Geile Teen einen großen Schwanz in ihren Hintern nehmen

Geile Teen einen großen Schwanz in ihren Hintern nehmen
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I made the citations cursive. I hope it's easier to read that way. Don't forget to let me know what you liked and didn't like. I would like some feedback. :) Oh, and for those who want to get straight to the action: The sex starts in chapter 10 and you can probably skip the other chapters while still understanding the story. Enjoy. Chapter 5) Trailer park jazz On that same sunny saturday in May Tessa and Danielle were playing some board game and were getting quite bored.

They were getting quite bored in life in general. Luckily they had each other. They were fraternal twins, which meant that even if they didn't look like eachother, they still had that special bond twins have. They lived with their parents and two younger brothers in a trailer park at the outskirts of the village. They were horrible at school and were kept on a very short leash by their father.

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The family was quite poor. Having six kids is quite expensive, but their father made it even worse. He always tried to become a real successful businessman but he wasn't very good at it.

His entire life he always knew what he needed to do, but never how to do those things. Long story short: their lives didn't really amount to much. "Tess, bring me a beer!" Their father, Roger, shouted. "Ok dad." Tess answered. "Hey dad, is it ok if me and Danielle try to set up one of those traps you taught us? We're a bit bored. And, who knows, maybe we'll have some fresh meat on the table tomorrow!" "Sure, but be back before dark." Roger said as he went back to watching television.

"I'm glad they're finally starting to enjoy my present!" He thought to himself. Roger had given them a few lessons in trapping for their birthday last autumn.

They weren't really impressed with the present. Which 15 year old girl would be happy with trapping lessons for their birthday? The girls didn't even wanted to go, but he got mad at them for refusing his present and so they went anyway.

Unfortunately for them, this was one of the things where Roger knew what he wanted to do, but not how to do it. They spent a weekend making and learning traps, but each trap failed miserably.

And in the end they only remembered one trap, the spike trap. "Come Dan! We're gonna go trapping today!" Tessa told her sister. "Bring a knife and the hacksaw, I'll take the shovels!" "What? Really? Ok, this board game is boring, but trapping? ugh" Danielle said. Tessa frowned and replied "Come on, at least we'll be doing something.

I'm getting sick of doing nothing at home. At Least dad lets us do this. You know we're not allowed to go to the mall or anything." "Thats true" And Danielle resigned herself to her sisters plan. "Alright! You can pick what we do tomorrow!" Tessa exclaimed. "let's go!" And off they went into the forest.

Neither girl was particularly excited with the prospect of making a trap, but it if they actually caught something Roger would probably cut them some slack for the next few weeks. After walking about one and a half hours they found the perfect spot for their trap. Their father taught them to look for a small path in the forest. Those paths are where a lot of animals walk which clears the ground from any plants.

If you lay your spike trap there you're bound to catch something he explained them.

They quickly went to work. They dug a hole about a meter deep, 60 centimeters wide and a meter long. They made some wooden spikes which they placed in the trap and then covered it up with twigs and leaves. It took them 4 hours and they finally had their trap!

"Phew! Thats a mighty fine trap we go us here, sis!" Tessa sighed contently. "Yup, it was even fun to do too!" Danielle replied. "I'm deadbeat though, how about we take a nap somewhere nearby so we can hear if something falls in?" "good idea, lets go over there." They found a nice place where they could sleep comfortably and hear if anything fell in their trap.

They slept like angels for about an hour before they both woke up because of some distant cracking sound followed by a thud. With exciting expressions on their faces they quickly jumped up and ran to their trap.

Chapter 6) Murder I was still standing on the hill looking for my bank clerk when I noticed something approaching from the right. Two girls were quickly running to the center of the small valley below me.

By now I was very puzzled. My prey disappeared and two girls appeared? I quickly got down to hide myself, I was still in stalker mode, and took my camera out of my backpack to get a closer view of what was happening.

The girls were now walking slowly towards something. I zoomed in on them. I decided to take photo's of the entire scene as I was getting more and more intrigued by the situation.From this distance they looked quite pretty. One brunette and one blonde, they're breasts big enough to show through their shirts, probably cup B, and overall slim but well curved. They stopped and bent over a small hole in the ground.

I didn't see it before as it was covered in leaves. The girls removed some of the twigs around the hole which made the hole bigger.

And then suddenly they screamed as they stood frozen on their feet. One started to run away and the other quickly followed. I started to get suspicions on what was happening here. I waited a bit for the girls to be out of sight and then made my way to the hole.


My suspicions were correct, in the hole lay my prey, pierced by several surprisingly sharp wooden stakes. It was a disgusting sight. I started to feel a little sick and almost had to puke. The guy lying in the trap was still alive, unconscious but alive. I was thinking about what I should do. Cell reception was bad in this part of the forest, so calling the authorities was out of the question. And hiking back would take at least an hour. I had some bandages with me, but not nearly enough to even help him a little.

The guy was dead, that much was sure. I was wondering what to do next and where the girls were now when I slowly got a smile on my face. I never considered blackmail because it was too difficult to get some dirt on a specific target. And now I had evidence of murder against two hot young high school girls!

I quickly got back to my senses and used my camera to gather picture evidence of the crime the girls had just committed. When I heard voices in the distance I realized they were coming back. I quickly took out my phone, put it on video recording and placed it hidden in a place which gave full overview of the crime scene.

I quickly went to another vantage point on a small sand cliff which gave me a great view of the situation. I could even still see the guy lying in the trap. Making pictures from this point would leave nothing to the imagination. And having my phone down there recording everything they did or said should probably seal the deal.

"I don't want to." said Danielle half crying. Tessa walked in front of her and looked like she was a combination of crying, determined and afraid. "We have to" she whispered. "We'll go to jail if we don't." "Grab your shovel, lets fill up the hole." Danielle meekly obeyed and half heartedly started shoveling dirt in the hole.

Did they not know that he is still alive I wondered. I continued to chronicle their crime with my camera when suddenly a moan came out of the grave. Both the girls shrieked. "Oh god, oh god. He's still alive!" Danielle shouted. "Shut up!" Tessa screamed. "WE HAVE TO DO THIS! WE HAVE TO HIDE EVERYTHING IF WE DON'T WANT TO GO TO JAIL." "But he's still alive!

We can't bury him while he's still alive! That's inhuman! Please let's not do that, we can't do that. We can't" Danielle pleaded with her sister. The girls were silent for a few moments.

The dying man started moaning louder forcing a decision from the girls. Tessa finally started moving, she grabbed the knife and showed it to Danielle. "Okay, you choose. Knife or head?" She sternly asked. "What?" "If you don't want to bury him alive we'll have to kill him. But we'll have to make it even. We both need to have an equal role in killing him. So chose: Do you want to hold his head or do you want to hold the knife?" Danielle stopped crying and got a blank look on her face.

She nodded and just stepped to the grave and held their victim's head. Tessa nodded took the knife and used it to slash his throat. I was getting sick again. I had never killed anything myself and looking at this horrid scene was quite upsetting.

But I was resolved enough to keep on taking picture after picture to ensure my trap around the girls. It was getting dark when the girls had finished hiding all the evidence of their horrid crime. "Ok Dan, I need you! We have to stick together if we want to stay out of prison. Ok?" "yes." Danielle said as she started crying again. "Look at me, we couldn't do anything about this!

It's not our fault. We were just very unlucky but we're not bad or evil. Do you understand?" Tessa whispered trying to convince herself more than Danielle.

They hugged and Danielle looked a little bit relieved. They took all their stuff, quickly cleaned up the area and left. I was feeling strangely confident. I didn't really like all the killing and stuff, but my cock stirred happily in anticipation of the two girls. I grabbed my camera to check if the footage was good.

It was perfect, their voices were crystal clear and their coup de grace was even fully on the camera! I quickly followed my future slaves to discover their identities. Chapter 7) Patience I wanted to make contact with Tessa and Danielle so bad, but I decided to wait to let them gain some confidence and until the story wasn't the hot topic of the region anymore.

The guy they had killed apparently left a wife and two children, very sad. It also worked in my favor as one of his kids went to the same school as Tessa and Danielle. They must have felt horrible. The story was on the local television for at least 2~3 weeks after his sudden disappearance. The police expected that he had an accident somewhere in the forest and sent out search parties.

I volunteered to help with the search. After 7 days of searching nothing was found. This was largely thanks to me as I made sure that his grave was virtually untraceable to the untrained eye using a few tricks I learnt on one of my spy courses. I decided to contact them 2~3 months after the incident. This would give them more than enough time to feel safe. Also, that would be in the middle of their summer holidays which would make them have a lot of free time.

Free time I wouldn't mind filling. While waiting for the day to come I started to get increasingly horny. I masturbated furiously to all kinds of bondage websites. I browsed for all kinds of objects, clothing pieces and devices. I couldn't really choose so I ended up buying two of everything and picked the boxes up at some postal office three towns further away. I was especially excited in seeing Tessa and Danielle with a dog collar on, riding crop in their mouths and some clamps on their nipples.

I put the boxes away in my cellar as I knew I had to pace their submission carefully. If I immediately whipped out the big guns a prison sentence would seem preferable over submission to me. And I did not want that to happen.

The 2 month waiting period went excruciatingly slow, but I spent my time usefully (besides jacking off). I made a plan how I would make them submit and how to make sure nobody would find all the time we spent together strange.

I also used my time to get some intel on the girls backgrounds. Tessa and Danielle Mathews were 15, almost 16. They were part of the 'cool kids' at their high school. They didn't really go out much though, but then again nobody really did. Most of the kids were needed at home to help with chores, farming etc. so going out was a luxury. Their father, Roger Mathews, kept his daughters and wife on a short leash.

Basically, the only time anybody left the trailer park they lived in was when they had something useful to do like shopping, school or work. Roger had two other kids, two sons, 9 and 11. His sons got way more leeway than his wife or daughters.

He clearly had misogynistic tendencies, which I hoped to use to my advantage. Tessa and Danielle didn't have a job so they got stuck bored at home most of the time.

Their mother, Jane, was a maid and cleaned people's houses. Roger was in between jobs and he became increasingly agitated by staying home all the time. He took it out on Tessa and Danielle by keeping them busy with all kinds of chores and, ironically, calling them lazy.

Tessa was a brunette with green eyes. Her breast size was a firm B. She was around 166 centimeters tall and weighed 50 kilos. She was quite a sexy minx. Danielle on the other hand was blonde with blue eyes. Her breasts were slightly larger than Tessa's, but not a C. She was around 170 centimeters tall and weighed 54 kilos. Danielle too was very attractive. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that neither of them had boyfriends.

They probably never had the opportunity with their strict father. The rest of my anticipation filled months were spent making a plan on how to carefully and slowly bring the girls under my total domination. When July came I was fully prepared to take what was mine! Chapter 8) Email Dear Tessa and Danielle, How are you two doing lately? I hope your not getting too bored with the long vacation ahead of you.

But if you're bored you could always try trapping again. That was quite exciting last time don't you think?

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I made a few pictures which I would love to show you! By now you're probably wondering who I am, but that doesn't really matter right? The police isn't looking for you yet so youl probably agree that I have only the best of intentions.

In any case, if you want to discuss the pictures I took I'll be at the kensington bridge tomorrow at 9 am. If you're not interested in the pictures I'll be very disappointed. Tell your father you're going trapping again, that would seem appropriate. Be on time. P Tessa was getting knots in her stomach. She almost forgot about the whole thing and then suddenly this.

She was so frightened that she was shivering. All her memories came flooding back. The fight she had with Danielle. The moaning man. The days, no weeks of terror being afraid that someday the police may knock on their door.

The worst of it all was seeing the man's daughter's hollow face at school. And then this. "Danielle? Could you come here?" "Sure, Tess!

What's up?" Danielle scooted next to Tessa behind the computer. "Read this" Danielle's mouth fell open. "Fuck" she whispered. "What do we do?" Asked Tessa.

"We don't have a choice. We'll be there tomorrow at 9" Danielle swallowed. Chapter 9) Meeting for the first time I was so very nervous as I drove my car to kensington bridge. It was a strange feeling, I felt both happy, scared, nervous and aroused at the same time.

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As I arrived at the bridge the girls were already waiting for me. I took a sip of water to steady my nerves and stopped in front of them. The girls just stood there silently. I had bought a car specially for this pickup. I put on some false license plates to make sure nobody could trace it. Without saying a word I opened the rear door from the inside and waited. The girls hopped in, closed the door and sat on the couch. I started the car and drove away. I drove for about 5 minutes to a place where I was sure nobody would ever disturb us.

I could have continued driving and abduct them to my house, but I preferred not having another manhunt in my backyard. I parked the car and turned around to the girls. They were visibly shaken, scared and submissive. If I told them to strip they probably would do it in a heartbeat. But I wanted to be careful, I didn't want to startle them and see them naked once. I wanted them to do whatever I told them to for the next few years.

That would require tact and a careful approach. "Hello Tessa, Danielle" I said. "Hi" "So, what brings you here?" I asked them amicably. "The pictures. You said you had pictures?" Danielle whispered "Hmm, yes.

I suppose you would like to see them. Shall we start with the video?" At the word video the girls looked even more afraid than they already were. Their pleading looks with their big eyes, I was loving every minute of it. I grabbed my laptop and showed them the video. It took only 5 seconds before Tessa asked: "Ok, we believe you. Could you please stop it?" I stopped the video and said: "As you can see it would not be very good for either of you if this would fall in the wrong hands.

Luckily for you, I'm not the wrong hands." I smiled at them. "However, what you did was horrible and you should not get away with it. Just think of his poor daughter and family!" The girls shivered. "But sending you two to jail would be such a waste. So I have decided to give you an alternative to jail. The alternative what I'm offering you will still be difficult but many times more desirable than going to jail.

So the question I would like to ask you is, 'what are you willing to do to let me keep these pictures safe?'" "Anything" Danielle said. "Anything" I was surprised at her quick reaction. I probed: "Really Danielle?" "Yes, just please don't publish those pictures." I think her quick submission was fueled by a combination of an urge for atonement, fear of prison and fear of getting found out.

"Why don't you answer now Tessa. Danielle already said you'll be willing to anything, but maybe you can be more specific." I commanded. I tried to let them come with the first vulgarities.

It would be easier for me mold them into good sex slaves if they came with the first sexual offers. "Do you want money?" Tessa asked? "Nope, try again" "Ehhm, we could work for you?" "Sure, but what would you do?" "I could show you my breasts." Tessa said hesitantly.

"Thats not sufficient, more." "I'll strip naked?" "More." "Do you want a blowjob?" "More." Tessa started crying and said: "I'll give you my virginity, please, you can have anything.

Just don't send those pictures!" I looked sternly at Danielle. "You can have mine too." Danielle quickly added. "Good, I seem to have made you aware of the seriousness of the situation. Here is my offer: You will start working for me. I will give you money for the time you spent at my place, otherwise people might get suspicious. If anybody asks, your helping me with chores around the house. In reality things will be a bit different, but it will be nothing two cold blooded murders don't deserve.

I will expect you to be at my place at 9 am every day. Do you agree?" "What would we have to do?" Tessa asked. "Anything I tell you to. But enough of that. No negotiations. You either agree or not." The girls looked at eachother and then nodded and said: "We agree." "Good, now, I will bring you back to the bridge.

You will go home. Tell your dad that the trapping didn't work out but that you two are bored and want a job. Tell him you had an offer as my house helps and that you can discuss the details today.

I think he'll be very happy that you two will finally help with your financial situation. Be at my place at 1." "Yes, sir" Tessa said, but Danielle just nodded. "Danielle?" "Yes, sir" she sullenly replied. I brought them back to the bridge, gave them a note with my adress and went home. I was getting very excited. Almost a year of planning was finally paying off! The girls were also already getting into the correct mindset.

The moment Tessa said 'Sir' I swear I could've creamed my pants. I was going to enjoy the afternoon very much. Chapter 10) slave 101 The doorbell went exactly at 1. I walked to one of the control panels and checked the gate camera. There they were, two lovely girls on bikes. I opened the gate for them, walked outside and waited for them on the front yard.

It took them five minutes to follow the road and reach the house. When they stopped in front of me and stepped from their bikes I asked them: "When were you supposed to be here?" "At one." Tessa replied.

"What time is it now?" "It's five minutes past one, but." I cut her off: "I'm glad we agree, now follow me." I led them to my kitchen where we would discuss the specifics of their employment.

I seated myself at the table and motioned them to sit opposite to me. "Very well, before we continue, I trust you spoke with your father and he agrees with our plans?" Danielle answered: "Yes" "Anything else?" I probed. She continued: "He's happy. He thinks we'll finally learn to work hard. And the money we earn will ease the money problems our family has." "Very good.


Now then, I have three things I would like you sign. The first is a confession of guilt. Now, don't worry, I already have more than enough evidence on tape and photo's, but I would like to add a confession to my collection.

The second is a normal employment contract for all the chores you'll do around the house. It also states your hourly salary. Four dollars an hour each sounds fair doesn't it? I'll even add a tip once in a while if I find you exceptionally pleasing." I gave them the papers and they obediently signed.

I continued my speech: "Ok, I'm sure you're wondering what the third thing is you'll be signing.

Well, as you might have noticed the relationship between us is rather authoritarian." "What? Ausothri what? What does that mean?" Tessa interrupted. I gave a sigh. I knew they weren't the brightest, but this could become quite annoying. "Authoritarian means when one party, lets say me, has a dominant position in comparison to another submissive party, for example you two. And if the dominant, me, uses punishments to enforce his dominance over his submissives, you two, it's called an authoritarian relationship.

Understood?" Both girls silently nodded. "And you agree that our relationship is authoritarian?" Again, both girls nodded.

"Good, now I would like to formalize this relationship in the form of a contract. Now I obviously don't need to do that, as I already practically own you, however I'm a nice guy. Through this contract I want to give you certain assurances to make your time with me a little bit easier. It will also make crystal clear all the things I expect from you and everything you can expect from me. Now read." I gave them a slave contract and waited a few minutes for them to finish reading it.

I got up and got myself some coffee. It was a rather standard slave contract. I found this one online and adjusted it for our specific needs. As our master slave relationship was non-consensual there was no need for a safeword. However, I put one in anyway, with an added condition that they could not use their safeword within six months after their last use of the safeword.

When they finished reading I continued: "Before you sign the contract I'll give you each three questions. You may ask whatever you like, but don't forget to stay respectful. Danielle, your first question?" She thought for a while and then asked: "Sir, in the discipline section, what is the worst punishment you will give us?" "Good question.

But unfortunately I can't really answer that question. It really depends on what you find the worst punishment. But, as it says in the contract, I won't really break your skin or give any permanent damage. Strange as it may sound, but you are safer around me than for example at home." I turned myself to Tessa and asked her what she wanted to ask.

She answered quickly: "Why are you doing this to us?" "Because I can, because I want to. Partly because you two deserve some punishment for what you have done. Danielle?" "For how long will we have to be your ehh. in your service?" She asked. "Did you mean 'be my slaves'?" "ehh Yes" "Say it." "Fffor how long will we have to be your slaves?" Danielle replied hesitantly.

"I don't know yet. However, if it makes you feel better we can discuss that every 6 months. I was planning to discuss your progress regularly anyway. I can tell you that I don't plan to keep you forever and also not as long as the prison sentence you would get. Tessa?" Again, she asked very quickly: "We'll have to have sex with you?" "Of Course, you already offered you're virginities to me so that should not come as a surprise." That was quite a stupid question.

Luckily Danielle had a better question: "Will we still be able to go to school and our other obligations?" I took a sip of my coffee and answered: "Yes, actually I will require you to go to school. And not only that, I will require you to do better at school. I find your grades utterly lacking.

However, if I find that you are trying to worm yourself out of our appointments and our contract there will be consequences.

I would recommend you not try that. And what's your last question Tessa?" She finally gave it some thought and had a good question this time: "You're assuming we'll sign this contract but what if we don't?

I mean, what if I would be willing to sign a different contract but not this one?" "Ah, a very good question. Unfortunately there are no negotiations possible. You will sign the contract and continue your lives relatively normally. Or you will go to jail, probably for at least 10 years." I pointed at their contracts and said: "Sign or prison, it's your choice." Full of anticipation I looked at my prospective slaves, waiting for them to make their choice.

They looked at each other, using subtle facial expressions they communicated in a way only true twins can.

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After what seemed hours and hours, but in reality was only a couple of minutes, I saw Danielle slowly nod to Tessa. They both looked at their contracts, signed it and gave it to me. A euphoric feeling swelled over me. I had done it! After months of planning I had my perfect slaves! I slowly stood up and told them to follow me. While walking to the servant entrance of the house I explained them what I would be expecting from them: "From now on you will call me master every time you address me.

Unless we are in public, then you will call me sir. When you arrive at the house you will use the servant entrance.

There you will change into the clothes I provide you. Once dressed you will seek me out immediately for orders. You will not speak unless spoken to. If you have any urgent questions or remarks you may ask for permission to speak, but I will punish you if I find you're wasting my time. Understood?" My slaves answered almost simultaneously: "Yes, master". Music to my ears!

I stopped in the servant entrance, turned around and ordered: "Strip." Nervously both girls started undressing.

First their blouses, then their pants and within a few minutes I basked in naked slave glory! My slaves fidgeted around nervously, trying to hide their bodies, but not trying to be obvious as they knew I would not stand for it.

Time for an inspection! "Slaves, when I tell you to present yourself, I will expect you to: stand straight, keep your feet 1 meter from each other, put your hands behind your head, pull your elbows backwards and look straight forward. Now, present yourself!" The girls quickly got into position and I started my inspection. I started with Danielle. Her eyes were sublimely blue, I could look at her cute face with her nice long blond hair all day and be happy by just doing that.

Her breasts seemed larger without her bra, I estimated them to be cup C. Apparently she didn't shave, her armpits showed a small fluff of hair.

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Her nipples stood out firmly from her breasts and she had goosebumps everywhere, it probably was a little cold for her. Intoxicated I grabbed her breasts and kneaded them roughly.

After tweaking her nipples a bit I moved over to her ass. Her ass was nice and firm, not too large not too small. Her crotch had some nice blonde hair on it, but I decided that, just like her armpit hair, it would have to go. I moved on to Tessa. She was slightly smaller than Danielle. But even though they were only fraternal twins, not 1-egged twins, she looked remarkably like Danielle. However, her eyes were green and she wasn't a blonde, but a brunette.

She was also slightly more tanned than her twin. Just like Danielle she didn't shave. Apperantly she was less cold than her sister as her nipples weren't hard at all, but I could fix that. I grabbed her by the neck and rubbed my other hand all over her body, from her crotch to her breasts. I noticed the sensations caused her nipples to quickly erect.

I grabbed a nipple, brought my mouth to hers and violently kissed her. I gave her nipple an extra pinch when our tongues touched causing her to moan softly in my mouth. "On the wall behind you you'll find a leather collar for each of you.

You will grab it and put it on. And remember, as long as I haven't given permission for you to relax, you will continue presenting yourself after done following my orders." While the girls were busy I grabbed two riding crops and two leashes from a cabinet on the other end of the room. When they were back in position I put the riding crops in their mouths and leashed them. Holding their leashes I told them to follow me on their hands and knees.

We walked through the house to the bathroom. It went a little slow, but watching them crawling behind me was a very nice view! When arrived at the bathroom I explained them their next orders: "Alright, take the kneeling presentation position.

If you can't guess what it is, it's the same as the other position, but on your knees." The girls quickly got into position. "This is the servant bathroom. Unless I order you otherwise, you may not use any other in the house. Furthermore, using the toilet requires my permission. If I'm asleep or otherwise occupied you will not disturb me, but wait at my side while presenting yourself. Once you've maintained that position for 15 minutes you will implicitly have my permission.

Understood?" "Yeshth masthte" They couldn't really talk with the riding crops in their mouths, but I was pleased they hadn't tried to take it out.

"I've noticed that both of you don't shave or wax your pubic hairs. This will not do. While employed by me you will have no hair on your body below your neck. You will wax any hairs you find on your body. Shaving is not allowed as I dislike stubble. On the sink behind you you will find all the items you'll need to start waxing.

I want both your bodies to be hairless in 10 minutes. This should be enough time, but you'll have to help each other and not be careful. Oh, and don't forget to keep this place clean.

There is a bin behind you." They quickly went to work. It didn't take long before the room was filled with small squeaks and yelps. Within ten minutes both girls were nice and smooth. It was time for another inspection! "Alright slaves, have you ever done a reverse bridge? If so, please take the reverse bridge position. Oh yeah, and make sure that your knees are spread again." Both girls nodded and got in their position. The reverse bridge position is a nice way to inspect the crotch of a slave.

Basically the reverse bridge is standing on your hands and feet, but with your back to the ground. It obscenely displays all the private areas.

I kneeled in front of Tessa. Where there was once a black bush was now bald red skin. I grabbed her labias and parted them revealing her pink insides. I then started slowly pushing a finger into her. She started squirming, but couldn't really do anything about it because of her position. She was quite dry but I started pushing in and out anyway. Once she started lubricating I stopped and moved on to Danielle. I took a quick sniff from my finger to smell some of Tessa's musky smell.

I repeated the process on Danielle. I noticed Danielle had a small red patch on her left labia. The waxing processes probably took a bit of skin with it. I pressed on it with my thumb causing Danielle to moan a little.

By this time both girls were getting increasingly restless. My perverse violation of their most private parts in combination with the unnatural position caused them to be quite uncomfortable. I grabbed their leashes and told them to follow me again. Eager to change position the girls got back on hands and feet and followed me. I took them to the lounge area, this time it would be pleasure time. I sat on a couch, ordered them to kneel and took the riding crops from their mouths.

"Alright, I remember that you were five minutes late at my house. That is not acceptable. I think 1 swat on each of your buttcheeks for each minute you were late would suffice. Do my lovely slaves agree?" Tessa replied angrily: "Look, we're already doing whatever you want. And now you're punishing us for something we couldn't do anything about? We were at the gate on time!" I smiled which made Tessa look even more angry.

I asked Danielle: "Hmm, your sister apparently forgot some rules. Could you remind me which ones?" "Yes master" She replied, earning her an angry look from Tessa. "She forgot to call you master and she spoke before given permission." "Well said and absolutely right! I think I'll have to double Tessa's punishment." Tessa, having learnt her lesson, asked: "Master?" I replied: "No, slave, not now.

Both of you, turn around and put your head on the floor, hands still behind your head and stick your ass up in the air. Make sure to spread your legs, I want to see your pussy during the punishment." They did as I said. I grabbed a riding crop and gave further instructions: "I will now punish you for your infractions. I expect you to count the swat's I have given you. I also expect you to thank me and ask for another after each blow.

As you're still learning I have decided to be merciful by using a riding crop instead of one of my other implements. The riding crop is the mildest of my implements. Let us begin".

I started whipping them with the riding crop. I made sure to hit the same place each time otherwise they would forget the lesson by tomorrow. Slowly there appeared a small reddening patch on each of their cheeks. Their voices were a delight to hear: "4, Thank you master, may I have another?", "5, Thank you master, may I have another?".

Once I was done with Danielle I continued with Tessa. When we arrived at her final swats she made this cute squeaking sound after each hit. At the end of the session the marks on Tessa were significantly redder. When I ordered them to turned around and resume the kneeling presentation position Tessa's face with mess with tears everywhere. "Now then, has either of you ever given a blowjob?" "No master" "Really? That's a surprise, I would think two young sluts like you would be at least past the 50 cock mark.

Has either of you seen a blowjob in a porno or something? Or do you at least know what a blowjob is?" "Yes master" "Good, you know the basics then. I'll go over a few specifics anyway to make sure you please me. A blowjob is all about my pleasure. Anything you do that decreases that pleasure will earn you punishment.

Anything you do that increases my pleasure is expected, even if it will be uncomfortable for you. Don't ever use your teeth or show lack of enthusiasm. Keep as much eye contact with me as possible, I want to look in your eyes as you suck my cock. A last note about my orgasm, my cum, my sperm, my jizz or however you would like to call it. It doesn't matter where I come, in your mouths, on your faces, on the ground etcetera but there will be one final destination: your mouths.

Once I'm done comeing, you will lick any cum that's not already in your mouths. Since you two are still inexperienced in the art of cock sucking I will guide you with verbal commands and my hands.

Be sure to do what I say" During my explanation the girls became whiter and whiter, they obviously didn't relish the thought of having my cock in their mouths. And having to search around for any sperm drops made it even worse! I took of my pants and underwear so that I could recieve a good blowjob. They stared intently at my hard cock. They probably were expecting something less hair than my cock, but that wasn't really my fault. I blame porn for giving unrealistic expectations.

I grabbed the camera I had placed here in anticipation of the upcoming event. I turned it on and started filming them. "Slaves, crawl here and give your master a good blowjob." They crawled over and came closer to my cock. I held it and brought it to Tessa's mouth. "Lick it." She opened her mouth and with a disgusted face sticked out her tongue and gave my dick a little wiggle.

I got angry and grabbed her nipple and pinched hard. She gave a scream as I said: "Look slave, I own you. Now put your mouth around my cock and start sucking or I swear, I will rip your nipple of".

I used my other hand to guide her head around my cock and only let her nipple go when I was satisfied with her trying. Danielle looked upon the scene with a scared expression. I told her to suck my balls. She did so with passion, probably scared I would pinch her too. I was enjoying the feeling of Tessa's mouth around my cock very much. She wasn't particularly skilled at it, but her virgin tongue had its own special appeal: It made it very easy for me to keep myself from cumming for quite some time.

I ordered them to swap places a few times. Danielle's mouth felt very different she used her tongue to give me more of a massage while Tessa gave me more of a tickling sensation. I decided to keep them sucking for as long as possible. Not really for my own pleasure, staying on the verge of orgasm can become quite frustrating after a while, but to humiliate them.

Whenever one became less enthusiastic I just pinched a nipple and they would be enthusiastically slobbering for another 5 minutes until I had to pinch them again. All the while they looked at me and the camera with combinations of hate, fear, humiliation, disgust and pain on their faces. When I looked at the timer on the camera I saw they had been sucking for about 47 minutes.

I decided that it was time to humiliate them a little more. I pulled Danielle from my cock and stood up from the couch.

I explained them what they would have to do next: "Well slaves, I must say I'm a little disappointed. It took you 50 minutes to get me to the point of orgasm. Lets hope the wait was worth it. Now, what I want you to do is press your lips together to create a hole I can fuck. While I'm fucking your mouths like that I want your heads to stay still, your mouths sucking and your tongues massaging my cock." They got in position and I started fucking their mouths.

It didn't take long before I felt my balls contracting for one of the best orgasms I ever had. With their eyes still intently looking at me they never noticed the sperm squirting from the tip of my cock. Satisfied I squeezed the last few drops of cum on the tongue of Tessa.

Her face quickly became disgusted, she wanted to spit it all out, but was afraid. "Why don't you swallow? How does it taste, my little slave?" I asked her. She swallowed slowly and replied: "I don't really like it master. It's bitter." I pinched her nipple again and corrected her: "I think you meant to say that you loved the taste and can't wait to have more fill your mouth.

Right? Say it." She meekly obeyed: "Yes master, I meant that I like the taste and I can't wait until you fill my mouth again." I turned their gazes to the thick globs of white cum which were spread over my shiny black floor. Their looked at the floor in horror as they remembered what I said about my cum, the floor and their mouths. "Well, luckily there is still some left. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we use Tessa's mouth as cum storage while Danielle licks my cum from the floor and deposits it in the cum storage." They resigned themselves to their fate.

Danielle started to slowly lick the cum from the floor and spit it out in the mouth of Tessa. I captured everything on my camera. Including very sexy closeups. Once I was convinced all the cum was from the floor I had Tessa spit half of her storage in Danielle's mouth. Next they had to swivel it through their mouths as if it were some very expensive wine. Only then did I allow them to swallow. I sat back on my couch and looked at their shell shocked faces. Danielle had some cum leaking from her mouth.

I didn't mind, it looked sexy. I noticed Tessa's right nipple, it was slightly darker than it should be. I then realized I had pinched her quite a few times more than Danielle and I always grabbed the same one. It would be quite sensitive the next day. "Okay sluts, I think we had a very fruitful first day.

I wish you could stay longer, but it's time for you to go. I'll see you tomorrow at 9." I stood up and left them as I made my way to edit this lovely video I just made. Just as I reached the door I heard a weak: "Master?" coming from Danielle. "Yes slave?" I replied.

"Who are you?" I laughed: "I think you just answered your own question."