Boys with cock out gay How To Fuck Your Dad Little Austin has learned

Boys with cock out gay How To Fuck Your Dad Little Austin has learned
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Thank you for all your comments, I apologize for all the spelling errors and I plan on correcting them and writing out the 2 parts as one eventually. This is a true story as best as I remember it although I did change the names of those involved. Thank you. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- 'Let's have some fun.' was definitely the last thing I ever thought I would hear coming out of my wife's mouth, but I would never pass up this chance, it might not come again.

I had just blown my load all over Kat's tongue, face and tits, and was feeling a little spent, more from the surprise of the whole situation than from anything else. My wife then takes Kat's hands and pulls her up onto the bed lying Kat on her back.

My wife starts kissing Kat's neck and cheeks, softly tasting the drops of my cum that remain there, as she slowly kisses her way down to Kat's tits.


My wife Jessica runs her tongue around Kat's nipples as I remain standing, watching. Kat seems a little surprised but not too hesitant and quickly gets into it.

She grabs my wife's hair and pulls her mouth tighter to her nipple, moaning.

I last all of 10 more seconds before i kneel at their feet and lean in to kiss and lick my way up the inside of their thighs. I quickly get up to my wife's pussy and give a few long licks from her clit almost all the way to her ass and back again, before leaning in further to taste Kat's pussy, which is very wet.

I jump back and forth between the two women until my wife pushes me out of the way on her way down Kat's body. I watch as Jessica kisses down Kat's tight stomach. She kisses through the stubble of shaved pubic hair and wastes no time diving her tongue into Kat's cunt. I immediately kneel on the floor at the edge of the platform bed and slide my now-hard-again cock into my wife's also-shaven pussy lips, running the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times before plunging full shaft into her.

After having cum only moments before I know I can hold out for a long time and start fucking into Jessica as hard as I can, pulling on her hips to drive in deeper and harder. I lean forward and grab both of my wife's wrists in one of our favorite postions, and pull on her arms, like driving a chariot, pulling her toward me and me into her as hard and fast as possible.

My wife continues to tongue Kat's pussy and my fucking her drives her tongue deeper and harder, pushing her nose into Kat's clit on my thrusts. Kat has both of her hands on the back of my wife's head and pulling her hair.

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Kat starts making a low moaning sound and start saying "oh god, don't stop! Tongue fuck me! I'm gonna cum so soon." I immediately pull out of my wife and quickly crawl across the bed, kneeling next to Kat's head. I grab her head and pull her mouth onto my cock again and start fucking her mouth hard. so hard I start to feel her throat muscles pushing against my cock head refusing it entry.

I feel more than hear Kat's moans as she approahes her climax and watch as my wife never slows with her tongue lashing. Kat start to scream onto my cock and the vibration send shock-waves through me bringing me toward a second climax, something I have never reached in one fuck-session.

Kat's thighs close tightly around my wife's head trapping her in, but my wife doesn't seem to notice or mind as she seems to continue lickng, extending Kat's orgasm longer and harder. Kat continues to scream onto my cock and I take this opportunity to push deeper, and feel my cock head enter Kat's throat just as I start to cum for the second time in less than 10 minutes.

I hold my cock buried deep in Kat's throat until my cock finishes blowing another 3-4 ropes of cum into Kat before pulling out and letting Kat breathe. My wife has now held out as long as she is willing to and crawls up Kat's body eventually sitting on Kat's face. "Eat my cunt like I ate yours." my wife says and I watch as Kat's tongue pops out and starts making circles around my wife's clit. I take this chance to move down and start licking Kat's pussy juices off of her cunt and thighs.

When Kat's pussy has been cleaned up by my tongue, I kneel and slide my cock inside and start pounding into her relentlessly, knowing if I have never cum twice before, there is no way I'll cum a third time, but loving every feeling coursing through my cock. I fuck Kat's cunt as I lean against my wife's back, kissing her neck and shoulders as she moans through Kat's oral stimulation. It deosn't take long (much quicker than I have ever done, I notice.) before my wife starts to moan real loud and pull Kat's hair lifting Kat's head harder into my wife's clit.

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My wife goes completely silent all of a sudden and I know this means she is flooding Kat's mouth with cum exactly like I had minutes ago. My wife's cum sets Kat off again and she starts screaming into my wife's cunt as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

I continue to fuck her pussy through her orgasm and quickly reach my hand down and start rubbing her clit back and forth.

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Kat screams even louder into my wife's pussy making my wife cum again, although this one is considerably milder than her last one. I continue to piston in and out and rub back and forth for a good 30-40 seconds while Kat screams through her orgasm. Suddenly though it seems to be Kat's turn to go completely silent.

My wife looks down, then looks at me. "I think she just passed out." my wife says, climbing off of Kat's face.

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I stop my thrusting, but don't immediately pull out, and reach up to Kat's cheek and tap her a few times. I quickly feel for a pulse, thinking the worst, but feel her pulse on her neck as being very strong, although very fast. I now pull my cock out and my wife and I start laughing at the same time. We decide to leave Kat where she is for now, and cover her body up to her neck with the blanket I had failed to use after I had finished work not even 2 hours earlier.

My wife stood up and pulled her clothes back on. She kissed me deeply and said she was going to check on our daughter and that I should go have a shower. In the shower I mentally replayed every minute of the last 45 minutes over and over again. Obviously this had a rather large effect on my cock, which had used the 10 minutes since pulling out of Kat to recuperate.

I palmed some shampoo and started sliding my closed fist up and down my shaft getting myself extremely hard again. I was getting closer to cumming again, though I seriously doubted that anything would actually come out a third time.

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Realizing how stupid it was to be jacking off in the shower while I had 2 sexy, horny women (only 1 conscious at the moment though.) I quickly turned off the water dried myself off and all but ran back upstairs to the bedroom where Kat lay. Kat was still passed out, so I slid under the covers next to her and started playing with her clit.

She started breathing quickly as I rubbed at her clit and I had her very close to cumming again within a minute. As soon as i felt her juices start to flow I ducked under the blanket and latched my mouth onto her pussy lapping up every drop.

All of a sudden I felt a warmth around my cock and I pulled off Kat's pussy to look down and see my wife on her back under me with her lips around my dick. We took turns, while one of us went down on Kat the other would go down on each other. I would occassionally move up the bed and fuck Kat's mouth a bit. After about 10 minutes and 2 more orgasms for my wife I felt the now-common feeling of an orgasm of my own.

"I'm gonna cum again" i gasped to my wife. "Fuck my tits and cum in my mouth this time!" my wife answered as she rolled over and lay on her back next to Kat's motionless body. I straddled my wife's stomach and slid my cock between her large breast and started pistoning up and down. Between Kat's mouth and pussy I didn't need anything to lube my cock but every time my cock head poked out the top of Jessica's tits she would either suck or lick the head. This only lasted about 10 thrusts before I let out a loud moan and shot 2 ropes of cum into my wife's mouth before quickly aiming at Kat's face and shooting 2 more jizz shots across her cheek a d slightly open lips.

My wife smiled and shook her head but didn't say anything. " we should get cleaned up again and get dressed" my wife said. I agreed and stood up.

As I started putting on my boxers my wife asked "should we clean her up too?" "We'll clean hher up when she wakes up." I answered. Half an hour later as my wife and I were getting our daughter's lunch of soup and grilled cheeese ready we heard Kat walking downstairs. When she came through the kitchen she didn't say a word but went right through to the bathroom. We heard the door close and seconds later the shower started. "I hope she's not pissed." my wife says "No shit, we have to do this again." I say and receive a slap in return.

Almost 25 minutes later the shower is still running and my wife starts getting worried, so she goes to check on Kat. She is gone for another 10 minutes but eventually the door opens again and Jessica comes out. "Everything ok?" I ask but get no answer.

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Another few minutes pass and Kat eventually leaves the bathroom and walks right up to me. She slides her arms around my body and pulls me into a deep, long hug. I look at my wife but she is smiling so I hold Kat tightly. "I really want to be with you both again" Kat says. "But right now I want to be loved gently. Can you do that?" She asks me, looking at me directly for the first time since before she passed out. I look at my wife quickly but she is already nodding yes and pointing upstairs while smiling.

Apparently this was her idea. I take Kat's hands and walk her back upstairs where we make slow, gentle love.


Afterwards she tells me that her husband spends alot of time at work, but she quickly assures me he's not having an affair. He and her have simply been drifting apart over the last however long and she really needed both the physical feeling of getting fucked hard as well as the emotional feeling of the gentle loving.

"I want to be with you both again, but I'm not sure if." she trails off.


I promise her that we would botb be there for her when she sorted out her feelings. My wife and I have seen Kat every school day since, but in the last 2 months we have not gotten back together. We have even been introduced to Kat's husband and made plans to go out together.

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Kat has brushed by me "accidentally" and grabbed my cock through my pants twice this week so I think we are gonna be having her over for another tour soon. Maybe we'll show her a few other rooms this time.