Black Goes Deep in Mom

Black Goes Deep in Mom
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Greg had been chatting online with Amy for a few weeks. They met on xnxx, but soon discovered that they only lived twenty minutes away from one another.

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Greg was 36 and worked from home; Amy was 26 and unemployed, so they were often online at the same time during the day. Flirting led to cyber sex and exchanging a few sexy pictures. Both Greg and Amy were happy in their relationships, but wanted more sexually. Amy loved sex, and loved sex with her husband, but wanted to have much more sex than she was having.

Greg enjoyed sex with his girlfriend, but was most turned on by anal, which she refused to do. Greg suggested they meet up and take their relationship into reality, but Amy wasn't sure she wanted to really cheat. Greg was disappointed, but he still enjoyed chatting with her. They talked about what they would like to do with each other. She would let him do whatever he wanted, fuck her throat, pound her pussy, take her up the ass. He would hold her down and fuck her brains out, dominate her in the way she craved.

But it was just a fantasy. One day Greg was coming out of a hardware store when he happened to look across the street and saw a woman who looked familiar. Then he realized who it was. It was Amy, even prettier than she looked in her pictures. Greg couldn't believe it! He waited until she had walked down the block and then crossed over to her side of the street. He followed her from a distance until she reached her apartment and went inside.

It was one of those buildings where the stairs are all outdoors, so Greg was able to watch Amy go into the door to her apartment. Greg wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he didn't want to let this opportunity go to waste.

He signed on to yahoo messenger on his phone and waited a few minutes. Sure enough, Amy signed on a few minutes later. He messaged her and it started out like most of their conversations did. He asked how she was and they went through the normal small talk. Both claimed to be bored and horny. Then Greg veered off their normal script: Greg: What are you wearing?

Amy: A t-shirt and panties. Greg: Take them off. Amy: Is that an order? Greg: Yes. Amy: Ok, they're off. What else should I do? Greg: Where are you? Amy: in bed Greg: Lay down on your stomach with your laptop in front of you.

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Amy: Why? Greg: Just do it slut. Amy: I like it when you tell me what to do. I'm naked on my tummy. Greg:Put your hand underneath yourself and rub your clit. Spread your legs like you're about to get fucked. Amy: mmm, you're naughty today. All of this time Greg had been walking up the stairs of Amy's building. He tried the door, his heart pounding. It was unlocked!

He checked to make sure the sound was off on his phone and then opened the door silently.

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He walked in slowly and eased the door shut behind him. Greg: What do you want right now? Amy: To feel you here with me and do whatever you ask. Greg: I just went to the hardware store and bought some rope for a little home improvement project, but it's giving me some ideas. Amy: Oh really? Greg: How would you like to get tied up? Amy: The thought is really turning me on.

Greg creeped through the apartment and soon found the bedroom. Amy was lying naked, facedown, her back toward the door. Greg's cock was instantly hard looking at the girl in front of him. Greg: Do you want to get spanked. Amy: So badly, I wish you were here to spank me. Greg: Really? Amy: mmm, it would make me feel so good Greg slipped over to the bed and brought his hand down hard on Amy's naked rear.


She cried out in pain and surprise. He was on her in a second. He pushed her laptop aside and held her down on the bed, with one of his legs between hers so that she couldn't close them.

"Oh Amy, you turn me on so much," said Greg, "I can't wait to do all of the things we've been talking about." Amy was too shocked to reply. She didn't understand what was going on. Greg reached down and shoved two fingers into her sopping pussy. He pumped them in and out. Amy realized that this was the guy she had been chatting with. She had had countless orgasms while imagining being with him, and now it was really happening.

"How did you get here? I don't understand," stammer Amy. "Shut up slut," snapped Greg, "I'm going to give you the rough, nasty sex you've been craving." Greg continued to finger fuck Amy's cunt and began to work his thumb into her ass. Amy moaned in pleasure. She didn't quite understand what was going on, but it felt fantastic. Then Greg flipped her over forcefully.

He held her down on the bed and reached into his bag from the hardware store, pulling out some rope. How lucky it was that he had just made this particular purchase, as if the universe wanted him to be there. Greg tied Amy's arms above her head so that she couldn't escape. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off along with his t-shirt and his boxers.

Now he was just as naked as Amy, and she could see his huge hard on. "I'm going to fuck your throat, just like you like," Greg told Amy. They had talked about this a lot, but in reality she had never had it done to her. Amy was scared, but she opened her mouth.

He shoved his cock between her plump rosy lips and began to pump. He was quickly down her throat and thrusting away. Amy began to gag almost immediately, but did her best to power through it. She wanted to be the best little cock sucker she could be.

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She pulled in as much air as she could through her nose. Every now and then Greg would pull out of her mouth and let her gasp in a deep breath and then shove his cock back in. Amy's jaw ached, long strands of saliva fell down her chin, but it turned her on immensely.

Greg was so turned on my her submissiveness. He slowed down. He didn't want this to end so soon. Greg withdrew from Amy's mouth and looked down at her naked body. "Did you like that?" he asked. Amy nodded while she caught her breath. Greg pulled her legs apart to look at the holes he was about to enjoy.

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She was neatly trimmed and her pussy was dripping in anticipation. He started rubbing her clit and she spread her legs wider. Greg leaned down and started to lick. He pushed his tongue up and down and swirled it around her eager clit.

He pushed two fingers inside her, then three.

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He loved the way she shuttered as she enjoyed his touch. It didn't take long before she began to yell. "Oh my God, I'm cumming!" she shouted. Greg loved the the power he felt over her. She was his plaything and he could use her however he wanted and make her cum hard. He took his prick and shoved it into her cunt, which was still spasming from her powerful orgasm. He pushed her legs back toward her in order to fuck her slow and deep.

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"Do you like that, you little whore?" Greg asked. "What if your husband knew you were getting pounded by your online lover?" Greg ran his fingers through Amy's hair and then pulled hard.

Then sharp pain only heightened her passion. He continued to fuck her pussy, but they both knew where this was going. They had played out this scene so many times in chat.

It always ended with they same way. Greg pulled out of Amy's pussy. He spread her legs wide and scooped up some of the juices flowing from her cunt and rubbed them on her asshole. Amy smiled, she knew she was about to get what she desired most, a rock hard cock up her ass. Amy also knew how much Greg wanted this, and that turned her on more. Greg spent so much time begging his girlfriend to let him fuck her ass and she always refused.

To see the lust and desire in Amy's eyes as he rubbed the tip of his cock around her ass almost sent him over the edge. He plunged in, in one swift motion. Amy gasped, it hurt, but it also felt fantastic. Greg began to pick up the pace. Her ass felt fantastic, so tight around his cock. He pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her stomach, got on top of her, and pushed into her ass once again. In this position he could fuck her much harder.

He pounded her ass while she moaned into the bed, her hands still tied together. It wasn't long before Amy started to cum. She moaned and writhed on the bed and her ass contracted around Greg's cock. This sent him over the edge and he came hard, pumping his load up her ass. Greg pulled out and looked down at the cum dripping out of her gaping asshole.

It was a beautiful sight. He reached over to grab his phone and took a picture.

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He wanted to remember this glorious moment. Amy just lay there, totally spent. Greg was temped to leave her like that for her husband to come home to, but her thought better of it and untied her. "That was better that I ever imagined," said Amy. "But how did you find me?" "I have my ways," replied Greg, "and now that I know where you live you're going to submit to me whenever I want." He took his things and left.


He knew that he would be back again soon.