Hot shemales Nina Lawless and River Stark fucks each others ass

Hot shemales Nina Lawless and River Stark fucks each others ass
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My stepmother has always seemed to me to be just the sweetest, kindest most beautiful person in the whole world. My real mother had tragically died in a road accident when I was little more than a baby, and Dad remarried less than a year later. My stepmother, or Mom, as I've always called her, has in reality been the only mother I have ever consciously known. Sadly, Dad was always a simply grotesque parody of a human being: a drunk, mean, mistrustful, dominating bigot, who's only real pleasure in life was putting down the confidence of those around him.

He proclaimed himself as a 'self-made man,' someone who had come from a poor background and made lots of money in business, in his case as a building contractor. Yes, he was good at making money, and at golf, but apart from that the way I could best describe him was as a twenty four carat gold cunt. Mom, my older sister, and me, were totally dominated by his overbearing, control-freak ways. I suppose, in retrospect, it could be said that Mom should have stood up to him, or to have left him, but maybe it really is true that if a person is told enough times that they are valueless then they perceive them self this way?

Anyway, Mom's warm, outgoing nature was gradually eroded, and although she was always a kind, loving person, over time she changed into what he wanted her to be: an introverted, ultra conservative type person, whose life merely revolved around the home and pandering to his every whim.

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My sister and myself basically just hated him, but probably, in truth, inherited enough of his confidence, or better put arrogance, not to become worn down by him as Mom had. My sister left home to go to University when she was eighteen, and that was pretty much the last any of us saw of her for years.

She had escaped, the wise girl. Myself, well as I entered my mid-teens I began to stand-up to his constant verbal bullying. This went down so well that after an argument on my sixteenth birthday, he threw me out of the house. Mom sneaked behind his back and paid the rent for a bed-sit.

Things were hard for me for a while, but hell, I was young, strong and cocky, and I always got by ok in the end, whatever scrape I got into, and there were quite a few of them.

I'd always been interested in cars as a kid, my luck was good and by the time I was twenty four I was co-owner of a small but pretty successful garage. I had a nice, two bedroom rented apartment near a quiet beach and a few notes to fill my pockets on a night out. Life was sweet. I liked a lot of women and a few of them liked me in return. Nothing serious, just partying, having fun. I loved sex and disliked commitment. way it was. I always kept in touch with Mom, mainly by phone but occasionally we would meet for a meal.

I felt bad for her, she felt masses of guilt over my eviction, although it was none of her doing. To an extent I shared her in obvious dissatisfaction and pain.

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Sweet and caring as she was, and despite doing everything she possibly could for my Dad, this was a woman who was never, ever paid any compliment, bought flowers or even a meal out, unless it was to help entertain his business partners. Try to persuade her as I would, she would never countenance leaving him. Call it what you will, the love she must have had for him, the way he totally controlled her, or her chronic lack of self-esteem, she was in a rut with him, and she would not do anything to get out of it.

Looking at her was ever like watching a butterfly trapped in the grip of a calloused human hand. Well, the drink, as it does, found him out in the end, and he left her a widow at forty six.

Naturally I never went to the funeral, although I may get round to pissing on his gravestone one of these days. The will was a surprise. Obviously me and my sister got nothing. Mom got the house and a very small pension. The business and his obscene pile of cash in the bank went to. a secret 'second' family.

Yes, the bastard was cheating on Mom for years. Still, at least it meant we didn't have to sneak around to meet any more, and I started to visit the house quite a bit. I was worried about her at first, she was too set in her introverted ways, but with encouragement she began to move out of her old narrow rituals, and began to take an interest back in the big wide world.

Mom took a volunteer job in a charity bookshop, started going to painting and computer classes and with her kind personality made some new friends. Gradually her confidence came back. Mom started going on trips out with her new friends. As she was a voluptuous, very attractive woman, I used to tease her, saying that she was dating men. This would always make her blush. "I'm not interested in new men Son," she would say, "You're the only man in my life." I wasn't so sure though, sometimes there was a certain gleam in her eye when we were out together and a good-looking guy was near.

And sure enough, one warm summer morning when I went to call on Mom before work an unfamiliar man drove out of the front gate just before I entered it.

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Mom was in the driveway waving him a farewell. "New boyfriend Mom?" I asked her, laughing, although in truth a large part of me was frankly jealous. "Well," she stammered, seeming unsure.

"It was a guy I met at art class. He's a nice man. He asked me out for dinner, and we have had a relaxing time together, but I don't think we will meet up again for another date." "Well Mom, why not?

You liked him enough to have him stay over." Mom looked embarrassed at this, before attempting an explanation. "Look Son, you were encouraging me to date again, and we all have our needs. Yes, I did want to go to bed with him, and I did, but to be honest it wasn't the greatest of nights if you get my drift." I laughed a bit at this and she joined me.

"What was the problem Mom, wasn't he up to the job?" "No," she replied, "He was a bit older than the men I tend to like (in the brief glimpse I had of him he didn't look any older than Mom), and." she then wiggled her little finger in a rather descriptive way.

We both cracked up laughing. It seemed that Mom was something of young man admirer and a latent size queen to boot! "What about you Son, are you seeing anyone regularly?" I was, although it was just another fun fling rather than anything serious.

"No Mom, you're the only lady in my life," I replied, in a mock serious voice. She then looked deeply into my eyes, as if searching for the answer to an unposed question. Well, now this was interesting. Very interesting.

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In fact all manner of half-buried thoughts sprung forth in my always active imagination, and I could feel my cock harden and press against the zipper of my jeans. She knew me better than any person on this earth and sensing something she looked down to my bulge. She smiled almost inadvertently, but then turned away and put the kettle on.

I knew there was a massively strong emotional connection between us, but physical attraction was there too, even if it ever was under the surface and overtly unacknowledged by either of us.

While Mom made some coffee, I kind of mentally debated with myself. Fuck it, I thought, lets run with this and see where it ends, however it ends. "Mom, this weekend, I'm going to a rock festival in the South West.

It's not a big one, but it's a good one. My friend Dave was coming but he has to work now. I've got a spare ticket and a good tent. Come with me, there will be plenty of good music, drinking and partying, whatever takes your fancy really." Mom actually looked quite thrilled to be asked, but hid it in her reticent response.

"Son, I'd love to but everyone will be way younger than me." "That's rubbish," I responded. "There will be plenty of people your age, and older there. Mom, just come along with an open mind, we'll have great fun. Just try to change your dress sense a bit please." Mom still dressed the way Dad had like her to; hiding her curvaceous, buxom figure in ultra conservative flowery dresses or shapeless, baggy garments, anything that hid her full figure basically. She seemed to think about it for a few seconds, then hit me with her killer smile.

"Ok, I will come, with an open mind and a different dress sense. Maybe it's time I lived it up a bit, God knows I've spent long enough being Mrs Respectable. You're warned!" Mom exclaimed. "Cool Mom," I responded, "I'll pick you up about nine o'clock on Saturday morning." With that I drank the last of my coffee and left for work. I had recently bought an old vintage Morgan sports car cheaply at an auction, and had restored it to top condition.

I was itching to give it a good run out. When Saturday came it was a glorious day, warm and cloudless even quite early in the morning. I retracted the car's hood, stuck a Clash CD in the player and drove to Mom's. When I got there, sheesh, was I in for a sweet surprise! Mom, sweet conservative Mom, appeared from the house as I entered the drive with a big wholesome grin on her face. On the ground near her was a bulky rucksack. Her hair was shorter than usual and newly cut into a kind of long bob style.

Normally a neutral mid brown colour, it had been dyed almost black with a few vividly contrasting red streaks. She wore a black bikini top which did little to hide her massive, and I mean seriously MASSIVE boobs. Sure, I always knew she was a busty woman but Christ, nothing like this!

Her nipples were hard too, and erect and HUGE, pushing out proudly from the flimsy material. My jaw was on the floor. There was a bit of a roll of spare flesh on Mom's stomach, but so what, she looked magnificent. My stomach knotted and I felt my breathing become fast and shallow. Mom was also wearing extremely high cut ripped jeans shorts. Her legs were long, smooth and toned. They were beautiful; they would have outshone a professional dancer. She turned away from me, bent to pick her rucksack up and I got the great view of her full, jiggly round butt cheeks.



I took the rucksack off of Mom and put it in the boot. Mom gave me a hug, pushing her soft boobs against my chest, and a quick kiss on my lips.

"Well Son, what do you think of your mother's new look. Good enough for you?" "Mom, you look great, you're beautiful. The only problem is I'm going to be fighting men off of you all weekend!" We shared a laugh, got in the car and set off, with The Clash still doing their thing on the player.

The festival was set right out in isolated countryside, about four hours drive away. We drove for about an hour before pulling into a busy roadside café for coffee and a full late breakfast. When Mom walked over to the rest room there were plenty of lustful eyes on her. On her way back to the table one cheeky character even failed in an attempt to get her phone number.

"That's going to happen all weekend Mom, especially once any guys at the festival figure you as single," I told her. "Well, you invited me Son, so I guess in a way we're on a date and I'm therefore not single or available to any other man. There's ways of making that perfectly clear to others Son." Jesus, I was a mass of conflicting emotions. Guilt, lust and love were right there with me, a couple of others too probably. Ever since I can consciously remember I've loved Mom, loved her very deeply, but lust, well I guess it had been there for a number of years, but buried deeply enough to have only risen very recently.

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Now it was raging, burning. Mom was showing me the green light, pretty much obviously so. If, or more likely, when, things went to the only logical next level, I guess I knew how i would respond. Some things pull deeper than the constraints of conventional morality. We chatted in an easy, amiable way on the rest of the drive, although it was pretty difficult for me to maintain concentration on the road with Mom's ripe mature flesh practically spilling out next to me.

My Mom, forty six years old and hot as hell! The festival site was pretty packed when we arrived early in the afternoon. A rock band was running through some old favourites semi-competently as I parked the car up and erected the tent.

I poured Mom a large glass of her favourite chilled wine I had brought in the cooler and began to inflate two double mattresses. Mom was swaying gently to the beat of the music as the alcohol hit a touch, those massive boobs looking as though they could burst free from her bikini top at any given moment.

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She turned and looked at me. "Two mattresses Son. Surely we only need one. It might get cold tonight and we will need to snuggle up together to keep warm." A charming thought, although as we were smack in the middle of a rare heatwave cold was not likely to be any problem. "Sure thing Mom," I replied, starting to get semi-hard. As the afternoon wore on, the heat became increasingly intense. We shared some more wine and moved down to the spread out crowd, near the stage.

There was plenty of pot, booze and pills around, pretty much what you would expect. Most people wore very little.

The guys were mostly just in shorts, and a lot of girls in bikini tops and a few topless. Mom threw her hands around my neck, mine went to her waist and we danced to the rhythm of the music.

At times, when Mom looked at me with her soulful green eyes, it felt almost as though we were the only people in the world, despite being in a crowd of some thousands. Mom moved in close, sometimes her bullet hard nipples were crushed firm against my chest. She was getting plenty of lustful looks. At one point a quite drunken young man dancing near us, leered over at me.

"Shit man," he said, with admiration in his face, "You are one lucky motherfucker to have her." We danced away like this, locked together for a long time, mostly looking in each others eyes with intensity. Or closing our eyes and kissing slowly, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. Falling deeper in love by the second. Eventually, we left the stage area hand-in-hand and retreated back to the food and drink stalls.

I went back to the tent and got a blanket. Mom purchased some bottles of cold beer and hot food. I rejoined her and we walked to a peaceful spot, then sat on the blanket which I lay on the ground. Mom ate some spicy noodles, I had beef strips with stir fry vegetables in an oyster sauce.

Delicious. This area became progressively less quiet as it became more an improvised 'party' area. A cheer suddenly went up as young black woman of about twenty, who was totally naked, danced around extremely energetically with her large tits flopping about, swinging her shorts and top around her head. A much older black guy with a short greying beard, almost pissing himself with laughter, then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He lay her on a blanket near to us and they kissed.

The old guy was enjoying rolling the girls big nipples in his fingertips. The girl, who looked happy, then jumped back to her feet and started dancing again. Mom actually appeared to be ogling her. Mom's eyes were like wide saucers. I lay on my back with my hands behind my head. The beer was kicking in a bit and I felt an incredible buzz. Mom stopped her voyeur act then lay flat on top of me, kissing me deeply. My cock was grinding against her crutch as that soft curvaceous body smothered me with its femininity.

We broke the kiss and Mom looked me in the eyes. "I love you Son." As we glanced around more and more women were topless, and a few totally naked. "Wow," Mom said. "Look at them, their happy faces, their sense of freedom." "Well Mom, maybe you should join them. You've got it, why not flaunt it?" Mom laughed and took a big sip of beer, draining a bottle.

"Maybe when I've had another of these," she said. I uncapped another and handed it to her. We got back to the close dancing as the music and free atmosphere wrapped around us like a foggy night in London.

Quite suddenly Mom stopped moving. "Wow, oh my God. Look at that Son, they're actually having sex!" The black couple on the blanket near us were going at it hard. The girl was bouncing up and down on the older man, her tits flying about. She was moaning out loud. Then the guy lifted her clean off what was a very long cock, positioned her on her hands and knees, got behind her, re-entered her and slammed away hard, now and again slapping her full butt cheeks.

The girl was total wanton, absolutely uninhibited, crying out, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME DADDY." Then she gave out a high pitched wail.

Her spine arched back for a few seconds and she sort of fell forward onto her elbows.

He carried on slamming her hard and fast before grunting out himself and staying still, obviously flooding her young pussy with cum. Mom was literally all eyes. There was also a tangible heat emanating from her body, and another smell, a very singular smell, a totally womanly smell. The truth of it was that Mom was like a bitch in heat. She pulled me up to my feet and we looked around us.

We weren't the only audience that cool couple had. The girl got to her feet as the guy, almost panting out of breath, laughed. She danced around, totally free, immersed in a kind of personal ecstasy. She was only a few feet away feet from us. Her pussy was shaved bare and cum was seeping from it, coating her upper thighs. "Now or never," Mom said in my ear.

Suddenly she was away from my grip pulling her shorts and a pair of cute white cotton panties off over her feet. Mom stood, revealing a cute thatch of dark pubic hair, then unclipped her bikini top and threw it clean away. Those absolutely massive, mature womanly tits, topped by huge, erect dark red nipples, sprung free. With their size and her age they hung down quite low but truth to tell she was the most breathtaking, exciting thing I have ever observed in my entire life.

Mom danced around free and wild, with absolute abandon, playing with her own astonishing breasts. She drew plenty of attention. People nearby were whooping and whistling at her, calling out compliments and suggestions. Mom, still dancing, came to me, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She shouted at me: "I love you Son." My previously repressed, oppressed, ultra conservative Mom then dropped to her knees, undid the button on my denim shorts, downed the zipper, cupped my big, full balls in her palms, licked pre-cum from the head of my pulsing, thick eight inch cock, looked up into my eyes, then sucked me down, enveloping me in the warm moistness of her silky mouth and throat.

She sucked me deep like a mini hoover, fondled my balls then bobbed her head up and down. I leant down, gripped her dark hair hard either side in my hands and slowly fucked my beautiful Mom's sweet, full-lipped mouth. As I pushed my length back and forward, I felt that familiar build up of tension as my balls contracted.

Mom stilled my thrusts and simply sucked me hard, like my cock-head was a lollipop. I was ready to blast huge waves of cum. I pulled back. "Mom I'm going to cum now!" She kept her lips around the tip of my cock-head, swallowed the first two blasts then moved her face back a touch but allowed more shots to coat areas of her face. Some cheers went up; the audience seemed happy. My mind was temporarily blown.

My Mom had just sucked me off in front of a cheering crowd! "I love you Son," she said once again, her lovely face dripping with my cum. Mom then scooped cum off her chin with her right index finger and with a smile licked it into her mouth with her tongue. Bizarrely and suddenly, the young black girl appeared and flung her arms around Mom's neck, before diving into a full on kiss!

Mom sort of grunted with surprise but didn't pull back as they slurped audibly. The girl then drew back a touch and literally licked up the cum on Mom's face like a cat going at a saucer of cream. When she had cleaned Mom up to her apparent satisfaction, she kissed Mom briefly and disappeared into a crowd. The incident was totally surreal. I sat back down with Mom on the blanket with Mom on my lap. We kissed, and while our tongues danced slowly together I ran my hands over the opulent delights of Mom's enormous breasts.

"I love you Mom," I told her, then I rose, gathered up our clothes under one arm, and with the other pulled her up with me and hoisted her onto my shoulder. Both now totally naked, I strode past the crowd, several of who were now actively publicly fucking, and made my way carrying Mom back to our tent.

The very same grinning drunken young man who I had encountered near the song stage earlier addressed me again. "Hey, way to go motherfucker." By the time we made it into the tent, my cock was totally pumped again, so much so it was almost painful. My balls, despite recently providing wads of cum for Mom's mouth and face, felt heavy and swollen and I now felt a certain aggression.

I lay Mom down onto her back onto the inflated double mattress and stared down at her, aware that I must have had just the most evilly lustful look on my face.

The night was stealing the last sun from the dying day. I switched on a portable light. I wanted to see everything as well as taste it, feel it and savour it. My uncut cock was sticking out like an angry truncheon with the foreskin peeled back, and my need was beyond any affectionate hugs or extended foreplay. "Draw your knees up a bit and spread your legs Mom.

I want to see your cunt now!" Mom looked a touch shocked at my tone of voice and overt aggression but did as she was commanded. I noticed for the first time just how thick her dark pubic hair was. "Pull your cunt lips wide now Mom, I want to see more pink!" I shouted. She did as I demanded, opening up her ripe wet love tunnel.

I eased on top of her, slipped my hands under the back of her shoulders and slid my cock balls deep inside her. She was hot and wet, oh so very wet.

I screwed her hard and fast and deep; I really pumped Mom. I eased back when I sensed I was close to cumming in her. Mom took some initiative and reversed our positions with her on top.

She rode me at her own pace, sometimes slowly, grinding her hips in a circular fashion; sometimes fast and harshly, literally bouncing up and down on me. Her massive tits were flopping around all over the place and she was calling out all the time with words such as: "Fuck me Son.

Fill your mother's hot cunt. Claim me Son, cum in me and on me, cum in my pussy and mouth and on my tits. Love me Son, claim me, make me your possession." Her steaming hot, dripping wet, velvet glove of a cunt squeezed and massaged my cock. We fucked the whole night. The only time we stopped was for a couple of minutes after each time I came to drink beer, or hug, or to tell each other of the emotional and physical love we felt.

I loved her totally, in every way. I shot more love juice than I'd have previously thought possible. Mom came too. She came wailing and screaming and she came silently with her whole body balling up with tension.

She came telling me that she loved me. I fucked her in every way. I came in Mom's sodden cunt. I came in her soft warm mouth. Mom wanted to give me everything. At her request I fucked her virgin asshole. As I slammed it I told her I loved her and would love her forever, before leaving it raw, sore and full of cum. I shot wads on her tits and rubbed it into a cream. She cleaned my cock totally with her tongue after each time I erupted, sucking my softening tool tenderly until it was hard again.

In the middle of the night, at my request Mom removed of all her pubic hair using my shaving gear. I asked her to, so, "I can see more of your beautiful cunt Mom." It was better too, giving a great unrestricted view of her unusually large clit.


A clit that begged kisses, licks and circular finger caresses. As dawn broke, more vivid light flooded the tent. Utterly spent, I lay my head down between Mom's vast soft cleavage. She stroked my hair, then eased a massive nipple into my mouth. I fell asleep this way, suckling on her. That weekend was six months ago. We live with each other now, and I believe our love to be unbreakable.

We fuck all the time too, with no taboos; nothing off-limits. The black couple we encountered at the festival later became our good friends: Clyde and Tiana; father and daughter. Sometimes they come and stay with us. I love Tiana's sweet, tight cunt and Mom loves Clyde's long cock and skilled ways. Oh, and she loves Tiana's sweet, tight cunt too; probably even more than I do!

Last weekend I dropped to one knee and asked Mom to be my heart wife, and she agreed with tears of joy in her eyes. I bought her a gold ring today.

Clyde will be best man and Tiana matron of honour in our own private ceremony. Mom and I will marry naked then fuck all night. Life; despite all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, can still become a wonderful thing.