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Gostosas dan ccedil_ando funk AS ABUSADAS
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Hey guys. It's a really long time without posting and I know that. I don't even know if I still have readers out there. Anyway, there's the sixth part of the story.

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Enjoy. Here goes some considerations: - Even if there are some good conventional sex scenes and possibly a good dose of romance to come, this story tends to get darker as it goes. - I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error.

- All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 16 years old. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional story which has focus on slavery and rape, but not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading.

Cheers, A2O -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: A little help for your memory. - Gabrielle, the secretary, has just been introduced to Chace's real world, when he offered a test, getting through a full day of service with a large dildo inserted in her private parts.

- Erika, the teenager kidnapped by Chace at the beginning of the series, has just undergone her first session on the wooden horse, but that's not enough.

- Candy has just been bought by Chace from a man called The Kidnapper, and has its been introduced to the story. Chace McCartson - Part VI "So?" "Are you serious?" "More than I'll ever be." We were in the middle of a business meeting. As always we were at the director's board table, Andrew and me facing three others, damn aggressive business partners.

There were seven people in that room; everyone focused on what was happening, on the bargain, values, estimates, prices. Everyone but me. I was damn more interested in the brunette near the opposite wall, the girl that only I knew was squirming there, with a toy placed deep inside her, tied there by leather straps around her perfect thighs. Worst for her, I had the remote control in my hand and she knew it so, how could I pay attention to the meeting with that young lady looking at me, biting her lower lip, blushing and squirming while feigning professionalism?

Apprehension was all over her face. Sometimes she looked angry, sometimes afraid or worried, but she couldn't hide from me. Gabrielle, different from Erika, had a luscious vein. She wasn't innocent at all and knew exactly what I was doing to her.

Other big difference between the two was that this foxy brunette, for more antisocial, workaholic and introspective that she could be, had agreed with all of this. Things got weird, very weird. But, whatever, I was crazy to press the little switch. (CLICK!) She gasped so loud that every single person in the office looked at her. All that she could do was lean against the wall, her forehead sweat and her face completely red, trembling all over. Showtime.

"Gabrielle, are you alright?" I said getting up from my chair and sounding worried.

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"I'm-I'm ok!" She panicked when the whole room stared at her. She was trembling, her forehead was sweating and she barely could keep her eyes open. Everybody looked troubled when they noticed. It was like she was in some damn fever. But I knew better. "You're definitely not ok, Missy," I said getting close to her, "Andrew, take the lead for a moment, ok?" I took Gabrielle by her arm and escorted her outside, turning right as soon as we were out of sight and carrying her inside the deserted media room.

"Chace please turn it off!" She whispered flustered as soon as we came in. I turned her and pressed her against the wall, behind a big tripod easel with demonstrative graphics. "Already pleading, Miss Cohen?" I asked while using my chest to squeeze her against the wall.

She stopped for a moment, blinking frantically, trying to decide what to do. Her whole body trembling and breathing loudly. I squeezed her more, pressing my thigh between her legs and up. She tried to contain a moan. "Guuh. N-No Chace." She said with her hands up, like she was a felon caught in a police raid.

Her eyes never leaving mine. I was loving where this was going. I grabbed her shoulder length, chocolate colored hair in a pony tail with my left hand and I yanked back her head. Her little hands trembled in the air and she closed her eyes tight when she felt my right hand reaching for her groin. "Ahh. Gaaaaahhh. Nah-No-Chace, not here, not here please!" She pleaded. The room was dark, with the exception of the light coming in through the door, which I purposely left open.

"This is my company, Miss Cohen. I do what I want here." I said, while my fingers finally found her exposed clit and she almost convulsed, gasping and trembling even more, "The question here is, are you mine?" I pulled her hair even harder and positioned my face over hers, as my fingers started circling her pleasure button.

"Guuuuuuuhhh! Uuurrrrrrgh!" She groaned while contracting her gorgeous body and, beneath that black pencil skirt, her juices started to run down my hand. Her thighs closed tight, but unable to prevent my action. "Are you, Gabrielle?" I asked again turning my movements even more vicious, pressing her sensitive part against the vibrating dildo inside her. "Yeeees! Yeeeeeeeees Chace!

I'm yours! I'm all yours!" She more cried than said, trying to keep her tone down, but failing. I kissed her, which she responded voraciously, and I forced the dildo a little more inside of her. She groaned furiously inside my mouth and bashed my shoulders with the side of her fists in a practically fake attempt of resisting. Ten seconds, was the time I spent while resuming my lustful torture on her little clit to make her contort in a strong orgasm, while I muffled her screams with my mouth.

Gabrielle could barely keep standing when I let her go. The brunette leaned against the wall to keep from falling and her shapely legs trembled, slightly open and I crouched between them to remove the leather straps and the seven-inch black dildo. The moan she gave of pure post-orgasmic pleasure and relief almost made me threw myself over her like a lion and I sink in that wet pussy.

Literally dripping to the ground. "Now, Miss Cohen, you have five minutes to recover yourself and attend that meeting with me," I said while reaching my private drawer in that room and locked the dildo in there. "Ok, Chace," She answered while recovering her breath. "From now on, when we are in private, you'll call me master, got it?" "What if I don't?" She said with a glimpse of a smile showing at the edge of her perfect full lips. "I'll spank you, or worst." I said honestly, seriously and letting it ring.

She took yet another moment to think and I did my best not to force her answer, even if I had a meeting happening. "You're some kind of fetishist, aren't you?" She asked still a little breathless. "You can say so." "So you will hurt me, won't you? Eventually." She asked apprehensive, but not frightened at all. I took a deep breath and answered the truth, "Yes, I will." "Will I have you if I become your slave? I mean, really have you.?" She said and a little pool of tears formed in her chocolate colored eyes.

Jesus. She loves me this much?

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If I had at least a bit of decency I would stop this now. Gabrielle was ready to accept this just to have some kind of real relationship with me. Was I disturbed enough to accept something like that? "I will have you, I'll be your entire universe and we will have the most intense kind of affection I had ever known or felt." Yes, I was that disturbed.

"Then yes, master." My blood boiled in my veins. *** I took her in my arms, after those really appreciated (by me) fifteen minutes atop the wooden horse. Erika trembled all over, closing her legs tight trying to ease the pain in her reddened little pussy, looking at me apprehensively until she could figure out my mood and, when she saw joy all over it, her body relaxed and she rested her face on my chest again. "You did really well riding the horse, baby girl", I whispered on her ear.

She moaned "Thank you" in response, still recovering her breath. "You're welcome, and sorry, but I'm not done with you yet." It startled her completely, mainly when she noticed I was half way to the sex room. "But I'm. I'm so sore down there." She whimpers. "I know this," I say giving the last few steps to the bed, "Even so, you're going to beg me to fuck you rough, won't you?" I say tossing her to the red satin covered bed and she squealed.

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"Get in all fours for me." Erika whimpered again and, fighting her own senses, she turns her shaking body and kneels over the bed, just to bend down with both hands on the mattress.

Her heart-shaped ass was up in the air and her punished and reddened little pussy completely visible for me. I sat on the bed and take that little behind in my hands, caressing her. She couldn't stop trembling and that was so, so arousing. I bent a little and cup her little puffy lipped slit with my mouth. Erika gasped beautifully and moaned when I started to suck her tiny little fuck hole.

Her arms couldn't resist and her upper body fell into the bed. She was responsive to everything, sometimes moaning, sometimes almost screaming, while I licked her, and sucked her, and nibbled her hurt little cunt. Her crying was music to my ears. "Sit, babe." And when she does I lie in the bed.

"C'mon, you will do it today. Climb on top of me, facing me." I ordered and at first she looked at me completely scared, but soon enough she attend my request.

"Erika, do it yourself, open the zipper on my pants and put me inside you, c'mon." I ordered and the frail but perfect dark brown haired girl took a deep breath, looking at the bulge inside my pants with obvious fear with those bright blue and once innocent eyes, and put her tiny hands to work.

She unzipped my trousers and took my cock in her trembling tiny hands and it wasn't a problem for her, to my surprise. "M-Master. Sorry, sorry to ask b-but, can't I use my mouth instead? I'm hurt, please." She asked me with supplicating eyes. "Clever move, but no. Yet, I'd suggest you to do it either way, so I'll slide inside you easier." Erika sobbed and tears started to run down her cheeks again, "Yes, master." The girl shifted in bed and bent her head and engulfed the tip of my head in her tiny warm mouth, then moved up and down slowly, each time putting more of me inside of her.

"Ooohhh. Good job baby girl, but do it slower because if I come you're back to the wooden horse." She gasped in response and she put all she could inside of her mouth, the most she could without having to use her throat. "That's ok, now get on top of me again and put me inside of you, as deep as you can." Erika gasped afraid and, trembling, positioned herself atop of me again, straddling me, lifting her groin enough to the tip of my cock to touch her entrance then starting to lower herself really slowly.

When the bulbous head of my almost eight inches cock started to pressure the labia of her hurt and sensitive pussy, her arms and legs started trembling furiously, she sobbed painfully and closed her eyes tight. She tried once, twice. And at the third time, clenching her teeth, she was able to put my head in. The little girl groaned and her sweet face contorted in pain as soon as those puffy and red lips gave up and opened to let me in. Her heaving increased in speed as she tried to endure it and move slowly up and down, each time putting a little more of me inside of her.

She felt tighter than ever and the work I had with my mouth on her had been obviously serving well, as she was wet even being under so much pain and fear. Up and down she kept going, supporting herself with both hands on my chest, her arms trembling more than ever and tears rolling down her cheeks, falling between her perfect breasts and over me.

"Aghh.Ahhhh.Ouch." "Ohh. Just like this, little girl. Keep going." Soon I was almost completely buried inside her, only an inch or so was still out of her moist and absurdly tight slit.

That's when something remarkable happened. I felt the top of my head touching her limits. Erika contracted her shoulders in pain but, instead of stopping, she got straight, like she was sitting on top of me, put her hands in the bed behind of her and rose a little. Then sat firmly, using her own weight to make the last inch almost disappear inside of her tiny little body.

"GUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!" She groaned between clenched teeth when my dick pressed hard against her cervix. Then she started crying quietly, looking at me with that tear wet and red face.

Her entire body trembling. Her hair falling over part of her perfect and lightly freckled face. Her amazing boobs bouncing, following her hard breathing. Her insides clenching me and twitching. And her bright blue eyes looking straightly to my surprised green eyes. And I was entirely inside of her. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"M-Master. I can't m-move anymore. Sorry, I c-can't." She said with her legs shaking more than ever. Her face contorted in pain and, crying, she was apologizing to me… Even after doing exactly what I asked of her.

I sat up and hugged her so fast that she gave another little cry. Then I turned and laid her on the bed, removing my cock from inside of her and putting it back slowly, reaching her bottom. "Hnnngh! Ma-Master ." She cried.

"It's okay, baby. Cross your legs around my back," I said and I kept moving slowly in and out. She got the message, I didn't want to hurt her by doing that, the sting she was feeling for having mounted on the wooden horse was enough to make her moan in pain.

At that moment it was enough for me. I kissed her, fondled and sucked her cute rosy nipples and her perfect neck, nibbling her lips, never stopping to move. She moaned with every movement, but her eyes weren't closed anymore, she kept them connected to mine in some kind of trance. Tears still running slowly, but her insides were becoming increasingly wet and hot.

Moans of pain intertwined with pleasure. I grabbed her little face in my hands, and as I poured my hot liquid directly into her uterus I asked her to come with me. I just had to move twice, slowly and, in the second, everything I got was blown inside my little princess. She moaned through clenched teeth, looking at me with that little face, tired and in pain.


But satisfied as a reflection of my own. At that moment I realized that nobody would be as perfect for me as Erika. No matter how many slaves I'd have.

That night I led her upstairs and showed her the house. Her new house. *** Between the slave statement of Gabrielle and the whole new relationship I got in with Erika, two weeks passed really fast. I was worried, thinking about what was to come, asking myself how I would take care of three girls at once. As soon as the white Land Rover stopped in my yard and that huge black guy left the car with a big plastic case, human sized and full of holes, I forgot instantly about it.

"So, Mr. McCartson, here's your product, intact and with all health tests done," said Mr. Thomas, also known as The Kidnapper by a secret club of slavers and rapists something I'm not convinced that really exists. "This is a file with all we know about her; family, friends, occupation, all kinds of personal data possible, for you to use in case you want to threaten her or just amuse yourself in any way you'd like," he said giving me a white folder full of files and photographs.

"This is really interesting. I see that your work is worth the price," I said looking at the folder, while the black man lowered the huge plastic case in front of me.

"Wanna check?" He said, grinning maliciously as he saw my interest in the box. As I nodded, Mr. Thomas crossed his arms in contained but noticeably arrogant laughter.

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Like a vainglorious master about to present one of his masterpieces. There was the girl of the pictures. It was clear, only that light and white summer dress covered her ridiculously beautiful body. Her chest moved up and down almost imperceptibly, hands crossed over her belly, her golden hair falling in waves.

She looked like some fantasy tale princess. They did a hell of a job, a toy packed and ready to play. We talk briefly, as they shared with me part of their way to choose their targets and Carl, the black and damn big fella, showed me the little sachet with a strong smell, which I was meant to use pressing on her nose to wake her up, in case I wasn't in the mood for waiting.

"Thanks, it's relieving to know that you are trustworthy," I said shaking Mr. Thomas's hand. He grinned. "People like us, addicted to such vicious sin. I'd say we have to look out for each other. Protect our interests." He answered abusing of his British accent. "I couldn't agree more," and it couldn't be more visible that we were both beasts, savoring our control over others lives.

I thanked him again and waited them to get in the car. That's when Mr. Thomas said his last words to me that day. Intriguing words. "As of now, you're more than welcome to participate on our parties. As soon as you can take control of your slaves, of course. I believe you'll find them more than peculiar," and gesturing with his hat, he bade farewell.

I watched the car leaving for a moment, lost in thoughts. A party for people like me, where they bring their slaves. The idea had me caught for quite a bit… Until I remembered what was inside the case. Soon I was inside the house, testing one of my new equipments to deal with the girls.

A mask. Made of leather, it would let my brown and aloof hair free, as it let visible my dark green eyes and my mouth, but covered the majority of my face. I was tired of the blind-kidnapped-girl thing and I was more comfortable with myself knowing that, even if the chance of me getting tired of her enough to let her go or the chance that she escapes alive from my hands is really short, I still have the option of letting her free and she wouldn't know my face.

I put it on, kept only the black suit pants I was wearing and went to the sex room, where I had put her, over the bed with her hands tied behind her back.

Another great thing that was fulfilling my thoughts was to know that, at that exact same moment I was there starting to have my ways with Candy, Erika was nude, hogtied and blindfolded over the table of the torture room with a vibrator plunged deep inside her tiny pussy.

But my focus now was the on the angel like creature passed out over that bed, in front of me. At the moment I took her out of the case to lay her there, I made sure that she was wearing only that thin summer dress. I got over her, straddled her and took the sachet from my pocket. She started blinking, getting used to the mid-light of the room, but it didn't take long for Candy to see me in top of her, to feel my weight over her hips. "W-What the hell." She shouted in surprise and then screamed, trying to get away from me.

And that's when my blood boiled and I finally felt it. My inner monster surfacing after all. I slapped her face hard. Having her hands tied on her back she just received it defenseless, the sound echoed over the room and her head jerked aggressively to the left.

But she kept screaming and struggling. Her voice was soft. So soft. Definitely not made to scream, but to moan. What a shame, she would scream a lot more in the next few days. I hoped she wouldn't get hoarse like Erika. And the restless girl kept fighting, trying to escape and cursing me. I grinned. YES! Cherishing the fact that she was resisting, I waited the short time she took to look at me again with those ocean blue eyes, just to hit her hard with the back of my hand.


SLAP!!! Her damn pretty face was thrown right and she groaned loudly, mouth and eyes opened in shock. "Be quiet, listen to what I'll say and I'll not hit you again. You can trust me." It was curious the way my voice sounded evil.

Was it the monstrous me? Was it the mask? Was it the furious blood running wild and aching to pierce her, to thrust inside her? Candy simply looked at me again, breathing hard, heaving, her full and sexy lips starting to swell. And she spat at me, at my masked face. I smiled. She chocked in fear.

I slapped her face again with all my strength, my hand hitting her so hard that it tingled. Her head yanked violently to the left, where it stayed, hair partially covering her face.

"Aah-aa-aaagh." She moaned and choked in shock, eyes wide open and her breath irregular. "Well, it seems you don't want to submit. What a shame." I said grabbing the collar of her dress and ripping it violently open, making her arch her back and those 34B beautiful breasts to bounce freely for me. She closed her eyes and started crying as soon as I filled my hands with those perfectly shaped breasts, topped by light brown nipples.

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God, her body was so perfect. Since a girl was well-made I've never had a particular type. I liked them petite, tall, with more or less flesh to grope, any hair color.

As long as they were beautiful in their own way. And by that moment I couldn't imagine a model-like blonde more perfect than her.


Where were those model agencies that didn't see this treasure here? In hindsight, I had to be glad that they didn't find her, or the entire world would miss her now. "N-Nooo." She whimpered when I groped her breasts firmly, squeezing from its base to its top, softly pinching her nipples. "Gave up already? I expected more from you before pleading like this," I teased. I shouldn't have hit her so hard. I almost knocked her out.

And I was enjoying so much her struggle. Damn it. She straightened her head and looked at me, her face red and her lips swollen. There was a small line of blood running down the right corner of her swollen lips. Anger was vivid in her eyes, looking directly at me while I rejoiced in the feeling of her soft flesh in my hands.

I felt myself so hard that I thought I'd explode. I could hear my pulsation like a drum hitting in my temples. I left my weight fall over her stomach as I sat over her. She lost her breath, but her eyes didn't move. "So, you don't want to get hit again, right?" I asked and she stood silent. "I'll explain a very simple rule. When I ask, you answer." I pinched both her nipples as strong as I could and pulled at them.

"Yaa-Aaaoo-rrRGH!" She tried to scream while struggling beneath me, unsuccessfully. Unable to breathe properly, the scream went failing and she didn't move me at all. "Do you want to get hit again?" I asked again, now twisting her poor nipples between my fingers as violently as I could.

Her eyes opened wide and she struggled as hard as ever. Finally she shook her head desperately, "N-No! Noo! No!" She formed the words with her mouth but her voice barely came out.

"Hmm. Finally some understanding," I said letting her breasts go and transferring my weight to my knees and letting her breathe. "You, young lady, are mine from now on, so I can do whatever I want to you," I said leaning back a little and reaching her shaved pussy with my hand and she shivered in panic, "I'll fuck you and torture you for the years to come and the only thing that could spare you a little would be a good relationship with me, understand?" She did not answer; just fell into a deep and desperate cry as soon as my words were sinking in.

Candy tried to escape once more and once she realized it was impossible, her cries became even more desperate. "No, please no! Have mercy on me! I never did anything to deserve this!" She screamed while trying to convince me, at the same time that my ring finger sank into her slit.

I had heard once that fear could make a woman wet. Unless some of my business partners had lubed her for me that was true. "This option is not available, honey," I said inserting a second finger and making her eyes widen in panic. "I'd rather die!" She screamed while rocking her pelvis trying to resist. At that moment I had an idea. I got off her in a single leap and ran, out the door and upstairs without looking back.

I heard her cry out loud. When I came back I had one of the kitchen knives in my right hand. I clambered on top of her again, turned the knife in my hand and positioned its sharp tip over her chest, in the direction of her heart.

A little drop of blood formed in the silky and tanned skin of her right breast.

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She was static. Her breathing fast and shallow. Her pupils dilated in those beautiful blue eyes and the fear of death was all over her angelic face. "Here it is, this is the only chance you'll have to ask me to do something for you.

You can learn how to live here or say a single word, and this will be over. Do you prefer to die?" ---- If you like it, and want me to keep writing it, please vote and comment!