When she sleeps i play

When she sleeps i play
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This is the story about my first time with my sister.

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My sister "Kate," as I will call her, was always talking about sex when I was growing up. This was the early 70's and she was a product of that era. She was nine years older than me and I always looked to her help and friendship. When I was about nine or ten Kate showed me how to rub her back and for the remainder of the years she lived at home, this was my nightly duty. Not a bad chore to have and I never complained.

To this day whenever we get together I fulfill my duty.

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Girlfriends and wives have always complemented me on my fine "handy" work. As I got older Kate would always make comments about her body -- whether her tits were a good size, should she trim her pussy hair, how her ass looked. I would try not to act embarrassed, I thought that this is how adults talked. Plus I love to look at her body when she would ask. Once she was trying on her bikinis and she asked me how she looked.

Before I could answer she took it off in front of me and tried on another. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. She acted as if nothing had happened. That was the first time I had seen her naked and I have never forgot that picture.


When I was about thirteen or so Kate moved back home. This made me very happy to have her back in the house. I resumed my nightly "duties" and she would treat me to an occasional peek of her wonderful body. Around this same time I had learned about jacking off and just shot a load for the first time. I was growing fast and filling out.

My cock was about six inches long at this time and was really thick. One evening while watching TV, with my Mother in the other room, Kate said that she was getting "horny." She said this in such a low and whispering tone that I immediately got an erection. I had heard this saying before and I knew what it meant. She was sitting on the couch and I was lying on my stomach in front of the TV. I looked up at her and she was rubbing her crotch through her jeans.

I noticed her hard nipples pressing against her tee shirt. I tried to laugh, to hide my nervousness. She told me to come and sit next to her, which I did. Mom was right in the other room talking on the phone with her back to us. Kate took my hand and placed it in between her legs.

She leaned into me and told me this is what they called masturbating and I had to press and rub her crotch for her to have an "orgasm." I did what my sister told me to do . always. I remember sitting next to her rubbing her jeans and how hot and moist the fabric was getting. She put her head back and was stroking her breasts and nipples through her T-shirt. This was making me dizzy and very excited. My cock was crammed so tight in my pants it hurt.

I tried not to think of being uncomfortable because I had a "duty" to fulfill for my sister. I rubbed my hand on her crotch until my arm hurt. She whispered to me once or twice not to stop, that she was almost there. She was starting to sweat and could feel her heat and there was a scent in the air that was new to me. She sat there playing with her tits and pinching her nipples having her little brother rub her hot pussy through her jeans and then it happened. Her body jerked once and than again.I stopped and she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard between her legs then closed her thighs tightly together.

I pushed my hand hard against her and continued to rub. She made low sounds that sounded like she was in pain. I guess she wasn't. When we were done she told me that she had an orgasm and that it felt really good.

I should tell you that when this happened I was nine and my sister was seventeen or eighteen. Thinking that this was the end I started to get up when she reached over and placed her hand on my crotch. I was so startled.

Then she started to rub. WOW .I couldn't catch my breath.what a feeling.


I sat there, frozen, while my big sister rubbed the outside of my pants. Then she stopped. Kate looked at me and told me to get upstairs.

It was almost nine o'clock and time to get to bed. I almost ran upstairs so no one would see my little hardon. I come from a large family, I'm the youngest. Kate was the one that would most often "baby-sit" me.

Now though everyone was getting older and had later curfews. I heard her come up after me saying to my mother that she was going get ready for bed and she would make sure that I washed up and got to bed. I was in the bathroom washing up when she walked in. She told me to wash up and brush my teeth then get on my pj's.

When I walked into my room she went into the bathroom with all of her shower stuff in hand. She didn't shut the door all the way. The bathroom was across the hall from my room and I sat at the edge of my bed and I could see her one leg as she sat on the toilet. I heard the sound of her peeing. Then she got up and took her shower. I waited until I heard the shower stop then waited some more.

She finally came out of the bathroom wearing her robe and said that it was time for her back rub. I followed her into her room and she shut the door behind me.

She smelled so good after her shower and was more beautiful than ever.

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We had always had this ritual, she would pull out the lotions and we always had a warm towel at the side of the bed. She would lie down on her bed and remove her robe. Then I would fold it back to cover her ass and bring the lower half up to expose as much of her legs as possible. As I got older, I got more daring in trying to expose as much of her as I could.

This night was no exception. I then had to straddle her ass performed my duties. This was fine for when I was younger, but now I was bigger and heavier.

So I had to sit on the edge of the bed and twist my body, which after a time became awkward and painful. So this night I choose to stand up and rub her.

She laid in front of me just showered and smelling lovely. Her white robe covering only her ass. Her legs where spread slightly apart and I could see the sides of her tits in the position. I had a hardon the would stop time and it poked through my pj's.I did wear my underwear. I started to rub Kate's back when she told me that she would like me to start at her feet tonight.

I always loved to massage her feet and legs. I started with one foot. How I would do this was sit with one foot in my lap and the other behind me then change position. As I rubbed Kate's lovely feet I sat more on the bed and further back.

This made her have to spread her legs even farther apart and it gave me a great view. I could see her pussy in this position and some of her ass. I was in heaven. If the night were to end now I would have been happy. I started to rub her ankles and calve and then to the back of her knee. This is when the show would begin.

I stood up and my cock popped right out of my pj's. I think she saw it but she said nothing. I just left it like that. I knelled between her legs and started massaging I would lift her leg to get to the front. As I would lift I could see her pussy lips move, I continued to rub and I worked my way up to her ass.

I would let a finger brush against her ass and inner thigh. She let out a soft moan. This was wonderful. Kate had beautiful legs, great shape and a slight tan.

She told me to start on the other leg. This time when I put her foot in my lap she moved it all over my lap, letting it touch my cock. This sent shivers through me and I thought I would lose it. I repeated the whole act again for my sister. Rubbing and caressing her legs like a lover. When it got to the point when I would kneel between her legs I would reach back with both hands and rub both legs and slide them up to where the robe was covering her.

Then I got bold and would let my hands touch a little of her ass.

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Then the next time I let them slide between the crack of her ass. This made her let out a little gasp. I just continued doing this, a little touch here and a brush there. Kate told me that it was time to start on her back. I had to sit next to her on the bed.side saddle .

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and I started with her shoulders. She reached back with one of her hands and placed it right next to my cock, then she lightly touched it and put her hand back to her side. She said nothing and I said nothing.

I had to scoot down further and work her middle and lower. Kate told me to straddle her like I used to. I told her that I was too big and she said that it was OK.

But sitting on her ass was too uncomfortable and I scooted down and as I did her robe came with me a little at a time.

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I massaged her back and for the first time her ass. She said nothing.

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I glided my hands across her flesh using more lotion to make real slippery. What a fantastic thing to do. Spending the night massaging my sister's body. Seeing her ass for the first time and glimpses of her pussy.

Kate told me to slide down a bit further that she was getting cramped. I did as I was told. Then she told me to rub way up to her shoulders.

This was awkward. With me so far down and having to reach up, my cock was placed between my sisters well greased buns. She said that that was it, to keep doing that. I did what I was told. I stayed with my legs spread planted just below her ass and reached up to her shoulders and back down. My cock was gliding between her cheeks the sensation was making me dizzy.

Then Kate started to rock back and forth and jutting her ass up meet my strokes. It was too much for me I could feel myself starting to cum. Then Kate reached back and with both hands spread her cheeks so my cock was sandwiched between then and cheek fucked my cock.

I exploded and cum shot from my cock and over my sisters head then another spasm and another.

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I shot come all over her back. I was so grateful for the release. Kate lay there very quiet, hands still pressed my cock between her buns. My cock throbbed and pulsated. Then my sister asked if I had cum all over her back. When I told her I did and she told me to clean her up, which I did.

Wiping my cum off my sister's back only made me harder. But I did as she said. When I was finished Kate rolled over and looked at me. I almost came again when I saw her tits. She said I was naughty for shooting sperm on her and I felt really bad. I told her I was sorry that it was an accident. Kate told me that I would have to start with her feet and massage her front.

I had never done this before. I just stood there with my cock jutting out from my pj's. "Rub!" Kate told me. I planted myself, kneeling between her legs. I massaged both legs at the same time and worked my way up to her pussy, which wasn't even hidden any more under her robe.

Each time I came to the top of her legs she would spread them a bit more and let out a soft moan or a gasp. I could only stare at her pretty tits as I massaged her legs, my cock still sticking in front of me. Kate began playing with herself one hand massaging her pussy and the other pinching her nipples. This was a dream.


My big sister masturbating as I watched and massaged her. She continued this until she came. When she finished she told me to scoot up so now I was straddling her belly and she instructed me to massage her tits.

This was the first time I had ever touched a girl's tits. I reached out and she guided me and told me how to move my hands around her breasts and finger her nipples.

I did this when she reached for my cock and slowly began to stroke my young flesh. She kept her eyes closed and didn't say a word. She pulled me closer in time and let me slide my cock between her tits and she asked if I could cum again and when I said yes she pulled me close and let me enter her mouth.

The warmth and softness of her mouth caused me too shoot my second load into my sister's mouth. I shook as more of my cum came out in waves of pleasure. Well, that's my story. It's hard to believe that that was over 20 years ago. Kate and I have always continued to stay close. She taught me much as a kid and into adulthood.

We still have special times.