Oiled up rahyndee james solo masturbation on

Oiled up rahyndee james solo masturbation on
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Mark came out of his room the next morning to find Allison crouched in front of his door, stark naked. "They've left for work." She informed him as a panicked look crossed his face. "We have just enough time for a quickie." Mark unzipped his cargo shorts and pulled out his dick, shoving it into her mouth with no ceremony.

He was still upset with her from last night, and felt pretty aggressive. As he quickly grew to his full size, she tried to back off of him a bit, but he grabbed her head and held it in place until his crown was pushing into her tonsils. She started to choke until she relaxed her throat enough to swallow him down, and Mark sighed with pleasure. "That's a good little slut, take my dick all the way down." He stood still and pulled her head back and forth, forcing his balls to her chin on every stroke.

He looked down at her blonde head bobbing back and forth, her nose pushing against his stomach, when he started another tirade. "You're nothing but a cheap whore; you should be offering 5 dollar blow jobs in alleyways." He pushed her head back off his cock and shoved her backwards. She landed back on her ass with a hurt look on her face. He grabbed her hair and hauled her to her feet, making her cry out, then spun her around and pushed her face against the wall and held it there. He shoved himself into her as deep as he could on his first stroke, and began rapidly thrusting in and out.

Allison squealed in pain as the teeth from his zipper began mashing into her vulva. "Shit! Mark, you're hurting me!" She complained. He responded by increasing the force of his thrusts and smacking her ass with his free hand. He was fed up with her bullshit, and he intended to teach her a lesson. She gnashed her teeth and wailed as the sharp teeth of his zipper tore at her tender vaginal lips. She reached back with her hands, trying to get him to slow down, but it was no use. He merely brushed them aside and slapped her ass again, hard.

"Mark, please!" She pleaded with him. "Your zipper!" Mark looked down and could see where his zipper was hitting her. For a brief moment he felt a pang of sympathy, but it soon passed. He snarled at her and slammed in a few more times for good measure before he paused to undo the button on his shorts, and resumed his powerful thrusting as they feel to the floor by his feet. Allison sighed in relief, but quickly discovered that his body was now slamming into her right where his zipper had been mashing into her, and it stung.

With her cheek pressed against the wall, all she could do was endure it. While pain normally turned her on, this was more than she was used to, or even wanted. She put her hands flat on the wall and closed her eyes, hoping that he would be done soon. She started squeezing her pussy around his cock, hoping to milk his orgasm out of him.

Mark could feel the sensation and grinned. "Yeah, you like it. It gets you hot, doesn't it? Whore!" And he continued his savage thrusting. Allison could feel the tears running down her cheeks as Mark had his way with her. She couldn't believe how bad this hurt.

But then she felt the familiar sensation of a building orgasm deep in her loins. God, what the fuck was wrong with her?

Mark stuck his thumb in his mouth to wet it and placed it against her asshole, pushing it past the ring of her anus. She moaned in pleasure, and Mark began working his thumb in and out in time with his thrusts into her pussy.


While her ass was still tight, it was accepting of his digital intrusion. Allison squirmed under his two pronged assault on her holes, her face still pressed into the wall, unable to escape. Her breathing started getting ragged and she felt the warmth rising from her pussy as she came.

Mark felt her pussy clench up on him, then start pulsating as her asshole did the same thing on his thumb. She screamed her way through her orgasm as Mark continued fucking her, and then moaned as she came down from her sexual high.

Mark still wasn't done and he kept slamming into her, not heeding her cries. He felt his balls tightening and he pulled out of her, shooting his load onto her back.

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He grinned to himself at the sight of Allison's taut body speckled with his sperm. "Why … why did you pull out? I like to feel you cum inside me." Allison complained as he removed his hand from her cheek, letting her push away from the wall. "I'm just getting you ready for your future in porn." He smirked at her. "It's called the money shot. Get used to it." He pulled his shorts back up and headed out the door, leaving her on the hallway, covered in sweat and semen.

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Allison hung her head in shame, feeling cheap and used. A smile spread across her face. God, this gets me so hot… Mark headed off to work feeling pretty good. Nothing like an early morning fuck to start the day off right.

As he sauntered into work, Julia caught up with him and wrapped her arms around him from behind. He turned to face her, but his greeting caught in his throat as he got a look at her expression. She was peering at him quizzically, but not really focusing on him. Her mouth was half open, and she seemed to be off in her own world. "Julia?" He finally asked. "Hello?

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Earth to Julia?" That seemed to awaken her from her trance, and she led him by the hand behind a large tree before planting a passionate kiss on his mouth. He was stunned by her forwardness, but he wasn't complaining, either.

"Good morning to you, too." He said when she finally paused for air.

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She blushed deeply and looked at the ground. "Sorry. I'm not really sure what got into me." "Hey, I'm not complaining." He replied. First Allison, and now Julia.


This is shaping up to be a great morning. He thought to himself. "So do you want to hang out after work?" She nodded her head vigorously and kissed him again quickly before running off to her station. Mark smiled to himself as he headed to the employee locker room and changed into his swim trunks.

As he dropped his shorts, he was hit with a whiff of a strong aroma: Allison's. And his.

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He still had the musky scent of their sex clinging to him. Holy shit, was that what had Julia distracted? He paused for a moment, wondering what to do next. Common sense dictated that he wash off the smell, but on the other hand, if it had Julia so aroused… He hurriedly pulled on his swim trunks and headed to his station. For the rest of the day, Mark couldn't help but think about what may happen with Julia that night.

As soon as their shifts ended they met up, and Julia clung to him on their way to her SUV. Dinner was more of the same, with Julia sitting across from him, leaning forward intently, like she was trying to get close enough to him to catch a whiff of his scent again.

Mark was thoroughly enjoying himself, watching her straining to stay close enough to him, but not be so much so as to be obvious about it. He played it cool, enjoying this little shift in the balance of power.

As they returned to the waterpark to pick up his car, she made her move. Julia unbuckled her seat belt and climbed across the center console to straddle him. "Move the seat back." She whispered as she began kissing him around his face. As Mark complied, she started grinding her hips on top of him, quickly bringing him to an erection.

She dropped down into the floor of the SUV and began tugging his shorts down. She looked admiringly at his cock as she ran her tiny fingers along it. "I've been waiting long enough for this." She stuck her tongue out and delicately ran it along the underside of his crown. Mark leaned back and closed his eyes, thankful that things were starting to move along. She wrapped her hand around the base of Mark's cock and began lightly twisting around it while taking the top half of his dick into her mouth, slithering her tongue around it the entire time.

"God, you taste so good." She gushed. Mark smiled to himself knowingly. If you only knew… He thought to himself as she took the head of his dick between her lips, nursing on it like a baby while she ran her tongue around his cockhead. After she was satisfied that she had gotten him good and slick, she began pushing her mouth down on him, lower and lower. She would take a couple of inches into her mouth each time, then pause and hold there for a few moments, then opening her mouth even wider and sticking her tongue out, licking the underside of his cock where it protruded from her hungry mouth.

Mark was enjoying being able to just lay back and have her do the work; it was a lot more relaxing than what he normally had to do with Allison. Julia kept working her way down his cock until she finally had him all the way in her mouth and down her throat, her nose pushed against his pubes and her chin resting on his balls.

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Mark gasped in pleasure as she started bobbing up and down, then cupped his balls in her hand, lightly tickling them as she sucked him down her throat. Mark was really getting into this when he felt her finger start to press against his asshole.


"Whoa, wait!!!" He protested. Julia pulled her head up and planted a fierce kiss on his lips. "Relax baby, you're going to love this, I promise." And she knelt back down, sinking her face all the way to the base of his cock in one fluid motion. Mark tried to relax as she began to lightly run her finger between his balls and asshole, lightly stroking his taint. The sensation was actually really erotic when he finally relaxed a bit, and he began moaning in pleasure.

Sensing his relaxed state, Julia began gently probing his asshole with her finger, slowly pushing into his rectum and then gently running her fingers alongside his prostate in time with her mouth moving up and down on his cock. Mark was soon gasping in pleasure as he felt his balls tightening. Julia could sense his impending orgasm, and began rubbing a little more insistently while she slowly began sinking her face down his shaft. By the time that she had taken him into her throat, Mark was gasping and sweating, his hips bucking up and down off the seat.

Julia stayed with him the entire time until Mark finally erupted, gasping her name as he unleashed a torrent of cum into her stomach. He couldn't believe how intense his orgasm was, nor how much cum he had produced. He lay his head back, exhausted. "Holy shit. I've never cum like that in my life." He gasped. Julia smiled as she wiped her mouth. "I told you you'd love it." She stretched up and kissed him before rolling back into the drivers seat.

Mark closed his eyes as he descended from the cloud he was on. As incredibly lame as it seemed, he didn't think he could go on, but after that experience, he was bound and determined to give her the same pleasure that she had given him. He leaned towards her and began kissing her while he began to press his hand down towards her crotch, gently rubbing. Julia caught his hand and pushed it away as she broke their kiss.

"Next time, you can return the favor." She told him. Mark nodded. After the experience he had just had, he would do anything she said.

He climbed into his own car and headed home, sexually satisfied. After that, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to even get it up for the next couple of days… As he headed home, he missed Allison's car pulling out from behind the dumpsters and following Julia out of the parking lot.