drying out and parade by the seated girls, my cock literally passing inches from their faces.

They didn't flinch. They loved it! It was a Friday in May when Tim, a 13 year old from another school, came to Whittier High to watch the last few meets of the year.

I never noticed him until he came over and sat down next to me after I had won a race. He looked down at my crotch, bulging with cock, and looked up at me. "You did great", he said. "You are a great swimmer but, why not, look at your body.


You have a fantastic body", he continued on. "I work out a lot", I said. "I lift weights, run track and swim hours every day", I explained. "Well, it pays off", he mumbled looking back down at my crotch. "I've watched you swim a lot of races and I don't think I've seen you lose one of them", he said. I reiterated that I work out a lot…I dedicate a lot of time to the sport so I actually expect to be good.

Tim was thin, black hair and rather short, even for a 13 year old. He was articulate and started asking questions: "Do you have a girlfriend"?, he asked. "Yeah", I told him, "but she's not here today". He said, "I'll bet she's really cute…to be going out with a stud like you ha, ha, ha".

I thought he was being a little asshole with that comment and said, "yeah…she's fantastic", making a lot more out of her than she was. She was sexy and cute but not fantastic, at least I didn't think so especially leaving me high and dry time after time. He was too small to threaten so I just left him alone. A couple of meets later, with his boyish voice quivering he finally blurted out, "I'd like to do something nice to make you feel real good…if you would let me".

"What are you talking about", I demanded getting suspicious. He said he would like to do something for me "down there" as he pointed at my cock.

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I didn't know what to do. I told him to "buzz off", I had my hands full with Lynn and didn't need any more problems. He looked at me with a smile on his face and said, "she doesn't do it for you does she", glancing down at my crotch. "What the fuck are you talking about"? I demanded. He leaned close and whispered, "does she suck your cock…I will. I'll do it for you because you're such a sexy guy".

I couldn't believe my ears. No guy had ever asked to suck my cock before! What the hell do you say to that? I was so surprised, I had no flippant answer like I would normally spit back at anyone who got to me.

I thought about it for a second and whispered: "have you ever sucked a cock before"? I looked at this young kid wondering how could he have sucked someone's dick? Now I was curious. I continued whispering: "Do you swallow the cum"? "Yeah", he said, "I've sucked my friend's dick and I swallow his cum. I've done it a lot of times". "Why do you want to suck MY dick"? I asked. "Jeez, look at you, anyone would want to suck your dick", he laughed under his breath.

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"Do you know what you're talking about…you don't even know me", I said. Not at a loss for words, he came back saying, "I've seen you at these meets many times, I really have a crush on you and would love to do that for you…you know…make you feel really good.

I'll do anything you want", he explained. I was stunned. I got up and left, went downstairs to the locker room, took a shower and went home to jack off. Lynn wasn't there that weekend. Now, what was I going to do? I woke up Wednesday morning in a pool of cum. I had been dreaming about Tim sucking my dick!


In my dream, I let him do it and I came. I wasn't sure if I had imagined cumming in his mouth but I was horny. I got up, went into the shower, jacked off and went to school. On Thursday, my thoughts were turning nasty. I was daydreaming in math class and started thinking about how I would have Tim suck my cock. I would have him on his knees…no…I would make him lay on his back and straddle his chest like I do when I fuck Lynn's breasts.

I'd slide up and force my cock down his throat. I'd slide even more over his face and make him lick my asshole.LOL I couldn't believe my thoughts! I got an erection just sitting there. I was sure the teacher would call on me to get up in front of the class and explain a math problem…but she didn't…whew!

Friday was another home meet and about half way though, up came Tim. He sat down next to me. I didn't say a word to him but I looked at him wondering what it would be like to have him suck my cock. I couldn't believe I was even thinking about it but I was fascinated with the thought.

I especially liked the idea of getting a blow job from someone who wanted to do it. I couldn't believe a guy would want so suck another guy's cock but he did! He even said he would swallow my cum…didn't he? He would eat that gooey slime that spurts out from between my legs when I totally lose control fucking Lynn like a maniac, grunting, thrusting, swearing…even drooling on her sometimes…LOL! He would eat my cum!

FUCK! I could use that! I'd love to see him swallow my jiz. I normally can't keep my eyes open when I'm ejaculating but if I let him suck me off I'd definitely keep my eyes open just to see the look on his face when I pump his mouth full of my sticky sperm. What would he do? Would he just swallow it? "Wake up…you're dreaming"!

He might let me cum in his mouth but I'll bet he would actually want to spit it out. He wouldn't swallow that stuff, it really is gross.

I don't blame Lynn one bit for not wanting me to cum in her mouth…at all. I was horny as hell and I decided to let him do it.make me feel good. As I imagined how it would go, my dick began to stiffen in my speedos. THAT wouldn't work. I had to change my thoughts. Every time I looked over at him my imagination got more wild. I imagined him in all kinds of submissive positions begging for my cock. My heart was pounding and my cock was HARD!

I stopped thinking about it and got ready for my next race. Before my last race Tim sat down next to me again and I said: "OK…do you want to do it today"? He looked up at me without smiling and nodded "Uh huh".

He wanted to do it! I couldn't believe I was actually arranging to get a blow job from this kid. I said, "if you want to do it, meet me at my car after the meet", and I explained it was the big 'ole Caddy parked on 12th street, about a quarter mile from the pool. He said he'd be there right after my last race. I won my race and went into the locker room where I showered being careful not to think about what was about to happen.

I pulled on a pair of clean sweat pants with no underwear.

They would be easy to untie and get off. He would have free access to my cock and balls to pleasure me like he had offered to do.

I walked out of the locker room and down the steps. I turned left walking past the track where I had run hundreds of miles training for water polo and swimming. My dick was swinging freely in my sweat pants because I was not wearing any underwear. I couldn't stop thinking about how good his mouth would feel suckling my erection. I started getting stiff and couldn't control it.

I put my gym bag in front of me to cover my hard on. I turned left on 12th street where my car was parked. My heart was pounding, my head was buzzing and I had a full erection. I couldn't control myself. I WAS EXCITED! There he was, sitting on the fender of my huge, old Caddy.

He didn't look like he was a cocksucker but he was! He was going to empty my prostate and testicles and swallow the sticky goo…while I watched. YEAH! Damn…I needed this. I needed an eager, excited cock sucker who wanted to suck my dick as bad as I needed it. I sure as fuck wished Lynn would do that! I said, "hey Tim, are you ready for this"? I unlocked the door and he jumped in like a kid, bouncing off the big bench seat. I slid in the drivers side and shut the heavy door.

It was quiet inside and my heart was pounding with anticipation. I covered the tent between my legs for a minute.

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I asked him, "you're ok sucking my cock right now", still not believing him. He nodded "yes" but didn't seem able to talk. He was very nervous and was sitting next to his door, about 100 yards across the bench seat from me. "Slide over here then", I commanded in a stern voice. I needed him to suck my dick…NOW! He obeyed. I looked out of every window to make sure no one was coming down the street. I didn't want anyone to see me sitting right next to a guy in my car…didn't look right.

I removed the gym bag from my crotch and said: "I'm ready for a blow job". He looked down and saw my excited erection. I was ready to use his mouth for my pleasure and my major hardon proved it. He was actually turning a bit white as he looked back up at me and said: "I don't know if I can do it". I was pissed. I knew it! He was faking me out. I was getting angrier when I said, "you said you wanted to suck my cock…so suck it".

I put his hand on my tent.

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I made him rub my dick under the fabric. His small, girlish hand didn't reach around my stiff dick. It felt FANTASTIC when he rubbed his tiny hand up and down the full length of my dick. I knew it would probably be hard to get that demanding monster into his mouth&hellip.but that was his problem. He must know how to fit a big cock into his small mouth. I put one hand on the back of his head and pushed it down to the wet spot at the top of the pyramid in my pants.

His lips touched it the wet cum. I said…"wait a minute, I'm going to move the car to a better place". I started the car and drove about 5 blocks to a school warehouse that was locked up and empty. I parked and told him to get on the passenger floor…I didn't want anyone to see a head bobbing up and down in my lap.

He obeyed getting on the floor waiting for me. I pushed the front seat back giving me plenty of room and slid over. I pulled one foot through the pant leg exposing my naked hard on.

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I put one foot on either side of him and he stared at my totally hard dick, balls hanging down heavy and low. He had quite a view of what he was about to eat. My cock was perfectly erect. It felt like a pole between my legs. My prostate was actually so full I could feel it back by my asshole. My balls hung heavy with sperm. I allowed him access to everything he had wanted. He wasn't getting out. He came to suck.and suck he was going to do.

I had to release my sperm in his mouth and do it now! He looked afraid. I knew a secret though. He HAD to suck my dick. He wanted to do it but would probably have to be forced to go through with it.

He didn't have the nerve to initiate the suck session himself. He quivered, "I never really sucked off my friend, I put his cock in my mouth but didn't go all the way". I said, "well, now's the time to go all the way. You'll like it…I know you want it". There was no way he could say "no". He had to suck my dick just like I had to have it sucked.

I loved the feeling of the masculine power I had over him. I looked at his pathetic figure and actually laughed with pleasure. He had no choice but to suck my dick and I knew it. He had imagined getting throat fucked for a couple of years and he needed it just like I did. My cock looked huge shoved right in his face. It was standing up perfectly erect…very hard. My two sperm machines were hanging below only inches from his mouth. His view must have been really nasty. I ordered him to "lick my balls".

He didn't move so I again put my hand on the back of his head and guided his lips to my testicles. "Lick 'em", I ordered again. I felt his tongue timidly licking my scrotum. God! How could he do that…have his mouth down there. I humped up in his face to give him better access with his mouth. We were exactly at the right height. Me sitting on the bench seat put my crotch right at his mouth level without him having to bend down too far which would have required him to bend his head back too far.

My cock was pouring semen out the top so I stopped him licking my balls and pulled his head up to the tip of my cock. I pushed his lips to my sticky, oozing dick head and made him lick it up.

FUCK! He actually licked my sperm. What could he be thinking? What did it taste like? Fresh from my balls. I tried to bend my cock down to his mouth but it wouldn't bend…not at all. I sat up turning my pelvis to a sitting position, which pointed my big dick right at his mouth. I pulled his head to my cock and forced it in past his lips and teeth. He instinctively covered his teeth like a good cocksucker would. I began thrusting in and out of his mouth.

In and out…in and out…in and out…I now had two hands on his head controlling his every move. I wanted his mouth…I had his mouth. I pulled back so he could suckle the tip. "Lick the hole", I commanded. He obeyed. He was doing everything I wanted. I said, "you're doing great, but don't stop…keep going", I panted. I was breathing hard and my heart was ready to explode.

I began thrusting faster, my orgasm imminent. I was going to ejaculate in his mouth! It's coming…keep it in…oh God I'm cumming…don't let it slip out of his mouth. "SUCK", I ordered when the first spurt shot from my dick. I was having an orgasm seizure…I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. I remembered to keep my eyes open so I could watch. I shot my first glob into his throat. His eyes bulged out…LOL. He kept his lips pursed around my pumping cock.

I spurted again and again but he was gagging now. Too much cum for his small mouth.


I kept spurting not letting him stop. He tried to pull back but I held his head tight as I pumped more and more semen into his mouth. He gagged and then wretched trying to expel the nasty baby making fluid from his mouth and throat. No way Jose&hellip."Eat it", I panted. I could hardly speak. Tim's eyes were literally bulging out of his head…LOL My eyes were watering but I still insisted on watching every twitch he made…every look on his face.

I loved it! He gagged again and his stomach heaved in a wretching move designed to automatically vomit out the foreign issue. I finished with him but he looked sick. I told him not to swallow…"just sit there and rest. Don't swallow …yet"…LOL He did as I told him and his stomach quieted down but he still looked green. I knew that nasty sperm must be impossible to eat but he wanted to do it and I wanted to have him eat MY cum. A couple of minutes later he was recovering.

The loogy was sliding down his throat naturally but he could taste every single sperm as it passed over his taste buds. He calmed down now and said, "Shit…you were really hot"! "I can't believe how much you came". I asked Tim if it was as good as he expected and he said, "it was were fantastic"!

I could see the look of relief on his face. He had finally done it! He had been throat fucked by an extremely horny guy who, as he had hoped, couldn't control himself at the end.

I was rough on him but it was worth it. I put him through some real stress but it made my orgasm 10 times better. My slick, flaccid dick hung low between my legs as he sat under the dash-board looking dazed. He stared at the weapon that had threatened to kill him with pleasure just seconds before.

He leaned forward and kissed the head. He stuck out his tongue and licked up a long stringer of semen hanging from the tip. I put on the pant leg and pulled up my sweat pants. I moved to the drivers side again and told him to get up and sit on his side of the seat. He crawled out and sat on the seat. His lips glistened with my fresh semen. He had cum on his face, chin, neck and hands. He had swallowed probably the largest load I had ever produced. He did great! He turned and smiled at me.

My dick was beginning to swell again. As Lynn said many times, "once is never enough for you is it"?…LOL True story