Gordinho se exibindo no banho

Gordinho se exibindo no banho
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Monica For the past two months Monica had been dropping hints to her parents to buy her a car for her seventeenth birthday, but it appeared they weren't taking the bait. She had her license but her parents insisted she drive their second car for her evening job after school. Standing in her bathroom after just getting out of the shower, Monica was admiring herself in the full length door mirror.

Being five foot eight and only weighing one hundred twenty five pounds, Monica was a statuesque young woman and had all the boys in school trying to date her. Platinum blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, bright vibrant green eyes that shined like emeralds. Monica's 38C firm breasts had pea sized nipples that would prominently show whenever she went bra less.

Her twenty five inch waist and her thirty seven inch hips made men and boys alike gasped as she walked by in her skin tight shorts or jeans. Living in Miami, Monica had a perfect tan and since many times she would lie on the roof of their top story town house, she had no panty lines to distract from the golden tanned body. As she admired her almost perfect form, Monica knew what her next step would entail to try to get that car. Monica's mother was away for the week visiting her ailing sister in Ohio so it was only Monica and her father at the house for the week.

Walking into the den where her father was busy at his desk, Monica stood in front of him wearing only a towel. It was wrapped around her magnificent breasts and hung to a point of only a couple inches below her tight firm buttocks. When her dad looked up quizzically, Monica smiled and asked him in a low seductive voice if he and her mother looked at the pictures of cars she had been placing throughout the house.

Her dad smiled back and said her unsubtle hints hadn't gone unnoticed but right now wasn't a good time to spend that kind of money. He suggested they go out and check used cars that week and see what was available.

Walking around the desk, Monica leaned over and told her dad she really had her heart set on the new Italian Fiat Convertible and would do anything to get it. Monica could see the lump appear in her dad's throat as he tried to swallow as his daughters firms breasts where slowly pushing the towel down and more and more of her golden mounds were exposed to him.

Taking advantage of the situation, Monica took a big breath as she mocked a sigh or resignation, causing her breasts to rise and the towel slipped off her right breast, exposing her dark pink hard nipple. Stammering, her dad told her she needed to go get dressed and as he tried to push away from the desk, Monica took his hand and placed it on her seventeen year old firm breast.

Leaning over and whispering in his ear, Monica reiterated her stance that she would do anything to get that car. Involuntarily Monica's father's hand caressed and slightly squeezed her daughter's breast as his breathing became more and more labored. Her dad looked up and told her this was wrong and couldn't happen while at the same time his hand was squeezing even more firmly and his thumb was circling her hard nipple.

As Monica's hand went to her father's lap and squeezed his already hard thick cock, she asked him if he was sure he wanted her to stop.

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As her father moaned softly, Monica took her father's hand and led him to her parent's bed. Before he could protest again, Monica dropped the towel and told her father to suck on her hot and hard nipples. In a trance like state of mind, he sucked and licked her nipples as his own daughter's cunt began to leak juices from all of his attention.

Knowing there was no stopping now, but also not wanting to deceive his daughter, he softly told Monica that maybe they could get a newer model but still couldn't afford a new one. Monica just held his mouth to her breast and told him they would work it all out before the end of the week. As he worked on Monica's breasts with his mouth, her father took his own clothes off and Monica could see her dad was well endowed.

Although she was still a virgin, Monica had jacked a few of her boy friends' off and even sucked a couple of them, but not to completion.

Even though it was only five or six boys she done this with, she knew her dad's cock as at least two inches longer than any of them and twice the thickness. Her mouth watered as she gripped her dad's cock and begin to milk it.

Having his seventeen year old daughter stroking his cock and feeding him her nipples was more that he could take and within a few strokes, his thick load of cum splatter all over Monica's hand and arm and some landed on her golden upper thighs.

Not missing a beat, Monica milked her dad until every drop of cum was expelled. When her father tried to apologize for his excitement, Monica just had him lie back on the bed as she straddled his face and felt his hot breath on her sopping wet cunt. As her father's tongue pushed inside her tight cunt lips and began tasting her juices, Monica rocked back and forth, rubbing her swollen excited clit against his face.


Fuck, it felt so good having her dad suck her cunt and now she knew the feeling the boys must have felt when she sucked their cocks. None of the boys ever offered to give her oral sex and only wanted to cum themselves so having her dad eat her cunt so thoroughly was heavenly. After covering her dad's face twice from orgasms, Monica lie next to him and snuggled as her mind worked out a plan to get the new Fiat convertible. Leaning over and kissing him tenderly on the cheek, Monica asked her dad if his buddies were still coming over that Friday for cards.

When he confirmed they would be and it would be four Monica just said ok and didn't reveal what she had in mind to him.

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Of course, she would seduce her dad at least once more before Friday to ensure he wouldn't try to stop her when she did put her plan in place Friday evening. As Monica watched her dad greet the men as they arrived, she knew each of them and was aware it wasn't uncommon for them to bring several thousand dollars to her dad's poker night.

She also knew all four of them were married and had kids. As soon as all four of the men were present, Monica hurriedly got dressed to implement her plan before the game started. It was customary for the men to go into the den and enjoy a drink and talk idly before beginning the actual night of gambling.

She had given her dad a combination blow job and hand job Wednesday evening and secretly videoed it with her camera in case she needed it for leverage. She let her dad finger fuck her while she sucked him and when he pushed against her hymen his cock jerked with excitement and he wanted to fuck her.

Monica told him they would fuck but not at that time, as she worked on his cock to get him to cum. For her plan to work tonight to its maximum result she wanted her cherry intact. Looking at herself one last time in the mirror, Monica was satisfied that none of these middle aged men could ever resist her. When Monica entered the den all four of her dad's guest plus her dads' mouth dropped open. Wearing a sheer crop top that not only showed her hard nipples clearly but also was semitransparent, exposing her beautiful firm seventeen year old breasts.

The black leather mini skirt just barely covered her glorious firm buttocks and hugged her as if it was a second layer of skin. The only other thing she had on was a pair of hot red six inch stiletto pump heels that accentuated her finely molded calves and made her even more statuesque to their eyes.

Monica knew these middle aged men's cocks were already stiffening even though she never glanced at their crotches. Jumping up, Monica's dad walked out of the den while commanding Monica to follow him. He let her know his extreme displeasure of the way she was dressed and demanded an explanation.

Monica told her father she knew the men brought thousands of dollars to the game and she planned on getting it from them to go along with the money he would give her so she could get the Fiat convertible she really wanted. When her dad flatly refused to let her go through with it she showed him the video of him fingering her cunt while she jacked him off and also informed him it was already down loaded on her computer for safe keeping.

Calling his daughter a cold hearted bitch, he knew she was in control of the night and resigned himself to this fact. Kissing him lightly on the cheek, Monica told her dad she really loved him and respected him but she wanted this car. She also promised him that she would let him be the first to fuck her and take her cherry.

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She instructed her dad to secretly take a video of the four men fondling her once she had them with their clothes off. Hearing this, Monica's dads' demeanor changed and he patted her on the ass and they entered the den. When Monica sat on the sofa between two of the men and immediately began to rub their legs, they looked quizzically at her dad.

When her dad nodded that it was ok, the men began to touch and caress Monica in return. Within a couple of minutes, not only were the two men caressing Monica excited with throbbing hard cocks, but the other three men in the room were also hard. When she was certain all four of her dad's friends were fully erect she suggested they remove their clothes so she could see their big hard cocks.

Stroking their ego in this manner, the men quickly undressed and as she had them surround her in their excited state, her dad took the requested video. As Monica stroked and kissed the men's cocks and murmured to them how she wanted to feel their hot cum on her body and in her mouth, she could see their knees weaken from the attention this seventeen year old girl was showing them.

Knowing her dad had the video for her to coerce the men in turning over their money in exchange for a night with her, she suggested they forgo the poker game and give her the money instead. To her surprise all four of the men readily agreed to help finance her new car and handed their money over to her.

Leaving her heels on per the men's request, Monica removed her top and skirt and lie on the sofa so the men could kiss, lick and taste her hot seventeen year old body. As she savored their hands and mouths on her body she assessed their cocks. Three of the men were all probably 5 and half to six inch long just like some of the boys she stroked at her school. The fourth man was more endowed just like her dad.

He was at least eight inches in length and although thick, not quite as thick as her dad. She grabbed his cock and turned her head so he could fuck her mouth. She no more than got his big cock inside her mouth when she felt herself being moved on the sofa.

One of the men pulled her down the length of the sofa until her hot ass was resting atop the sofa's arm. When he spread her legs and began to position himself between them, she told him no.

She told him, she was still a virgin and her dad got the honor of taking her cherry. With this announcement to the group, her dad slid between her legs and position the head of his big cock against her moist but super tight cunt. Before entering his daughter with his cock, he urged her to suck on the other man to divert her attention from him about ready to tear her hymen to shreds.

As the head of her dad's cock pushed inside her tight cunt lips, Monica stiffened and gasped around the cock in her mouth. He felt so tight and she knew he was going to rip her open, and yet she wanted it to happen. The other men were busy caressing her body and kissing her breasts or stomach and Monica relaxed her body and concentrated on sucking the cock that was now deep inside her mouth.

With a steady fast plunge, Monica's dad tore through her hymen and all eight inches of his cock was deeply buried in her virgin cunt.

Screaming in pain as she pushed the man away from her mouth, Monica begged her dad to withdraw his cock. Holding her ass tight in his big hands, Monica's dad kept her locked in place and his cock remained buried inside her. Soothingly telling her to just relax and the pain would soon go away, Monica done as he asked and true to his word, within a couple minutes the pain subsided and she felt her own body moving to suck on the shaft of her dad's cock.

Returning to the cock poking her face, Monica hungrily sucked on it as her dad began to fuck her with a nice even tempo that made every nerve in her body to explode with a feeling of euphoria she never knew existed. With each stroke, her dad's cum filled balls would slap against her upturned ass and at same time, the man who was face fucking her would bury his cock deep in her throat.

After the initial gagging from this massive cock inside her mouth, Monica relaxed her throat and let the man tilt her head back so she could take all eight inches just like her cunt was with her dad's cock.

The three men who were caressing, licking and sucking on Monica's body parts had rock hard cocks just like her dad's and the other man who was face fucking Monica. Purring like a kitten Monica had several orgasms as her dad's cock was plunging deep inside her sweet tight cunt. She used her throat muscles to suck the head of the other man's cock and the taste of his slick precum made her nipples stiffen even more.

As she tasted the man's juice she sucked harder as her hand began to caress his cum filled balls. It didn't take long for the man to shoot a massive load of thick white seed down her throat and although she gagged, she worked hard to eat every drop of his precious cum.

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Holding the back of her head, the man face fucked her harder and his hips ground against her tender lips, bruising them as his orgasm seemed endless. When his cock finally was deflated from Monica's perfect mouth, he pulled it out and collapsed in exhaustion. Locking her ankles around her dad's back, Monica begged him to fuck her harder and deeper.

She wanted to feel his cum deep inside her womb, making her a complete woman finally. With one final heave and a mighty grunt her dad buried his eight inch cock inside his seventeen year old daughter's cunt and began to breed her with a load like he never felt before. Monica had another orgasm as her dad's cum filled her body and his balls slapped against her ass. Wave after wave of orgasm over took Monica and when she finally got her breath she was thoroughly spent. During her orgasm around her dad's spewing cock, the other three men had unloaded thick wads of cum on her beautiful breasts and stomach.

While Monica lie there on the sofa trying to regain her composure, the four men put the money on the end table and quietly left the house. They were agreement, it was the best poker night ever and only hoped Monica would let them do it again.

When they arrived at the Fiat dealership the next morning there were two sales associates available to take care of their needs. Monica told her dad she wanted the older man to assist them. In her mind the younger dark haired man was probably involved with an equally hot woman and he'd be less likely to fall under her charms should she need to negotiate the terms of sale.

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The salesman introduced himself as Joe and said he'd be happy to take care of them. Monica said she wanted to make a deal on the red convertible setting in the front of the show room. While her dad and Bill worked out the details and final total cost, Monica browsed the showroom and found customized floor mats she could purchase for an additional 150.00. They would design them to her specifications and have them ready in as little as three days. Going back to the office where her dad and Bill was just finalizing the deal, Monica let them know she wanted the floor mats also.

Bill said he would have to begin the paper work all over again to reflect the new total and it would take about twenty minutes. Monica asked if he could just add them at no additional cost but was told the price her dad had accepted was the rock bottom.

No matter how much Monica begged, Bill said the manager would not go for it. Asking her dad to please step out for a minute, Monica closed and locked the door behind him.

Walking over to the older man, Monica began to rub her hand over his crotch as she took his hand and placed it on her left breast. As she rubbed his cock through the fabric of his trousers, his fingers manipulated her hard nipple.

Bill finally said he could probably knock off fifty dollars of the cost if that would help. Moving his hand to the elastic waist band of her shorts, Monica pushed his hand inside them so his finger tips were pressing against her silk panties. Bill's breathing became more labored and he agreed to a total of seventy five dollars of the cost.


Working his fingers inside the leg of her panties, Bill slipped two fingers easily inside Monica's hot wet cunt and began to masturbate her as his own cock tried desperately to escape the confines of his trousers. With sweet juices flowing over Bill's fingers from this young woman's cunt, Bill said final offer would be to give her the floor mats for a total of fifty dollars. Kissing him softly and playfully on the lips, Monica said "We'll see if that's your last offer" as she dropped to her knees and undone his belt and clasp on his trousers and let them fall around his knees.

Reaching inside the opening of his boxer shorts, Monica pulled his cock out and wrapped her hot sweet lips around the head of it and began to suck like a pro.

Grabbing the edge of the desk to keep from falling as his knees buckled Bill almost shouted out that the floor mats were free. Sucking him as he struggled to maintain his balance, Monica had him cumming within a couple minutes and happily drinked every bit of his seed. Once he was finished he told Monica she would have to leave the office alone since he wasn't able to move. She could return to pick up her new mats in three days and he knew she would love them.

Walking out of the office, Monica wiped the little cum residue from the corner of her mouth as her dad watched her approach him. Monica told her dad she got the dealership to throw the mats in free and smiled at him. As she drove home in her new red Fiat convertible she took notice of the different gas stations along the way and made notes of the ones with older men working at them. Fingering her own wet cunt as she drove home, Monica was certain she could get free gas and other services when ever she wanted.