Metendo no cuzinho o corno filma

Metendo no cuzinho o corno filma
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Gone To The Dogs (part 3) It's been awhile so I will refresh the characters; Lindsay my sister 2 yrs older Mom Becky Dad Roger Possible g/f Tanya Craig Tanya's bestie Lisa Pride My buds Kent, Troy Steve, and Jay The shower was relaxing and I used it to wash my 'excitement' of the coming night away. My phone was ringing as I jumped out of the shower to catch it before they hung up. Not recognizing the number I answered with an apprehensive, "Hello" "Hi Kevin I had seen your job posting on the pole by my house as was wondering if you were available for hire.

I called the number you had posted with the ad, and your name gave me your personal phone number" "Yes I am, but I am trying to stay in the neighborhoods around Beat Rd." I explain "Well thats fine", I heard mumbled, into the phone, by an elderly lady.

"I think I just live down the block from you. Are you Kevin Changes? " "Yes I am", and then my charm kicked in."And who am I speaking too? I can't believe I have forgotten the name, and face associated to a voice like this." I know I have heard it before. "Oh Kevin you always were well behaved so I didn't have to talk to you often" OK So you have a seeing eye dog I am thinking to myself. "It's Mrs. Maher just up the street, at 1536 Baylor" "Oh that is just up the street" "Yes Kevin that's what I said.

And the reason I called is I am going away. Actually leaving tonight and my daughter can't get here to take the dog out until tomorrow night and I was wondering if you could take my dog for a short walk tonight. I'll pay you. I'm sure you are quite a bit cheaper than a carpet cleaning." "I promise you I am cheaper than a carpet cleaning." I tell her with unfound confidence Mental note: find out how much carpet cleaning is before I undercut myself out of business.

"Can you drop by in the next.28 minutes? I know this is short notice, but my daughter just called to let me know she can't make it till tomorrow., and my cab to the airport will be here in side a half hour." I could hear the anxiety in her voice and then my Mom's words came to me again, "Oh Kevin you are as helpful as your father.

Adjusting your schedule for others" I jumped into action, or a pair of shorts anyway. "I'll be over in 10 minutes Mrs. Maher" "Oh thank you Kevin. You're a lifesaver" I hung up my phone and getting dressed while hopping to the door trying to get socks on. "Back in an hour" I yell to my non-existent family.

They must be the deck. I exit my house and start into a fast run. Arriving at Mrs' Maher's door within my 10 minute time frame. Her bags are at the door and she looks nervous. "Oh thank you, thank you" she says. Brandy comes running around the corner ready to bark but halts when she sees my holding my hand down to her. Nervously she approaches me and her tail begins to wag. "See no problem at all.

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Brandy will be watered and fed by the time your daughter shows up here tomorrow" "OK here is the key, my daughter's number if anything else goes wrong, and an envelope for your troubles is sitting on the microwave" Just then we hear a horn outside and opening the door I see her airport limousine waiting. It's a van but the name makes it sounds posh! A man approaches the door and takes her bags while reminding her that she needs her tickets and her passport.

"Thank you so much Kevin, you are a life, and carpet saver" Enjoy your trip Mrs. Maher. I'm going to take Brandy for a walk now. "Don't forget to walk her before bed too" she added as she got into the van." Don't worry I have everything under control. Just go and have fun!" "Thank you,"she calls out as the van drives away.

"Hi Brandy. Is this your leash I ask?" Not expecting a no, she barks and lifts her head to the side so I can attach the clasp to her collar. Halfway through our walk my phone rings "Hi Kevin I thought you were going to be here a half hour ago" OH fuck I had completely forgotten about Tanya waiting for me.

"Sorry Tanya I forget to call you. Someone called and needed their dog walked because they were going away on vacation and her daughter could not show up until tomorrow. I am really sorry I forgot to call. My head is full of new information and I got side tracked with my summer business" I tried to explain.

"Are you still going to the coffee shop tonight?" she asks. "I will be there within the hour" I respond. "My Mom is at work if you just want to come over here and watch some TV" she questions. "ummnn.SURE. Do you want me to bring a movie over?" I ask. Thinking of the collection my father has. "Sure if you'd like. I like funny movies. Not perverted movies." She laughs "Is the new Kevin Hart movie OK or is that a 'pervert flick'?" I answer as I feel Brandy pulling on her leash to get to a pole.

"No that would be an excellent choice" she laughs. "I look forward to seeing you Kevin" "And I, you Tanya. I'll have to call Troy and let him know I won't be meeting him tonight but I'm sure he can find something else to do.

I have to pick up some poop right now so I will text you when I get home." I continued "I am not sure what your address is though" "Well I'm glad you asked. It's 1318 Socketnut Road. Right on the corner of Socketnut and Erie." she tells me Looking at my watch I see it is 10 past the hour. "OK I'll see you within the hour Tanya." I answer with a smile. "Bye Kevin." she says with a tease to her voice. I feel Brandy pulling on her leash so I start to speed up my walk as she breaks into a run.

I guess now that she is empty she is hungry again. We get back to her house and she stands on her back legs at the front door as I unlock it. Walking inside I make sure she has food and leave a note for Mrs. Maher's daughter. Telling her I will be back later tonight and again tomorrow morning if she has not been by, by then.

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I leave her my cell number and ask her to call me when she gets there. Thinking about the two dogs I have to walk tomorrow morning and not wanting to upset their routes I realize it had better be an early night with Tanya. Working sucks! I say to myself, but this is just setting up my new business and I'm sure I will get it worked out soon enough.

I just have to ensure the dogs will walk together on the route I, or they, choose. I walk home rather quickly and walking in the front door see my Mom putting away the supper dishes from the dishwasher. "Oh hi Kevin I didn't see you go out. Did you happen to put the garbage out? If so you forget the bag in the kitchen" she tells me "No Mom I went to walk a dog. It was an emergency for Mrs. Maher" "Oh she just lives around the corner doesn't she?" my Mom replies as she reaches up to put a plate away.

She is braless and I see a lot of side boob. No nipple, but I see her tit looks pretty hot.

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"Yeah she is going away and her daughter wouldn't be there to walk her dog until tomorrow so I did the neighbourly thing and rushed over to help her out." Thinking now that I forgot to pick up her payment. Oh well I will pick it up when the job is complete. "That's nice of you Kevin" she says as she closes the door to the dishwasher.

This time I am treated to more a side boob shot.

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I am looking down her shirt at her great tits. I can make out everything. Her nipples which seem to be getting harder. She stands back up and I see her nipples have hardened enough to be poking out of her shirt. She sees me staring at her tits. Then she looks at my sprouting boner and says, "I left you a package on your bed after supper and it looks like I got them just in time." She says this as she looks right at my shorts, that are now bulging. "umnn thanks Mom.

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What is it?" " A box of condoms" she whispers as she turns and walks towards the deck. I run down to my room so I can change and head over to Tanya's. I see my sister sleeping her 'afternoon' off. Fortunately she is covered or I may have jerked off right in her doorway. Fuck I am so horny right now.

I pick up the plastic bag and see on the bill a handwritten note. 'Have fun with these my little/big man' Love MOM I let out a low moan and change my shirt. Grabbing one of the condom packages I run upstairs. I go out on the deck to let my parents know I am going out for a while but I won't be out late because I have a few dogs to walk in the morning.

"Your curfew is still 11:00 Kevin" my Dad reminds me. "You are not on vacation time yet" "I know Dad. Have a great night" Looking at my Mom I mouth her a 'thank you' and head out the front door. I am literally 10 minutes from Tanya's and looking at my watch see that I have a half hour. I text her that I am on my way and then get her reply.

'I'll be in the backyard in the pool' Fantastic I am thinking she even has a pool. I get to her place and let myself in the back gate. Not only does her Mom have a pool but she has a hot tub built into her deck as well. Which is where Tanya is sitting. "Hi Tanya" I called. Not wanting to startle her "Oh hi Kev" she says.

Her eyes focusing on me from behind her sun glasses. She is wearing a black bikini top and I assume matching bottoms but I can't see them yet. "How was your dog walking tonight?" she sputters as she coughs because her drink went down wrong.

Running up the deck steps I ask if she is OK? "Yes, but thanks", she replies while blushing. "If I am ever choking I hope there is someone as fast as you near me" she tells me. "There is an outdoor shower over there. You have to shower off before you come into the hot tub." she says as she points to a concrete slab with an overhead shower head above it. "That is if you want to get into the hot tub with me." "Can I go into the house to change into my bathing suit?" I question as I get it out of my knapsack.

"No bathing suits or outside wear allowed in the tub." She says. "That's my Mom's rules and she owns all this so I abide by them. Surprisingly enough she hasn't said no boys allowed over here yet this summer" She giggles "I won't tell if you don't. Holy shit" I exclaim as I feel the cool water wash down on me as I stand under the shower. "Sorry I forgot to mention that" she laughs It's a good thing I am facing away from her as I feel my cock and balls shrivel up.

Looking down I am suddenly self conscious of my freezing, small, package. Thinking I should have trimmed my pubic hair and making a mental note get to it soon as I get home. "Don't worry" she says, "It's hot in here" Thinking she is a mind reader as well. I start to think about her sucking my dick again.

Just to get the idea back into her head in case she has forgotten. Smiling I turn the water off and place my hand over my mid section and walk towards Tanya. "Hello Sexy" I hear her say to me But I look behind me to see if someone else is there.

Then I point to my chest and say, "Me?" "Sexier than you looked last night while I was looking up at you" she remarks She is a mind reader I tell myself. Oh shit, stop thinking! I walk up the stairs to the top of the deck and see the foaming heat and step right in beside her. She looks up at me and offers her hand. "Watch your step" As I step down I feel that it is indeed hot. My balls come back to life and my penis regains it's real size. I reach down and kiss her hand as I hold onto it.

"Nothing better than a naked gentleman" she quips "Why do you still have your top on?" I question "Just in case someone else came by. I have to look neighbourly" she laughs I am falling in love with this girl I think to myself as I see a perfect smile appear on her face.

Stop thinking while you are around her. I remind myself. I sit down and immediately after I do I put my arm around her and pull her into me for a kiss. Our mouths meet and as our lips part I feel our tongues meet.


I also feel the heat return to my groin. We are making out and she reaches behind her back and says, "So much for neighbourly" She undoes her bikini and lets it fall away. Exposing her tits. I lower my head and start to lick and suck on her right nipple.


I'm not sure where to put my hands but I feel her hand take mine from her shoulder and put it on her left breast. I am now lightly pinching her nipple and feeling it harden against my palm. I then feel her hand wrap around my hard cock and she asks if I have a condom. Closing my eyes and saying a quiet thanx Mom. I respond with a "yes" " I want you Kevin Changes.

I want you to fuck me on my bed tonight!" As she gets that out of her mouth she gasps and thinking I am doing something even better than I thought I bite a little harder on her nipple. "Oww, NO, Kevin someone has just pulled into the driveway. I think my Mom has come home early" she tells me as I pull my mouth reluctantly away from her nipple.

Now I switch into escape mode. I jump out of the hot tub. Grab my clothes and knapsack. Then I reach down again and hand Tanya her bikini top. She looks up at me and smiles out a "Thanks, Sorry' as I head to the back of her now darkening yard to get dressed. I get halfway and turn to see the inside lights come on as Tanya gets out of the tub with her top on.

No bottoms and her ass makes me gasp. She turns to me and gives me a small wave as the lights come on inside her house. I see and hear her Mom for the first time and know where Tanya has got her beauty from. I am standing behind a tree watching her through the glass of her sliding door. Her Mom has long red hair, her tits are bigger than Tanya's, and she is wearing a nice pair of jeans.

I presume they are designer because of the way her daughter dresses and from what I have seen of her house. "Thanks for not wearing your bottoms in the tub sweety, but why were you wearing you top?" she questions Tanya "Just in case someone looked over the fence and saw me in the tub Mom." Tanya answered. "Great thinking honey" She hugs her daughter and puts her hands really low and cups her bum.

I watch as Tanya rises to her tip toes so that her Mom's hands go lower onto her ass. Holy shit! Her Mom is cupping her ass and I am seeing this with my cock hard as a torpedo less than 20 feet away. Then I watch as Tanya looks up at her Mom and they start to kiss. Her Mom runs her hands through her hair and I am witnessing no regular Mother/Daughter kiss. I am not even sure if Tanya remembers I was even there. Her Mom lifts her arms and Tanya slips her shirt up over her head, and undoes her bra from the front.

As her beautiful tits are exposed Tanya moves her Mother's long red hair aside and lowers her mouth to her nipples. I have to get closer, and sneaking around the pool to the base of the deck. I am looking over the top of the deck as I hear her Mom moan. Her Mom grabs her ass and I think I am dreaming as I watch her spread her daughter's legs and insert her finger's, Yes plural, into Tanya's soaking pussy.

She starts to finger her and I watch as Tanya starts to pee all over her Mom's hand while moaning into her hair. "I have never made you squirt that fast sweety. What were you thining about in the hot tub? The bubbles must have felt good tonight" her Mom tells her as she licks her fingers, and wrist clean. "Now clean it up and meet me in my room" "Yes Mommy." Tanya whimpers as she gathers her senses and walks further into the kitchen to get a towel.


As she returns with a towel she remembers I was in the back yard and walks to the sliding door. She presses her head against the glass so she can see the yard but doesn't see me ducking under the deck. She smiles and goes back to wiping her piss off the floor. Then she walks away and I see a light go out at the window I can only presume is her Mom's room.