Pretty legal age teenager in a crazy action

Pretty legal age teenager in a crazy action
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In the back of the cab back to my apartment I drew her close and kissed her again. I gently ran my black fingers through her lovely scented honey-golden blonde hair and down to the nape of her neck, which I held tenderly as our tongues caressed.

Our lips gently sucked and slurped together. Her name was Shannon and she'd approached me earlier in the bar. She'd been out with friends, one of whom had been celebrating her engagement. My friends and her friends had all began talking, and there was an attraction between Shannon and I right from the off.

after a few more beers had gone down, she became bolder and we began larking about, openly flirting with one another and she actually reached out her hand and gently ran it down my muscly arm and across my chest.

I should have probably mentioned before that I am a real gym-freak if that's the right word, I religiously work out 4 or 5 times a week, and many girls have commented on my muscly physique, of which I am hugely proud. I am of african-american descent and have attracted and slept with several women, both black and white based on my physique.

I'd just returned from a holiday in Jamaica, where I'd ran and worked out everyday and I was feeling particularly fit. The sun had darkened my already black skin to almost ebony, and I was feeling recharged and relaxed. My physique is what attracted Shannon she told me later, and as I say, after she'd had a few beers she became bolder and actually reached across to me and ran a small soft white hand across my ebony arm, lingering long enough to feel the tense sinewy muscle.

The contrast between her soft, white, ivory skin and my ebony upper arm was amazing in the dark bar. We began playfully caressing more and eventually we kissed. The kiss was almost over before it began, a quick peck on the lips, but I think it sealed the deal. After a few more drinks the music became louder and we stood closer together, talking and almost shouting into each others ears. I was taking in her beautiful figure as we talked.

She was 28 or maybe 30 and she wore a tight little black dress which was holding in a pair of perfectly sized breasts that proudly pointed at me as we talked.

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She had a firm ass and slender thighs, which ran down to toned calves and sleight, fragile little ankles that ran into black high-heeled shoes.

Her perfectly brushed golden blonde hair danced on her shoulders as she talked and laughed and her make-up was flawless - just enough but not too much - with rich scarlet lipstick on her sexy little mouth. Her next question shocked me, though I've been asked it before. "Is it true what they say about you black boys?" Shannon giggled.

"And what is it they say?" I laughed back. "About you all having big, you know." she paused and laughed, a little embarrassed. I let her of the hook, "You mean being big downstairs?" I grinned.

I thought for a second, and as we'd been flirting outrageously I dropped in the killer line. "I guess there's only one way for you to truly find out once and for all, isn't there?" I almost regretted the question as soon as I'd said it, but she just laughed.

"I guess there is," she said. Now we're all aware of the black man myth, but I am proud of my cock. It is probably 8 or 9 inches when fully erect, and it does have a fat girth. Though that said, back in my football days in the showers I had several white team mates with comparable cocks. A few girls have taken to their heels in the past when they've seen mine, thinking it is too wide and will hurt them, but most manage to get some of it inside their pussies and seem to have had a good time doing so!


She then lent over and actually began rubbing my crotch. As her soft white hand rubbed against me, somwhere my cock stirred in my jeans. She gasped, almost mesmerised at the task in hand but continued her gentle, sexy little up-and-down motion. Her fingers trying to trace the size and outline of my member.

She gave me a sexy little kiss on the lips, and then whispered into my ear possibly the sexiest words I've ever heard. "I've just simply got to see, your cock feels awesome. I've never been with a black man, never been taken by a black lover. I need to see what you have, I just have to have you, Shannon wants to have her first black cock".

So there we were, Shannon and I in the back of the cab. Making out like crazy. I slid a hand up under her dress between kisses, and pushed her lacy panties to one side with a thick finger to give me access to her pussy. I plunged a black finger, and then two into her sopping hole making her gasp and arch her body closer to me. She felt soft, warm, inviting. The velvety walls of her vagina and her pussy lips clung to my probing fingers, beckoning me in, urging me to probe deeper.

I pulled out of her pussy with a little squelch, and sucked on my finger smelling and tasting her musk. She sucked my finger also, gladly tasting her own fluids. Her pussy was ripe for fucking when we arrived at my apartment, I got out the cab first and paid the driver. I helped her out after me and she came out pulling her dress down over her modesty. She slipped off her high heels and walked bare-foot across the parking lot of the building holding my hand. Her ivory white skin shone like silver in the moonlight, and i began to look forward more earnestly to being her first black man.

I led her straight into my bedroom, and the kissing started again. We were making out like crazy as i slipped her dress off of her allowing it to fall onto the floor. I drank in the sight of her beautiful body for the first time. She was bra-less, and her two perfect sized tits stood jutting out proudly, with 2 pink nipples pointing right at me. My eyes went down over her slender waist to her pussy, pink, puffy and swollen after our making out in the cab.

Her pussy had just a small, neatly trimmed strip of soft, downy, honey-golden pubic hair.


We kissed again and she pulled off my t-shirt. She ran her gentle white hands over my dark, black sculpted chest, gently tracing the muscles.

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She kissed them hungrily, her tongue making little rings around my nipples. "I've got to see your cock, your big black cock," she gasped tugging at my jeans, trying to rip them off of me.

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I was hard as iron for this panting young white woman by this time, and as i slipped off my jeans my thick, black dong sprang up like an iron bar from my loins to its full proud 9 inches and it's wide, round girth. She fell to her knees, gently cooing and sighing, mesmerized by its menacing size. She held it in two hands, curving her slender white fingers around its base holding it almost like a baseball bat.

She began kissing it, slurping on it, almost worshipping it, in an almost trance-like state. She tried to get as much of it into her sucking mouth as she could; she managed about 4 or 5 inches because of its fat girth but she bobbed her blonde head gently back and forth, up and down on my ebony shaft "MMMmmmm, that's it baby, you suck Jamal's cock good.

that's right darlin'. you suck it hard. you make it nice and hard so l can fuck your tight little, pretty white pussy." I just stood there, my feet slightly apart as this stunning blonde woman went to work on my dick.

I was feeling really horny as hell by this time, and I wanted to plunge my dick into her and give her what she so badly craved, her first black cock. I stood her up and laid her on the bed on her back.

She spread her legs wantonly and propped herself up on her elbows to watch as my immense cock approached her tight little pussy. "Oh Jamal, stop! Stop now! Put a condom on!" She was almost pleading with me, begging me to stop. "Baby, let me try just a little bit. don't you want to feel your first black cock inside you?" I pushed the tip of my charger gently at the swollen lips of her pussy, parting them slightly, making her gasp again.

"Come on baby, take my big black cock up into your sweet little pussy," I gently encouraged her. all the time I was nudging the tip of my ebony cock at her soft, pink opening. "No," she sighed.

I can't. I can't let you do this to me. please". "C'mon baby, just a little bit and I'll pull right out", I encouraged her.

She threw her head back against the pillow, her blonde hair splayed over the bed. She gave in to me. Surrendered. "OK, just a little bit, but pull straight back out," she insisted. She'd surrendered herself to me, surrendered her pussy to me. And i was gonna make the most of this good fortune, a beautiful, blonde, wanton, white girl, who craved me.

I pushed my cock on to it's goal and the fat tapered head wedged the beautiful pink lips of her pussy apart. She was gasping and moaning, and began to writhe against me. Her soft white breasts mashed into my chest as I eased my cock into her flooding pussy, inch by ebony inch.

Suddenly she bucked hard against me, threw her head back and brayed with delight, as an intense orgasm tore through her body making her shudder.

"Do you want me to stop Shannon? Have you had enough black cock? Or do you want me to fuck you hard, fuck you properly, like a bitch? Do you want me to pound hard at that little pussy?" "N-n-no." she sighed.

"Fuck me, Jamal. fuck me hard. fuck me with that big black cock, give me everything you got, you bastard!" She was having the time of her life thrashing about on me, and I wasn't even all the way inside her! I continued to violate her whiteness, as I pushed onwards into her slowly, allowing her beautiful pussy to adjust to my vast size as I went.

Her hole was slurping and squelching around me as I pushed onwards into her. She felt soft and inviting around my cock, her soft velvety pussy walls clung to me as the elasticity of her vagina spread to welcome me. Eventually, I was only about 2 inches from having my full length in her and I felt she couldn't take much more. She asked me to pull out, so she could go on top. She obviously felt she wanted to take all of me, and was totally relaxed with the job at hand.

I pulled out of her making her tight little pussy squelch. I took her in my muscly ebony arms, and this delicate, soft, beautiful white woman climbed on top of me reaching a hand down to aim my cock at her pussy and ease it gently in. I marvelled again at the sexy contrast of her ivory, lilly-white skin and my own black flesh as she slid more easily this time down my shaft.

Again, at two inches to go she stopped to recover to my size and began a little rocking motion designed to open herself further for me. She was panting like a bitch as she rocked, and a small tear trickled down her face. I french-kissed her deeply, and with a final little squelch her pussy surrendered to me fully and she slid down over the last couple of inches and was sitting flat on my lap, the tip of my cock somewhere deep in her abdomen.

"Oh my god, she sighed. I can feel you in my stomach. You feel so big inside me baby. Now fuck me hard. fuck me you bastard." I rolled her over onto her back while I ws still inside her, and placed a slender white ankle on both my shoulders as I began to ravish her. Slowly at first, gently, tenderly. Then the big, black, chieftan warrior awoke in me as I began to pound her harder and harder. My breaths began to come in ragged gasps as the onslaught to her tight little pussy continued.

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Sweat poured out of me, making my skin shine like polished ebony and still I fucked her. Harder and harder and harder. She was writhing against me, her hips rising up to meet my brutally hard thrusts, as my black balls made a slapping sound against her own groin as my black african pubic hair kissed her own soft downy blonde strip with every bang.

My thighs were pistoning hard against her, and she began to wrap her own legs around me, holding me tight on top of her not wanting the barrage to end. I ravished her for about 15 minutes without mercy, and then she began to cum. Another powerful orgasm jack-knifed through her body, making her pussy spasm and pulse around my pounding cock.

She writhed in ecstasy as I took her for my own pleasure. She cheered me on, urged me on almost, to my own bellowing orgasm. My huge black balls twitched and corded and a squadron of a million black warrior sperm flicked their tales one last time and swarmed into her helpless pussy, deep into her abdomen to lay siege to her defenceless white egg.


The hot blast of sperm fired into her, splashing every recess of her womb. My hips bucked hard against her again and again, with every twitch another squadron of hungry black sperm were blasted into her still-pulsing pussy.

After she'd recovered from her ordeal, we fucked 3 more times; once in the shower and twice more in the bed. She was less concerned about using condoms those times, and as she pointed out, the damage had probably already been done by then! I never saw Shannon again, I guess she got to experience exactly what she wanted - her first black cock - but it was probably the most memorable night of my life ever - every man's dream (be they a white man or a black man) to go into a bar, and go home with a beautiful blonde girl and have a night of wild, torrid sex.

The night I met Shannon she was out celebrating her girlfriend's engagement, and one of my buddies hooked up with one of the other girls who was there. I heard through the guy a year or two afterwards that Shannon had returned to her parents home in the midwest and given birth to two big twin black boys. Maybe they were my children, or it could be that I gave a beautiful young blonde woman a taste for black cock that gave her an insatiable appetite for more.

Maybe once you've had black, you never DO go back.