Petite young camgirl perky tits strips and rubs pussy

Petite young camgirl perky tits strips and rubs pussy
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Hi Reader, be welcome to my life. First i want to introduce myself to you. I´m Jennifer L. a 24 years young (giggle) single, who lives in munich/germany. A bit informations (you sure want to know) about me, i´m 166cm (5,4 feet) and weigh 61kg have a nice firm body (94-62-96) and my beloved c-cup breast, which helps me in my daily routine, sometimes more, somtimes less. I experiment with many and diffrent things and . which i think very very few people do in my age.

Swinger, Gangbang´s, Older Man, Young Boys, my biggest sexual wish where to get fucked by some dog cocks, i dream about it since i was 15 years young. All of my down written words, i experienced all by my self with my body and mind. What makes the best stories, only real life. I´m searching for a way to share and express my sexual life with strangers, because i could not talk and commit about it with and to my friends.

They might think i´m sexual disorientated and i don´t want that they don´t understand me and my lifestyle and scorn me for the pervert things i did and will do. So i would appreciate construktive critic on my down written words, what you like, what i can make better. i´m not very trained in writting and i think bit poor autor, so i hope you like my sentences and style of writting.

Please don´t judge me about my life and when you don´t want to belive me that this written is true, hold your breath and click some other story. The Beauty and the Cock I moved about 9 weeks ago in my first own flat, finally starting to live on my own and enjoy my life in the way i want it.

It´s a nice and old house which has rooms with a big hight. There are 6 apartments in this house. It has his own janitor who keeps all perfect and lives in one of this flats.a very nice clean and good looking neighbourhood. I´m proud to live in such part of the city. I never forget the day i saw the janitor´s son the first time, it was not my life changing day with him but forever in my memories.

I was packing my stuff from my car to my flat, moved all by my own (kind happy of that) and walked the stairs up to get finish and bring the last box in my flat. As i raised my head because i saw in the corner of my eye, that somebody was standing in front of me.

I frightend pretty much as i saw this big hefty man in front of me smiling at me. He has an lighty deformed face and you see at the first look that he is kind of physical and mental disabled. The way how he looks with his eyes and plays with his tongue and lips, tells you from the first sight that he is diffrent and special. Every human being is special, and not to be judged by some intolerant people In my fear i let the cardboard box fall on the stairs, which felt over the stairs and opened up.

At my everyday luck it was the box of my underwear, and my whole thongs and bras where laying on the floor. I could not react so fast because his face had bond my eyes. Sure it wasen´t polite to starr at him in this way, but he didn´t realize that, i think. I felt a bit bad later that i looked so frozen at him. As soon as the first underwear hit the floor, he went after it and started collecting up my lingerie.

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I was a bit shamed that i looked that way at him and could not say "please stop collecting" to him. He packed it in the box as he saw the outstanding thong which grabbed his attention. It´s my black one with ouvert (a slip which has no material to hide the pussy, calles easy access to my lusthole) He stopped stuffing the underwear in the box and picked it up and took a closer look at it, he strechet it and looked wondering at the cutout.

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As a voice upstairs shouted:"Robert, what are you doing, stop immediatly and come here" It was his father Mr.Lenz the janitor of the house.

"Sorry, i just wanted to help" he mumbled and let the thong fall to my feet as he went up to his dad. I was still standing there like a stone without moving or even a word to say. It was very embarrassing for me, this moment.


Just reached for the last lingerie as Mr.Lenz came down. "Hello Jennifer, we know us from your previsit in your flat. Please excuse my son, he just wants to help everywhere he thinks he can. As you surely noticed, he is disabled, physcially and mentally.But he is harmless as a Mice, just scars sometimes some people who don´t know him with his appearance. He does lot of work here in this house, you have not to wash the stairway or bring the trash cans to the street as i told you at your previsit.

I should told you that this kind of work i let my son do to keep him busy the day long. I should introduce you to him at your previsit. I´m sorry for don´t doing that. All flat-renter appreciate his work in our house and you will do it too, i´m sure of that. I i think sooner or later he can halp you too, don´t be scared of him and just ask him if you got something easy to do, if you want.

For him its a favour to help." Mr.Lenz told me. "Thank you, Mr.Lenz. For me it is no problem to talk to Robert, i was in the first seconds a bit of speechless because i didn´t expact such a big man (he is about 195cm - 6,4 feet) standing in front of me. I´m sure that i can have a good neighbourhoodship with you and you son." Weeks passed by and i came from the first stress in a new flat finally to rest.

In this time i acquainted Robert better. He always lived at his parents apartment and helped his dad doing his job. He is. how i can say, he is simple. But has an incredibel willing to work. 46 years old and still collecting lego (this is no joke).

Very courteous even not very smart but a very nice man. But what he can´t keep his eyes off, are my breast. Since i live in this house we only had summer and i´m wearing privatly at home most of the time tops without a bra, got nice standing tits and i love to pose with them.

In our stairway it´s pretty cold, so i often get errected nipples when i get out there. Everytime Robert sees me there, its too much for him and he even can´t speak. You have to repeat your sentence a few times, untill he answers. In a way i like to freeze him with my tits.

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The other neighbours like my boobs too (maybe the single woman too, i think she is lesbian). Everyone is very kindly to me and so i´m to them. Especially to Robert, because he is doing the stairway and trash for me, and and and in our house. I bend sometimes forward to let him have a better view in my top.

He loves it, i can see it in his eyes as they starr at my boobs. I do it gladly for him and the neighbours. All went very normal, like living in a nice neighbourhood (sure is my first but i imagined it this way and happy that it came so) since last Friday.

My lightbulb in my living room burned out. So i had no light at evening, luckily Robert was just in stairway so i called him. I could not chang the lightbulb by my self because i could not reach the bulb fitting from the table (notice to me, buy a small ladder or call Robert again, giggle, soon you will know why).

It was the first time i let him in my flat and even closed the door, didn´t want to let it open other neighbours don´t have to spy through the door in my flat, it´s my privacy. I feeled safe knowing that he is a good and harmless guy. Robert was from the beginning as i called him, fire and flame because it was a other work than sweeping the floor. He grabed the bulb and got on the table, it took some minutes to get it in the fitting because he is very unhandy with smaller things.

As he got down and stood in front of me waitng for his standart reward: "thank you, Robert" - "You are welcome"., i said to him barefaced:"I know that you like my breast, you look very often on it. A woman noticed such behavior instant. You are a bad boy." He was speechless but started to look shameless on my breast. "Robert, where are you looking?" i asked him with a smile.

"Jennifer, sorry, my mama often told me to not look at ladies cleavage, its not polite for a gentleman but yours." he replied stuttering. "So then why you do it so often at mine?" i asked him. "Well." he started to rub his hands, he does it everytime when he is excited or gets reprimand for doing other things he is not supose to (like collecting my fallen down underwear), from his father. "As you moved in our house, it started to itching, like it did never before" he said. He is like a young boy who has so childlike gestic and that makes him such a nice and harmless but still very naive.

"Where it is itching you, i don´t want that you have to suffer because of me" i asked him knowing where it itches him (it felt like an compliment, giggle).

"Down there, Jennifer" he replied and pointed at his trouser. "And what do you do when you have this problem, Robert?" i asked him immedliatly. "Mama says that i don´t have to touch me their when i ´m naked in my bed, so i lay on my stomach and rub me against my bed and when it gets beautyfull i can stop.didn´t touching me only rubbing me against my bed.but please don´t tell mama.

but as you moved in our house i must rub me against the bed more than one time. I think everytime at your breast when i´m rubbing, because their are so beautyfull" he spit it out like a machinegun, i was quite shocked and a moment speachless, so much information at once, but what i like is his honesty when you ask him. I think he can´t lie for some reason. "So Robert, now that you where that honest to me and helped me this time as fast as i asked, i will give you a reward for doing such an nice job." i said to him.

I started to touch my tits through the top, "take a good look now at my tits, Robert. I will show you something you can think of tonight in your bed, when you rub your dick against your bad and shoot your cum." (he looked bit weired, i think he never heard such words.) I moved my top slowly over my tits, still hiding them with my hands. Raised my hands with the top, leaving a perfect view for him at my naked boobs. He was one armlength away from them. I held my arms up and started shacking them from left to right "You like to see this Robert?" He mumbeld "So beautyfull, so beautyfull." (Its defintiv one of his favaorit words, giggle) I took my hands on my tits starting to squeez them together, smiled at him.

He was grining all over the face and starred like a stone at my little boobshow for him. "You ever seen a womans breast in real, Robert?" i romantliy asked him "Yes, my mama´s, onetime, when i was 13. She was very bad that i entered the bath as she was in, i never did that again" he answerd. "But your mama´s breast don´t count, so my tits are the first you ever saw." i said and steped one step near to him. I held my left tit up and started licking my nippel, as it was nice and shiny i did it with the other one the same way, slowly around my nippel with my tonge and a bit sucking on the whole nippel, as i realized that i am doing the same starting on my body when i masturbate.

"Robert, when you are careful you can touch my tits with your hands", he looked shy on my naked boobs which where glisting from my slivia that runs down from my nipples, "I don´t tell anyone, don´t be shy, its your only chance now" i pressured him.

He lifted his hands and put them on my tits, start to sqeezing them very hard, it hurted a bit but i love lustpain, only not so hard at the starting. "Ahh, Robert.please not so hard be softer" i shouted at him. He released my tits a bit but was still sqeuzzing them good hard. His mouth was wideopen and he didn´t note that saliva from his mouth was running out on his boots and my floor. I never saw a man who was that fastinated with breasts, that all other things disapear.


He looked like a boy who got his alltime wished x-mas present. I started to moan a bit,"mmm, Robert, you are doing good, you can pull and twist my nippels, woman like that" i adviced him. Like a machine he packed my nippels very hard with his fingers and pulls them way up to my chin.

I gasp qutily and took the pain, he didn´t stoped pulling and kept the force on my tits equal. "MMM, yes Robert, be a good boy, use your reward for your pleasure.mmm you want to lick on my tits as i showed you? i directed him. He sunk his mouth to my breast and stuck out his tounge and started to lick me from the approach of my tits to my cheast, all over he licked so wet like a dog would do.

I moand loud, because it was very wild and the sucking and licking sounds he made with his mouth. So a turn on to get my tits all wet up with his dirty mouth (his tooth are barley there, and the ones he has are brown and yellow, even if you where blind you could smell that his sliva on my tits was stinking like bad breath.

But i am used to bad odor, i had to attend my grandpa, he had to stay in bed, so you can surely imagine what kind of smells it gave in his bedroom (but thats a long time ago, but i think i could be worth to writing this part of my life down, it was very kinky and some would call it kind of incest) Abruptly he stopped licking like a animal my tits.

I frighten a bit because he moved so quick backwards, that raised my hands to guard my tits in reflex, as i felt how his salivia was running down from them, my tits where blurred with his mouth juice, i automaticly caress them, stimulating my self. I felt my pussy swell.

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"Robert, what happend what do you have don´t you like my tits?" i looked in his eyes asking him. " He babbled:"Jennifer, i´m so sorry can i go now, please let me go home, please." He didnt stopped to beg me, as he was felxing his body in kind of directions as he where tensed up.

"What is it Roby? I started to childish ask him still posing for him with my tits which had totally errected nippels pointing at his mouth. "Jennifer it itches me so bad now, it never had so much, its like its burning, i´m scared" he mumbled very quite. "Your mama told you that you don´t have to touch yourself there, when its burning or itching at your penis, that is very right. But somehow you have to relief the strain. Your mother didn´t said that somebody else could touch it and see why its so bruning like hell" i recommended him.

"You are right, Jennifer. Mama didnt´ said that you can´t touch it" he said in a very clear sentence (this manages he very rarely, so i was suprised how fast it came out) "So Roby, than show me exactly where its bruning you and i will try to do something against it, if you let me." i flirted to him, realizing that i made a step further i didn´t want to do, just stay at teasing him with my tits, i did not expact such reaction from him.

He started opening his dirty, snot and manky blue bib overall. As he opend the two buttons the bib felt to the ground because it was a bigger size that he needed, because of his awkward body. I could not belive what i saw, wider i couldn´t open my eyes, i think it was a pretty dumb look that i had on my face.

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Instant i felt my cunt getting wet and open up for a cock, i provoke this all by my self from the started talking over my breast. And now i can´t get anymore out of this situation, who knows how he would react sending him now at his home, by the way the curiosity to see this monster cock was so much, i didn´t had a chance to resist of seeing this gigantic prick. The shape of his cock in his diaper style knickers was so big, like a very big banana thats curved to fit actually in this xxl briefs.

As soon as the overall hit the ground he pulled his with a yellow piss mark in the front briefs down, and showed me without any emberassing his manhood pointing at his bullhead. His cock moved from that curvy form to hanging down in one exact line, his balls where very hairy, even the hair growed at the start of his shaft. It looked unerrected so big, like cocks i had in me when the where rock hard. Never saw such a thing. How could he ever heard of that man can shave there, but he would maybe hurt him self trying this act.

I was standing there stiff this time i had my eyes and mouth wide open for seconds. I really never saw such a big cock, not even in a porn movies, which my ex boyfriend showed me.

Such a (this time i have to use this word) beautyfull cock and balls, like a artist could even form such wonderfull piece of meat. "Oh, Jennifer it is starting he said" and smiled at me, showing some kind of coolness, i never saw in him. His cock startet to twitch and it begann to swell, "Oh my God, Robert Lenz how big can your wonderfull cock get?

i mumbeled very impressed. I stepped to him and grabed his monster cock with my hand, i could even warp it with my hand it is so big and not even hard. "Let me show you how i can help you with your burning, don´t be sacred what i do, you will like it very much, Roby, i´m well trained" i lustfully whispered to him. I was that horny, i felt my thong soaking with my cunt juice and like he i felt to starting burning down at my cunt.

I moand only by touching his fat cock, even a horse could get an penis envy from Robert Lenz. Maybe the malformed cock, had disabled like his whole body only that it growed like a dream cock, so beautifull and purest male sign of all.

I could not speak just moand, to stimulate him, i putted my second hand on his monster cock. i felt how the pulse of his blood shoots to his spongy body of his penis and his vains rotated.

The fat vains which where like a master of his work arranged them to a masterpiece of human being. "Touch my Tits again, Robert, play with them, but please be carfull (every time i got real horny that i close to an orgasm, you can slap the shit out of me, my ex boyfriend even managed to get my tits full of bruises and marks, he even stuck a needle though my nippel, i am very very submissiv and love to get humilated even in public, but only in cities where nobody knows me who i am.

For example he showed me on day in the public bath in front of a group teens in a locker room, some of them had their first sex with a woman this day, but thats another story, that happend 2 years ago.but back to Mr.Lenz beautifull hugh cock.

As he started to put his tongue out and reached with it for my tits i felt like a shock through my body (last time i was that cock hungry, it was on a public toilet where strangers fucked me bareback. I sucked and got all my three holes filled up with stangers warm cum.) His thing of a cock was fully in a few seconds errected and hit with his bullhead on my naked stomach, such a potent man.


I stroked this big thing with my both hands, i struggle not to fell on my knees and try taking it in my mouth. "Robert, you want that i do the same what are you doing on my tits, on your cock? I could not resit even one second to suck it, i just asked myself the question: "in my mouth?" - Answer:"Yes". I have lust to kiss and lick on it, i sure you will love it, i am very good at that." i offered him. "Jennifer, it feels so good and right." he answered, i took it for a yes.

I got on my knees and faced this hugh cock pointing at my face, i pulled his foreskin down to see, if he cleans there his semen rests away, like i thought (the same like my grandpa) it was full off hard white and yellow chunks of old cum and smelled really bad. "You have to wash yourself down there, Robert" i said to him like my mother would do to me. I started to pull the chunks off, the chunks where very clammy so stoped after 3 pieces and could not resist to start kissing his bullhead, i could not assess how big it is but i think it will be about 30cm (about 12inch) and fat like a can of coke.

Its truely indescribable how perfect his cock is, i wished every guy had this baseball bat in his trouser. Poor but true its on this ugly and disabled man but his greenness makes him that kind of nice and intressting, he is like a virgin teen boy just with a cock like a horse. I stroked his shaft fast and strong as i start sucking his stinking dirty cock.

I felt my cunt screaming for this thing. "Ohh, Jennifer, it soon starting, ohh." he moand like a goat as i looked up to him, looking in his face. I raised my wet tits to his cock and pushed them on his balls and cock, rubbing them up and down. They stank pretty much after his mahood smell. His cock is that big (oh my god, my pussy gets nice and wet even writing this down, i think a have another busted lightbulb, giggle)as i gave him a titjob i could suck him without bending my neck, his bullhead filled all my mouth up, can´t even get more in it as his bullhead.

He got his first Blowjob and Titfuck at the same time, i think that is called a lucky guy. He screamed some strange lust louds. As his body shuck and a fat splash of his thick disabled cum hits my face. It was all over my face, running down my throat on my chest and between my boobs, i was very suprised how much and long it came out. I took it all on my face, some of this warm cum shot direct in my mouth, i held it open to taste his body own juice (i taste every mans cum love to swollow it or let it in one of my holes till it runs out itself) some sperm landed on the ground and my new carpet.

I started to suck the last drop off as i took notice that his cock don´t loses his hardness. I took a closer look at it and beginn to stroke it again. "Was this a good feeling, like i promised you, Robert?" i smiled with my cum glazed face and said to him: "Robert, you know that woman get a burning down their too " as i pointed at my crouch" "Maybe you can help me to ease it like i did for you, Robert?" i asked politly.

I gave him a smile back and stood up, in one motion i pulled my skirt and panties down.

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I stood complete naked in front of him freshed showered and the whole body shaved (his luck again it was friday, and it is my beauty day. With freshed shaved legs, armpits, pussy and my brown hole i stood their like god made me, in front of the bear of man, big, handy, hairy, stinking, scruffy, and as a prize of prizes a kind of a cock, that has to be the one and only.

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Simply said beautifull!! I hoped you liked my first part of sharing my sexual life with you! My Story writing could be so much more rich of details, but it would talk my days to write it down, if you want to know some special details, just ask me, i try to answer very question. Maybe you gett a poll about which, of my lifed sexual adventures i have to write as next down.

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