Mom suffer with neck pain son help me

Mom suffer with neck pain son help me
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Part 2: This is part 2 of my story about my plan for revenge of sorts. Part 1 showed my plans going awry. We finally arranged for Bim and Mick to come over for some drinks. I made sure I kept Bim's drink full. I didn't mention the movie until Bim was starting to show signs of being tipsy.


Before too long she would be needing to go to the bathroom for the rest of the evening. I had already seen the movie at the theater so I could walk away without them having to pause it.

Mick and my wife both wanted to see this movie bad and would be absorbed in the plot so I would be able to go about my plan easily. I started the movie and everyone got settled in to watch it. I kept the drinks and snacks coming. It didn't take long for Bim to need to go to the bathroom. I helped her down and into the bathroom. I left the door open in case she needed to call for help. I started the video recording with a single mouse click anticipating something good.I went back up to watch the movie a little and get drinks for everyone else.

I quickly snuck back down with Butch to check on Bim and saw her bent over hugging the toilet with her ass in the air looking out of it. I reached in and lifted the back of her dress up some and she didn't move. I rubbed her ass lightly and she still didn't move.

I pulled the back of her thong down some and she never moved. She was out. I sat with Butch and started stroking him. This was where he got lucky with me so he was excited quickly. Bim was in the same position we used before so Butch was ready.

I motioned for him to go get her and as he quickly went over to her, I left quick in case she protested. I went back to the movie upstairs. I wasn't gone more than a couple of minutes. After about 15 minutes I went back down to check on Bim and found her conked out on the floor.

I picked her up and got her into our leather recliner.

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Her thong underwear were at her knees so I let them fall off and put them in my pocket. I made sure she was slid down so her ass was almost off the seat with the back reclined and her legs spread some. Her pussy was red and drooling cum. I repositioned the camera so it was pointing at Bim. I noticed a puddle of cum on the floor near the toilet so I cleaned it up before going back upstairs. Again I was only gone a couple of minutes. Near the end of the movie I went back down and got her into a respectable position before she needed to go home.

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I cleaned another puddle of cum off of the floor then took Butch upstairs with me. When the movie was over Mick and I gathered Bim and got her to the car. I got a handful of good sloppy pussy getting her in the car.

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Butch licked my hand clean when I went back into the house. Deena said she was going to bed.

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She had to go to work the next morning. I told her I was staying up to do some work on the computer. I went down in the basement and checked the saved video on the computer. As it was playing I watched Bim throwing up all the good booze I had fed her.


Then she was still for a while. I fast forwarded to when I came back down. I edited out the part with me in the video so it looked like Butch just walked up and jumped on her back. When Butch started humping her she did move to get him off but in her state he was too much for her. You could tell by her reaction just when Butch penetrated her. She suddenly started struggling harder but Butch hung on and it seemed he fucked that much harder.

Eventually she quit struggling and let him have his way with her. By this time she had her head on the floor.

It didn't take too long for me to see her starting to work with him. She even pulled her thong underwear down more. She started pushing back to get it all. She closed her eyes like she was going to cum and Butch was getting close himself. I saw him give a few hard thrusts and plant his knot. Bim's eyes shot open and I could hear her cumming. Butch pulled up tight also and dumped his load.

Bim was grinding herself back against him seeming to be cumming continuously. She passed back out just after that. Butch just stayed on her until his knot deflated enough to pull out like I taught him to. I watched the puddle of cum pour out of her pussy onto the floor. Butch went over into the corner to clean himself. He came back over and gave her pussy a few licks before I came back to check on things. Again, I edited me out of the video. After I put her on the recliner and left I saw Butch come over pretty quick.

He went right between her legs and gave her a good lapping. She started responding by grinding her pussy against him.


Then to my amazement I saw her patting her stomach, calling him up. He wasn't sure what to do with this but after she ground up against him a little he got the idea.

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He gripped her sides and started humping. She slid around under him until she got the position right. Then Butch went to town fucking her real hard. Bim seemed to be enjoying it too. She was bucking under Butch giving back all she was getting. She had her legs in the air and wrapped around Butch pulling him in deeper. I couldn't see the knot from this angle But I knew from his actions that he was ready to plant it.

Bim was squirming like crazy and moaning so load I couldn't believe we didn't hear her. When Butch planted his knot in her she let out a small squeal and went into a convulsive orgasm that about made me cum just from watching. I was rock hard from watching this and had to take a break and cum myself.

It didn't take many strokes while sniffing her underwear before my sperm were swimming in the toilet. I needed that bad.

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After Butch's knot deflated enough to pull out he went to a corner to clean himself. Bim reached down and caught some of the cum pouring out of her with her hand and brought it to her mouth and licked it clean. She did this several times before falling back to sleep.

Not too long after that I came down and repositioned her before we came and took her to her car. I thought this was going to be my favorite video ever but I was wrong.

I made many more where Bim didn't drink so much but spent plenty of time in the basement with Butch. About a half year later Bim and Mick got themselves a huge male dog. I had no doubt why. Part 3 to come. Where do I go from here?