Vorschau von hochauflösenden Gamergirlroxy Videos

Vorschau von hochauflösenden Gamergirlroxy Videos
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This is only my second story. I hope you've enjoyed them so far let me know so I can write more. My friend Miranda Ch. 2 I woke up early feeling better than I'd felt in a long time. There was an unmistakable stiffness in my cock and an unfamiliar softness nestled against it.

My arms were wrapped around my bedmate and the smell of sex was thick. I opened my eyes and saw a tangle of blond hair. Tracing the outline of her slender neck I noticed several freckles on her right shoulder.

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I don't remember seeing them last night but then again there was a lot to take in. Craning my neck I took in the beautiful cleavage erupting out of the blanket. My hand felt it's way across her taut stomach until it reached the curve of her hip. I skimmed along her side and moved my hand back around front just under the tits that I had become so fascinated with the night before.

I didn't want to just grope her, she told me the night before that I'd been a true gentleman and that she appreciated it and that was why she slept with me. "Are you going to play with them or what?" I heard her voice making me jump. "Sorry I was enjoying the way you felt.

I didn't want to grab stuff and wake you up." I told her She took my right hand and made me squeeze her right tit causing my cock to swell even harder. "I was awake ten minutes ago, I felt your dick between my butt cheeks. Then I felt you rubbing your hands all over me and it felt pretty great so I was letting you have your fun.

I could get use to this kind of attention." She said. Turning around to face me my cock felt colder after being encased in her cheeks. The coolness was immediately removed when she put her hand around it and started to stroke kissing me in the process. "Last night was fucking great." She smiled "It's been awhile since I've had a really exceptional lay. I chuckled "I had a great time too, if you didn't notice." "So me and Ash were thinking about going to the beach today the guy she's been sleeping with lives down there, do you wanna come with us?" She asked, continuing to stroke me like it was second nature.

"Sure, I didn't have anything planned and seeing you in a bikini would be the second best sight of the day." I said glancing down at her cleavage. The blanket still covered the fun bits. "You really like them don't you? Most guys just paw at them and tell me nice rack." She says. "I really like a lot about you, including your nice rack." I told her trying to make the last part sound like a joke. "Hhmm" she purred "What about my ass, you seemed to like it very much last night.

You're the first guy I've let in there just so you know. I've had plenty of toys up there though. Ashlynn actually was the one that introduced me to anal.

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Never thought I would like it but the orgasm was so good." "I feel honored" I said "It was the first time I'd ever done anal. It was way tighter than anything I've ever felt." She was stroking me in a smooth slow rhythm she smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me, deep and hard.

She was a damn good kisser. I didn't notice that last night either. My hand was on her hip and I slipped it down to her ass feeling the firmness, I was a lucky guy right now. I felt her raise up pushing me on my back, she straddled me, positioned my cock and lowered herself onto it. "Mmmm, yep nice dick." She said "I was hoping it wasn't a fluke last night." She started rocking her hips back and forth, lifting herself all the way until just the tip was inside her then lowering back down slowly, deliberately.

She leaned forward crushing her tit's against my chest and kissed me again, this time finding my tongue with hers. We kissed for what seemed like hours the she took her lips from mine and brought them to my ear. "Does my pussy feel good wrapped around your hard cock?" she whispered in a husky voice that almost made me cum right then and there. "It's going in," she said as she lowered her pussy onto me "and it's coming out." she hissed as she lifted her hips.

Fuck this was too much. "I love how it feels, your cock, I love how it feels in my pussy and how it felt in my ass last night.

I loved sucking it down my throat and I loved swallowing all that cum you shot into my tummy." Still whispering. "Cum in my pussy, cum as hard as you can, you know you want to. Fill me up stud." With that I couldn't handle it anymore. With a deep thrust I was balls deep when my cock exploded. I could feel the burning hot fill her insides. It flowed all around my dick. She returned her lips to mine and kissed me for a few seconds then she lifted herself off of me.

Got out of bed, grabbed her panties and a the t shirt I'd pulled out for her the night before then walked out of my room completely naked. I didn't take my eyes off her ass, her fantastic ass. I fell back asleep. When I woke up twenty minutes later all I heard was "You did what?" It was Ashlynn.

"You slept with him?" She said. She didn't sound angry, more intrigued than anything. "How was he?" she asked. "The best, his cock felt like it was molded to my inside." she said with satisfaction in her voice. "and I let him fuck my ass" she finished.

There was a pause and Ashlynn said "You little slut, your first night with him and you let him fuck you in the ass, you swallowed and you let him cum inside of you.

Good thing I know he's clean or I'd kick your ass. I'm jealous, I've wanted to have sex with him for while, he's always been the sweet and I knew he'd be great in bed." "Well go get him, I'm sure he'll pop right up for you, he got hard two seconds after I went down on him." Miranda said. I perked up, Ashlynn was beautiful, and I liked her the moment I met her but she was always with someone.

I didn't know if I could just have sex with her. Would it be awkward, what if it wasn't good for her. My cock stirred. "I don't know, I've been turning him down for a while now, I wouldn't want to get his hopes up." Ashlynn said crushing my hopes. "But I am horny, I didn't get any last night because someone left me hanging and Jack just isn't that good in bed.

He just sticks it in pumps a few times and cums on my ass. He watches too much porn I think." Both girls laughed. "I'm going to go wake him up maybe suck him awake, I think he'll enjoy that." Miranda said "You slut, hurry up we need to get going if we're going to get to the beach and still have daylight left." Ashlynn said.

I heard footsteps coming down the short hallway my door creaked open. I'd fallen asleep with just a sheet over me on my back how she'd left me. I always fantasized about a girl giving me a blowjob to wake me up.

I felt the sheet being pulled away from my body, the cool air hit my dick, then I felt a mouth, a warm, wet, mouth slide down my shaft. I moaned uncontrollably. "Awake already?" Miranda said pulling her mouth away then taking me back in. She stroked the base of my cock and sucked the upper part. Shit she could give head. "Fuck that feels good." I gasp. moaning.

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I opened my eyes and saw her blond hair, now wet bobbing up and down. She took her hand away and took me deep. She was still wearing my shirt and just her panties.

I guess girls really did sit around in their underwear and talk.

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"You need to cum, Ashlynn is in a hurry." She said removing my cock from her mouth. I think I whimpered. "Stand up I want to give you a treat." "And what was the wakeup blowjob suppose to be?" I ask "Oh the job isn't finished stud." She said with a grin taking off my shirt making her tits fall and bounce a bit. I stood up as I did she rolled onto her back. "Fuck my mouth." She told me as nonchalant as if she'd asked me what the weather was like. The view was amazing. One leg was bent at the knee the other outstretched towards my pillows.

Her toes were pointed. She had really adorable feet I noticed. Her panties were yellow and they were tiny. The barely cover her. Her stomach was flat, and tight. For some reason I really wanted to shoot a load all over it. Her skin was tan as if she'd just come off the beach. Her huge tits were sort of flattened out, they were begging me to squeeze them touch them, maybe even fuck them.

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Her neck was elongated and with her head off the end of the bed her blond hair was almost touching the floor. This was going to make me cum quick. I put the tip of my dick to her lips and she doesn't open her mouth. "I said fuck my mouth not wait for me to suck your cock. Go as deep and as fast as you want." She said. I pressed harder against her lips her mouth gave way and my cock hit the back of her throat in the first thrust.

"Holy fucking hell" I hear another voice from the door say. It was Ashlynn. I feel Miranda's hands grab the back of legs holding me deep down her throat, not letting me move. I stared at Ashlynn mouth open. Her best friend having her other best friend balls deep in her mouth. "Continue." Ashlynn said. She walked over and sat beside Miranda. I started to thrust in and out. Using Miranda's mouth like a pussy.

When I would push deep I could feel her throat clamp down around the head of my cock. I was looking from her breathtaking form to Ashlynn and back. I moaned. "Are you about to cum?" Ashlynn asked in a hushed voice. "When you do push your cock all the way in. Shoot it down her throat and straight into that tight little belly." Ashlynn ran her hand across Miranda's stomach. I thrust harder and deeper.

Miranda was slurping her tit's bounced. I thrust as deep as I could then pulled almost completely out.

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I heard her gasp for air then I rammed back down her throat I was fucking her face in every sense of the word now. My cock swelled she moaned onto it and grabbed my ass pulling me all the way in, my balls resting on her nose then cum shot out like a shotgun.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, a gallon of cum emptied into her stomach. I pulled out and she gasped. "Holy shit, how can you have that much cum after last night and this morning." she sputtered. Gasping for air still. Her tits rising and falling rapidly as she tried to get more air into her lungs.

"Your's such a slut!" Ashlynn said "And what are you, coming in here and watching, then telling him what to do like that" Miranda said with slight difficulty. She sat up and reached for the bottle of water on my bedside table and downed the half left.

"That was pretty hot, I have to admit." Ash said. "Adam I didn't know you had it in you." "I didn't either." I gasped. I finally sat on the bed.

Ashlynn got up like nothing, and walked out the door. A few seconds late I heard her saying "Jack we're not going to be able to make it down today. Yeah my boss called me in and I need the hours." There was a pause. "well I'm sorry, I never said I promise." another pause. "Fuck you! Go watch your pornos. Your hand is all the action you're getting for a while and don't expect any from me ever again!" She yelled. Storming into my room. "It would be stupid to ask if everything is okay wouldn't it." I said still naked, my cock had retreated.

"Yes, everything is okay. Well as long as you can get him" she pointed at my crotch "to wake back up."