BF fucks mom Cherie Deville and GF Dakota Skye

BF fucks mom Cherie Deville and GF Dakota Skye
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I had met Peter in my late teens, he was my first boyfriend, he took my virginity, we had been together for many, many years. Sex was very average, it wasn't until the explosion of erotic fiction onto the book market that I started to realise how crap he actually was.

Sex was often uncomfortable, I never climaxed, he continually wanted me to suck him off but never gave me oral. He introduced me to porn later on in our relationship, I must confess I never could get into it but what did seem to turn me on was girl on girl action. My pussy would become wet, for the sake of my sanity, it was easier to suggest a porn film with lesbian action, me to put myself on all fours, watching it, while he happily banged away.

I still never came but at least my cunt became lubricated to accommodate him. I masturbated alone at every opportunity.

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When I was in my late thirties, I had a really good friendship with a lady called Lynn. We got on instantaneously on our first meeting, similar likes and dislikes and good company. I knew she was a lesbian and I confess some of my lonely masturbation sessions were helped along by closing my eyes and fantasising that Lynn was with me. We had been friends for many years and never once did she show any interest in me and to be honest how would I react if she did, probably run away in blind panic?

My relationship with Peter was getting to the point where one of us needed to do something about it. Sex didn't happen thank goodness, he was working all hours and the rest of the time he was out socialising with his rugby mates. I was discontented and lonely, feeling finally that this relationship could not carry on, we lived together but that was no longer an excuse and it was time I did something about it.

Peter had gone away on a rugby weekend and Lynn knew I was alone and invited me to supper on the Saturday night. She was an excellent cook, so armed with a couple of bottles of good wine, I drove to her home looking forward to a relaxed evening with my friend.

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The food had been delicious, having finished puddings and cleared away, we moved to the lounge area, flopping down on the sofa to continue the second bottle of wine. 'You're not yourself tonight. What's going on with you, is it that useless article, Peter again?' Lynn asked. I sighed deeply, 'Oh Lynn, you know me too well. I really cannot stay living with him any longer.

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We are with each other purely out of habit and it isn't doing either of us any good.' 'Do you love him?' she enquired. 'Hell no, the love died a long time ago. Actually, I don't even know if you'd call it love.

Teenage lust probably. I am really no longer attracted to him, our sex life doesn't happen and wasn't any good when we did!' I complained. 'How&hellip.what& you mean?' Lynn pushed. 'Well, he took my virginity, had no idea what foreplay was, expected me to suck him off but wouldn't reciprocate and as for an orgasm for me, he wouldn't know what one was! Oh my god Lynn, I'm sorry to be so blunt, I can't help but say it as it is!' I apologised Lynn laughed, 'Don't apologise, I'm sorry I am laughing, it's not funny, I can't believe you are still with him after all these years if that's the way he treats you.' I couldn't help myself as the tears pricked the backs of my eyes and started to roll down my cheeks.

Lynn shuffled over from the other end of the sofa and sat facing me sideways on, pulling me into her shoulder. 'Hey, don't cry! You deserve so much more. You are beautiful, kind and funny. Don't ever forget that, his loss is someone else's gain.' I snuffled into her shoulder, grateful for her support when I felt so low.

'Hey, look at me.' She pushed my shoulders away from her and I brought my eyes up to look at her. She moved forward and kissed me softly on the lips. I pulled back in shock at the contact. Taking my face in both her hands, she kissed me again, her lips softly bushing against mine and then I felt her tongue stroke the seam of my lips. I exhaled, opening my mouth to accept her tongue as she gently pushed for a deeper kiss.

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Her tongue explored my mouth, stroking inside, increasing the pressure and my heart started to beat so fast. I was not sure how to react, part of me was so unsure but that other nagging part of me wanted it and more.

She pulled back, smiling at me and stroking my cheek. Her caresses continued, her hands stroking the sides of my neck, below my ears and down to my collar bone, just soft, delicate touches, her other hand at the back of my neck, relaxing me with her touch.

Her fingers moved to the v in my blouse, slowly undoing the buttons, lower and lower until she had them all undone and was pulling the fabric out that was tucked in my skirt exposing my front to her. Again, her fingers danced lightly over my skin moving back up to my decent size breasts enveloped in my sheer flesh coloured bra.

My nipples pebbled hard under the gauzy translucent fabric and her knuckles skimmed tantalisingly over them, the pads of her fingers fondling the flesh above the top of the cup of my bra. My heart was beating furiously, my pussy felt wet and my cunt ached unbearably, I felt drunk, partially from the wine but predominately from her attention. Lynn moved forward again kissing me open mouthed, inviting me to explore her with my own tongue.

Hesitating nervously, she sucked my bottom lip with her own, releasing it with a sigh, I flicked out my tongue and licked her lips, finally plucking the courage up to venture my tongue into her mouth.

Our kiss was luxurious, a slow dance of tongues, helping me to relax further. Her exploring hands moved back down to my nipples, circling the aching buds, scratching across the knotted flesh, the sensations ricocheting down to my clit as I moaned into her mouth. Moving across to the catch at the front of my bra she released my breasts, the material springing away releasing my mounds Gently she moved the material out of the way, cupping one of my mounds, rolling the nipple between her finger and thumb twisting and pulling at the sensitive flesh, then moving over to treat the other one the same.

My nipples tightened further, my clit was now throbbing achingly, her splayed fingers slid lightly over the protruding tightened teat, vibrating as each digit rubbed past.

The sensations where so erotic, I wanted more, needed her to help stop the ache, the incessant throb in my clit. I moaned into her mouth again, she stopped kissing me, moved back and looked into my eyes, 'Tell me…&hellip. is this what you want?' 'Yes, please……' I whispered in response. Kissing my neck, her tongue licking behind my ear, I could feel her quickened breath on my skin. Her hand left my breasts moving down, seeking the hem of my skirt, pulling and tugging until the material was bunched around my waist exposing my panty covered crotch.

Her hand moved down to my knee closest to her, applying some pressure as she drew circles on my inside leg with her fingers. By now, overcome with the urge to sate my need, I didn't hesitate to open my legs for her, pushing my knees as far apart as the sofa would allow. Achingly slowly her fingers inched up my thighs in tiny increments, teasing me beyond words, I wanted this so, so bad, my breath coming in short pants.

She cupped my mound, the heal of her hand against my pubic bone, her fingers resting lightly against my slit and her fingertips against the wet material of my crotch. She continued to caress the skin on my chest lower and lower until her mouth closed over one of my nipples, drawing the tingling flesh into her mouth, sucking hard.

The welcomed contact caused my hips to buck into her hand pushing her fingers tighter against my slit, her mouth alternating between suckling and flicking each of my nipples with her tongue. Never, in all my years had I wanted to come so bad, even masturbating holding a vibrating dildo against my clit watching lesbian porn had brought me to this wild heightened state.

I didn't know what to say, I wanted more, so much more. 'Pleeease, pleeease&hellip.' I whined at Lynn. She still didn't move, continued to lavish her attentive mouth on my breasts, her hand so tantalising still against the front of my pussy. 'I need you……I need you to…………make……&……&hellip.come! Please Lynn, I need you so badly!' I gasped.

She dragged her fingers up and slid them into my panties, parting my labia, one of her fingers probing my wetness, stroking up and down, avoiding my clit. I gasped at the contact bucking up again and again circling my hips to increase the pressure of her finger on my most sensitive parts. 'Shhhh&hellip.relax baby&hellip.take it slow&hellip.let me show you how good it can feel…how it should feel& need to realise how good I can make you feel.' She whispered against my breasts.

She dipped her fingers into my wetness pooling at the entrance to my cunt and then touched my clit, starting to slowly apply pressure, circling her fingertip over the nub, over and over, massaging it back and forth, at the same time she continued to suckle my nipples alternatively. The touch and speed of the circles on my slippery flesh became harder and faster as the pressure of my orgasm built, my body tightening, my fingers digging into the plush cushions of the sofa.

Her mouth sucked harder, biting the sensitive flesh and then soothing the bite with the swipe of her tongue. Her finger now flicking so fast over my clit, sensations shooting across my body in so many directions, as I was tipped over the orgasm ledge. I wailed loudly as I came so hard, never had I been the recipient of such a climax, my body spasmed and I felt my cunt walls contract and pulse.

Lynn slowed the massaging of my clit as I panted through the intensity of my orgasm, my legs felt like jelly and I felt so relaxed. 'Hey, earth to Caroline?' Lynn whispered looking deeply into my eyes. She kissed me again, passionately, her tongue caressing my mouth. 'Are you okay?' I nodded dumbly in answer to her question. 'I haven't even started to show you how I can make you feel.

Stay with me tonight, please?' she pleaded. Suddenly embarrassed at my nakedness I was unable to answer. Lynn stood up quickly, reaching for my hand, she pulled me to my feet. My skirt fell back down as I stood but my blouse remained open with my unfastened bra draped to my sides.

I looked down at my exposed breasts, she put her fingers under my chin and pulled my face back up to meet hers, stroking down the slope of one breast to circle my nipple, the flesh tightening in response, she quietly said, 'Baby, don't be shy, you have a beautiful body, I so want to explore it more…' Grasping my hand again she pulled me out of the room, up the stairs and into her bedroom, closing the door behind us.

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Pulling me deeper into the room until we were next to her bed, she pulled my blouse and bra from my shoulders, letting them drop to the floor. She pulled her own jumper over her head, revealing small breasts which showed off her taught protruding nipples, moving forward she embraced me and kissed me hungrily. Breaking away, she reached behind and unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor, the knelt at my feet and pulled my panties down and off my feet.

She leant forward, breathing against my mount, kissed my slit and returned to stand to face me. She then proceeded to unzip her trousers, sliding them down her legs to reveal her naked, bald pussy to me, kicking them off her feet as she moved in to kiss me again. Our kisses became more passionate as she started to pay attention to my breasts, rolling and pinching the nipples between her fingers and thumb. Emboldened I reached for her breasts, relishing in the softness of the skin, the nipples hard as I rubbed my palm against them.

She pushed me down on the bed on my back and moved to straddle my hips, instantly I felt her wet pussy against my mound. I looked down and could see her labia shiny with her juices.

She leaned in again to kiss me, our tongues dualling, teeth banging as she rubbed herself against my pubic bone and moaning into my mouth. Manoeuvring herself further back, hooking her right leg underneath my left one until our pussies were kissing and she started to rub herself against me. The sensation was electric, our wet lips slurping against one another, she pulled my left knee up to her chest and started to ride me hard.

Our clits rubbed against each other, sliding over our soaked pussies, grinding down against our pubic bones, our orgasms building as we mashed our bodies together. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat as we panted from the exertion of chasing our orgasms, the slurping of our pussies against each other echoed loudly in the room, the noise exciting us further.

As we both reached our climax, we cried out simultaneously, clinging to one another as our exertions slowed, grinding out the last throes of our orgasms. Collapsing on the bed, Lynn and I laid side by side, breathing hard with our legs still entwined, I kissed her and moving to lay on my back, I said, 'Thank you&hellip.words cannot describe how enlightening this has been&hellip.I had no idea it would or should feel like this.

I'm blown away.' 'You're welcome. You have no idea how much I have wanted to do this to you for.' Was her reply. I must have drifted off for a while, I was awoken by Lynn suckling on my breasts, I lay still with my eyes closed absorbing those wonderful sensations once again, appreciating those little sparks shooting down to my pussy making me wet.

Her tongue circled over each of my nipples, pinching tightly between her teeth, sucking and pulling the flesh taught, over and over again she repeated the attention on each breast.

I felt like I was so close to orgasm from just her attentions to my tits but that elusive orgasm just wasn't quite within reach, by now I was panting from her teasing, my juices trickling down my slit. Her mouth left my breasts, she kissed and licked her way down my stomach, moving over to suck on the flesh covering my hip bones.

I felt the bed move as she manoeuvred herself between my legs, pushing them wide apart until the side of my knees touched the mattress. I sat up on my elbows, my heart beating faster and faster as I watched her mouth move closer and closer to my pussy.

'You are so wet.' She exclaimed. I gasped as she drew the flat of her tongue from my opening all the way up to my clit. The feel so electric and the sight so erotic as she paused over my clit to look up at me and show my creamy juices gathered on her tongue before taking them into her mouth to savour them before sweeping back downwards.

She continued to lap at me, her mouth and tongue licking and slurping up my copious juices as strings of grool stretched between her mouth and my pussy. The sensations ramped up as I watched her devour me, then she moved to my clit, pushing my pubic mound upwards to tighten the skin and pull the hood back to reveal that special knot of nerves.


Her tongue darted out and flicked the hard nub back and forth, the ripples of pleasure causing me to buck my hips up to increase the contact. Laying her other arm over my stomach to steady me, she placed her mouth over my clit and sucked hard rubbing the distended button with her tongue. She continued to suck and slurp as my hands knotted in fists against the sheets as my orgasm built, by now I was moaning so loudly, encouraging her to up her efforts.

I pushed my hips up, driving my clit harder against her sucking onslaught, my orgasm broke, my muscles tightened everywhere, my skin skittering little electric shocks across my body. She continued to suck, even as the orgasm subsided and my flesh was so sensitive, I was struggling to stand it, she pushed and pushed me as the pain altered to build into a second orgasm.

Gasping for breath the second peak rushed through me even more sensitive than the first, my moans now wails as I crashed over. She eased off the pressure and gently lapped at the juices secreting from me as I tried to regain my breath. She moved back up to lay beside me, pushing my hair from my sweaty face and kissed me gently. I tasted myself on her lips and in her mouth, savouring my musky flavour and licking my juices from her chin. I reached over and started to caress her breasts, feeling her nipples harden as I stroked the back of my fingers over them, gently rolling the buds between my fingers enjoying the sensation of tightened teats and tightly puckered flesh of her aureoles.

She moaned into my mouth, arching her back into my hands, encouraging me further.


She broke our kiss and rolled onto her back with her arms above her head, offering me unfettered access to her body. Leaning my head on my hand, I watched myself stroking Lynn, relishing in post orgasmic bliss, feeling another woman's soft flesh under my fingertips, finding it unbelievable that my fantasy was far better in reality than I'd ever imagined. Drifting my exploring hand down between her breasts, over her belly button until I reached her bald pubic mound, my fingertips stroking her plump slit not applying any pressure enjoying teasing her.

'Open your legs for me&hellip.let me touch you…&hellip.I want to feel you.' I urged. Lynn moaned in response opening her legs immediately, I moved down the bed a little, sliding my fingers between her labia, instantly feeling her wetness, the slippery softness of her hairless pussy as I caressed up and down her slick folds spreading her copious juices around.

Overcome by the urge to taste her, I scrabbled over and put myself between her legs and moved my head to her pussy. What a sight! Completely hairless, pale outer lips, pulling them apart with my fingers to reveal deep pink inner folds, shining with her juices, pulling wider to reveal her cunt opening secreting thick creamy juices and a gorgeous delicate pink clit peaking out from its hood. I tentatively stuck my tongue out to taste her, she tasted very similar to myself yet slightly different, musky, salty and sweet all at the same time.

I lapped at her juices enjoying the flavour and listening to her moaning at my attentions. 'More&hellip.give me more&hellip.slip your fingers into my cunt, pleeease!' She gasped.

Sucking my longest finger into my mouth to wet it, I then slid it slowly into her vaginal opening, delighting in the slickness of her pussy walls and her internal muscles clamping against the intrusion trying to pull my finger in deeper.

I slowly pumped my finger in and out, watching my finger disappearing back and forth. 'No, more…stretch me with your fingers.' She instructed. Emboldened, I inserted my index finger alongside the other and then a third, feeling her cunt walls open to accommodate my digits. I started to pump my fingers, knuckle deep into her, the squelching noises as my knuckles slapped against her juice coated labia exciting me further. Leaning over, I sucked her clit into my mouth and drew the flesh in, trying to match the jamming of my fingers into her cunt with the drawing movements of my lips and tongue on her nub.

Moaning and hissing her encouragement at me demanding more and more, I just couldn't seem to fuck her with my hand hard enough.

She reached over to her bedside drawer and produced a dildo, it was bright pink, substantial in length and girth, offering it to me. 'Shove it into my cunt, turn it on and fuck me hard!' She ordered. Without hesitating, I grabbed it, removed my fingers from her cunt and immediately placed the head against her opening which was gaping from the absence of my digits.

I watched in awe as her cunt took the vibrator without any resistance, sliding in to the hilt, as deep as I could get it. I flicked the switch at the bottom to the maximum setting and felt the base buzz into life. 'Oh god! Yes that's it, now fuck me with it! Hard!' She moaned loudly. I started to slide the pink phallus in and out of her, twisting it at the same time. The pink plastic was marbled with her creamy juices, the opening of her cunt the flesh dragging back and forth over the object.

I leaned forward again and sucked her clit into my mouth, sucking on the nub and pumping the false cock into her faster and faster. 'That's it Baby. Fuck it harder and deeper into me…&hellip.Suck me……harder&hellip.more&hellip.Oh yes, just like that…&hellip.don't stop.' She was gasping now, bucking up to meet the dildo pounding into her cunt. Her body tensed, her hips remaining in the air as her orgasm built.

I was euphoric, not only had I orgasmed, unbelievably twice from her but now I was successfully helping her, I felt so powerful to be able to do this, I don't know who was more turned on, myself or Lynn.


As her orgasm broke and I slowed down the pumping of the dildo into her cunt and eased off her clit, I watched her juices push out around the pink plastic, dribbling onto my hand holding it.

Never had I seen anything so erotic, the cream oozing out of her, I pulled the dildo from her making a popping sound and brought it to my mouth. I sucked her juices from the plastic and licked her cum from my hand, tasting her richness and Lynn watched me as she recovered from my attentions.

'God that is sooo sexy. Watching you clean my juices, sticking my dildo, which was moments ago buried in my cunt, into your mouth to suck off my cum. Come here.' She whispered. I moved back to lay down beside her, my head resting on her shoulder, her arm around me and my hand palming her beautiful breast. Lying there quietly for a moment, thinking, I quietly said, 'I'm done with Peter, you have shown me what I need, probably what I have been seeking and didn't realise it was there all the time.

I'm going to leave him, do you fancy a lodger?' 'No, I don't want a lodger. I want you in my bed, every night, as my lover. I have so many more things I want to do with you and share with you. Will you be that person?' She inquired.

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Without hesitation, 'Yes.' I replied.