Demure darling pleases fellow with her tight soaked beaver

Demure darling pleases fellow with her tight soaked beaver
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The Chauffeur (#26) Bob By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 Although the flight was a little more than 4 hours, it didn't really feel that long as my mind was a million miles away throughout the entire trip. Jill sat next to me on one of the couches just caressing and rubbing my thigh. Dakota and Tina had their earbuds in, however, Dakota kept looking my way to keep an eye on me.

I kept replaying in my head the night that Jill and I met Bob and Melanie, during a routine pickup at the private part of the airport. The same airport that our plane now resided. I remembered the initial conversation, the offering to not charge for the ride, the car accident by their regular driver that gave us the opportunity for the meeting.

John's generous tip, one to Jill, one to Denise, their usual driver, and one to me. I remembered him offering me a job at the end of the limo ride, although that night Jill and I had a Town Car, not a limo. This made me think about Denise. Is she still with Happee, Happy Limo? If she isn't, where did she go? My head was a hurricane of bewilderment.

As the Captain announced our descent into the Hampton's small private airport, Jill brought me back to the present. I looked over at Dakota. To me, she seemed a bit heavier than ever before, but then again, she was eating for two. Last night, seeing her have a second then a third plate of food caught my attention. Now, here from a short distance, she looked pregnant.

"Darling, we need to discuss with Tina the offer I made to Melanie," I said. "Tina, could you and Dakota come over here and sit with us please?" Jill asked. They both moved over to a couple of plane chairs in front of us. "Tina, David and I have offered your services as a personal assistant to Melanie Jaxson." Jill paused. "What does that mean, you've offered my services as a personal assistant?" Tina asked.

"It means, that if Melanie needs your help, with Bob passing on, we have suggested to her that we would be willing to let you stay with her for a short while," Jill said trying to put a good spin on the issue. "Kind of sounds like you're trying to get rid of me," Tina said to us. "Nothing could be further from the truth. You are a very important part of our family.

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We trust you to be your normal helpful self should Melanie need you. Hell, she may not need you at all. I'm just saying that we trust you enough to help Melanie, my boss' wife who is now a widow. You are the most trustworthy person in our family, you should know that by now," I explain to her, hopefully trying to avoid the 'crying' Tina. She sat pensively for a couple minutes as the wheels of the plane touched runway surface.

As the plane taxied around to its parking space, I noticed a limo waiting for us. I also looked at all the other planes that were parked. Gulfstream, Learjet, Dassault Falcon, a small Boeing, and even an Airbus.

Quite the parking lot of the rich and famous. "OK, if you think that I would be able to help, then I'll do it if she needs me," Tina said in a soft voice. I smiled. Jill smiled. Dakota smiled. This went much easier than I anticipated. The plane came to a stop. The co-pilot opened the hatch, extended the stairs and began taking luggage down the steps.

The four of us got up and headed to the opening of the plane to disembark. As we were walking the steps down, Jill and my phones lit up. Apparently, us leaving the party signified to most of the playgroup that the party was over.

There were several text messages from both Amy and John giving us a step by step of who left after we did. John's text eluded that the pool house girls started the whole thing announcing they were heading over to their house and wished everyone well. Amy's text a short time later said that Fred called UBER and left about an hour or 90 minutes after we left. John had a follow-up text that said Dave, Marsha, and Sandra left a couple of hours after we left saying thank you for the invite and that they'll be in contact once we return.

John had a text after that saying that Dr. Ronda just said goodbye and that she'll catch up with you later. Amy had another text to follow John telling us that Nadia, James, and the new girl Sharon all shared a cab and just left. Jill and I just shook our heads and got into the limo.

The driver finished putting the luggage into the trunk and off we headed to the residence of Melanie and Bob Jaxson. I do faintly remember looking out the window at the passing mansions, however, my mind went back in time to when Bob and Melanie offered me the position of COO and offered Jill the position of Director of Financial Affairs.

That was also the time that our lovely Dakota came into our lives, who without her I would be in over my head running this company. The drive felt quick as we pulled into the courtyard of the Jaxson mansion.

I remember looking at other mansions the last time and comments being made about their house only being of 'average' size and not huge like some of the mansions of Gates, Jobs, or several others. Before each of the ladies stepped out of the car, each one, in turn, kissed me. Tina's kiss was more of a peck on the lips, friendly but not passionate. Dakota's kiss was one of passion, her tongue finding its way into my mouth.

Jill's kiss was just as passionate as Dakota's kiss but hers came with a squeeze on my cock. We stepped out of the car, each of us taking our own luggage and walking to the front door. A stout man opened the door gathering our names and announcing us to Melanie. He invited all of us inside. Tina mumbled something to herself.

I couldn't hear what she said but really wasn't that interested in finding out. Melanie came across the foyer to greet us. Obviously, she had been crying. She hugged Dakota first telling her that she looked like she glowed, pregnancy was wearing well on her.

She forced a smile and stiffly hugged her back. After Dakota, she introduced herself to Tina and gave her a friendly hug. Tina also put on a forced smile. Jill got a big hug and a kiss on the lips. Jill hugged Melanie back with equal enthusiasm. Then she got to me. She kissed me hard, snaking her tongue into my mouth just a moment after our lips met. She pulled me in tight, pressing her body against me. Rubbing my partially erect manhood as she continued the kiss. She took me by the hand dragging me towards a private room asking the ladies to make themselves comfortable and that she just wants to 'catch up' with me privately.

All three ladies rolled their eyes and proceeded to follow the stout fellow into what appeared to be a man's study complete with dark leather furniture. As Melanie dragged me into a private room, she couldn't stop from unbuckling my pants and dropping them to the floor as she hiked up her skirt to show me, she had no panties on. My cock was hard almost instantly seeing her panty-less ass.

She spun around bending over a leather couch saying, "Oh David, it's been too long. No one's touched me in weeks. Bob was so sick, all I could think of when I played with myself was your hard cock having its way with all of me. Please fuck this old lady," she pleaded with me. I reached down between her legs and indeed she was emanating heat and wetness from her pussy. I stepped forward grasping the base of my cock and slowly pushing the head inside of Melanie. She moaned as my cock went all the way into her wet womanhood.

I felt her push back against me as I began to thrust into her. She went on the ramble saying, "Fuck me, David, fuck this old lady, old ladies need fucking too, oh gawd David that feels so fucking good.

You're going to make me cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm," as her voice trailed off. As I felt her womanhood splash my cock and balls, I pulled her back into me hard, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. "OH DAVID, I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN," she moans as I feel her now so wet that I feel several drips fall on my shins.

I keep thrusting into her feeling her wet loose pussy spasm on my manhood. As she rolls into orgasm number three, I remove my cock from her pussy and move it into her ass. When the bulbous head pushes past her anal entrance, she lets out a small yelp followed by yet another orgasm. "One more orgasm, then we got to go back to the gals," I whisper in her ear. "OH, MY GAWD, DAVID, HOW DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?

I'M AN OLD LADY, THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD, PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME," she begs. Even though she just peaked again, I took pity on her and kept up my thrusting into her ass.

After numerous thrusts, I felt that all too familiar twinge. "Mel, I'm going to cum. Are you ready?" "OH, GAWD YES!" As I hear that, I erupted into her ass filling the entire anal cavity.

When I pulled my cock out of her a copious amount of my man seed leaked from her ass, running down the backside of her thighs. After a couple of minutes, I put my pants back on. Melanie pulled her skirt back down and uses a nearby cloth to wipe the cum that was leaking down the backside of her.

She reaches up under the skirt to give her pussy another wipe before we head out of the room. She kisses me passionately whispering in my ear, "That's not enough lover. My husband may have died, but my thirst for sex hasn't. Now let's go see this assistant you bring me to play with," Melanie says snarkily. "I didn't bring her for you to play with. I bought her to assist you in making arrangements, phone calls, errand running, and stuff like that." I try to explain to her.

"I have house staff to do all of that, David." She says quickly. Melanie changes direction saying, "You know we need to notify the board of Directors and make a statement to the business community about Bob's passing and announce you as taking full control of the company," "Mel, may I offer something for you to consider?" I ask. "Sure," she says. "After the funeral, this house is going to feel like a prison. You will be lonely, there will be no one to talk to, no one to care for, and no one to take care of you.

Why don't you come out to the Commune for a while? Stay with us, play with us, start your life again with us," I say smiling at her. "I don't know. You probably don't have enough room for an old lady like me," she says obviously seeking a bit of sympathy. "Well, think about it. I know you would enjoy the whole West Coast atmosphere.

I have a very active sexual playgroup that would take to you quite well. You would end up all wobbly-legged after my group has their way with you.

Now, let's go see the gals," as I open the door. "This way, follow me," Melanie directs. CHAPTER 2 The stout man that announced us, now asks if we were hungry as the chef was cooking and needed to know if all four of us were staying for dinner. "What is the chef making?" I ask. "Maine lobster with melted garlic butter, scalloped potatoes, and sautéed green beans. He is paring the lobster with a dry Chardonnay." The stout man tells me.

"Yes, all four of us are staying for dinner," I answer. "Godfrey, they all are staying until after Bob's funeral. Please make up two bedrooms for our guests," Melanie directs. "Yes, Ma'am," he says as he waddles away. Melanie takes me into this large den looking room, rich in dark brown leather furniture. I see Jill looking at her cell phone handling text messages. Dakota and Tina have their earbuds in and are listening to music. Dakota spots us first and gets up to greet us.

Jill asks, "All caught up, are you?" She says smiling. "Yep," I quip. Melanie and I sit down on the far side of Jill. Dakota eyeballs me. She knows that Melanie just had her hands on me, after all, she worked here for a couple of years before they tossed her at Jill and me. The five of us begin talking about Bob's funeral which had already been planned. He was to be cremated and a small celebration of life ceremony catered by Emeril Lagasse.

He's already been notified. The celebration was scheduled for tomorrow.

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We also began chatting about whether I should make the announcement about Bob's passing or utilize a press secretary. We chose to have me make the announcement from a prepared statement. She already had one ready. I read the statement, making a couple of small adjustments noting there were words that I just wouldn't use. Jill asked if anyone was going to speak about Bob during the 'celebration of life' gathering. "No one has volunteered, I was hoping maybe David would," Melanie said to us.

Jill said without even looking at me, David would be happy to as well as myself. That's the least we can do. How many are you expecting 300? 400? More?" "About 25," Melanie says shocking everyone in the room. "TWENTY-FIVE?" Dakota questioned loudly. "Yes. Until he hired you and Jill, he worked so hard and was always so stressed out that many of his friends distanced themselves from him.

The last few weeks of his life after the two of you took the running of the company off his plate, he finally came to terms with his imminent death. I think that he finally just let his body relax and take him across the rainbow bridge to the pearly gates.

To me you two were angels sent to make Bob's life easier," Melanie said to us with tears streaming down her face. Godfrey announced that dinner was ready to be served. We all got up, Dakota was the first one to give Melanie a heartfelt hug. Mel hugged her tightly. When they broke Dakota took Tina by the hand and led her to the dining area.

Jill stepped in front of me hugging Melanie, whispering to her how much we owe Bob. They remained in an embrace for a couple of minutes, although it did feel like much longer as time often seems to stand still in sad events. My cell phone buzzed with another text. 'What now?' I thought as I fished the phone out of my pocket.

It was Jennifer with the following message: CALL ME ASAP! I excused myself and stepped into the hallway. "Hey, Jennifer, what's so urgent?" "Um, well John thought that as people left, he would give everyone one bottle of that Dakota wine.

Nikki got one bottle and sat outside unnoticed and proceeded to drink the whole bottle. She came back into the house and went right after Diane calling her all sorts of names. John had to pull Nikki off Diane. The two CG boys helped subdue Nikki. John put Diane in your bedroom and is standing guard at the door to keep her safe. David, I really think she had the intentions of really hurting her daughter.

The two CG guys are feeding her coffee to sober her up. What do you want me to do?" Jennifer explains to me in one long breath. I paused for a moment. This certainly wasn't something that I could have anticipated. John did the absolute right thing, protect Diane.

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"Call Black Car limo and have the smallest car available to come to pick her ass up and take her home. I do NOT want Fred to be the driver. Tell the CG boys that I will thank them when we get back. Both John and Diane are to stay at the Commune until further notice.

Jen, if you have work clothes then you stay at the Commune as well, we don't know if she's just a bad drunk or maybe a complete wacko. If you don't have work clothes with you then either call for a car or borrow Dakota's black car in the garage and head to your house to get at least a couple weeks of clothes.

Is anyone still there that doesn't live there except for the CG guys?" Jennifer asks about Marcus and the chefs. "Have Marcus ride with you when you head to your house for clothes. I want someone with you to make sure you are safe. When you leave your house, lock every lock you have and make sure only your refrigerator is left running." I tell her.

I add on, "The chefs should still be staying around until they feed whoever is left on Sunday morning. Go over to the pool house where the twins and Belinda live and invite them to Sunday morning breakfast, schedule it for about 9am. Have Amy text me so I know she's OK. Oh, and make sure Allison is safe in her room at the house.

The two remaining boys that Allison knows should go home now if they haven't already. Once Nikki is gone, have John check the entire house taking count of whom is there and have him text me with the names. I want that list from him before I get up in the morning. I'll be up about 6am here which is 3am LA time." "Yes, sir.

Do you know how sexy you sound when you're all serious and giving direction? It gets Sindee all wet," she says giggling into the phone. That made me smile. Before I could hang up, Jill and Melanie walked arm in arm past me down the hallway towards what I could only assume was dinner. I thanked Jennifer and tried to follow Jill and Mel to dinner. I made a wrong turn somehow and ended up in the kitchen.

The chef stood there with a lobster in a pair of tongs. "Can I help you?" He says to me. "Um, I'm trying to get to the dining area," I tell him. "Turn around and go two doors down and make a right, you'll see it. Are you the guy who will be replacing Mr. Jaxson?" He asks as he does the sign of the cross on his front while still holding the lobster. I chuckled thinking 'well, it's too late for that lobster'&hellip.

well, it seemed funny in my head. I looked around the kitchen. It was immaculate. "Your kitchen looks well organized and is spotless. If you ever decide you want a job out in the corporate world, I have just the place for you. I'll lay my card here next to the phone.

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Email me or call me direct if you want to talk further. Thanks for the directions to the dining area." I leave the kitchen thinking that if he's not paid too much, then he might just be the perfect guy to help many of the restaurants become organized.

When I finally get to the dining area, I'm impressed at the table thinking to myself that the Commune needs a table that seats at least 20. The table Melanie had sat only 12 but the table itself was a pecan, just utterly beautiful. Jokingly Dakota looked at her imaginary watch on her wrist poking at it with her other hand.

I smiled. Mel made a comment that I should sit at Bob's spot, the head of the table since I was now going to be THE head of Jaxson Inc. I felt a bit uncomfortable sitting in Bob's chair, in his house, fucking his wife. Yet, clearly, I didn't feel so uncomfortable to not fuck Melanie. We had a delightful dinner. It may have been the first time that Mel laughed in the past few days, watching her long-time husband slowly pass away right before her eyes.

How tough it must be to watch your spouse slowly pass away. I thought to myself. All four women looked gorgeous. Tina seemed in a much better mood since she and Dakota had a chance to speak privately about working for Melanie. Jill and Mel were chatting as if they were sisters.

In my head, my offer for Melanie to come to the Commune made more and more sense. "Ladies, I want everyone to know that I've asked Melanie to come to stay with us at the Commune for a couple of weeks. I think she needs to be around family and friends. What do you say, Mel? Are you willing to come back to Cali with us?" I asked hoping that asking in front of everyone would prompt her to say yes.

"David, that's a sweet offer, but an old gal like me would only cause havoc and dismay, me hanging out with all of the young people," she tries to rationalize. "Mel did I mention that I have not one, not two, but three fun single guys for you to meet?" I ask.

"Who are they?" Jill asked. "Fred, Bobby, and Sammy," I replied. "NICE!" Dakota says. Mel asks Dakota a straightforward question, "Dakota, darling, do you really think I would be OK there, or would I just be in the way?" "I think you would find that you've missed out on a whole lot of life taking care of your husband. It's time for you to restart your life and who better to start it with than David, Jill, and……&hellip.

ME?" Dakota says. Melanie sits pensively for a couple of minutes. I decide to take a bite of lobster. I had forgotten how much I love lobster, the Maine lobster not the lobster from Florida. "I'll do it, but only if I may ask for a couple of conditions," Melanie says. "Name it," I say. "That I have my own private room.

I don't want to impose on anyone already there. Second, that I can come and go at will. I'm not tied down to having to be babysat. Third, and final, Jill is willing to share David with me occasionally," she says laying her trump card on the table. Jill answers, "Done, Done, and of course!" I smiled knowing now that I have yet another horny soul going to be living with us at the Commune.

Dakota says, "Daddy, aren't you excited about Mel coming to stay with us?" As soon as that one word left her mouth, I knew the questions would begin. "Daddy?" Mel asked. "Um, yeah. I've been given that name by several of the ladies that live with us," I hesitantly said.

"Dakota darling, does the Father of your baby know that you call David, Daddy?" Melanie asks. "Yep, he does," she replies.

"And he's OK with you calling him Daddy?" Mel keeps asking. "Of course," she says. "WOW, David, I'm impressed," Mel said. "Dakota, may I meet this guy who is the Father of your baby when I come out to California?" She keeps asking. I know what is coming from Dakota next before she even says anything. "You don't need to go to California to meet him," she answers. Jill sits quietly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Tina is trying to stifle a giggle. I just know I have a guilty look on my face. The whole time this banter between Melanie and Dakota is going on, Dakota just keeps looking at me and smiling her beautiful smile. "If I don't need to go to California to meet him, where would he be right now?" Melanie asked. "About 3 feet from you," Dakota says winking at me. The other shoe has dropped.

Melanie takes a moment to understand what Dakota just told her. "DAVID, is she saying that YOU are the father of her baby?" Now, Jill jumps into the conversation, "Absolutely!" Melanie just smiles at me. All I can do is smile back. All of us went back to eating dinner after that revelation.

Everyone enjoyed the lobster, although I also enjoyed the homemade scalloped potatoes. Dakota had a second lobster and even more garlic butter. This eating for two is now really taking on a whole new level. Through all of this, Tina just sat quietly and watched everything that went on around her.

Once dinner was finally finished, Melanie took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom set up for Jill and myself. Dakota didn't need to be led to her room as it was the same one that she used for several years.

She took Tina's hand and led her to her bedroom. "Jill darling, may I 'borrow' David for a bit?" Melanie asks. "Absolutely!" And, with that Melanie takes me by the hand and leads me to her own bedroom. I had never been to Bob and Melanie's bedroom. The last time Jill and I were here, we all played in a TV room and then in a study. The first thing that I noticed about her bedroom was that it was smaller than any of the three master suites at the Commune.

It was about the same size as the large bedroom across the living room and down that hallway. Melanie didn't waste any time shedding her clothes.

In just a few moments, there stood before me a beautiful 60+-year-old lady, who had the look of wanting to be touched, to be loved, to be wanted. I made sure that I fulfilled that desire tonight and any future night as we owed her and Bob so much.

She stepped forward and began taking my garments off my body. She slowly and gently took off my Cuban style shirt, kissing and sucking gently on my nipples. She licked from one nipple across my chest to the other.

As she did that, she used her hands to unbuckle and unzip my pants. She let them fall to my feet. With her single finger, she traced the outline of my hard cock through my boxers. She slipped two fingers inside of the waistband of my underwear and pushed them down to my feet without breaking her stare into my eyes.

"Gawd David, I've missed you," she said. I pulled her beautiful body to mine, bringing our lips together as our bodies pressed against one another. Melanie put her arms around my neck pulling me even tighter into her. Only my cock that was pointing upwards ended between our naked bodies. I lifted her up by her waist, carried her to her bed and laid her down gently. I slid my body next to hers.

Our kiss only broke for just a moment as we got into her bed. Our lips met again once we both were in the bed. I reached between Melanie's legs once again feeling all the heat that she was putting out. I gently rolled on top of her, sliding my manhood between her thighs. She needed no direction as she willingly spread her legs as wide apart as she could.

I gently lined up my cock with the entrance to her sex. She pulled my body into hers. I began my gentle rocking as our bodies merged into one. She began gently moaning. As my rhythmic fucking continued, so did her moaning. She got louder as it went on, but she also got wetter, much wetter.

In and out repeatedly my manhood kept having its way with Melanie's sex. She hit her first big orgasm rather quickly, "OH DAVID, OH MY GAWD DAVID," was all she could vocalize as a large orgasm pushed through her body.

I kept up the fucking of her womanhood. She kept cooing in my ear declaring her heartfelt affection for me. As I was diligently trying to make her cum continuously my mind drifted for a moment, thinking about how sexy her body was for a retired woman. Her sexual appetite was amazing. Never, before her, had I ever had relations with a woman of her age. She wrapped her legs around my back and locked her ankles together, pulling me deeper into her.

I felt her pussy grasp my cock. Although she wasn't tight, she still was snug enough to cause delicious friction on my manhood. After only a few more minutes, she orgasmed again. "Damn David, I've missed you so much," she said in my ear as she rolled through another orgasm. I kept up my thrusting into her. Her breathing was stunted and shallow. I could see her eyes glazing over as she reached yet another orgasmic pinnacle. "Mel, do you realize how beautiful you are?" I asked into her ear.

"You mean for an old gal, don't you?" "No, not at all. You're beautiful. Period. Age has nothing to do with it," I tell her. This makes her smile and begins to kiss all over my face. As we continue our session, Melanie peaks several more times. After several orgasms, I finally reach my own pinnacle. "Mel, here I cum," I say into her ear.

"OH GAWD DAVID, FILL ME. GIVE ME YOUR CUM. THIS OLD LADY WANTS IT SO BAD," she says loudly into my own ear. "FUCK MELANIE, HERE I CUMMMMMMM," I announce as I shoot rope after rope into her well-used pussy. Her eyes roll to the back of her hear as she just lets out a long continuous moan of acceptance of my man seed.

"David, if I was 30 years younger, I would be just like Dakota. I would be carrying your baby. You know that Bob and I never had children. I wish we had met you a long time ago. You are so handsome, you are such a wonderful lover, and you make me feel so alive when I get to fuck you," she tells me in a heartfelt manner. As we uncouple, she just lays her head on my chest, running her fingers across my chest.

"Mel, If I was single and 30 years older, I would be standing in line to marry you. You're beautiful, you're sexy, you're smart and you are such a wonderful lover," I tell her, looking directly into her beautiful emerald green eyes. "David, may I make a suggestion?" Mel asks. "Absolutely," I reply. "You need a new name for your home. The Commune just sounds&hellip. well, like you're trying to emulate Jim Jones the cult leader who killed everyone in the late '70s.

You need something sexier. I was thinking of 'Chateau de l'amour' or Castle of love," she says making me think that she has a valid point. "For you my dear, I will change the name of the Commune to Chateau de l'amour. We'll call it the Chateau for short." I say to her before I kiss her long and passionately. She responds by sliding her tongue into my mouth and pulling me tightly to her body. My cock begins responding to her sexy moves. She pushes me on my back and straddles my mid-section. She grasps my hard cock and lines it up with her own love hole.

She gently slides herself down on my manhood, moaning as each inch parts her and goes deep into her. She begins rocking back and forth once her pelvis in touching my own. I feel her wetness coating my cock as she rocks back and forth repeatedly.

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I reach down between her legs and begin poking her uncovered clit. Once I began doing that, she moaned louder and louder bathing my entire midsection with her womanly juices.

She hits another orgasmic peak, thrashing her body all over before collapsing on me. "Fuck David, how do you make me cum so damn hard. It's like you hold some sort of magic power over my body," she quietly says in my ear. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls my face to hers once again kissing me hard and passionately. I just caress her back as she purrs in my ear. After several minutes of caressing her, I hear her drift off to sleep. I lay there, not tired, but not wanting to just lay there staring at the ceiling.

Gently, I slide out from underneath her and leave her sleeping in her bed as I dress and leave the room. CHAPTER 3 As I step back out into the hallway, I see Dakota and Jill discussing something at the other end of the hall. I walk down to them.

They are discussing Tina. Apparently, she still isn't happy that we offered her to Melanie. She doesn't like Melanie, nor has she come around to thinking that this is our way of thanking her for being so trustworthy.

She keeps saying to Dakota that I just want to get rid of her. "Well, where is she? Let me go talk to her," I say. "Keep going down the hall, the last door on the left. That's my old room and the one that Godfrey made up for Tina and me to stay in tonight," Dakota says.

I head down the hallway to the door Dakota sent me to. The door is open, and Tina is just sitting on the edge of the bed. "Tina darling, may I talk with you a bit?" I ask. "Yeah sure," she says waving me into the room. "Darling, the girls tell me that you're unhappy with me because I was going to loan you to Melanie. Is that true?" I ask. "Yes, but it's more than just that.

Jill hasn't really used me as her assistant in quite a long while. Dakota only bosses me around and heck, even you haven't really played with me. I just don't feel like I'm wanted any longer. I called my Mother a little bit ago and…" "Your Mother?" I interrupt. "Yeah, my Mother. She told me that when I get back home, to move out of the Commune and back into her home which I think I will do," she says.

"Are you sure?" I ask. "David, I want to say something to you, but I need you to remain silent until I'm done with what I have to say. Can I ask that of you?" she asks. "Absolutely," I say. "David, I love you. I know that I will always love you. You have shown me a love for the first time in my life.


However, I was stupid and allowed Sasha to force me to break up with you. You've always been so sweet to me. You cared for me when I showed up at your door after being brutalized. You took care of me when I had that ectopic pregnancy. You've never ever said even one time that 'you told me so' even after all the stupid things that I've done. You've loved me and always took care of me.

Hell, you just gave me several hundred shares of Jaxson Inc. stock. You are the best lover that I've ever had, or probably will ever have. I want to go home, now if possible. I want to be gone from the house before you get back. I will pack up my room, put it in my car and drive to my Mother's house in Arizona. Dad passed away a few months ago and she is lonely and was happy to hear from me. It's time for me to grow up and start acting like an adult. David, I will love you and will miss you, but this is something that I feel very strongly about.

Please let me go," she asks of me.


"When would you like to head home?" I ask. "As soon as possible, if it's OK with you," she asks with her heart in her eyes. I step to her and put my arms around her and hug her tightly.

I could feel her beginning to sob. I just stand there holding her. After several minutes, she breaks from the hug.

I tell her that I will summon a car and she will take the plane home. She kisses me and reluctantly pushes me away. I walk out of the bedroom. I slowly walk down the hall back towards the ladies. Jill and Dakota know immediately that something is wrong. "What happened?" Jill asked. "She's leaving. She's going home right now and will be gone by the time we get back home.

She's moving out and will be driving to her Mom's house in Arizona," I tell both Jill and Dakota. "Dakota can you please call Tina a taxi and alert the plane that she's heading there and will be flying home," I say to her. Jill's eyes are welling up. I pull her tightly to me and just stand there holding Jill. I feel a single tear hit my shoulder. I hear her sniff and wipe her face on the shoulder of my shirt. Dakota returns and says, "Taxi will be here in about 15 minutes.

The plane will be ready when she arrives. I paid for the taxi already, figuring that she will surrender her credit cards back to you and have little to no money," she explains to me. I shake my head acknowledging something that I had not thought of, her returning the credit cards. In just a few minutes, we all see Tina walking with her luggage down the hallway towards us. She stops about 5 feet from the three of us.

Dakota tells her that a taxi has been called and paid for. They hug. Dakota's eyes well up as they break the hug. Dakota kisses her on the cheek and steps aside. Tina moves over to Jill next. She hugs Jill tightly and whispers something in her ear that I could not hear. Jill's eyes are swelled with tears that begin rolling down her cheek.

She reaches into her back pocket and hands Jill her two credit cards. She tries to hand her cell phone as well, but Jill refuses to say that she needs to have a way to call for help on her travels to her Mom's house. She meekly says thank you. They kiss and Jill steps aside. That left me.


Tina hugs me tightly. Now, tears are flowing from Tina's face. I kiss her on the lips telling her that I love her and always will. I reach into my back pocket and put the folded-up money into her back pocket whispering in her ear, "This is for you my dear.

Don't be a stranger, we all love you and will miss you. No matter what happens, you are always welcome at our house as you will always be family." She breaks from our hug and pulls out the money from her back pocket. She counts it and sees that I gave her $1000. She tries to object, but she stops knowing that I won't hear of it.

She sniffs, wipes her eyes, kisses me again. When we break from the kiss, she picks up her luggage and heads down the hallway to the front door. She opens the door, steps out taking one long last look at us and closes the door behind her. And she is gone. My own eyes tear up. Both Jill and Dakota hug me.

We all have tears flowing down our face.

Our hearts are broken. The rest of the evening was quiet. Dakota went to bed about an hour after Tina left. When Tina got on the plane, she texted Jill that she was on the plane and will miss us. Jill showed me the text. I kissed her and decided to go to bed. Jill followed.

Neither one of us slept very well. In the morning, I took a long hot shower, putting on my suit to prepare for the Celebration of Life for Bob. It was scheduled for 9am. After I was dressed, I realized that I hadn't checked my cell phone for the list that John was supposed to send me. John had sent me a couple of texts. The oldest one was the list of people in the house. The second one was asking why Tina was at the house. The third and final one was asking why Tina packed up her room, loaded it into her car, kissed all of us and said goodbye and left.

I couldn't text him back, my eyes were teared up once again. Jill took the phone from my hand and read all the text messages. She texted an answer back to John. She headed into the bathroom to shower and dress for the service. I just sat at the end of the bed.

I decided that after the service we were going to head back home. I walked down to Dakota's room. I didn't knock, I just walked in. She got up and put her arms around me asking me, "Did we run her off?" "No Darling.

She needs to step out on her own and try to make a change in her life. She knows that we all love her, and I left the door open for her to come back anytime, but I wouldn't expect that to happen anytime soon," I tell her as I hug her tightly.

"Daddy, I love you," she tells me. "Darling, I hope you know that I love you too. Now get that cute ass into the shower and get ready for the service for Bob. Pack after you're ready, we're heading home. Also, call for Melanie's plane and a limo after to pick us up after the service, which I don't know where it will be held at," I tell her.

"Don't worry Daddy, I know. I'll take care of it," she says to me. I kiss her, deeply and passionately. She kisses me back just as hard and just as passionate. We declare love for each other before we break, and I swat her tight little ass as she wiggles it on her way to the bathroom.

I head back out of the bedroom. I walk down the hallway to Melanie's bedroom. I don't knock, I just walk in to find her deep into her own pleasure with a vibrator being plunged in and out of her pussy.

Her eyes are glazed over. I hear the squishy sounds of the phallic monster having its way with her pussy. I just stand there being a voyeur. My cock springs to action, tenting my dress slacks. After she cums loudly, she turns her head towards me and realizes that I'm standing at the doorway just watching her with a big smile on my face. She summons me over to her bed with a single finger. I shake my head no telling her that she needs to do three things. Take a shower to wash the sex off her, get dressed for the service and pack a bag to take to the airport immediately after the service.

She saunters over to me and kisses me passionately. I could smell her sex and it smelled delicious. It took all my willpower to not get intimate with her. I slapped her playfully on the ass as she wiggled it walking towards her bathroom. In my head, I briefly considered getting naked and surprising her in the shower, but I refrained.

"What clothes do you want to take with you?" I yelled at her. "My luggage is in the back of the walk-in closet.

Put some bras and panties in the bag. Pick three dresses, and five other outfits and put all of that in the big bag. Take the smaller bag, put my makeup in it from my dresser. Open the top drawer of my dresser and pull out some pantyhose. Go to the bottom of that same dresser and find a couple of corsets that you would like to see me in.

I have about a dozen, take what you want to see me in. Also, at the top shelf of my closet I have several stripper shoes, most are 9" stilettos, bring as many of those you would like me to wear for you." She tells me while in the shower. As she is taking a shower, I do as she asked and filled the luggage. I decided to open her nightstand drawer and find several dildo's and decide as a gag to bring them all, including the one she was just using.

It takes a third bag to put everything neatly into the bags. I bring six of her corsets. In my head, I began to wonder if she might be a willing sub to me, she seems to dance around it, but at home, I'll find out. After everything is ready, I open her bedroom door and set her luggage outside in the hallway.

Godfrey comes over to gather the bags and take them to join the other bags waiting at the front door. I step back into the bedroom. Melanie was walking out into the bedroom to get dressed and put on some makeup.

I put my arms around her from behind. I kiss her neck and tell her how beautiful she is. She reaches behind her and squeezes my nearly hard cock that she felt resting between the cheeks of her ass.

I bend her forward, she puts her hands on her dresser. I unzip myself and fish out my hard cock. I slide it into her sopping wet pussy, not wet from the shower, but wet from her body thinking about me. I begin fucking her hard.

I didn't want this to last a long time as we were under the gun of going to the service. I reached Sasha-mode quickly. She was gasping for air, she was moaning, her body was cumming on my hard cock on each thrust. I whispered in her ear how beautiful she is and how sexy her body is.

She orgasmed hearing my words. I thrust hard into her as she came hard, so hard that she nearly passed out.

Esposa gostosa de pernas abertas

I held onto her tightly making one final thrust into her before I reached my own quick orgasm. "Mel, you are so beautiful," I said to her as I shot rope after rope of man juice into her. She just let out one long moan taking all of my own cum deep into her pussy. When my cock stopped spewing its contents into Melanie, I withdrew and walked into the bathroom.

I used a wet washcloth to wipe the cum off my cock and put it back into my pants and zipped up. I went back into her bedroom to see her quickly brushing her hair and putting on makeup. I leaned into her and kissed her passionately, noticing that cum was leaking out of her pussy onto the makeup stool. I reached between her legs, scooped up some on my fingers and put it to her lips.

She sucked in my fingers moaning as she licked them clean. I kissed her again and left the bedroom asking her to hurry. Out in the hallway, I came upon Godfrey. I told him that after the service that we were taking Melanie to our home in Los Angeles. He said that he already knew that since Melanie told him before she went to bed last night. Dakota and Jill came down the hallway, both in simple elegant black dresses.

They both looked stunning. I kissed them both and asked Dakota if everything was set up, the car and the plane. She said that the car should be here in about 15 minutes and the jet will be ready when we arrive after the service. I kiss her and thank her. When Melanie joined us in the hallway, we all walked towards the front door.

Melanie said her goodbyes to Godfrey who wished her safe travels. CHAPTER 4&hellip.The Funeral The car was waiting outside. Each of us picked up our luggage and stepped outside the front door. The limo driver came rushing over to take the luggage and put it into the trunk.

Although the back door was open, I held it for the ladies. I followed them into the car. Jill had taken up a spot next to Dakota, leaving me an open seat next to Melanie. As we drove towards the funeral home, I realized that I didn't pick up the prepared statement.

I spent the rest of the drive trying to remember what it said. As we pulled into the funeral home driveway, I saw that there were several news vans with their aerial antennas extended.

There was a podium set up and several microphones attached to it. All in all, I guessed that there were nearly 50 reporters, more than were invited to Bob's Celebration of Life.

That thought depressed me. The chauffeur drove around the building and parked the limo on the driveway next to a funeral station wagon that obviously would carry a casket. Our chauffeur scrambled around the car to hold the back door open for us to exit. Jill and Dakota went inside the funeral home. I took Melanie on my arm to the press group. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, she hugged me briefly. I stepped to the podium and began, "Ladies and gentlemen it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of Robert K.

Jaxson. He was a loving husband. A business genius. A great mentor and someone who truly believed in the American Dream that if you work hard enough, you will be successful, which he was." Several of the reporters all clamored at the same time to ask questions. "I'll take just a couple of questions as we are to get inside to his Celebration of Life service," I tell them. "Mr. Greene, are you taking over Jaxson Inc.?" Someone from MSNBC news asked. "After consulting with Melanie Jaxson, she has asked me to do just that.

My new title will change from COO to CEO," I tell them. "How did Mr. Jaxson die?" Someone from that British rag tabloid asked. "In his bed, quietly. Hospice had been already called in just hours before his passing. Next question," I said feeling a bit annoyed at that last question. Several other reporters clamored again to ask a question. I pointed to FOX News. An attractive lady asked, "So what is your next move for the company?" "I do not know this very moment.

If you will excuse us, we need to head inside," I say taking Melanie by the elbow and walking her inside as tears rolled down her cheeks. I handed her my handkerchief. We step inside only to be met by a large round man who introduced himself as Tony Peppers, the Director of the Funeral Home.

He hugged Melanie and shook my hand. He led us to the Celebration room. There wasn't a soul in there except for Jill and Dakota. I was floored. In my head, I was screaming WHAT THE HELL? Melanie shrugged her shoulders and said, "See, I told you that he ran everyone off. He was working so hard that people, his friends, distanced themselves and now, here at his passing, no one showed up," she says with tears now streaming down her face.

I hugged her. I see a flash ricochet off the wall of the room. Before I could even turn around Mr. Peppers physically removed the camera guy from the hallway to outside of the building. Melanie hung her head and asked if we would mind if we just left. I told her that we would do whatever she wanted. She headed towards the side door, not the front door. Mr. Peppers apologized for no one showing up. He called on his radio asking to bring our limo around to the back door.

He walked us to the back door. The chauffeur held the limo door open. We quietly exited the building. Our chauffeur took us out a back entrance and headed for the airport. I just held Melanie in my arms throughout the drive to the airport. Once we arrived at the plane, we exited the limo and proceeded up the stairs. I walked hand in hand with Melanie. Dakota and Jill were just a few steps behind. The door was latched, and we headed down the taxiway towards takeoff. Once in the air, no one dared to speak.

The four-hour flight felt twice that long with no one chatting. Just as the jet's landing gear was being locked into place Melanie asked, "Where's your girl, Tina?" "She went home early. She's moving out of our house to go live with her Mother in Arizona. Apparently, her Father passed away a couple of weeks ago and her Mom needs her," Jill explained.

I told everyone that we were changing the name from the Commune to Chateau de l'amour or Castle of Love. Both ladies loved the new name. As the jet touched down on the runway, it was nice to be back home. When it taxied around to the private plane area, I saw our jet resting comfortably between a couple of Learjet's.

Our jet came to rest and I peered out the window to see Fred waiting patiently for us with the door open and the trunk open. Melanie gave each of us a hug and a kiss, thanking us for bringing her to California. She was the first one to step off the jet, followed by Jill, then Dakota and finally me. As the ladies got into the limo, Fred pulled me aside and handed me a folded-up newspaper.

I unfolded it to see a huge picture of me hugging Melanie. Clearly, it was the picture that the cameraman took before Mr. Peppers removed him. The headline read; JAXSON DEAD, GREEN TO ASSUME CONTROL I wasn't mad as it was accurate, the picture was what annoyed me.

I handed the paper back to Fred and let him know that we would no longer be calling the house the Commune, it would now be called the Chateau de l'amour or simply the Chateau. He shut the door and off we went to the Chateau. Melanie looked out the window like a kid looks at the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Her eyes sparkled looking at all the shopping and restaurants.

After about 45 minutes, Fred pulled into the courtyard of the Chateau. Melanie's eyes got huge. She realized that our home was much, much larger than her mansion in the Hamptons.

CHAPTER 5 Amy and John met us at the front door. Each one hugged or kissed us as we tried to step inside our home. Fred unloaded our bags from the trunk and John carried them inside of the house. He walked them to the appropriate rooms, however when he had Melanie's bag he made the assumption that she was going to get Tina's old room, which he was correct in his assumption.

Jill and I opened our luggage and just dumped the whole contents into the laundry hamper, which was empty. Dakota went to her room and just flopped on her bed. I realized that it was almost 10am and summoned everyone to the kitchen for breakfast. When we all got there, everyone was already eating. John and Diane were there, the twins, Belinda, Allison, the CG guys, Marcus, Paula, Jennifer, and Amy were all eating.

Sammy and Bobby offered us an assortment of food, all of which we saw that John had on his plate. We laughed at him since it was already his seconds. Melanie just sat there smiling not really knowing how to participate just yet. We all ate till our bellies were full, even John's belly. Diane put her head on his shoulder, which I was glad to see. I stood up and introduced Melanie to everyone. Both Sammy and Bobby made gentle but nice comments about how sexy she looked. She blushed a bit.

They each brought her a plate of food. She didn't know what to do with all that food saying, "Guys, you're going to make me fat," smiling at the attention. "No worries, we'll help you work it off," Bobby said with Sammy nodding his head in agreement. Melanie blushed yet again.

I went over to the CG guys and thanked them for taking care of our family. They both said that uncle Fred told them in no uncertain terms that they were to 'defend the castle'.

Clearly, I had not told them about the name change but it was obviously was spot-on. After the breakfast, Bobby and Sammy cleaned up the kitchen then sat with Melanie. There was lots of talking and a few quick hugs when the chefs didn't think anyone was watching. However, Dakota was watching, Dakota always watches.

Tomorrow was a new workday, Monday. I would check my laptop later tonight and again in the morning. I looked around the room, everyone was enjoying each other's company.

I just smiled, we had made it through Bob's funeral and now Melanie was here to start her new life. I thought to myself about how lucky I was since taking the job as a Chauffeur. IF YOU LIKED THIS CHAPTER, PLEASE LEAVE ME A NOTE AND BE SURE TO VOTE!!&hellip.PABLO DIABLO.