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Blonde teen model trying anal sex teenage and ass
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Eight By mid-Thursday afternoon, Carmen had gotten another fifteen pieces of business to fill her weekly quota. Meredith called her into the office as Victor stood off to the side. "This week is good." Meredith started.

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Carmine fidgeted. "Yes." She moaned.

"Is this your reward?" Meredith paused. "Or are we buying more sales from you?" Carmine shook her head and her hands went to her pants.

"I need this." She unbuttoned her pants and wriggled it down her hips as Meredith watched nonplussed.

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"Next week you will continue to work hard and sell?" "Yes." Carmine hissed and slid her hands down to touch herself. Meredith bolted out of her chair and came around to the front of the desk. Curiously, she watched Carmine's hands as she masturbated before her unabashed. "Please…" Carmine pleaded.

She reached out a hand and wavered in between grabbing Meredith, or Victor. Meredith snatched her arm up and spun her around. "First you give." Meredith whispered in her ear.

"Have you learned to give?" She roughly pushed down Carmine making her squat. She got down low also and her skirt hiked up her bronze thighs. She tugged on Carmine's pants so the Latina could get exposed. Victor watched them. Carmine was so horny already she couldn't see straight and Meredith was catching up. She put her hand in Carmine's mouth and pushed her fingers in deep as she continued to whisper words of incitement. Carmine was hungry for it and sucked her fingers like they leaked ambrosia.

Meredith missed the sound of a vibrator hitting the carpet over Carmine's coughing and gagging, but Victor didn't. It was a light pink egg vibrating hard on the floor with a wire that disappeared into Carmine's jeans.


He picked it up slowly almost confuse by its appearance. He looked over at Carmine squatting awkwardly with her pant almost past her knees. The smell of pussy blinded his senses but he could see that Carmine was leaking all over the carpet.

It was a rare sight to see a woman actually dripping with desire. Victor pulled her up and toppled her over on the table as Meredith suddenly noticed the vibrator. She yanked out the controller from Carmine's pocket and fiddled with it while Victor prepared to mount her steaming pussy.

Carmine swam on the table and moved her hips like she could see his cock out of it. Meredith used her pussy's lube and stuck the vibrator up her ass just as Victor came up and gave her the rod. She clenched with a shriek as he burrowed into her. Her juiciness only got his wide cock only so far and she reared up onto her toes trying to take the rest. Meredith lowered the speed on the vibrator, and Carmine whimpered and lowered herself onto Victor's pole.

He pulled her back even further and got himself set to ravage her. Meredith timed him and simultaneously as he lunged in, she gave Carmine a quick dose of full speed.


She screamed bloody murder as Victor pummeled her oscillating walls and bashed into her cervix. He pulled Carmine back and away from the desk and started giving her the fucking of a lifetime as she wailed like a cat. Deeper and deeper he took her as she went further and further out of her mind. It was nearly five minutes of straight orgasms for Carmine before she dropped down and cradled herself. She seemed too exhausted to do anymore and tried sleeping on Meredith's desk.

"Are you satisfied?" Meredith asked quietly. She kept the vibrator on but on a low setting as Victor stroked her pussy slowly.

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He ignored his close climax and stroked only to keep Carmine ready. "Yess…" Carmine hissed and raised her head. Her face was wet from spit, sweat, or tears. She hadn't worn make up luckily, but she looked truly traumatized laid across the desk with her pants around her ankles. Her pussy looked swamped and her whole ass glistened in the light from its wetness.

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Victor pulled away from her and turned to Meredith. Without a word she dropped onto his cock.

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Her mouth licked off the other woman's scent and gagged throatily on him to make him slick and wet before slurping it all off. Carmine crept along the desk hypnotized as Meredith worked her mouth over Victors black cock. She was fast and bird like as she stimulated it with licks, sucks, and kisses. His large organ was attended too in precise locations in her own proprietary combination. Properly primed, She felt his cock start to twitch and swell.

She bobbed low on him. Meredith knew that sometimes the mouth did more than just open wide for a meal. Victor had taught her using fruit and lectures involving porno's how to match a mood with her lips. Now she was in cleanup mode, but was dragging it out. Perhaps it was for Carmine's benefit. The other woman looked like a cub watching mama grizzly hunt the elusive spiting black seal.

Meredith swirled him over her lips and against her teeth. Carmine leaned in even further and Meredith grinned and shocked her with the vibrator. With a start, she flopped over, and almost pulled out the wire before Meredith stopped her. Meredith waved her to ignore it, and let her come over, squat down next to her, and fondle his balls. "They're hot." Carmine noted. With a, exaggerated movement of her head, Meredith flopped the cock over onto Carmine's forehead so she could suck.

"He's been prepared and ready. Can you finish him off?" Carmine tried but she was not as precise or tender. Victor groaned and speared her mouth as he tried to stay in the zone. She gagged and Victor pushed in further and erupted into her mouth as she looked at them both in surprise. She kept her mouth open as he pushed in with short strokes. Meredith tutted and rubbed her pussy idly watching her.

"You have a good throat." She stood and smoothed and straightened her dress. "You'll need to work on your tongue and lip control. Victor deserves better, and he'll need better if your mouth is ever going to be useful." "Maybe, I could practice." Carmine said slowly as she eased over back against the desk.

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"Maybe on some nights he could take me to dinner, or a movie." Her eye misted up as she thought of harlequin romance fiction. "No." Meredith said coldly shutting down her fantasy. "You have him for needed satisfaction. If you want his attention, you'll have to prove you can satisfy HIM first. Victor won't be squandered so you can play. You can have a man from IT come for you at night. The girls here already think you dangle them, but, my Victor will not be dangled by you, and he is not to be used for your unstructured fantasies." She walked over behind the desk straightening her clothes and popped in a breath mint.

"You can't prove an ability to be a benefit to him, or even keep a man if left to your own devices. So, he will direct you when he wishes." Meredith said pulling her keys from her purse. "That way you will learn to be better, please him where possible, and get the attention you seem to crave." Carmine simply blinked unused to such straightforward talk.

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"So… I can have him?" She said puzzled. "No, you are to be his. The conditions are again restrictive to your continuing success and otherwise good standing." Meredith shifted, and walked over to face her.

Victor saw the seeming contempt that Meredith looked down her nose at Carmine with. That negative attitude wasn't there with Jan. "You will learn another aspect of successful living if you are ready. But, you will not dally along like a teen romantic drama filling your time with unnecessary uncertainty like a fickle girl-child.

You shouldn't go into this as anything less than an informed adult. You will be his Fuck doll, nothing more. You will not put anymore thought or expectation onto him than what he allows." "Ahh…" Carmine seemed befuddled. "Nothing more. You may think on the issue. We can always continue as we are until you are able to control your needs, or leave." Meredith stood and stepped to the door.

"But never misunderstand, Victor is mine. The time you have with him is mine too." She looked over and gave him the eye to follow her.


Victor put away his cock and they walked out to the elevator. No one knew what Carmine would do sitting on the floor of the office looking a mess, watching them leave with her pants down, a pink wire stuck out her ass, and the taste of cum down the back of her throat.