No cuzinho com gel ela ama tomar no cu

No cuzinho com gel ela ama tomar no cu
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I decided a power nap would do me good before having a hot shower. I needed to keep my strength up for tonight. After a hour, I headed to the shower. I was sure I had lots of time. The hot water felt good, as it washed over me. I lathered up my cock, slowly stroking it as it grew. I My grip tightened and pace increased as my mind travelled back in time. I snapped back to reality and rinsed off my dick. Why jerk off when I have 3 hot teenage pussys to fuck.

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Drying off, I made my way to my room. I heard some muufled sounds coming from behind my door. Slowly pushing the door open my eyes grew wide and cock hardened at the site before me.

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JJ, Carly and Kelly were locked in a threesome. JJ was sucking Carlys puusy, Carly was eating kelly and Kelly was munching on JJ. Standing beside the bed, my towel fell to the floor, exposing my rock hard cock. JJ looked up and panted between moans this show is for you. No jerking off, Just enjoy and I will suck you later. She immediately turned her attention back to Carlys snatch. Carly wiggled and moaned pushing her cunt into JJ's sweet mouth. Kellys moans and breathing increased as her pussy danced on Carlys face.

I knew she was going to cum soon. Kelly dove farther into JJ's cunt, licking and sucking wildly. JJ gasped, as she stooped sucking Carly. Fuck yes, lick me you bitch. Grabbing a fist full of Kellys hair, JJ grinded her cunt into Kelly's mouth. Yea, thats it, eat my cunt. Carly pulled her face of Kelly and sldie over to JJ, planting a kiss on her lips. JJ moaned as thier tongues danced together. Carly's hands began to roam over JJ's 34b tits, her thumb and finger rolling over her stiff nipples.


Carly broke the kiss, and began sucking JJ's pears shaped tits. Oh fuck, fuck, yes oh yea. Eat me, suck me. Oh fuck I going to cum. JJ began to trash about, her hips bucking wildly into Kellys face. Kelly suddenly moved from between her legs and joined Carly working on JJ's other tit. What, fuck no, oh god my cunts on fire, don't fucking stop. Her hips were rolling from side to side as she pleaded eat me, suck me you fucking cunt.

Kelly smiled and wincked at me.


My cock was rock hard and ached for relief. A drop of pre cum oozed from the tip. Answering JJ's pleas, I grabbed her legs and drove my tongue into her teenage snatch. Oh yes she gaspeduh huh, yea lick me, thats it, lick me you fucker, yea make me cum. I began running my tongue over her pussy lips, then moved up to her clit. It was swollen and fairly large as my tongue darted across it. Slowly sucking it between my lips sent JJ over the egde.

She began to wimper then her body bucked wildly screaming I'm cumming, Oh fuck I'm Cumming. She wrapped her young legs around my head, almost choking me. Slowly her orgasim decreased and she eased her grip on my head. Looking up I saw Kelly and Carly locked in a 69, oblivious to JJ and me. I almost blew my load at the site of them.

JJ sat up and pushed me back onto the bed, climbing on top. In one motion JJ slid my cock into her young hot pussy. Oh fuck your cunt feels good, hot and tight. Yea, fuck my pussy, fuck me good.

Push your hard dick into my tight cunt. Your cock feels better then I imagined.

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JJ began to increase the pace, tightening her cunt muscles each time she slid down my cock. Reaching up I grabbed perky tits, rolling the nipples between my finger and thumb. Her pace continued to increase. Pulling JJ towards me I began sucking on her tits. My tongue flicked her nipples before I sucked them into my mouth.

JJ ground her cunt harder on my cock. Her moaning increased. Yea, suck my tits, fuck my pussy, yea oh that feels sooo good, Fuck me, oh aah yea, yes, oh fuck i'm cumming. In one motion I grabbed JJ and rolled her on her back.


Fuck your pussy is hot, cum on my cock you little fucking bitch. YES, yes, fuck my cunt Oh yea, harder faster Fuck ME. Pulling JJ to the edge of the bed, I put her legs over my shoukders.

I drove my cock deep into he hole. I could not believe how hot and tight her pussy was.

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For a girl barely 15, she sure khew how to fuck. Pounding her pussy hard and fast brought me to thre edge of cumming. I going to cum in your tight little cunt.

Oh yea, I can't hold it much longer. JJ's tempo increased once more, her hips meeting every thrust as i dorve in and out of her cunt.

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Cum in my pussy, fill it with your hot cum, Oh yea, I've wanted this for so long, Fucking Cum in my cunt, Cum now, she screamed. Her body rocked with a huge orgasm. Yes, Yea, Oh god, Fuck, here.I. Cum OoOoh, Yea right now UUGH, take my cum you fucking young slut. My cum exploded inside her as JJ sreamed out, her head thrashing from side to side, her sandy blonde hair covering her face.


Her hips kept pace and her cunt muscles milked me for every last drop. Slowing the pace we were enjoying the moment. I leaned over, brushing aside her sweaty hair, and gently planting a kiss on her sweet lips. Roll me over, but keep your cock in me she asked. We flipped over on the bed a embraced for a moment.

I let my hands caress her body, as JJ slowly rode my cock, tighening her cunt muscle on me. JJ sat up and we both looked towards the other two girls. Kelly and carly began claping. That was awesome. You two were not so bad yourself. Kelly came over and kissed me, her tongue searching for mine. Glancing up I saw Carly had one of JJ's tits in her mouth. I felt a hand massaging my nuts, but I did not know who it belonged to.

Kelly broke our kiss and straddled my face. You must be hungry daddy, she laughed. Here, eat my cunt. How could I refuse you, I said as my tongue disappeared into her snatch.

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JJ slid off my cock, and the mystery hand began jerking my semi -hard cock. A hot, young talented mouth deep thraoted my cock, helping it begin to grow.

Who's mouth was it. With the sucking increased, Kelly dancing on my face and now a tongue licking my balls I knew this was going to be an interesting night.