Two busty milfs lesbo sex hot pussy licking action

Two busty milfs lesbo sex hot pussy licking action
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Well it all started about a year after my father-in-law had died my wife was out to her moms house visiting when i had text her to see when shed be home "I want you" is what i get back. "Ok" i send back i get "Dont you want me too" "of course i do but you never text me stuff like that" I send back "well I am now so what do you think about it" i send "its nice i guess just not like you" then i get " that was mom i was in the bathroom" "oic" i send "I will be heading home around 10" she says "OK" I reply then i get another text and its my mother-in-law "Hay how did you like the text lol" she sends now my mother-in-law is a decent looking lady for 50 years old and as double D breast and about 150LBS "it was nice for a change" i tell her "Nice thats it i try to talk dirty to you and that all i get" she sends "Well to be honest I didnt know it was you first of all" i say "Would that have made a differance" she ask "ofcourse it would" i send "Is that a good diff or a bad diff" she ask "Prob a good diff lol how many guys can say there mother-in-laws talk dirty to them" i tell her "True i guess sense dad has been gone i have been so horny we fucked at least 5 times a week and now nothing" she sends "Oh i can see how that could suck" i say "Yeah i would show you how i suck lol" she send "Oh really" "anytime baby"she says "well tell me than" i say "Oh i would take that big cock in my hand and lick it up and down the shaft a couple times then i would suck your ball in my mouth and play with them for a bit then i would take the head in my mouth and suck it down to the base up and down up and down tell you cum all over"she says "Wow i didnt expect that"i say "Well you ask yes i did you can talk dirty to me anytime" I send "You better watch what you ask for" she sends "Yeah your rite but then again so should you lol" i tell her "Oh really we will see well the girls left a while ago so i goin to bed talk to you later bye" she says "K bye" and that all i hear from her for awhile.

Well we live about 40 mins away from my mother-in-law but i work in the town near her farm it a 5 min drive from my work to the farm.A couple days go by and im at work i work in a restarunt as them manager and that day she comes in for a bite and a little ice cream so i take my break and set with her we talk a little nothing out of the ordinary and the text conversation never came up.

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So i think it was a fluck and the last i would hear of it an hour later my phone gos off i look it her "I enjoyed our visit" she sends "yeah me to what you doin" i ask "just setin at home thinkin about you" she says "Me why me" i ask "well i just seen you and i was thinkin of our text the other nite" she send "What about it" i ask "just how nice it was to talk like that to a man again"she says "You can talk to me anytime you want hon" i tell her "Really" "sure anything for you all you have to do is ask" i send her "ANYthing" she replys "Anything for you" i tell her "are you sure" "yes ma'am anything for you" i send her "well how would you like me to take your big cock in my mouth and suck on it" she send "that would be nice what else would you like" i send "Mmmm how about you eat my pussy i loved it when dad ate my pussy" she send "Oh yeah baby id love to eat your pussy for you and then id suck on those big ol' tittys and nipples" i send "Man i would love that then you could put your big cock deep in my pussy and fuck me as hard as you can" she sends "Me to baby man how good that would be" i send "really" she sends "Oh yeah" I send "Well then why dont you stop out after work" she sends "What" i sent "you said you do anything for me" she sends "Your rite i was just in shock for a min lol" i sent "so you will" she ask "i guess i could but it will be pretty late i dont get off tell 12:30 or 1 though" i tell her "Thats fine with me if that what it takes to get my pusssy taken care of i will leave the door unlocked just cum in and wake me up" she sends "ok then i will see you in a couple hours" i tell her and i go back to work we get the restarunt all closed up and im out the door as fast as i can and im off to the farm i arrive about min and walk up to the door grab the handle it unlocked so i walked it shut the door.

I make my why back to her room and set on the edge of the bed and i reach up in the dark and put my hand on her ass wow its bare i wiggle her a bit And say "I'm here mom" she reachs over and places here hand on my leg "Why are your cloths still on" she ask "Oh i'm sorry mom" i say "well get them off" she demands So i stand up and strip down to nothing and set back on the bed she reachs over grabs my cock "Wow thats nice its just as big as i thought it would be" then she rolls forword and start to suck my cock like a mad woman and she deep throats the hell out of my cock then i reach over a put my hand on her pussy.

wow there i feel the best pussy lips i had ever felt long and big and with a bald pussy thay looked beutiful.


so i go down and suck on them and eat here pussy for all i am worth tell she has her first orgasm. man that was some good pussy then i work my way up to her big ass tittys and suck them like a new born baby then i crawl up and lay my cock between them and push them togather and slid my cock in and out in and out for a good ten min.

I work my way back down and line my 8in cock up with that pussy hole i look down and see her pussy lip laying over my cock like a blanket over the tip and i shove it in and hammer her pussy in and out in and out for about 15 min soon i roll her over on her nees and and she burys her face in the pillow and i put my cock in her twat and go to town on it man what a nice change from my wife so i pump in and out for 5 or 6 min then i roll her on her side with one leg between mine and push the other one up to her chest and start pounding her herder and harder faster and faster in and out and with that she starts to cum on my cock just then i start to cum in her pussy.

i collaps on to the bed she comes over and sucks my cock dry. but with that it comes right back to life i havent done that sense i was 19 yrs old but here i was with a hard on again so i pull her up to me she strandles me and gos to riding my cock i pull her down so i can suck on them big ass tits then i turn her around to the revurse cowboy and she start to ride i put my finger in my mouth get one of the wet and spred her ass cheeks find her asshole and work my finger in then back out slowly and build pace.


I pull it out and wet up another and work two in as she start to fuck my cock my fingers are workin in and out over and over tell i feel it again and just then she lets out a load moan and we both cum so hard the we both fall to the bed in exaustion. I get up get dressed she walks me to the door we kiss i pat her on the ass and go home.

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On the way home i get a text from her "Not bad for an old woman" she says "it was great more to cum i hope" i say "you bet there will be anytime" she tells me I get home and as i come in the bed room underdress crawl in bed and for some reason my wife jumps on me and fucks me 2 more times that nite wow what a nite.

If you like this and want to hear more about this tell me and i can continue the story

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