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Gay pornos kostenlos ansehen
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I'd always heard that women got hornier while they were pregnant, but I didn't realize just how bad it was until my best friend and his wife got pregnant. Since I got laid off last summer I've been paying the bills by taking odd jobs around town; painting houses, roofing houses and mowing lawns.

Michael, my friend, works at a very high paying factory, and I guess he decided to help me out by hiring me to paint his kitchen and bathroom for him, although there was nothing wrong with the paint in either. I was glad to get the job, but I never had any idea exactly what I was in for. I showed up on Monday, just as he was leaving for work.

I'd already seen what he wanted done, so the two of us BS'd for a bit and then he left. Nicki met me at the back door.


She had always been short and chubby, but she's one of those lucky girls that it worked for. She was no more than 5'3'' and probably wore a size twelve, but it was her boobs that usually caught men's eyes. Perfect Double-Ds!

On this particular day she was seven months pregnant and looked like she was about to pop. Her tight shorts hugged her ass and showed off her camel toe. The shirt she wore clung to her belly and swollen boobs. It must have been cool inside, because her huge nipples stood out plain as day. "Thanks for stopping by, Mark," Nicki said, holding the door open for me. I didn't know if she did it on purpose or not, but she stood right in the doorway so I had to brush past her to enter, rubbing against her hard nipples.

"Michael wants you to start in the bathroom. I'll show you where everything is." I couldn't help but check out her ass as I followed her through the house. When we got to the bathroom she bent over to pick up a plastic bag sitting atop a paint can and her shorts rode up her crack. Then she turned and smiled as she handed me the bag that contained a paint tray and brushes. She brushed her nipples against me again as she left, even though there was plenty of room for her to pass.

With a chubby in my shorts, I started painting. I couldn't get the picture of her big beautiful ass out of my head as I worked, and I knew what I would be thinking about tonight in bed. Before I knew it I had the room almost done.

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The last thing I had to paint was a stretch above the bathtub, and instead of going after the step ladder I decided to climb up on the lip of the tub. It was an awkward position and I had to fight to keep my balance, but I could just reach.

Suddenly Nicki burst through the door.


"Sorry, don't let me disturb you," she said quickly as she pulled down her shorts and panties and plopped down on the toilet. I lost my balance and fell, landing almost directly between her legs as the piss began to flow. At the age of 29, I'd never seen a woman pee until that moment. I lay there, not sure exactly what I was supposed to do. "Didn't mean to scare you," she said as if my face wasn't just inches from her furry read pussy as she took a leak.

"I was trying to hold it, but I just couldn't wait. You didn't hurt yourself did you?" "Uh, no, I think I'm okay," I said, still staring at her pussy as the last few drops fell into the bowl. "Damn, I'm out of tissue," she said. "You seem pretty distracted down there, Mark. Why don't you be a doll and help a girl out?" "Uhm, where…where is the tissue?" "I don't want tissue," Nicki said. She sighed loudly, and then hiked one leg up on my shoulder. She ran her fingers through my hair, and then pulled my face to her pussy.


I could taste her piss, which was a new experience for me, but I could also taste her pussy. It was hot and sweet. I found that certain spot with my tongue, and at once I had her moaning and wiggling on the toilet.

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I gripped her ass cheeks and pulled my face hungrily down into her. I don't know how long I ate her, and don't really care. Nicki had the best tasting pussy I'd ever experienced. After a while she pulled my head up to her own and kissed me passionately on the lips, her eyes closed. Her tongue attacked my own as if she were trying to taste her own pussy. "Michael won't ever do that until I wash," she whispered.

"I'd do that anytime," I told her. "Help me get my clothes off," Nicki said, pushing me back. She stepped out of her shorts and panties, and then I helped her slide her t-shirt up over her head. I tried to rub her boobs, but she slapped my hands away. "You're a bit over dressed, Mark!" Nicki grabbed my belt and had it loose and my jeans unfastened faster than I could have down myself.

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She smiled when she saw I'd gone commando today and that my cock was rock hard for her. I pulled my own t-shirt off and she ran a hand over my sweaty chest. Then she picked up her panties and handed them to me. I smelled them and smiled. "Now put them on," she said. "What?" "My house, my rules," Nicki ordered.

"Now put my panties on, bitch." I slid into her silk panties at once. I'd never had a woman talk to me that way, and I liked it.

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"That's right, you're a much better bitch than Michael. He doesn't like to follow orders, but you…mmmm…I think we can have some fun." She reached out and rubbed the bulge of my cock.

"Get down on all fours and face the tub." Nervously I dropped to my knees and turned away from her. Behind me I heard the noise of her rummaging through a drawer, and then she giggled. A second later something hard slapped against my ass. It hurt, but before I could say anything she'd spanked me again.

The second time I think it actually began to feel good. The third time I know it did. " You look so good in those panties," she whispered and spanked me again. "Now turn over on your back, bitch." I did as she said, and Nicki stood up from the toilet.

She moved forward so that I was staring directly up at her hairy pussy.

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She squatted down, which didn't look easy for someone in her condition and I was ready to taste her again. Instead she started pissing again, right in my face. Normally I would say such a thing was gross, but instead I opened my mouth and swallowed some. I reached down and started rubbing my cock, but she slapped my hand away.

"That's not for you," she said as the last drops of piss fell on my face. She reached into the drawer she had found her paddle in and pulled out a long blue vibrator. "This is for you."