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Amateur teen riding toy teen ganbang teen porno
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Sarah and Daniel had just had the perfect date, and Daniel was walking Sarah home. They decided to take a shortcut through an alley. They were halfway through when they were surrounded by a group off six guys, all of them carrying knives. The leader spook to Daniel "Leave now" as they walked closer to them.

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Daniel refused, and two guys came up to him, grabbed him and held him near the wall, I knife held to his neck. "DANIEL!!!" Sarah screamed as she ran to help him, but before she could take two steps the leader grabbed her and was holding her tight to his body, also with a knife you her neck. "Be a good girls, and do what you're told, and I wont kill you." the leader whispered into her ear.

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And he gave a nod to one if the other guys, and he pulled out a 20 foot long piece of rope from a duffle bag and tied it to a fire escape then around her neck. He went back to the bag and took out a video camera "All ready for you boss" the guy holding camera said, as turn on the camera.

The leader removed the knife from Sarah's neck and stared to use it to cut her clothes off. Daniel started to struggle to try and help Sarah, but was held in his place. Sarah now standing completely naked except for the rope tied around her neck started to wonder what ws going to happen to her, next thing she knew the leader and the two other guys (the once not holding Daniel and not holding the camera) started to strip.

Sarah tried to run, but got chocked by the rope and was pulled to the ground. The leader pulled her up by the hair so that she was standing infront of him. He started to suck on each of her breast, and gently biting and flicker her nipples with his tounge. He did this for a good five minutes each then the other two came over one of them grabbed her and lifted her up.He jammed his cock in her ass causing her to scream out.

Daniel seeing this tried to fight it way free, and was punch hard in the face.


As Sarah was forced to ride the guy's cock with her ass the other guy forced his cock in her pussy. They both fucked her as Daniel kept trying to save her.

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A few minutes later both guys came inside her, shortly after Sarah came. They though her off them causing her to hit the ground hard and grunt. The leader came up to her got on his knees and lifted her but up, her pussy close to his face.

He slowly started to lick her wet pussy, cleaning all of the juices. He put his tounge in deep causing her to moan. He flicked her cilt, making her moan louder. Sarah came a few minutes later. The leader pulled Sarah to the her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth forcing her to blow him "suck me" he said as he went deep, hard and fast. Sarah gagged as the leader's cock hit the back of her thoat.

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Sarah tried to push the leader away. The leader started to get mad, and grabbed his knife and cut her cheek. "I told you to do as you're told, and I wouldn't kill, that was a warning, not stop fighting and suck my, Bitch." as he forced his entire cock in her mouth making her gag again. She started to unwillingly suck the leader.

When the leader came he forced her to swallow all of it. When he finally took his cock out she gasped for breath. The leader then came over to her and forced his hard throbbing cock hard and deep in her pussy, making her moan.


After a few thrust Sarah started to moan with pleasure, quietly asking the leader not to stop. Just before Sarah came the leader pull his cock out, preventing her from climaxing, then he strokes his cock a few times and blow cum all over her body.

The other guys came up and jerked off and came on her body as well. The leader walked up to her and whispered in her ear "You look good in cum." The walked away, the camera guy turn of the camera off the camera and followed.

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The guys holding Daniel gave him a hard punch to the gut causing him to crutch and curl up in pain. As the walked away on of them gave Sarah a knife to free herself. She quickly cut the rope from her neck and ran over to Daniel.

"Are you okay?" she said as she helped him up. "Don't touch me" he said as he tried to get up.

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"What's wrong?" "You started to enjoy it, didn't you? No girlfriend of mine would, she wouldn't even climax" "So I guess you're saying that if a random came and blew you and rode you, you wouldn't come?! I was being raped by three guys and you're mad at me?" Sarah started to walk away but Daniel grab her arm and kissed her, "I'm sorry, I didnt think about that, I was only thinking about you fucking other guys."?

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Sarah looked at him, got in her knees and pulled down his pants and boxer, and started to suck his cock, quickly making him hard.

"Sarah what are you doing?" he asked as he moaned "Letting you join in on the fun" Sarah said as she sucked him harder making him cum in her mouth. "Sarah, thank you, lets finish this at your place." he said as he got dressed and gave Sarah his coat, and they walked back to Sarah's place where the fucked all night and all day long. That's all, sorry had 11 characters left and I didn't know what to add.